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After Lucky Wilson, a Broadway playboy and the "strong man" of racketeer Tony Berrelli, forces the owner of a New York nightclub to pay protection money, he is threatened with arrest by MacCarthy, a police lieutenant. Confident that the police will never arrest him, Lucky continues his illegal practices until one angry nightclub owner finally presses charges against him. Although aware that a warrant has been issued, Lucky insists on returning to his hotel to rendezvous with a woman before retreating to the Catskills. After he convinces the woman to accompany him to the mountains, Lucky is surrounded by the police and is shot while fleeing to his automobile. The wounded Lucky drives himself to Connecticut and is finally taken in by the Millers, a generous farm family who believe that he himself was the victim of racketeers' violence. On Lucky's orders, unsuspecting Henry "Pa" Miller, notifies Berrelli of Lucky's whereabouts and requests that the gang's doctor be sent. When the alcoholic Dr. Warner arrives at the Millers', he finds Lucky bedridden and anxious to return to the city. However, as soon as Lucky meets Pauline, Pa's pretty twenty-year-old daughter, he tells the doctor he has changed his mind and is now content to recuperate in Connecticut. Warner leaves empty-handed, and Lucky begins to romance schoolteacher Pauline, who like the rest of her family, has no suspicions about his identity. In the process, Lucky learns about farm life and is taught by Pauline to perform such mundane chores as cow milking and chicken feeding. Lucky even befriends Willie, Pauline's young, ever-present brother. A week later, while Pa, "Ma" and Willie take a day-trip to a relative's house, Lucky and Pauline picnic together and are caught in a rainstorm. The couple take cover in a deserted cabin, shed their wet clothes and warm themselves in front of a fire. In spite of his desires, Lucky refuses to seduce Pauline, who has confessed her love to him, and insists that they return home immediately. At the farm, Lucky is greeted by MacCarthy and his assistant Britt, and while resigned to his arrest, begs MacCarthy not to reveal his mission to the Millers. Touched by the Millers' warmth and innocence, MacCarthy and Britt, who have been forced by the storm to stay at the farm for dinner, pretend to be Lucky's business associates and then allow Lucky to say a private farewell to Pauline. Once alone with Pauline, Lucky confesses his past but swears his love and vows to return to Connecticut an honest man. After Lucky receives a heartfelt goodbye from the Millers, Pauline tells him that she will indeed wait for him.