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The Charge of the Light Brigade

The Charge of the Light Brigade(1936)

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  • Boys, Boys, It's a movie

    • Tom3
    • 4/12/18

    I am sure Curtiz and Flynn would be amused by the political debate that entered this review forum. Guys, it's an 82 year old movie that was meant to entertain and make money for the Warner brothers. It succeeded in these efforts. The acting is fine for its day and the action sequences are better that anything being done today. I have enjoyed watching this film for the last 58 years and will continue to do so. As for the political correctness debate I would remind you that the indians win at the end of "They Died With Their Boots On" so don't too excited. Political correctness limits speech and constructive criticism. Let's just enjoy the movies for what they are.....entertainment.

  • Response to "response to previous review"

    • Katzeyes
    • 2/6/18

    You must surely find yourself as arrogant, pompous, and offensive, as everyone else in the world finds you. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Your quote, "sociological crap", that ought to read "sociopolitical crap" ( the literate among us expect quotes to be perfectly accurate, that's precisely why we distinguish them by enclosing them in those funny little marks ) is no more accurate than the nonsensical racism that you project onto the work of another time and place...dark skinned, inferiors, white supremacy,...all absolute nonsense, contortions of observation, reason, and reality. Social justice warrior crap that has no place on a forum such as this. You judge in context do you? The wonderful "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", is of course racist, yes? The charming "Song of the South"? Christian Nyby, Jr.'s, "Amos and Andy"?"Uncle Tom's Cabin"? "Cabin in the Sky"? And what of tomorrow's standards? Would they brand YOU a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, oppressive twit?One thing, however, that you said to a different reviewer (arrogantly, and pompously), I am in complete agreement with, as I suspect many on this forum are, and I quote!..."I have half a brain". An exaggeration, to be sure.

  • response to previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 9/22/17

    As one of the previous reviewers who brought in the skeleton of "sociological crap" (i.e. a mention of this film's racism) to KatzEyes' glorious picnic of British imperial adventure, and thus aroused his or her ire, let me just say that unlike KatzEyes I regard a film as I do a book or painting or piece of music as not existing in some never never land far away from and unattached to society, but rather as mirroring society's loves and hates and, yes, moral concerns. Therefore, while not neglecting the virtues and enjoyments of this film, which I believe I made plain in my review, I think a mention of the racial attitudes of the film makers not only appropriate but obligatory.

  • Best Cavalry Charge Ever Filmed!

    • KatzEyes
    • 9/21/17

    First off, there are reviewers here that have posted their opinions on modern day social justice warrior malarkey concerning their views on racism applied to a film damn near 4/5 of a century old that are irrelevant, erroneous, and wholly unwelcome. Leave your sociopolitical crap on your Facebook, or Twitter account, and let's talk the appreciation of FILM here, and not the depreciation of society. Don't we all get enough of that nonsense in everyday life, to be filled to the eyeballs with it all, and find it repugnant to be brought up here! I do. So have the decency to put a cork in it! For Now and Forever.Now, The Charge of the Light Brigade. I have loved this film since I first saw it as a child, a boy. This is absolutely a man/boy, a male, oriented story full of Honor, Courage, Duty, Manly Grit, and Stoicism. It is NOT a documentary, and needs to meet NO standard of historical accuracy. It is a fantasy, an adventure tale, no more historically accurate than The Adventures of Robin Hood, or Ivanhoe, or The Knights of the Round Table, nor is it expected to be by anyone in their right mind. The plot is preposterous, the romantic triangle, stiff upper lip-ism of Flynn's character, is superfluous to the story. The entire film, distilled to its essence is a tale of betrayal, and revenge, and rousing and DANGEROUS action sequences that involved real men, and horses, falls, and tumbles long before CGI made such scenes cartoons, albeit of a graphically realistic appearance. This stuff was actually FILMED! The entire film is worth it just for the last action sequence, The Charge of the Light Brigade! Unreal! Were animals injured or killed? Had to have happened, the techniques of the day practically insured it, horse tumbles at full gallop caused by trip wires, stumbles, falls or riders and mounts. Animal cruelty? Absolutely, and we'll never see the like again, and won't ever need to, given modern cinematic technology. But the sheer glory of it all, ...

