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  • Merrily We Fall

    • Meredith
    • 9/20/13

    I watch this whole entire movie for the one scene of Clarence Kolb falling backwards in the kitchen on the ammonia spill. That to me has to be one of the funniest falls I've ever seen. I actually laugh out loud which is something I rarely ever do while watching movies. He was an older guy and falling backwards like that had to have hurt. He also does a pretty good drunk scene.

  • A Must See

    • Sandy
    • 12/26/12

    I found Merrily We Live to be a delightful, funny, charming movie.

  • Wish they still made them this way

    • claudette McCormack
    • 11/21/12

    I watched this again last night, and it's very rare nowadays to see something that will bring tears of laughter to your eyes. The acting, physical comedy, and snappy dialog seem somehow still very fresh even 70 years later. Cast is amazing; each and every one of the characters really added their own personal shine to this movie. Perfect.

  • First time I saw this movie

    • Selene
    • 11/21/12

    At first I thought this movie might be too old but as soon as I started to watch it it held my interest. The scenery was beautiful, the actors terrific, the pace was fast. Billie Burke was incredible. I just found myself laughing out loud unexpectedly. The husband was also great. I don't actually like Brian Adhern much but he did fit the role. I thought My Man Godfrey was good too but I actually like this better. I found myself intrigued by the look of the film and the fun everyone was having. I love Billie Burke and really enjoyed her in this. Some of the jokes were old but most of it still was hilarious. I came on this site to see when it would be on again because I missed the first 20 minutes or so.

  • Woefully overacted flop

    • Mike444
    • 11/20/12

    This movie is a rip-off of My Man Godfrey. In his intro, Robert Osborne was openly curious over this blatant plagiarism and the lack of any legal action against its producers. Noone sued, I would suggest, because being in this movie was punishment enough. Where My Man Godfrey was effortlessly charming and clever, Merrily We Live is clumsy, loud and oafish. None of the characters are remotely believable, and none are likeable. The opening scene of the family at breakfast looks more like an awkward gathering of strangers than a family meal. It gets worse from there. All the actors seem to be performing their parts completely independently of one another, not together as part of a shared scene.

  • Priceless Laughter From Beginning to End

    • Debbie
    • 6/28/12

    I have been enjoying this movie, over and over again this week after my husband was kind enough to tape it for me. This is such a fun, light-hearted film-just can't say enough about it. Every scene a hoot!Get off the Rug! You Too! Hilarious!

  • Pre-WWI Comedy

    • Brian vs Errol
    • 5/28/12

    the handsome Mr Aherne as a stranded writer who only stopped by to use the phone and walks into a house of funny characters,who he ultimately winds up staying for good.Deserves more showings,as it has much to recommend it.Playful younger sister,beautiful Constance Bennett as older sister,hilarious Billie Burke and Clarence Kolb as parents,household staff are wonderful,collection of rich friends and acquaintences,great physical comedy and dialogue if written today,the screenwriting efforts would be lacking in moral taste in comparison.Take a note Hollywood hacks of today,try to write an equal to movies such as this one!We demand that you dare write something as good and forget the one-liners,which is all you can come up with today.

  • Anyone Else Love This Character-Perfect

    • Clarence
    • 5/28/12

    Flawless casting in this movie with a great script.How could anyone match this today?This helped entertain in a time of great personal dismay.Just a laugh or two would've helped,but this was delightful throughout.Pappy's pratfalls were the big surprises,how he made me laugh!God Bless,Mr Kolb!

  • Heavenly

    • Brian my love
    • 5/28/12

    Brian Aherne,to me is more handsome than Flynn,is a real delight here.Never expected to be greater than the captain in TITANIC,he is easygoing as the "tramp" who intrigues a rich family,sparks romantic interest in 2 rich girls,the jealousy of a jerk boyfriend,acts above suspicion of being out to exploit his new-found fortune.Marvelous film,great talents,even better writing.Clarence Kolb as the father is priceless,Billie as a ditz is perfect,Constance is beautiful,Mowbray wonderful,Bonita funny and playful.Aherne should have done similar roles,he was just as great as Cary Grant.

  • A True Classic Must-See

    • Delighted
    • 5/28/12

    This one even got fair praise from a difficult to please type.Much prefer this to My Man Godfrey,which is good,but LOVE this one.Handsome Brian Aherne is flawless in the role of Wade,Mowbray the ultimate butler,Patsy the funny cook,Clarence Kolb in a great scene-stealing role as patriarch (what pratfalls-hilarious!),Billie Burke lovely as ditzy momma (as delightful as in TOPPER,YOUNG IN HEART),deserves to be re-released to win a new age of fans

  • Cleverly Funny!

    • Sonya
    • 5/25/12

    This is such an entertaining movie. Characters are perfectly cast. I've watched this movie about 30 times and it still makes me laugh. I also find myself still catching some one-liners and banter I don't recall catching before. Why don't they make movies like this anymore?

