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Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle Dandy(1942)

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    • WILL
    • 7/3/15

    Reply to Minky, why didn't they use color film? W.W.2 had just broke out for America. Pearl Harbor was bombed while this film was being made. James Cagney himself, asked the cast and crew to stop and say a prayer for those who had fought and died during the attack. I think like all the movie studios it was decided color film would go to the war effort.

  • Why?

    • Minky
    • 7/4/14

    Jack The Hat is right with his question. Why didn't they shoot this film in Technicolor??? Anybody know?

  • yankee doodle dandy

    • will
    • 2/8/14

    A reply to R. Scott Carlton ( with all due respect) as John Ford said, if you want a history lesson, go to the library or Today, check out your computer under George M. Cohan. Yes the facts in the film are in Some respects Hollywood fiction, but try to remember, World War Two was just breaking out for America. Did they really need a reality check with a tough, arrogant, show business giant storming his way through vaudeville, clawing his way to the top? they needed momentary escape from the horrors going on around them. and his music boosted morale and made American people feel like YES we can get through this Hell. I think the writers did a great job. In fact the whole film is a master piece.

  • Fake but Great!

    • R. Scott Carlton
    • 11/24/13

    This is the most phony movie Hollywood ever made. There is not a word of truth about it. Among other things, Cohan had two wives, neither of whom was named Mary. And he had two daughters with these wives. One of them tried to capitalize on her father's name but failed. This movie is a fantasy about what he wanted his life to have been. It is not a biopic. Having said all that, I must admit that I have seen this movie at least a dozen times and I will continue to watch it. It's the American dream. It has some of the greatest American music ever written and I love it. Let's hear it for the Grand Old Flag!

  • FIVE Stars!

    • RedRain
    • 5/14/13

    Well...firstly, you have Michael Curtiz directing and he was known for giving his actors great latitude in their improvisations during a film. Secondly, you couldn't get better than James Cagney as a real song and dance man. Astaire was grace personified. Kelly was strength. But, Cagney was the real deal for song and dance and he more than proves it in this film! Thirdly, the music is simply the best ever! "You're a Grand Old Flag" makes you want to stand up and cheer. "Mary" makes you want to weep! You can't get better! And, if you need the best death scene in all of film, nothing beats the death of Cohan's father with his son, played by Cagney, at his side. It makes strong men tear up! Fourthly, the story is like no other. An immigrant's son goes on to literally become the King of Broadway and there is no other producer in history, EVER, who has had as many plays on Broadway at one time as George M. Cohan. You simply cannot view a better film!

  • one of hollywood's true gems

    • Mike Dedek
    • 5/13/13

    Without question, Jimmy Cagney was one of the greatest actors of Hollywood's golden days. This is Cagney at his best - both his dancing and acting are incredible, and the story has you smiling through most of it and to tears in a couple scenes. This is one of my all time favorite movies and a must-see for any movie buff (there's a nice bit of history too - it's a true biopic and quite a remarkable life it was - the first person outside the military to win the Congressional Medal of Honor). The supporting actors and actresses give good to outstanding performances, but Cagney's is one for the ages. He won the best actor Oscar of 1942 for the performance. I fail to see how any self respecting cinemaphile could give this less than 4 stars, and I give it one more!

  • Grreat!!!

    • David Welch
    • 5/11/13

    I have always considered this movie as one of the greatest ever and James Cagney's performance riveting.

  • The death scene was the best part of the movie

    • Scott Carlton
    • 3/19/13

    My father died four years ago at the age of 96. When I was in the hospital holding his hand during those final hours, I kept thinking about Cagney and the scene where Cohan's father dies. It gave me some sort of strength. Dad died on July 2 and TCM showed the movie two days later on the 4th of July. When that scene came on, I couldn't stop crying. It really touched me.

  • James Cagney

    • Adventure
    • 9/7/12

    Mr. Cagney noted for his brilliant work at Warner Bros in a series of classic films deservedly won the Academy Award for his brilliant performance in this rousing film bio of George M Cohan.After a grear career following Billy Wilder's One Two Three, Cagney retired. Never bringing attention to himself, Mr. Cagney lived quiety but Died a truly great Star. A Legend

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 7/4/12

    The musical film which did more for U.S morale than any propaganda. Cagney won his only Academy Award for portraying George M. Cohan, Huston was nominated for playing his father. While it's extravagant & entertaining, it also has a high amount of dated elements. A grandiose musical tribute to America. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Cagney's Best

    • joan barker
    • 12/7/11

    Yankee Doodle Dandy still remains one of my all time favorite movies. Cagney's talent and sure fire charmed charisma drew me in when I first saw this movie years ago and still does today. I have my favorite scenes of course. I still tear up at his father's death bed, and enjoy with a smile all the musical numbers, but the one I wait for is Cagney's dancing down the White House stairs after his visit to see the President.

  • YANKEE DOODLE DANDY is still a GREAT Film!

    • Danny C Arroyo
    • 12/5/11

    I have seen "YANKEE DOODLE DANDY" starring James Cagney too many times to remember but still find it a wonderful and entertaining film! Mr. Cagney's portrayal of George M Cohan is still riveting and has stood the test of time because of not only his talent but that also of the supporting cast. When I view any film, no matter what type or genre it is, I not only look for the slightest detail flaw but am analyzing its continuity from beginning to end. Usually when I do this I can find very slight flaws but continue to enjoy the films message. YANKEE DOODLE DANDY has passed my scrutiny over and over again and will always hold a place amongst my favorite movies of all time!

