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  • Thanking Robert Ebert

    • Will Fox
    • 7/1/18

    Wise Roger Ebert's 1972 review: "Cabaret explores the general idea that the rise of the Nazi (National Socialism) was accompanied by a rise in bisexuality, homosexuality, sadomasochism, and assorted other activities. Sally Bowles, a girl who's bought what the cabaret is selling. To her, the point is to laugh and sing and live forever in the moment; to refuse to take things seriously -- even Nazism She is capable of warmth and emotion, but a lot of it is theatrical, (being shallow, superficial, and mostly for show. Or as Sally confesses getting an abortion, "I am self-centered, inconsiderate, and infantile" ) she's as decadent as the 'divinely decadent' dark fingernail polish she flaunts. But the heartlessness and nihilism of the character is still there, all the time, (She is involved in love) triangle It helps define the movie's whole feel of moral anarchy, and it is underlined by the sheer desperation in the cabaret " Many thanks Roger and TCM for showing National Socialism's horrors, enabled by apathy. Thnx2 Frank Miller's TCM article adding: Cabaret opened to glowing reviews strong box office taking in (over) $20 million (1972 $s). 8 Oscars won Best Picture from National Board of Review(NBR) Hollywood Foreign Press(HFP) Best Supporting Actor honors for Joel Grey from NBR, HFP the National Society of Film Critics. The biggest winner was (Director) Fosse before the Academy Awards, he won 2 Tonys for directing choreographing Pippin ... When he won Emmys for directing choreographing Liza Minnelli's TV special Liza with a Z, (Fosse) became the first director to win all 3 awards in 1 year.

  • soul insurance may be needed.

    • a.morris
    • 1/22/18

    like watching a surreal car crash with music. whether that is good or bad is a matter of opinion.

  • Mein Heir

    • Harold
    • 10/12/17

    One of the best if not THE best musicals of all time. LIZA is magnificent.

  • A Tidied Up Reality

    • A.Stanley Ochocki
    • 7/7/16

    As a gay man, viewing this film during its initial release; I felt that while the visuals were good; the story line was a 'Big Bore'. Many in the audience liked Miss Minnelli's performance; but felt the character of Sally Bowles, just brought the whole picture down, to a yawn. By the end of the film, few cared for or about Miss Sally's fate, or out come. One wag suggested that Sally should have joined a Nazi entertainment troupe were she could have lived out her 'devine decadence' quest. But the real teed-off point is how the film 'butches-up' Brian, and gives him such naite'. In real life, Mr. Isherwood was a rather healthy, robust and a bit of a rabbit, when it came to 'l'amore, with men. That's fine and kosher. It always struck me who Mr. Fosse, never seemed to have read anything about Mr. Isherwood, or the 'real-life' Sally Bowles, who was alive at the time, hanging from one bar-room gig, to another. The break-up of Brian and the Baron was due, not to Sally or a 'tiff'; but to the fact that the real Baron's ex-boyfriend returned to claim his lost interest and pushed poor 'Brian' out the front door. This film is 'BEST' watched in clips, watching the musical numbers, leave the tedious and laughable love story-line, alone.

  • correction of previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/30/16

    I'm fairly certain Ms. Clichae meant the Lusitania and not the Titanic since the last time I looked it was a German U boat that nailed the former and a non German iceberg that sunk the later. I also disagree that "Cabaret" was a piece of anti German propaganda, unless Ms. Clichae is saying that every time you show a Nazi acting badly you must then "balance" it with a kindly stormtrooper to avoid the charge of bias, a position which is clearly absurd.

  • Stab Or Pay

    • Hauntess A. Clichae
    • 6/30/16

    Degradation of the German people has been 'acceptable' since the Titanic & those responsible for this propa-tainment have done their part to keep it going through such biased bilge.

  • Cabaret

    • Jeannie
    • 2/12/16

    I hadn't watched this film in years. I don't think I really liked it the first time. This time, however, it really flowed for me. With all the Oscar-nominated musicals being played on TCM during Oscar month, I have been getting a little tired of them, not to mention the music from many musicals distracts from the story rather than enhancing and complementing. Cabaret, however, was a joyful experience for me this time around, with the music being entertaining and interesting and flowing with the movie, even propelling it forward at times. I loved the Cabaret scenes, which were often rather naughty, but playful and tongue-in-cheek. There were a few times when I thought the film would veneer off into a path of irrelevance or nonsense, but it thankfully didn't. It pretty much kept on track. It was an unsatisfying love story. Liza Minnelli's character and Michael York's character seemed mismatched, but I guess that was the point. At that time in Germany the relationship between Jews and the rest of German society was uncertain, tense, and was like puzzle pieces that don't fit. The main relationship was kind of like that,mirroring the uncertainty and frenzy of the times. I really liked it overall.

  • cabaret

    • kevin sellers
    • 2/11/16

    I always appreciate a musical, like this one, that successfully integrates its story and characters with its songs. (i.e. You know what I'm talking about. That awkward moment you get, in 99% of musicals, when the plot comes to a screeching halt and has to wait for the music to pass by before lumberingly resuming again) And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this one of the very first Hollywood blockbusters to feature an openly gay character? And not make that big a deal out of it? So on that score, as well, director Bob Fosse and screenwriter Jay Presson Allen should be commended. And Joel Grey is frighteningly wonderful as the spirit of morally corrupt 1930s Berlin. So why don't I love this movie? I think a lot of the reason is centered around Liza Minelli as an actress, (as opposed to a singer/dancer.) She's kind of Jack Lemmony, dontcha think? Always going for the obvious and hamming it up in the process. The gestures a little too broad, the NY accent a bit too thick (She was guilty of this later offense in "Arthur," as well.) As a result, about a third of the way through the film, Sally Bowles, neurotic voluptuary, disappears and in its place you have Liza doing dinner theatre. And while its high quality dinner theatre, it should in no way be confused with great acting. Let's give this film a generous B, which would have been higher if Fosse had cast a better actress like, say, Julie Christie. After all, Sally was British in the novel by Christopher Isherwood, upon which this film is based. P.S. And speaking of Isherwood, I've always felt Truman Capote ripped off Sally Bowles with his character of Holly Golightly in "Breakfast At Tiffanys."

