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  • head

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/18/17

    As an experiment, I watched this movie both stoned and straight. And you know what? It sucked both times.

  • I love Head!

    • JOHN
    • 4/10/13

    There I said it. I love head! It was a great movie. Possibly the best music the Monkees ever created. They were unfairly panned for not playing on the records when in fact they did not play on the first two. The Monkees and More of The Monkees. This was due to a tight shooting schedule for the TV show and a world tour. They did play from the Headquarters on. They were panned for being "Created" and not forming organically. To this I say who cares. I tell you all of this because it is important. These critics are what lead to the movie Head.The idea was to cast off the chains. To rebel against the machine. This was one of their most creative works. DO NOT look for a plot. You will not find one. What you will find is great music, great acting and a lot of guest stars.

  • Very good or very bad cinema

    • Dan Grissom
    • 8/12/12

    This 1968 film, which was filmed right after the Monkees' TV show went off the air, is either very good or very bad and that's quite a large window to discuss a movie through. I remember when I saw this film the first time late one night in the 1970s on TV I felt it was rubbish. I now own a copy and think it's great. Viewing this movie and enjoying it I believe would rely on one main point; you would have to like the Monkees to like this movie. Since I like The Monkees I'll give this movie three stars. If you don't like the Monkees I would avoid this movie.

  • Head - An Icon of 60's Cinema

    • Bruce Reber
    • 6/29/12

    "Head" (1968), starring the Pop group The Monkees, is one of the films that defined the 1960's. Directed by Bob Rafelson and co-written by Rafelson and Jack Nicholson, it's a totally wild, cool and crazy comedic/satiric collection of skits, songs, classic film and TV clips. "Head" ostensibly is a lampoon of the media that created The Monkees and made them pop icons. Four young men (Mike Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork and Davy Jones)were chosen from supposedly thousands of auditions and fabricated into a rock band that starred in a weekly sitcom "The Monkees" which ran on NBC TV from 1966 to 1968. The group had several hit albums and top-ten songs, including "Last Train to Clarksville", "I'm A Believer", "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You", etc. There are also cameos from Victor Mature, Annette Funicello, Timothy Carey and Jack Nicholson (uncredited). "Head" is somewhat of an extension of The Monkees TV show, but with more cutting satire and a little less comedy. I'm not sure what that black & white people-in-the-street interview segment was about though. Whether you watch it under the influence of a controlled substance or totally straight, "Head" is one of the greatest, grooviest films you'll ever see!

  • That's All, Folks!

    • Matthew
    • 6/8/12

    Head was the Monkees' 1968 cinematic fairwell nod to Hollywood and their sizeable fan base after two years of an inane but sometimes comedically charming sitcom that wore out its welcome. The four young, musical gents involved (Dolenz, Jones, Nesmith, & Tork) knew it, too, and the whole point of the film was to ingloriously downplay all that had transpired before (Head was scantly promoted and saw limited release that helped hasten the group's demise). And a sequence near the beginning of the film using actual footage of the infamous assassination by South Vietnamese General Nguyen Ngoc Loan of Vietcong operative Nguyen Van Lem (played over a few times for good measure) let viewers know from the get-go that they were in for a little more than the usual highjinks served up in the television series. The fellows begin matters by throwing themselves off a high bridge - a metaphor suicide for a career-killing move the movie was projected to be from the start. They land safely in waters below to the strains of "The Porpoise Song," one of several fine tunes that salvage the project from being too cynical for its own good. From there, seemingly everything is thrown in to pad out the 86 minutes of stream-of-consciousness delivery of the boys' encounters with various caricatures and cliches of movie genre after genre. War films, westerns, and boxing sagas are sent up adequately enough but all with a hint of disparately ravaging all involved a notch or two down on the dignity scale. Guest stars such as Victor Mature, Timothy Carey, and Frank Zappa give one the idea this isn't going to be one of those typically familiar pop group jaunts on film, a la Herman's Hermits or the Dave Clark Five. Grid iron great Ray Nitschke even shows up during the war film sequence long enough to give Peter Tork what appears to be a very savage, unrehearsed body tackle. It's all that strange but well worth the look, regardless.

