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Soylent Green

Soylent Green(1973)

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  • the outhouse of humanity

    • a.morris
    • 2/3/18

    a story that ultimately says.. there really is no respect for life or death.

  • The Ocean IS dying

    • Wayback Film Fan
    • 11/14/16

    Soylent Green was a red flag warning us, yet nobody paid any attention to its message except maybe the environmentalists, who were out-of-favor and mocked as "tree-huggers". By the seventies the hippies and the culture of consciousness raising was over and Hollywood seems to have sold out as well.The "greenhouse effect" is mentioned near the start of the movie, but it remains below the radar as the cause of the barren, dry landscape and hot, sweaty actors. A human population explosion results in food and water shortages, deprivation and brutality, but the cause of the degradation is not explored. Bountiful life on planet Earth can be lost very quickly, and once gone it is nigh impossible to recover, it says. The last generation to remember the verdant, clean planet with fresh resources are dying and with them decency, knowledge and dignity are dying as well. There are no heroes, and Heston has only begun to see things for what they are when the movie ends.People are treated as cattle. The "scoops are coming!" Heston broadcasts over a bullhorn to the masses as they agitate and protest over soylent shortages. Bulldozers scoop up shovelfuls of people who presumably wind up as dry green wafers. At the end of the film, Heston pleas to his police Captain to warn people that "the Oceans are dying, the plankton are dying." Then in the same dying breath (which ought to be clutching a rifle for the NRA) he ham-handedly adds that soylent green is made from people, to tie the movie together at the end. More attention was given to the then horrifying aspects of that, and the sci- fi warning was toned down for entertainment. Yet an enlightening environmental and social statement can be found within. If the book had been followed more closely the film might have become a classic instead of cult.

  • blacksploitation sci-fi?

    • cinema bob
    • 11/13/16

    Although Heston, Robinson and Conners star it IS a blackspoiltation film. (This may even have escaped Tarantino's radar.) Watch for yerself and decide.The best scene (for my money) is post sol suicide. Chuck Heston is attempting to contact the chief of police on a public phone. The rookie cop on the other end is holding up the urgency of Chuck's call with department procedure. Out of anger/frustration Chuck Heston lets loose, screeching incoherently - worth waiting for. Then, once connected to the chief of police: Hatcher (Brock Peters) barks angrily in his bad-ass motherfucker voice, "Thorne? What da hell you want?!"

  • Edward G is Great!

    • Louise Hawthorne
    • 4/30/16

    I realize this is a sad kind of sci-fi movie and that most sci-fi buffs don't like it, but I think Edward G. Robinson is terrific in the movie. He had such an incredible range that most people don't realize like the Cinncinatti Kid and others. You can have all the violet blow 'em up sci-fi movies...I'll take Soylent Green any day.

  • Lackluster Futuristic Sci-fi(1973)

    • shepardn
    • 1/1/16

    Charlton Heston stars as Detective Thorn a member of the protection squad doling out the "Soylent Green" a new food supplement designed to aid the food shortage. MGM spared little expense to add to the story as really cheap effects/props are used. Best action sequences are Heston nailing Leigh Taylor Young and knocking the snot out of Tab(Chuck "Rifleman" Connors). Other than that the story meanders along with chaos food lines and the euthanasia of Sol Roth(Edward G. Robinson)'s last movie.The discovery of the process of "Soylent Green" is the hook that comes later in the film. Is it enough to carry the narrative , you be the judge. 2 stars out of 5. Also stars Dick Van Patten(uncredited), Brock Peters,Joseph Cotten, Whit Bissell.Should have been a much better film with a greater impact.If they only would have tried.Run time approx 1 hr 39 min. Color.

  • Eat Me - Soylent Green (1973) Reviewed

    • John Matsuya
    • 7/21/15

    It's About PeopleIt's a shame that we think we know all there is to know about Soylent Green. Yes, yes, it's people, Soylent Green is people. The film is a victim of its own iconic line and on first glance, a modern audience might see it as stale. Nothing could be further from the truth. Soylent Green is a sneakily layered picture, more than just its pulpy science-fiction husk. Look closer, and there's a political message that resonates today. And at its core, Soylent Green is a profoundly humanist parable on how we treat others and take our world for granted. Since you (probably) already know the climax, let's take a look at the ingredients that make Soylent Green worth indulging: Original Recipe serves 40,000,000 (the population of New York in 2022)2 cups cinematic universe built from scratch1/2 cup cinematic spices and flourish 1/4 teaspoon social conscience4 Pounds Humanity - soul filled, cut into large chunksRead more:

  • to bob Eckert

    • Len
    • 2/22/15

    Yes bob. People are being hoodwinked! !!!Ever heard of global warming? And the newest crap there going to lay on us is global water shortages. Obamacare its all ruses for more power. Wake up as Samuel Jackson told us in a political commercialBut he didn't want you to realize what is going on. A majority of Americans are zombified and clueless the young onesare brainwashed by their socialist teachers.Good luck.