  • Pure Joy

    • Hermann
    • 7/2/11

    Screwball comedy does not get better than this. This is really much more fun than My Man Godfrey. (Godfrey has some social-political observations that for me are a detraction.) Billie Burke is wonderful in what is probably the best role she ever had. And Brian Aherne is a revelation, suavely comic on a par with Cary Grant (or even better?) And I should credit others too -- Bennett, Mobray, Granville, the father (didnt note his name). DON'T MISS THIS MOVIE!


    • 6/19/11


  • Off The Rug and You To

    • Sallie
    • 11/9/10

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. The banter is so clever and so fast that you must see it more than once to get all the jokes. I really wish it were available on DVD. The whole cast gets in great one liners and snappy comebacks abound. My favorite is the great danes names; Off The Rug and You To. They just don't write stuff like this anymore. It's all funny and no meaness.

  • An Hour and a Half of Laughter!

    • Suszystar
    • 10/27/10

    I absolutely love this movie. Everything about it is non-stop quick and clever hysterical comedy. My husband is not a big movie fan, but when this one is on TCM, he always watches it with me. I also make sure my sister knows it on too! Both Constance and Brian are gorgeous people to watch. Such talent, class and beauty. Wish we still had actors like them around. TCM needs to add this movie to their catalog for purchase.

  • Zany should be an Academy category.

    • denscul
    • 10/23/10

    Whenever the news, either personal or on the news seems to overwhelm, I play my own recording of this 1938 film. Its too bad its not available on Home Video. There a lot of them much less enterntaining!!!The actors in this film are terrific. The film is old, but it does have a modern message that doesn't sound like a poltical commercial. The thrust of this comedy is that clothes, or position do not make the man. And the flic does this in a comedic way that is not trite, but exceedly entertaining.Some may object to veteran black character Willie Best's role as demeaning. But Best probably drove a better car for his skill at acting, than your average joe in 1938.The crux of the film comes when a turn around of opinion about Ahearn's character begins when the daughter of a Senator, takes a liking to Ahearn, without knowing that he is not a butler, but takes him for what he is; a good looking, intelligent man, who has impressed the Senator withhis wisdom. Coincidently, Ahearn's new position is helpful to the families patron which line up to cater to Ahearne including breakfast in bed.Perhaps the only trite part of the film is that we know that in the end, Ahearne will win Constance Bennett's affection, and live Merrily After.

  • You Will Like This One

    • Gary
    • 10/29/09

    ...if you like: comedies, great performances by wonderful character actors, witty scripts, and old movies in general. From the Hal Roach Studio, with tour de force performances by character actors Clarence Kolb (father) and Alan Mowbray(the butler). You may never have really noticed Clarence Kolb before, due to his typical stern looking jobs as judges, lawyers, etc. Here his vaudevilian comedy roots shine. And if you're a fan of such, the actual set is wonderful...measure the strides of Alan Mowbray in the must be 40 feet across or more ! Bonita Granville at about age 14 also gives a wonderful performance. Billie Burke still confused and sweet. Don't miss this one. Said to be the original blueprint followed by later generations situation comedies.

  • Very Entertaining

    • Cynthia
    • 10/22/09

    Love this movie. It will remind you of Our Man Godfrey. Billy is at her restrained finest while Brian Ahern is flawless.It's a must see!

  • fabulous comedy

    • sandra severino
    • 9/18/08

    This movie was also made in the spanish language with the name "Escuela de Vagabundos" starring the incredibly talented Pedro Infante and the beautiful Miroslava. I saw it many times while living in Latin America where it is very popular and had no idea it was a copy of an american film. It is an unbelieably funny film that should be shown more often. The spanish version is on DVD and can be found through Laguna Films

  • The best of the screwball classics

    • Pam
    • 8/15/08

    Good movies can take you to great places in your memories and this one is not only fun but it takes me back to when I first saw it on TV-50+ years ago. Silly, but when those two great danes are introduced I remember crying with laughter at their names. Just loved the whole movie and would love to have a copy. Haven't seen that movie since, but it sure made a joyful impact on me.

  • Best Ever Family Comedy

    • Luigie
    • 6/9/08

    This movie is so well made both technically and in hilarity. The perfect cast and perfect script are also complemented with the pets also adding to the fun. This is probably the best comedy ever made in a family setting - a film you will watch over an over again and it only gets better. The core plot and characters in the screenplay are derived from the 1930 film "What A Man" but this movie is better and with a superior screenplay. Uptight critics should realize many movies make use themes and plot sequences which seem to be from some other past movies or stories but eventually one is made which is best of the crop in that theme - that is "Merrily We Live".

  • Hidden Gem

    • Annie
    • 4/8/08

    Classic 30s screwball comedy! Constance Bennett is another Carole Lombard. Fast, witty comedianne. Billie Burke and rest of zany family are great here too.

