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Private Screenings: Robert Osborne

Private Screenings: Robert Osborne(2014)


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  • Wonderful

    • Timothy D. Naegele
    • 5/3/18

    What a terrific show and interview with the very nice and humble Robert Osbourne.He is truly missed. Lots of us would like a link to this interview, so we can post it in full on our blogs, etc.I grew up in Hollywood/LA, and he has brought the best of it to life. Thank you, Robert.

  • Robert Osborne I LOVE You!

    • Beckette
    • 5/3/18

    Well, I can only say this : Robert Osborne , I've missed you. Robert Osborne, I love you! This is a wonderful interview and its simply incredible to learn about his back story. He obviously lived his life doing what he loved and in doing so, created many, many more passionate movie lovers. Thank you Robert . I'll be looking for you when it's my turn to fade to black.

  • response to previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/16/18

    The previous reviewer writes that Robert Osborne did not know more about old or new films than he does. Just based on that sentence, offered with zero evidence to back it up, I would hazard a guess ol Bob forgot more about movie history than Mr. Joseph has retained.

  • Response to Sheila

    • Thomas Joseph
    • 3/22/17

    I too have searched the web for the title to the Private Screenings song and have come up empty. Funny how they claim you can find anything on the web. That's just not true. I used to own some vinyl records and have pumped the names of some singers into the search bar and have come up empty. It's incredible that a TV channel as as known as TCM would not at some point publish the name of that singer somewhere, someplace. I like the song as well, or at least the way they use it. As for Robert Osborne, hey, old movies have been shown on TV for decades, many decades, without the need for analysis and promotion from people like Drew Barrymore and Osborne himself who together don't know any more about old movies or new ones than I do. I also am not in love with the wine club thing, or the seminars, the audiences consisting mainly I am guessing of students from various school of the arts programs across the country. I watched a ton of the old movies as a kid with no help from a host or anyone else, and while I enjoy TCM and applaud some of it's own presentations, songs and montages, etc., it certainly is not the first and only source of information on movies old and new. The idea of pairing certain wines with certain movies, man, that really crosses the line. Nothing against Osborne, he was ok, but his contributions to the promotion of older movies, while evident to some degree, is far from unique or necessary. People can and do, and maybe should, learn on their own. I also do not care for the way the so-called restorers have taken the old silent movies, most of which I'll admit I do not like, and slathered them with garbage music that doesn't ebb and flow from scene to scene and is simply slathered on with little care for the finished product. Very hokey and very ugly the way those restorers make themselves seem so needed. I'd rather go with the cracks and other screen flaws than with the restored versions which is just another worthless cottage industry.

  • The Greatness of Robert Osborne

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/15/17

    Amiable, insightful, and interesting. It sounds easy, but just you try doing it on a nightly basis for twenty some odd years. RIP Robert!

  • A Lack of Understanding of an America's Heartland

    • Debbie west
    • 1/24/15

    I LOVE watching Drew Barrymore, and Robert Osborne. She has such insight into the movies, however, I lost a little respect tonight for the review on Coal Miners Daughter. Mr. Osborne admitted he had no interest in country music or Loretta Lynn. I have seldom heard him openly put down a class of people as he tied the two together. Obviously he had no desire to understand the Appalachian life or it's people and their struggles. It was not until Sissy Spacek received an award, that he felt a duty to watch the movie, which he admitted, he loved afterward. As a critic, you cannot let your personal views of a class or type of people stand in your way of being open minded to new understanding. You don't have to like the life style, but you should be open to learning about it. He spoke with disdain, as if Loretta Lynn and Country music was beneath him. Mr. Osborne, if YOU loved the movie, imagine how those of us who are familiar with and love this lifestyle felt! These are the people who sacrificed their lives to mine the coal that brought comfort to the homes of America at one time! Hard working, honest families who had nothing, yet had everything. A culture of people who may not have known the luxuries of Hollywood, but knew the anticipation of a Friday night get together with family and friends. They tackled obstacles that the wealthy or privileged would have considered impossible. For people like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton and many others of that era and location and lifestyle, to have risen to stardom despite the many obstacles that stood in their way, is a milestone within itself. They are original. They had no voice coach, no piano lessons, no acting lessons. They didn't have music classes in school. They are a dying breed and America can learn a lot from them and their stories. Even today, there are plenty of families who live in the area who still know a harder way of life, yet they possess within their families greater qualities than many of the "rich"......