  • response to previous reviewer

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/22/16

    Guidance labels on TCM films? Are you serious? I don't need a goddamn TCM label (or host) to tell me if a movie like "Charge Of The Light Brigade" is racist. I have half a brain. I can make that call for myself, thank you very much, Mr. Ochoki. Today's guidance label is tomorrow's censorship.

  • Misguided Propaganda: Hollywood at Its Best

    • A.Stanley Ochocki
    • 7/13/16

    While Mr. Flynn and others, do their best to give a straight-laced, straight-faced effort at giving an earnest performance. This film, as well as Mr. Flynn's performance as Co. Custer is nothing more than an affront to anyone who has at least read (ONE) factual-historical account of what really transpired. This sad and monstrous waste of soldier's lives; in one of the greatest Geo=Political gambits. is both abhorrent to watch, and especially in the fact that there is no labeling by TCM that this film is a 'fantasy creation'. Yes, TCM it is more than 'High-Time' that you take the plunge and put 'guidance-labels' or caveats on some Hollywood films of the 30's and 40's; that state clearly that the afformentioned film bears 'little, to none' to historical reality. Mr. M does a fine job at 'alluding' to such in his promos; but NOT, enough. This film from the time I was in College in the early 70's, including, "Custer's Last Standing" was utilized as a learning tool in anti-racist anti-social imperialism courses. This 'Charge' was not of military-political 'blunder' but a planed under-handed British attempt at Land-grabbing, at the cost of lives! Just as how, 'ANY NATIVE-AMERICAN' would sit and watch Mr. Flynn in his Custer-performance, and not wretch at the stink of racism against their own. Just as this is Hollywood's attempt to belittle and berate the 'Evil' 'Low-Class' Russians' and the 'Silly uneducated In'juns' that are taking the land from God-Fearing White Folks and threatening 'our women-folk', baffles the Mind. Thank you TCM, and Mr. M, 'Speak-out'.

  • charge of the light brigade

    • kevin sellers
    • 7/10/16

    I have little to add to Red Rain's good review of this historically ludicrous but still enjoyable (in parts) Michael Curtiz film except to note that as bad as the inaccuracies are, the racism is worse. You know, the juxtaposition of the treacherous, murdering, savage dark races, including those dastardly half Europeans/half Asians known as Russians, with the noble, clean, upright, white English. And to the TCM reviewer below who floated the notion that this film was intended to be Hollywood's warning against Hitler let me just point out that it was made in 1936 when most of America was firmly isolationist and our biggest hero, Charles Lindbergh, was a pal of the failed Austrian artist. So, yeah, enjoy the battle scenes, especially the very realistic (for 1936, that is) massacre of Chukoti (a town that never existed, by the way) and Flynn's bravura performance that shows his range as an actor (I firmly feel that, like The Duke, Flynn was never given the thespian respect he deserved) and discard the rest, including an extremely tiresome, weepy, simpy Olivia DeHavilland. When she tells Flynn she doesn't love him and will marry his brother the guy actually looks relieved and you can see why. So, let's give it a generous B minus for that cutting edge massacre. P.S. Did you notice that when they ran Tennyson's poem over The Charge they cut out the line about blundering generals?

  • Historically inaccurate throughout!

    • RedRain
    • 5/19/14

    This film has some extremely exciting action sequences, a good fictional story and some great acting by Errol Flynn. Enjoy it for those reasons alone; however, please know there has never been a 27th Bengal Lancer brigade, there was no "Khan" at the real battle, and military historians who have studied the real battle against the Russians for over a century have proven that it was sheer treachery and deceit on the part of the British commanders in that battle which led to the needless deaths of the Light Brigade. Were the men who fought and died in the battle really heroes? Indeed they were! The facts behind their deaths, however, made the deaths all the more tragic. What I'd like to know is how the writers of this screenplay could have possibly gotten so much of it so wrong! And Errol Flynn, an ardent student of history, really sold out when he agreed to play this role! How it must have rankled him! Just more proof of how the studios truly owned these actors back in the day!


    • will
    • 5/7/14

    Re. The massacre of Chakoti was based on a real historical event. I turned to my wife and son, while watching this film and said, there, is what you get when you make a deal with a mad man, or worse the Devil. Watch and Remember. It sends a cold chill up my back every time I watch this film. At the time this film was made, Hitler was coming into full power and I think, this was the message Warner Bros. was trying to get across. Remember Errol Flynn addressing his men just before the charge.