  • Beware

    • Frank
    • 4/4/14

    I saw this once a long time ago, and was shocked at the end. It is not a pretty story, but it WAS a descent film.

  • Soylent Green

    • Eric A
    • 3/29/14

    **** "Who the hell needs strawberries!"

  • The very good and the very bad....

    • Bob Eckert
    • 3/28/14

    The story is somewhat unique but hardly plausible, as if people could be hoodwinked to such a degree. What does stand out is the superb Edward G. Robinson in his last role (I think, don't hate me if I'm wrong) and the grating, dismal, overacted, same-as-all-his-other performance of Charlton Heston who is so full of hubris, he might explode from the screen in a shower of a creamy form of Soylent Green. This film also suffers from the fact it was made in the completely insane, drug-saturated disco ball 1970's, a dark period on many levels in the US, if not the world.

  • No thanks I already ate.

    • Al Gotto the SCI-FI guy
    • 3/26/14

    Good 70's sci-fi. Feels a bit dated now but still carries the message through. I do recommend the original novel by Harry Harrison "Make Room Make Room". I first read it in my teens before the movie. Try to find it. Cool fight scene with Heston and Connors. I guess since Connors beat him up in "The Big Country" it was only fair for Heston to win this round. Eddie G's last movie, wonderful death scene.

  • Soylent Green is aaaaggggg...

    • mugsy
    • 11/18/13

    Don't reveal the ending to first-time viewers. They'll figure it out for themselves early on in the film.

  • soylent green

    • jamie shearer
    • 9/14/13

    I don't like this film I don't know why I just don't every time I see it is going to be on I just don't see why it has to be so many better films

  • What A Movie

    • barbara
    • 9/13/13

    The first time I saw this movie I was very young. I am so glad TCM presented it again. Hopefully it will repeat because I only caught the last half this time :( . This is truly a classic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shocking film, then and now!

    • RedRain
    • 8/5/13

    When this film debuted, it was truly mesmerizing and shocking. Today, it is no less so; however, I do feel it should make us want to create a better world where something like this could never occur. We are not near the events in this film but we are experiencing over-population in the world and this has had the effect of mass starvation. I completely disagree with the viewing of this film by impressionable school children, as they could take away from it an inevitability that is not true. I like this film very much and, particularly, the "going home" sequence.


    • el debbo
    • 5/23/11

    Should be required viewing in all schools. Heston: fantastic. Robinson: polished performance, especially since he was a dying man when they filmed. He went 'home' about 9 days after the wrap. This is a fine movie, a cult classic.

  • Scary And Prophetic SciFi

    • Bruce Reber
    • 3/19/09

    Soylent Green is a SciFi classic that is even more timely in 2009 than it was when it came out in 1973. The frightening depiction of pollution, global warming, scarce food, overpopulation and primitive human brutality of the world in the year 2022 is now only 13 years away, and seems to be an inescapable reality as time passes.I have seen it several times, and I consider it one of the truly visually stunning and thought-provoking SciFi films ever made. I have seen other films that portray the future as utopian, with all of the world's problems resolved and humanity living in peace with one another, but Soylent Green shows a dark, hopeless future where humanity's problems have only worsened and no solution is possible or even attempted. There is no need to remake Soylent Green because the events in the film are happening right now, and Science Fiction has become fact. I watch it every time it's on TCM. Four stars!

  • A greatly under-rated movie

    • Paul Jackson
    • 12/30/08

    I first saw Soylent Green in Canada's capital city, Ottawa, Ontario, when it was first released. It didn't quite grab me at the time, but having now seen it often on TCM and believe it is a movie far ahead of its time. I would easily give tis movie four stars out of five. Also, Edward G. Robinson was a very fine and kindly man in real life. And, what more can be said about Charlton Heston!

  • Year file made

    • bob
    • 7/19/08

    I would have sworn this movie was made in 1969, not 1973

  • Soylent Green a prophesy of the future

    • M prof
    • 9/18/06

    This movie had a strong impact on me as a kid and even now as an adult. I remember how the father was no longer useful to society so he was given a lethal injection. No nursing homes just extermination. That could easily happen in the future. Third world countries have high birthrates compared to the rest of the world with disease and starvation. Whose to say if those green crackers aren't given in the future.

  • Soylent Green is ....Good

    • vincent o
    • 4/28/06

    What is Soylet Green? That was the catch line in advertisements for this movie when it came out.It is a solid SciFi story that is even more significant today, and in 50 more years maybe totaly true.Mr. Heston is perfect as Thorn.Edward G Robinsons last film and he goes out in style. No pun intended if you have seen the movie. This is another part of the movie that sadly will come true.Get out the people movers!!!!!

  • is this a color?

    • justine
    • 1/25/06

    I always thought Soylent Green was the color of refrigerators back in the 60's

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