  • Great Americana.

    • chris
    • 7/5/11

    It makes you proud to be an American.

  • Yankee doodle dandy,,,

    • Sharon Myli
    • 6/23/11

    I was watching bits and pieces ,of Yankee Doodle Dandy,, And thinking about all the movies that has been remade.. I would love to see them redo this one ,, There are so many new stars that I believe can do this..

  • Cagney as Cohan is

    • Dave Lucas
    • 7/21/10

    As musical biographies go (and they seem to have gone for good, following the dismal box-office of the Cole Porter bio "DeLovely"), "Yankee Doodle Dandy" stands as an example of the "kind they don't make anymore." Released at the start of WWII, this flag-waving, star-spangled story of Broadway legend George M. Cohan won Cagney an Oscar, an honor he richly deserved. The film moves breezily through Cohan's life, as he tells FDR in flashback his story as a member of The Four Cohans to his success on The Great White Way. The film glosses over some of the facts, but hey, that's Hollywood. And the musical numbers are still thrilling and rousing spectacles to American patriotism. In its quieter moments, Cagney could still move an audience (his father's death scene reportedly brought director Michael Curtiz to tears, as it probably does to some viewers today). Now we must ask--was it wise to colorize? Purists will say no, and I concur. See it in its original b&w version.

  • First movie, that I ever attended

    • Jack The Hat
    • 7/4/10

    My sister took me to the first movie and of course it was "Yankee Doodle Dandy", from then on I lived for one purpose and that was to go the movies. What a way to start seeing films, I, to this day remember going to this film and remember young George geting a spanking but could not understand why the movie audience laughed? It wasn't till I saw this film on television and discovered why they laughed. Wonderful film!

  • Portrait of a Patriotic Broadway Star.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 6/29/10

    James Cagney proved he can more than play gangster roles as he sang and danced his way to winning the Academy Award as Best Actor for his portrayal of Broadway star, George M. Cohan (1878-1942) in this musical biography focusing on Cohan's rise to fame on the Broadway stage. Walter Huston and Rosemary DeCamp also star as his parents and real-life sister, Jeanne Cagney as George's sister, Josie, Joan Leslie as Mary, his wife and inspiration for many of his songs, and Richard Whorf as Sam H. Harris, George's business partner and good friend. The movie features many of Cohan's songs including "Yankee Doodle Dandy", "You're a Grand Old Flag", "Over There", "45 Minutes from Broadway", "Give My Regards to Broadway", "Mary", "I Was Born in Virginia" and "Harrigan". The film would've been a lot more spectacular, if it had been filmed in color instead of that gritty black-and-white. With George Tobias, Irene Manning, S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall, Eddie Foy, Jr., Frances Langford, Walter Catlett & John Hamilton.

  • Jimmy Cagney plays Cohan with a song in his heart.

    • Kevin4Butler
    • 6/26/10

    The film doesn't tell the true story of George M.Cohan's life..insteadit gives us an appreciation of his songs,dances and his successes inThe American Musical Theater. The script is adequet,the real treat is the musical score and theperformances by the leads and the supporting players.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)

    • James Higgins
    • 11/28/09

    A wonderful classic, with James Cagney giving a very heartfelt and outstanding performance. Some outstanding song and dance numbers. Highly entertaining. Good direction. Jeanne Cagney gives her best performance.

  • Cagney DELIVERS!

    • Steimo2
    • 7/15/09

    This is Cagney's film in every sense of the word. A truly one of a kind motion picture - magnifcent! And the timing of it's production and release was right on target! Anyone who watches this film will be all the better for it after it's viewing. A thousand thanks, Jimmy!

  • WHY OH WHY???

    • Jack The Hat
    • 6/7/09

    This was my first movie, my sister took me to the local theater to see it. I have one question, Why OH Why, wasn't this film shot in Technicolor?

  • Cagney, the ultimate actor

    • Greg
    • 6/29/08

    James Cagney could do it all. Dramas, comedies, musicals all with masterful performances. His portrayal of George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy is his best role, bar none. It is without a doubt my favorite movie. Yankee Doodle and Cagney are synonomous.

  • Cagney Doodle Dandy

    • Theresa
    • 5/8/08

    This film is the ultimate showcase for James Cagney's showman/dancer talents. The right film at the right time in history for the right man. Call it Providence or Destiny - Cagney was made for this part and vice-versa. It was his personal favorite and that makes it all the more enjoyable because of what he put into it. All supporting actors are great. Cagney's dance up the procenium wall is not to be missed. Production started the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, giving the cast a sense of patriotic urgency and the film a strategic place in cinematic history and importance of its time.


    • Gregg
    • 2/6/08


  • The Best

    • Rick Boone
    • 1/16/08

    When they said they don't make movies like that anymore they must have been thinking of this one. One of the best.


    • WILSON
    • 7/3/07


  • This is the best cagney movie ever.

    • CODY
    • 9/11/06


  • The Best

    • Rich Wilson
    • 4/18/06

    Yankee Doodle Dandy, may be the best movie I have seen. Only the original Miracle on 34th Street exceeds it.

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