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Back Street

Back Street(1961)

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  • Back Street (1961)

    • Nicki
    • 5/23/18

    Why is this movie never shown? It is one of my favorite. Please show this movie!!

  • Please show this!!

    • Gigi Collucci
    • 4/24/18

    This was my mom's favorite and I just loved it too. I keep scrolling through my guide to find it and it is never on, only the older versions. Please please show it!

  • Back street

    • Nancy Frazier
    • 3/8/18

    Please show this movie. It is Susan and John at their best

  • Back Street with Susan Hayward

    • Linda Goble
    • 2/28/18

    Please show this movie again. I have been looking for it on TCM for a long time and it is never on. Feb.28, 2018.

  • Back Street

    • Deliores
    • 2/26/18

    Please air Back Street!!!! I have been waiting for a few years to see this movie again n TCM and I have been checking your guide but nothing. I can see that I'm not the only fan that wants to see this movie. Please bring it back and air the Susan Hayward and John Gavin version

  • RIP John Gavin

    • CLE
    • 2/10/18

    Wouldn't it be a wonderful way to honor John Gavin by airing Back Street? Please! We lovesick Baby Boomers need one more look at this heartbreaker!

  • Favorite Susan Hayward Movie

    • Suzanne
    • 12/26/17

    Saw this as a kid, as it was one of my Mom's favorite movies. I would love to see this again on TCM. It's in the same the,e as In Name Only with Cary Grant and Carole Lombard - existing marriage gets in the way of true love. And that John Gavin - sigh. Easy on the eyes.

  • Back Street with Susan Hayward

    • Linda
    • 12/8/17

    I have been looking every week (I scroll through my guide as far as it will take me) for this movie to be shown. TCM used to air at least once or twice a year. I haven't seen it in years. PLEASE, PLEASE show this movie again. She is wonderful in this movie and it is great for a little cry....every time I watch it.

  • Why isn't Back Street ever shown?

    • Joseph
    • 8/4/17

    My favorite movie ever. Susan Hayward , John Gavin, tour de force performances.Wish this movie & other Susan Hayward, John Gavin( Midnight Lace w/ Doris Day) flicks could be highlighted & scheduled in near future .

  • Where is it?

    • Kathy
    • 12/31/16

    TCM plays some movies to death -- I haven't seen this movie in years! It's a great love story and a super tearjerker. Would love to watch this one once in a while. Susan Hayward and John Gavin are great together!

  • hold on to the love

    • Homer's Bruha
    • 9/24/15

    Challenging society's mores with a love that can never be free. .... no matter how true....


    • 9/12/15

    I saw this years ago and loved it. Susan Hayward does excellent job of showing a power, never ending love. I just saw that its going to be shown 9/24 and I cant see it that day :( I hope they play it again soon. I love the reminders you can have sent. TCM - terrific.

  • Back Street

    • Mary
    • 1/25/15

    This is a classic, yet I have never seen it on TCM. I would love to see it again.


    • 12/7/13

    Excellent romance movie about a woman and a man who fell in love but this love was never to be in marriage. She lived her life in the back round of her love. I would really love to see this movie. Please air it again for the old timers....Thanks

  • back street

    • LaVon Harvey
    • 12/2/13

    please show it on tcm on Sunday night for a old senior that love your old movies

  • back street

    • Margot
    • 6/30/13

    Please show this movie- it's a great classic!! A few of us seniors gather every Sunday in my family room and watch a movie and would love to see this movie again!!

  • backstreet

    • Tanya
    • 6/20/13

    Love TCM love this movie. Please air again soon.

  • Back Street

    • Theresa
    • 2/3/13

    This is more than a review of a wonderful, poignant film; it's a request to please air it!!It is such a fabulous movie and I wish TCM would show it at least once!!1Thanks so much!

  • Susan and BETTE

    • Dancer
    • 1/31/13

    we need more Bette Davis and Susan Hayward movies. Please,Please,Please

  • Back Street

    • Joan Brown
    • 1/28/13

    Love this movie! When will you show again?