  • as good as bringing up baby

    • rise
    • 4/2/08

    i had never heard of it, and so expected very little from merrily we live. yes, it is much like my man godfrey, but only better. i haven't laughed so much when watching a movie in forever. i love the sly humor and dimples of brian aherne, the zaniness of billie burke. everything about the movie delighted me, even its predictability.i am only sorry that i didn't tape it for my husband to see.

  • Merrily We Live

    • 1/23/08

    This was one of the funniest movies I have seen. I loved this movie!

  • Merrily We live, aka My Man Godfrey

    • Amandasgma
    • 3/21/07

    I thought I was nuts. Glad some of you agree that Merrily We Live is a direct knockoff of My Man Godfrey.

  • All is forgiven

    • Dennis Mark
    • 2/12/07

    Despite the fact that this film is a blatant (and I mean, blatant!) knockoff of 'My Man Godfrey', the script and gags are so good that I forgave them the first few minutes of watching. Besides, Constance Bennett was so beautiful that I could spend 90 minutes watching her just polish her nails (or any other way she might care to amuse herself ) .

  • Am I seeing double????

    • FrankieCee
    • 2/12/07

    Does anyone notice the parallel between this film and "My Man Godfrey", 1936 (William Powell)? There are some astounding similarities aside from the variation in storyline... In fact Alan Mowbry played a role in both films. Was this done intentionally ensuing any commercial success gleaned from "Godfrey"? This is the first time I am seeing this film, tuned-in midstream, so maybe it "is" a Godfrey remake??? Either way it is quite hilarious, esp. with the great Billie Burke...but for my dime, I'll take "Godfrey" anyday! So, what's the deal????? Anyone???

  • This movie is full of laughs!

    • Hank & Maria Armijo
    • 8/19/06

    "Merrily We Live" is one of the funniest movies that I (we)have ever seen. We could not stop laughing through the entire show. Billy Burke's caracter is a crack-up! The entire film is absolutely hillarious. 90 minutes of pure fun!

  • Please release this movie on DVD!

    • Barbara
    • 4/18/06

    This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, it is gorgeously filmed and the entire cast works so well together.

  • Merrily we live

    • Sandy
    • 3/22/06

    It is a delightful movie. Please release it on DVD or VHS. ORPut it on the TMC channel so I can record it for myself.


    • Nola Smith
    • 3/10/06

    I've been waiting for this to come out on dvd/vhs for years - please release it. I tell my friends about it often, and wonder why you can't find it anywhere when it was nominated for what was it 8 oscars? What's the problem?? What's the hold up??N. Smith

  • PLEASE PLEASE Show this again

    • Sue Bentley
    • 3/7/06

    I don't know how in the world I missed this but I have never even heard of this movie before. It came on late and I was about to turn it off but within the first two minutes I was hooked. The writing is wonderful. The characters are all so warm and so well done. I loved the way they all played off each other. I found myself laughing out loud over a movie for the first time in many years. That last bit where they all think he's dead was so hilarious I was downright crying from laughing so hard. I went online to see if I could find it in vhs or dvd and found it's not out. Please show it again I've told so many people they have to check it out.

  • How Did I Miss This Gem?

    • John Jobeless
    • 3/2/06

    As a great fan of the screwball genre for 50 years, I can't believe this one completely escaped my attention until I saw it on TCM the other night. It's not quite up to the very best (e.g., My Man Godfrey, His Girl Friday, Holiday, Arsenic and Old Lace, Young in Heart, Bringing Up Baby), but it's damn good and very funny. Billie Burke, Alan Mowbray and Constance Bennett are up to their usual high standard; Brian Ahern's good, though he's no Cary Grant; the real surprise is Clarence Kolb, who outdoes his customary solid supporting actor turns in a rare featured part.

  • Great Comedy

    • Linda
    • 3/1/06

    I laughed out loud watching this movie. Funniest scene ever, watching the dad go up the stairs and "dance" back down them, backwards. Is there any way I could get a video or DVD? When will you play it again???

  • Merrily We Live

    • Lee
    • 2/28/06

    It's a great hilarious film and I wish I could get a DVD of it.

  • Merrily we live, a real treasure!

    • Lin Bourelle
    • 2/27/06

    Anyone who enjoys screwball comedies will fall in love with this delightful movie. It's a laugh a second I love it. I have seen it only once many years ago and have been trying to find a copy of it ever since. I have been waiting all the month of February, as it was scheduled to come on at 3 am tomorrow morning, but looking on the tv schedule, it apparently won't be shown herein Canada. When signing up and paying for the tcm channel, we weren't told the schedules were different from the states.This is a movie that I just have to see again. I'd buy it, but It isn't for sale. Won't you PLEASE let Canadians have the opportunity to see this adorable classic? Thank you, Lin Bourelle

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