  • Charge of the light brigade

    • Henry Crawford
    • 2/26/14

    I don't know why classics like this are not shown regularly all Errol Lynn's movies are a joy to watch why not dedicate a lot of the older classics to a regular spot on a month to month basis there was only one Robin Hood and that was Errol but I think it is time to give a thought to some of your elderly viewers when setting your schedules

  • The Charge of the Light Brigade(1936)

    • Warren Bray
    • 1/16/13

    This movie is the Best I've ever seen, And I seen most of Errol Flynn's movies. I like the All, "BUT" The Charge Of The Light Brigade, I think is the BEST

  • It Needs Basil Rathbone To Make It Complete

    • Ernie
    • 6/18/12

    To me,the threesome of Errol,Olivia and Basil is always a lock.Good drama,can't believe how depraved Curtiz is that horses and a performer got killed.Had he no conscience?Errol and Olivia the most attractive couple,he should've done right by her in real life and not tease her and not keep his word of marriage.His loss,not hers,as I think he would have found the home and love he needed.


    • alexander perez
    • 8/10/11

    a timeless adventure classic that would be followed by similar Desert War Adventures like GUNGA DIN, BEAU GESTE, and THE FOUR FEATHERS. the Climactic charge itself is of course the film's highlight, running 9 minutes and among the greatest action sequences ever filmed, next to the chariot race from BEN HUR and the Biplane chase from NORTH BY NORTHWEST. it required no fake CGI effects and was done with precision and amazement, but without care for the now dead Horses that were tripped by wires. but despite that, top this with Max Steiner's gallant march music and score, Errol and Olivia's frank performances (especially at the end where she tells him he's the finest man she ever knew before he goes off to the charge, and Flynn, in a touching moment, is on the verge of tears), the lusty adventure in sweeping Indian deserts, and David Niven and Patrick Knowles supporting roles, it's one of the great adventure films of hollywood!

  • The Charge of the Light Brigade

    • Mark Sutch
    • 4/13/11


  • Let's Follow Errol!

    • DaveLucas427
    • 7/22/10

    When I was young, a local TV station occasionally ran this film at 11;30pm. I would watch it faithfully, always staying up to watch the climactic charge sequence, a stunning action spectacle with memorable images and phenomenal editing. Later I learned how the use of trip wires to stage the horses' stunt falls resulted in the deaths of a number of animals (In Flynn's autobiography he claims a rider was also killed.). The rest of the film tries to put a "heroic" spin on the ill-fated maneuver. Produced in the lush Warner style of 1930s period dramas, it is still the action sequences that stand out; i.e., the charge itself, the attack on the outpost, etc. (Could this film be the reason we see Arabs in such a villianous light these days?) And I could have done without the superimposition of verses of Tennyson's poem during the charge scene. And I believe the original start of the film was altered. (I once saw it starting with the words "Who shall excel them?" before the opening credits. Now I don't.) Still, a good film.

  • Took My Breath Away!

    • Rosie
    • 1/12/08

    This movie is a first-rate classic. Whoever said that Flynn couldn't act, should really watch his performance in this film. The tension between him, Olivia DeHavilland and Patric Knowles and star-crossed lovers is fascinating.And the "Charge" sequence is one of the most fascinating, yet appalling I have ever seen on screen. Quite unforgettable.

  • This is a great movie

    • Robert
    • 8/25/07

    This movie is a timeless classic.One of the best adventure movies ever made.The locations are perfect and well photographed.This ranks right up with Adventures of Robin Hood as a perfect vehicle for Errol Flynn.The final scenes are unforgetable.

  • In Agreement

    • Miguel
    • 4/8/07

    I agree with Daniel above. This movie is the my original version and no other can compare. This is a film I can watch over without ever seeming to be trite. Its acting and cinematography in its most basic form is superior to any of the remakes generated afterward. The acting is simple but to the point. The current versions appear mechanical in their performance.

  • The Charge of the Light Brigade 1936 version

    • Daniel
    • 9/9/06

    This is the greatest epic movie of the story of the charge bettor than the boring modern version. The final assault was spectacular and the black and white aspect gives a timeless quality to the story being told.

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