  • head

    • axomoxa3.1414623....
    • 8/8/10

    head sails right off the edge of the planet and into the vast space of counter culture mysticism and psychedalia....incredible imagery B.D.I. (Before Digital Imaging). The Monkees in progenitor mode. Too bad they didn't go further out there; the "vast wasteland" (television) just killed them as it does when market share falls off. stupid tv....just roll the movie again and again and again.

  • Hey, Hey THIS is the Monkees

    • Obsequies
    • 4/10/10

    Every time I see this film I like it more and more...truly one of a kind. A must see (and more than once!) ^.^

  • The Monkees Wins By A Head?

    • Dana58
    • 12/20/09

    A plotless wonder, or should we say a movie of wonerous plts?Micky,Mike,Peter and Davy aka The Monkees stars in this comedy of skits,music, and spme little vinyaged stuff, mixed it all togather and you got iy. A Somewhat weird but fun coedy classic.-

  • :)

    • Mika
    • 1/6/09

    CRAZY MADNESS is the meaning.

  • AWESOME!!!!

    • Leanne
    • 3/30/08

    Head is a combination of every movie genre. There's something there for everyone. For fans of musicals, there's Davy Jones performing Daddy's Song. For fans of westerns there are many scenes that take place in the old west. The acting is a lot better than most would expect from a band called the Monkees. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves to watch movies of any kind.

  • possibly the best movie ever

    • micah
    • 1/14/08

    I like HEAD because it stands for what I stand for in media: good humor and originality. It's a giant metaphor that says one thing: the media industry is a joke. It's the Monkees stand against the producers that neglected thier creativity popular opinion. In this movie, they do whatever they want. This doesn't always make sense, but its worth it when it does. There is no experience like it, because there is no one else bold enough for this approach. It works less like a movie (with a linear experience for everyone) and works more like a story albulm (telling a story less with words and events and more with feelings, allowning the audience to decide what happened.)

  • A one of a kind movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KENN
    • 1/2/08

    I saw "HEAD" with my older brother the first on regular television on the Late,Late,Late show back in 1971.I saw it actually on the big screen in 1986 when The Monkees did there 20th anniversity tour.I have always thought this movie was overlooked and i never ever quite understood why.I will admit that it is a very unique movie in so many ways.The way it was shot,edited and no real theme makes the movie very different.I don't think anyone that has seen the movie can say they have ever seen another movie like it.I'm sure back in 1968 the true monkee fans were thinking "What the hell is this?"The crowd that might have liked the movie didn't go to see it because it was The Monkess.I saw the movie when i was 6 years old but i couldn't remember it at all.When i saw it years later it all came back to me.Not only did The Monkess make it clear what the thought about themselves and the television show in the movie HEAD they created a real masterpiece.I hope with TCM bringing attention to the movie it will get the credit it deserves.As a follow entertainer,I think in it's own very unique way it tells you what the entertainment business is all about.The Monkess had the business figured out long before many other entertainers ever did.They knew the business was plastic,they were controlled and it's about putting out a product that sells.When you know longer do that your finished.Many that have seen that missed that point.

  • not quite as pointless as folks say!

    • diana
    • 6/1/07

    This film is admittdely a mess, but it's a fun mess and has many redeeming features. The Jack Nicholson/Bob Rafelson script offers numerous genre parody vignettes that segue in unexpected ways. It's also big fun to play celebrity hunter, watching for Victor Mature, Sonny Liston, Frank Zappa and Annette Funicello, among others.Along the way, the boys manage to make a fairly credible point about the conundrum of trying to be genuine in an artificial medium (television) and,by extension, an artificial world.And it's great to see the Monkees do Circle Sky. We hapless defenders of the pre-fab four are vindicated- they really are a rock band after all!Hey hey, see Head. It's not the best movie ever made, but it is fun and ultiamtely worth your time.

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