  • Back Street

    • MEW
    • 12/7/12

    I sooooo agree with the previous reviews. When will TCM show Back Street???? I have been "stalking" your website hoping that your monthly schedule would be showing Back Street. Please give the fans what they want to see.

  • back street

    • eileen sellaro
    • 11/25/12

    I love the old classic movies, but tcm is showing the same ones over and over, I want to see back street, bells of st. marys, the fighting sullivans, virgin island with john cassavettes. please go back to the classics again the real classics

  • "Backstreet

    • Louise
    • 11/8/12

    I haven't seen that movie for so long! Is is ever on? I watch TCM quite often and never come across it. I would love to see it again and again, what a love story! I just love John Gavin and Susan Hayward, they should both be shown more often!

  • Susan Hayward: A Star Is A Star Is A Star

    • Adventure
    • 9/5/12

    Universal's great producer Ross Hunter asked Susan Hayward fresh off her triumph of winning the Oscar for I Want to Live to star in the remake of Fannie Hurst's great best seller Back Street. At first Susan Hayward demurred saying " I Am Not A Chiffon Gal" referring to Hunter's showcasing great glamor girls such as Lana Turner in his smash hit films. Thankfully Ms. Hayward re considered and gave one of her finest performances in this film Directed by David Miller. Hunter gave this production his well known glossly production and Ms. Hayward looks beautiful in her Jean Louis fashions. Universal's John Gavin co stars as Hayward's romantic interest Paul Saxon.Vera Miles is as always professional in her performance of Gavin's wife. Virginia Grey who was considered by Hunter as a good luck charm and cast in just about every Hunter movie has a small but pivotal role. Susan Hayward scored a big hit in this film one of the most popular of the Year. Susan Hayward: A Star Is A Star Is A Star and TCM should show more of this great Star's films

  • Back Street is a MUST!!!

    • Laurie
    • 8/26/12

    TCM, will you PLEASE add the 1961 version of Back Street to your schedule soon. You continue to play the same movies over and over and never seem to play the many wonderful movies from the 50's and 60's. Please add Back Street to your upcoming schedule. It's such a great movie and loved my so many!!

  • please give this movie again

    • aida sosa
    • 7/29/12

    Back Street With Susan Hayward could you please give this movie on turner channel soon i have not seen in it years

  • Back Street

    • maria elizondo
    • 7/21/12

    IloveBack street, and the Miracle with carol bakerand Roger MOORE. WHEN will they be shown again?

  • Apex Of Romance

    • Ulysses
    • 5/21/12

    In the times where such a romantic encounter was forbidden and shushed, this version displays it to the edge. Susan puts on a classy diplay of a taboo relationship. This is one of my Top Ten All times list maker in film. Well acted from minute to minute.

  • Thanks for Back Street!

    • Kelly Girl
    • 11/19/11

    I can't remember when I first saw Back Street but just like others who've written reviews, it is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE!! I am a big Susan Hayward fan and love everything she's done. She was truly Hollywood gorgeous. And John Gavin--OMG! He's drop-dead gorgeous!! When TCM did a tribute to Susan and didn't include Back Street I was truly disappointed. And after reading other reviews, I don't understand what took TCM so long to put it on DVD. As soon as I saw that it would be shown this past September, I TiVo'd it and immediately ordered the DVD. So, THANKS TCM for giving us Back Street.

  • back street

    • lert kelly
    • 11/13/11

    i love john gavin movies very much,he is a very good actor.the actions of john and susand in the back street are superb,and also i am very happy that he is still living.

  • Back Street

    • Barb
    • 10/6/11

    A wonderful movie that can't be missed!!!! Wished it was shown more on TCM....

