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They Won't Believe Me

They Won't Believe Me(1947)

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  • Robert Young as a Cad

    • Victoria
    • 10/8/16

    This is a very well put together film. It's gorgeous black and white. Robert Young is terrific as a cad. I saw him on the Dick Cavett show saying this movie was the only one that cast him against type and that is was a failure. I hope he lived long enough to see that it is not a failure and is admired and enjoyed even into the 21st century. I wish he would have broken out of his goody goody image more often. Jane Greer seems a bit wasted. Susan Hayward has a better part as Young's current lover.

  • TCM print - not complete & uncut

    • SuperSid
    • 9/11/15

    TCM presented this great film noir in July and September from an abbreviated print running 80-81 minutes. Standard film databases list this film as having a 95 minutes running time. I have a Turner Home Entertainment/Image laserdisc of this film that runs 1H 34M 45S (95 minutes), although the disc jacket says 91 minutes. Since Turner Home Entertainment had the complete film at one time, it seems ashamed to now showing this butchered version. After watching the TCM presentation, I can assure that the additional 14-15 minutes is needed for this complex story.

  • they won't believe me

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/28/15

    This movie's title could be what Robert Young might have said to director Irving Pichel when he told him he wanted him to play a weak, devious adulterer and potential murderer. But anyone who has seen Young's movie work knows that his talents go well beyond playing likable beaus, kindly TV dads and family docs. So it came as no surprise to me that Young's performance as this extremely flawed individual named Larry Ballantyne was completely convincing. Helping things along is a fine, tight script by veteran noir writer Jonathan Latimer and disturbing, edgy direction by Pichel whose career, I was sorry to hear, fell victim to the blacklist. One of the director's many arresting images is when Young dumps his wife's dead body in the river, then hears a sad whinny, and looks up to see the ultimate symbol of goodness, his wife's white palomino, staring down at him. Another is Young's guilt haunted face, seen from behind the wire mesh of a prison visitation room, with only the troubled eyes clearly visible. Very nice. As for the three gals in Young's life, Susan Hayward and Rita Johnson are quite good as a gold digging girlfriend and a manic depressive wife, respectively, while Jane Greer is more beautiful than talented as the other girlfriend. Give it an A minus instead of an A for ol Jane's performance.

  • dead wood

    • harry nudel
    • 6/26/15

    The only passion Robert Young, shows is when he tries to jump out the window. Truly Jane Greer and Susan Hayward are wasted on the young.

  • great 40's film.

    • 6/26/15

    Robert Young shows his acting talent playing a not very nice man. Janet Greer and Susan Hayward put Bette Davis, Joan Crawford Katherine Hepburn in the way past prime bin. Only problem is the final ending. Windows are locked in courtrooms. Even in the 40's public buildings had air conditioning.

  • Can't Wait to See This!

    • PCT in Alliance
    • 6/5/14

    Growing up, I only knew Robert Young as Marcus Welby MD. Thanks to TCM, I've been introduced to the young Mr. Young!! My wife and I visit this website frequently in search of his movies. He was a great comedic AND dramatic actor. We really appreciate viewer reviews as they encourage us take a chance on movies we may not have tried otherwise. Black-and-white 30's and 40's are our favorites. The trouble is, we just can't seem to find the time to watch them all! And TCM, we hope you forever remain commercial-free, and not go the route AMC has. AMC may have some great original programming (or so I've heard), but AMC stands for (or used to) American MOVIE Classics. TCM remains true to their roots and faithful to its audience. P.S. Robert Osborne rocks!

  • movies not yet on dvd

    • joan dalton
    • 4/22/14

    another great movie!waiting for it to come out on dvd to purchase!

  • Forever Young

    • Jeff Boston
    • 6/22/13

    The very likeable Robert Young, star of the iconic TV shows "Father Knows Best" and "Marcus Welby, MD" had a long, distinguished movie career as well. If you think he's a rat who shows some remorse here, watch him in "The Mortal Storm" from seven years prior. Some scenes in "They Won't Believe Me" (with three very different beauties) are done quite well. I wholeheartedly agree with past posts that TCM is to be applauded for bringing us so much forgotten treasure, especially with today's Hollyweird producing so much forgettable junk.

  • Young At One Of His Best

    • bobbyweluvya
    • 6/22/13

    Why didn't his career endure on film?Great actor,great co-stars,thanks TCM!Please release on DVD,it deserves to be seen by all!

  • believe me

    • jae
    • 6/22/13

    this is a crazy good movie. robert young as you have never seen him before. what a despicable character! he sure could pour on the charm. i guess it is every mans dream to have three women wanting you all at the same time.