  • Cabaret

    • Michael Whitty
    • 1/10/16

    "Cabaret" succeeds because it uses its darker backgrounds of nazis and decadence in 1931 Berlin to show how a night club entertainment can win out over some adversities. This is Liza Minnelli's Oscar movie and she was terrific and this musical did have more to offer. There was Joel Grey the stage M.C. who is so full of energy he keeps everything going by himself. The songs are good by kander and Ebb but this new kind of musical escapism was the big winner.

  • Cabaret is NOT a "mess"

    • film lover 293
    • 5/18/15

    Previous reviews have called this film a "mess" and "an outrage that it won more Oscars than The Godfather." The second quote I just disagree with. The first quote: Liza Minnellis' performance is Not a "mess" Geoffrey Unsworth's very atmospheric cinematography is Not a "mess." Joel Greys' performance precisely nuanced performance is Not a "mess." He was the only member of the Broadway cast who was kept and got to re-create their performance (arguably, he gave the best performance in the film). Cabaret is one of the all-time great musicals. See it and decide for yourself.

  • Bob Fosse and Jay Allen Re-imagine Isherwood!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 5/18/15

    Although this film is hardly faithful to its' orginal material, Christopher Isherwood's "The Berlin Stories", for example, Natalia Landauer escaped to France and married a doctor, Bob Fosse's "Cabaret" is still an extraordinary achievement - a one-of-a-kind film musical - with such a memorable cast.

  • Because...

    • John
    • 5/17/15

    "How did it happen that a mess of a movie like this actually won more academy awards than the Godfather in 1972? An outrage." Because it glorifies the Mafia and is one of the most ridiculously overpraised movies ever made for stupid, perverse set of reasons.

  • Cabaret

    • Judith
    • 10/29/13

    The opportunity to see bob Fosse's choreography the way he wanted his audience to see it is like watching a great artist's interpretation of his/her master work. Rare and wonderful.

  • How did it happen?

    • Robert
    • 2/9/13

    How did it happen that a mess of a movie like this actually won more academy awards than the Godfather in 1972? An outrage.

  • Come To The Cabaret!

    • Bruce Reber
    • 2/5/13

    "Cabaret" is one of the best film musicals of the 1970's or any other decade. Set in a cabaret (night club) in decadent Berlin, Germany of the early 1930's just before the advent of Hitler and Nazism, it mixes lively songs and dance, sex, comedy and drama. Liza Minelli won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of free-spirited singer/dancer Sally Bowles, and Joel Grey also won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar as the club emcee, urging everyone to "Come To The Cabaret". Michael York is also very good as Sally's bisexual lover (he should have gotten a nomination too). One of the best and most powerful scenes is the boy from the Hitler Youth singing "Tomorrow Belongs To Me", rallying his fellow Germans in support of National Socialism. The title song says it all: "Life Is A Cabaret Old Chum, Come To The Cabaret!".

  • Cabaret

    • Dashiell B.
    • 2/4/13

    This dramatic musical broke the record for winning the most Oscars without taking a Best Picture prize. Minnelli won a Best Actress Oscar as a starry-eyed US singer working at the Kit-kat Club in 1930's Berlin, magnificently captured it's era of growing evil. Grey won an Oscar for his supporting performance as the club's impish emcee & Berenson was nominated for a Golden Globe. Fosse won for directing this dazzling film; the film was also honoured for its production design, cinematography, editing, sound & score. This amazing musical is well worth watching again & again. I give it a 5/5.

  • Cabaret (1972)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/1/09

    Everything came together so perfectly in this movie, the cast, screenplay, direction, music, art direction and cinematography. It's a brilliant film, and one of the best musicals ever made. The choreography is incredible, the production is outstanding, the costumes are so creative. It's a one of a kind film, Bob Fosse's vision amazes me.

  • life IS a cabaret!

    • sherry sherrill
    • 6/12/08

    I first caught sight of this masterpiece, that's what it (and Liza, for that matter) is. I have watched it several times since, and, forgive me, this film is a masterpiece. Undoubtedly has been immortalized several thousand feet beneath Earth's surface, underneath the Smithsonian, or Library of Congress, or somesuchotherterriblyimportantandiconic American institution. Liza Minelli was BORN to play this role, that she wasn't a (real) German maiden be damned! Marlene Dietrich is the only (other) human being ever to have been born, before or since, who could have given this role the show-stopping turn contributed by our own (irreplaceable) Liza-With-a-Z! I couldn't wait for my own legs to grow up enough to look good in garters after being mesmerized by Fosse's show-stoppin' stompers! I am grateful Had I been in an audience when LM performed ANY one of her numbers from the movie, I think I would have about died. I would have been ready to go to Heaven, at ay rate. There are moments captured in a space in time on film that you know from the depths of your being are, well, seriously special. This was one of them. There are others, sure. But THIS is


    • JC
    • 11/25/07

    Probably the greatest modern musical. I label this a modern musical as with others: "Footloose", "Chicago", "Grease", "Hairspray", and others! Musicals such as "Sound of Music", "West Side Story", and "South Pacific" are classic musicals. I label this a great musical because of it's acting, songs, and cinematography.Please watch for ONE GREAT MOVIE EXPERIENCE!

  • obra maestra cine musical

    • luis
    • 10/5/06

    no se repone hace mucho tiempo

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