  • Song

    • E Cameron
    • 9/16/14

    Please tell me the name of the song that plays during the credits of Private Screenings. I have tried everything I know to find it.

  • Getting to know Mr. Robert Osborne (XX years)

    • Steve
    • 4/17/14

    I have been watching Mr. Osborne on TCM for years now, and I didn't understand who he really was and how he could be so knowledgeable on so many TCM classics movies. The interview with Alec Baldwin was one of the best I have seen on TCM. I am so impress with Robert Osborne road to stardom and how he has remained so humble in demeanor and style. Robert story on when he met Lucille Ball was very entertaining and Olivia de Havilland taking him to a gala to honor Betty Davis was great. Thanks for sharing Robert. I really liked the guest presenters series. I enjoy Drew Barrymore movies, but it is a bit too much at times seeing her so much on TCM. Once again, thank you Robert & TCM

  • Robert Osborne--The Master--

    • Jack
    • 4/14/14

    Robert's expert knowledge of all aspects of any given film and his excellent presentation skills makeshim a master host. I don't think that anyone could be better than he is.

  • Osborne's interview

    • Christine K
    • 1/16/14

    What a fascinating life. Great to get to know Robert in his younger days and his progression in the industry. One lucky guy - Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey, why didn't we have this interview before?

    • Carrie Robinson
    • 1/11/14

    I really enjoyed getting to know Robert Osborne. I'm glad Alec Baldwin was the one to interview him because their friendship is apparent and his regard for Mr. Osborne is evident and that was a joy to watch. I didn't know Mr. Osbourne acted when he was younger and that was fun to see and so handsome! I loovvve old movies of course and I appreciate and value his love and knowledge of movies, but what really touched me, and what I know is why Mr. Osborne is liked for himself, not his knowledge, was his touching story of how he loved his dog dearly and still dreams about him years later and wakes up happy until he remembers it's just a dream. I do the exact same thing with my dearly departed dog--dream about her regularly and wake up happy until I remember it's just a dream. I felt that connection with Mr. Osborne--hey, it's not just me that does that and someone else understands! And this is one of example, I feel, as to why so many are fans of his and why so many of us really enjoyed the interview.

  • New York, New York

    • elizabeth lauer
    • 1/10/14

    In the course of the excellent presentation of Robert Osborne on a recent documentary, Mr. Osborne stated that he is really at home in New York City, where he lives at Seventh Avenue and 57th Street. May one infer, therefore, that Mr. Osborne lives at the Osborne?

  • Two greats together!

    • Christine
    • 1/7/14

    The Private Screenings with TCM host-extraordinaire, Robert Osborne, was fascinating. As a research librarian myself, I truly appreciate Mr. Osborne's lifelong dedication to research and writing. I am a law librarian, but I've told all my friends that my dream job would be to work as a film/movie librarian. Mr. Osborne has managed to combine his personality, knowledge, and passion into a joy for all of us who watch TCM. I only started watching TCM in October of 2008, so I knew nothing of him before. Upon seeing the footage from his earlier work, both as a TCM host and an actor, I have two comments: 1) He was (and still is) very handsome; and 2) I like his voice better now than before ... much deeper and more modulated. And a shout-out to the always-entertaining, always wonderful actor/interviewer, Alec Baldwin. He's the best SNL guest host, in my opinion, and his 3-year stint as an Essentials host with Robert O. was great. I'm glad he conducted this interview, and I look forward to more ... especially a discussion of the apparently different opinons these two gentlemen have on Elizabeth Taylor! Many more years of success to Robert Osborne and TCM ... oh, and did you catch the genuine decency of Mr. O when he saluted the work of Bob Dorian, the former evening host on AMC. Alec joked a bit about it, but Mr. O was very classy, and said several times that Mr. Dorian was a very good host. Kudos to all!