  • A Real Gem

    • bob58jf
    • 6/22/13

    It is always a wonderful feeling when you discover a new remarkable movie on TCM. This one certainly fits the bill. A very unique twist having the men play the femme fatal role. Movies like this are why I spend my time viewing TCM and shun the current so called movies released these days. A pity it is not on DVD.

  • great film until last minute.

    • denscul
    • 6/22/13

    Just saw this on TCM. I love film noire, Robert Young, Jane Greer, and Susan Hayward was my favorite female star when I was growing up. Unfortunately, nobody seems to mind the totally illogical end. And to blame the "code" for forcing the screen writer to make certain Robert Young does not get away with murder, is as dumb as the end. There are more than 100 ways you can bring justice to a character, even if he beats the rap. Remorse, learning you have an incurable disease, falling down and breaking your back becoming a paraplegic on the way out of prison are just a few of the more believable ways to end this film. Since Young's character already shows remorse for being a lounge lizard, the writer could end the story by leaving the audience with the feeling he will never face the rest of his life. I don't expect those who are not familiar with courts to really understand how dumb this ending is. By the time this film was made, courtrooms were air conditioned. They didn't have open windows. Armed guards would not shot in a crowded court but would stop him by physical force, or at least try. Even if the writer wanted to show Young killing himself, shooting a man trying to kill himself, well, doesn't that sound stupid?

  • play more often

    • bob cruice
    • 3/2/13

    this is truly a great film. the two female leads, jane greer[ with the most intriging voice in movies] is seductive and beautiful and sexy as all get out:susan hayward gives an outstanding performance she is the perfect office employee the kind ever one of us would give our golden parachutes to have working for us to have both of these women interested in a liazon would be a dream come true the young character does but since it's a noir film something happens to ruin everything please tcm play it more often we believe you.

  • They Won't Believe Me

    • beth jones
    • 1/15/13

    Wonderful film!!!! Please, please restore and release on DVD

  • Hayward & Greer

    • Steve
    • 6/15/12

    What a firm!Pls restore and release on DVD!

  • They Won't Believe Me

    • Peter
    • 4/2/12

    When is TCM going to stop showing the 80 minute edited version, and perhaps show the original uncut 95 min version?

  • They Won't Believe Me

    • Steve
    • 3/15/12

    I've owned this movie on VHS for about 30 years but will finally be able to get it on DVD. Thanks TCM. What a great movie. Susan Hayward is at her most seductive but the surprise comes from Young's performance as a truly rotten individual. I read once where he despised his character so much, and was so worried about how his fans would view him in such a role, that he vowed not to take anymore roles where he was not shown in a favorable light. Unfortunate, because he was great in this role. Good solid film noir with Hayward the perfect and most beautiful, femme fatale. Four Stars!

  • they won't believe me: wow

    • bob cruice
    • 7/30/10

    this film ranks as one of the best ever who would not be tempted to have a fling with the likes of jane [the voice] greer and a young ravishing susan hayward someone dies and young's character is thought to have done it. it is pure film noir ranking with mitchum's out of the past someone tell me why it's not on dvd i won't believe you [because its too good] but tell me anyway at least tcm should show it every week or so.

  • They Won't Believe Me (1947)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/3/10

    What a great story, Robert Young is at his best. Compelling, always interesting and a fascinating story. Good cinematography. Rita Johnson stands out in the cast.

  • They Won't Believe Me

    • Shelley
    • 1/29/09

    First Time I ever saw this movie and it was truely great. I loved the acting and suspense. Tried to purchase it after seeing it, however not available in american format. Please ...Please make available for purchase would love to have it in my collection. Robert Young was an outstanding actor... just purchased the second women and I understand that's another good suspense movie he acted in. I have never seen it but based on the outstanding job he did in They won't beloieve me, I took a chane and purchased it based the good reviews. Please make available to purchase on DVD.

  • Overlooked Film Noir

    • Joe
    • 1/27/09

    I just saw this movie for the first time on TCM, apparently not out on DVD- yet. Keep an eye out for this one. Worth watching for a tricky twisty plot and solid acting by Robert Young, Susan Hayward, and, in this film lovers opinion, the sweetest face in all of Hollywood, Miss Jane Greer...

  • Good flick

    • Melanie
    • 1/27/09

    Fun to see "Dr. Welby" in a different type of role, playing a cad. Lots of plot twists, good period film, definitely worth your time!


    • SYLVIA
    • 9/6/07


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