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Trail of Robin Hood

Trail of Robin Hood(1950)

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While patroling a remote section of forest, U.S. Conservation agent Roy Rogers notices two men stealing trees from a piece of land belonging to his friend, retired Western star Jack Holt. Roy follows the men to the camp of J. Corwin Aldridge, Jack's rival in the seasonal Christmas tree business. Roy accuses them of stealing, but they explain that they recently leased the property adjacent to Jack's and cannot be blamed for crossing an unmarked property line. At Jack's camp, Roy meets handyman Splinters McGonigle and his sister "Sis." Later, Sis enters the town turkey shoot and wins first prize: a turkey named Sir Gallahad. Aldridge then learns that Jack is planning to sell his trees wholesale and tells his daughter Toby that he may be forced out of business. Toby goes over to Jack's camp to discuss the matter, but is star-struck as soon as she recognizes him from his films. Later, Roy saves Splinters when Whitey Channing, an employee of Aldridge's camp, tries to run him over with a burning wagon. Later, Roy returns to Aldridge's camp with Channing in custody, but Mitch McCall, the scheming camp foreman, claims that Channing was asked to leave the camp several days earlier. After Roy leaves, Mitch instructs Channing to break into Roy's office. That night, Splinters notices the light on in Roy's office and enters just as Channing is stabbed to death by an unseen assailant. When Jack learns of the murder, he decides to apply for a job at Aldridge's camp using a phony name. After a short time, Mitch discovers Jack's true identity and takes him hostage. Meanwhile, at Jack's camp, Roy and the gang settle down to watch a silent film featuring Jack. Suddenly, the screening is interrupted when the camp somehow catches on fire. The men quickly move the wagons, while Sis rushes into the burning storehouse to rescue Gallahad. After Jack escapes from Mitch, he returns to his camp to try to rescue Sis from the storehouse, but ends up in a coma. When Jack revives shortly thereafter, Roy and the gang tell him that he has been comatose for months and that it is now Christmas. To complete the ruse, Sis prepares a Christmas dinner, but balks at slaughtering Gallahad. After Splinters volunteers to slaughter Gallahad, he returns with a dead turkey, which Toby sorrowfully dresses and cooks. When the turkey is served, Toby's long face spoils the guests' appetite. Just then, Toby glances out the window and notices Gallahad hopping around in the yard, and everyone happily digs in. Later, Toby is thrilled to meet Jack's friends, Western stars Rex Allen, Allan "Rocky" Lane, Monte Hale, William Farnum, Tom Tyler, Ray "Crash" Corrigan, Kermit Maynard and Tom Keene, all of whom lend a hand in loading the wagons. Meanwhile, Aldridge learns of Mitch's plan to dynamite the Red River Bridge as Jack's wagons are crossing it to get to market and rushes to warn Jack. At the bridge, Roy and Mitch begin fighting inside a mill, and Mitch finally falls onto a thresher and is killed. After Roy saves the convoy, he returns to Jack's camp, where he is pleased to learn that Jack and Aldridge have decided to become partners.