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Love Is a Headache

Love Is a Headache(1938)

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Carlotta "Charlie" Lee, a Broadway star whose latest play, A Lady of Experience is a big flop, is constantly criticized in the newspaper and on radio by "Broadway Chatter" columnist Peter Lawrence. Pete, who grew up with Charlie and has been in love with the independent actress for years, hopes that negative reaction to his columns will actually help her career. One day, when Pete learns about the untimely death of window washer O'Toole, he broadcasts a plea to his listeners to help O'Toole's orphaned son "Mike" and daughter "Jake." Hearing the broadcast, Charlie's publicity agent, Jimmy Slattery, thinks that if Charlie adopted the orphans she would get some great publicity, so he secretly arranges for the kids to be sent to her apartment. When Charlie comes home, she is furious with Jimmy, especially because the uncultured Mike and Jake have wrecked her elegant bedroom, but she soon decides that she likes them after all and wants to keep them. When Pete finds out that Charlie has the children, he confronts her and accuses her of trying to use them, but she convinces him that she is "on the level," and promises that there will be no publicity about the children. Some time later, despite her promise, Jimmy gets a picture of Charlie and the children in the newspaper, after which Pete threatens to take them to the child welfare bureau. To prevent this from happening, Charlie agrees to marry Reggie Odell, a millionaire who is in love with her and very fond of Jake and Mike. Jimmy, meanwhile, arranges for a fake kidnapping of the children to gain more publicity. When the police discover what has happened, they want to bring charges against Charlie, and Reggie tries to straighten things out with the police commissioner, but he resolves to get the children away from her. By now very attached to Jake and Mike, Charlie decides to take them out of New York and hide them in a small town hotel. Pete discovers where they are and follows her, hoping to prevent her being arrested. At the hotel, which is run by Janet Winfield, the local justice of the peace, Charlie and Pete discuss what to do about the children. While Janet eavesdrops outside the door, Charlie tells Pete that he has to marry her for the sake of the children. Janet then bursts into the room with a shotgun and marries them while she keeps a shotgun pointed at Pete. Because Charlie and Pete have been in love for years, neither minds the shotgun wedding and they look forward to a happy family life with Mike and Jake.