  • private screnings

    • shiela
    • 1/7/14

    I just watched private screenings with Alec Baldwin on Robert Osborne... I love him and was so happy to hear about his life... I am absolutely FASCINATED with the song at the end. Can you PLEASE tell me the name of that song. I hear it a lot at the end of his screenings and have always wondered

  • Outstanding Program

    • B.N. Peikert
    • 1/7/14

    Watching Mr. Osborne with Alec Baldwin, I am reminded of how lucky we are that fortune has placed him in our path. I am just a guy who designs roads for a living and enjoys a good movie now and then. Robert Osborne adds to my viewing pleasure, whether it is a new or familiar movie. He truly enhances the viewing experience.The simple fact that his favorite leading man is Big Bill Holden just emphasizes that we are simpatico.I wish him continued success and hope that he may one day present my favorite cinematic experience, Paris, Texas (1982). It would be my highest honor to present that movie to the TCM aficionados along with Mr. Osborne.I can still still dream...Until then -- Best WishesB.N. Peikert

  • A Must for Movie Buffs

    • arnold koch
    • 1/6/14

    Priceless recap of a great contributer to film history. Please make it available at the TCM store so others canenjoy it.

  • Well done

    • Evangeline Jones
    • 1/6/14

    Forgot my stars the first time. Repeat.....It was awesome to see a professional appreciated not only for his work, but for his character as well. It was nice to know that what he exudes on screen is genuine. Alec Baldwin summed up my feelings at the end, and I thought he was the perfect choice for host. Since watching TCM in 1996, they are the top team for "the essentials". Their debates were professional, and not just televised arguments. I enjoyed their interaction together. I also appreciate the information I learned about Osborne tonight; I have an even greater appreciation and respect for him as a professional, and human being. Thank you for sharing more of him with me.

  • Private Screenings - Robert Osborne

    • Melody Kelley
    • 1/6/14

    I have always thought you have the best job in the world. I love classic movies -------mainly because of my parents, born in 1937, taught us to love the movies they grew up with, dated to in the 50's and later having early HBO etc in our home. The costumes, how everyone wore a hat, hairstyles ,home styles, lighting, music all have cultural and historical value.My parents have Alzheimers now ,but always respond to the classics. Dad told mom one day in 2008 that From Here to Eternity sure was a good movie and he didn't understand how they missed that one. Of course they hadn't! She is looking forward to seeing Arsenic and Old Lace again, even though we saw it last month on TCM.I wish they had a such a job choice when I finished high school in the late 70's, Sure beats my job teaching US history in public schools! Great Private Screening.

  • BRAVO!!

    • Gene Kossmann
    • 1/6/14

    What a wonderful reflection on a career and development of such a wide history of film history. Congrats to both Alex and Bob. I want to see it again. And I loved seeing the familiar stars of the past as they currently are. It's clear how much respect and admiration they have for our loved host at TCM. Thanks Mr. O.

  • Well Done

    • Evangeline Jones
    • 1/6/14

    I enjoyed the tribute. It was trilling to see a professional appreciated for not only his work, but his character as well. It was awesome to learn that what he exudes on screen is genuine, and Alec Baldwin summed up exactly what I was feeling at the end. I think Alec was the perfect choice of host. Since I was introduced to TCM IN 1996, they were the top team for "the essentials" in my opinion. There debates were professional and not just televised arguments (if that makes sense). Again I enjoyed this show, and appreciate the information I learned about him and his career. I have an even greater appreciation and respect for not only his work, but for him as a human being. Thank you for sharing more of him with me.

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