  • 1961 BACK STREET

    • BOB
    • 9/27/11


  • Back Street 1961 version

    • Mark
    • 9/26/11

    Just a beautiful Movie ! Saw it last night 9/25/11 on TCM and it just engrossed me, It hurt me to see Rae comprimise a life of OPEN Love to one of a hidden existence BUT what really showed through in this movie was that Rae and Paul found TRUE LOVE and both were not going to give that up for anything. The other part of this movie that really gets to me is the extreme polar opposites of a WOMAN , Rae showing how unbelievably selfless that a Woman can be and Liz showing how unbelievably selfish one could be. You keep thinking in the movie that Paul must find a way out to OPEN love with Rae. I also love the way they made Rae's character be extremely nice when she rejects Paul's initial courting attempts. It's that kind of CLASS in a Woman that i can NOT find. Whoops got a little personal there, but you know what i mean, a true Woman like her must be the Holy Grail !

  • I Have Been Waiting

    • Eric
    • 9/26/11

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time, I am so glad that I found it by chance on vacation. After watching the movie I logged on to TCM.COM and signed up. I don't want to miss it again. It would have been nice have seen the 1941 and 1932 version...

  • Horray! 1961 Back Street was finally on!

    • Janet
    • 9/26/11

    I've also been waiting years for the 1961 version. Had written in to TCM a few times and was losing hope. I'd like to see all 3 versions next time! The 1932 version with Irene Dunne and John Boles is also very good.While I'm making wishes, I'd enjoy seeing Zero Hour from 1957 followed by the remake - Airplane from 1980 - the original was a hoot also. I recall TCM running them back to back a few years ago.


    • Laurie
    • 9/26/11

    Back Street is one of my all time favorite movies and I was just sick last night when I found out I had missed the back-to-back 1941 and 1961 versions. I could just cry!! I have requested many times that TCM show the 1961 version and at last they played it and I missed it. PLEASE, TCM, play it again and soon. Thank you!!


    • joyce m
    • 9/26/11

    I love this movie. I did not know there was a 1941 version till last night and i labsolutely loved it. Please show both versions MORE often.

  • Back Street

    • Nandi A.Crawford
    • 9/25/11

    For years, I have been wanting to see the 1961 version in it's entirety. Tonight I was blessed and fortunate to see it from start to finish. I got to see both versions, but I really enjoyed watching this one because every time I finally get to see it, I'm close to the end and it's over. So it was great to watch it. I enjoyed the 1941 version with Charles Boyer and Margaret Sullavan quite well, but somehow, the latest version intrigues me with the exotic locations and houses and fashions. But what made me real teary eyed was at the very end when the kids came to Miss Hayward's house and asked to keep in touch since they were the only ones still living along with their governess. That makes you right teary eyed. Big ups to TCM for showing BOTH versions this evening. They were both good. The last one was sudsy at it's best and SO glad that it's both on dvd as well. that was the best thing to do. Show it in conjunction to the date they go on sale.

  • Back Street 1961

    • Daisy
    • 9/25/11

    I love this movie, I even like it better than the 1941 one.I have always liked Susan Hayward, somehow she had something different than the rest of the big stars, i.e. Bette Davis, and others, is a shame that she is no longer with us.

  • One of the SUDSY-EST

    • David Patterson
    • 9/25/11

    This is pure soap, and John Gavin's performance is wooden. Susan's, bless her soul, is not a lot better. The 1941 version, which is far superior, makes one ask why this was made.


    • paul
    • 9/25/11


  • Back Street

    • merrymelodies
    • 9/25/11

    I really can't give this movie a fair review untill I see the earlier version from 1941. I'm excited that TCM has this movie now. I could never find it before in their movie base. I will write about watching this movie with my mother, it was one of her favorites and I fell in love with it also. The last time I had the pleasure of watching this movie I had to be under the age of 14. It will be bittersweet to say the least.

  • Back Street

    • candi
    • 7/25/11

    Will you please put this movie on a DVD, I have been trying to find a place that would sell it but no luck. Best Love story I have ever seen, it made me happy and it made me sad, I had to cry at the end, if you knew me you would'nt believe that.

  • Love it, but not on dvd

    • N.A.Crawford
    • 7/18/11

    I have always loved this movie and dismayed as to why it isn't out on DVD? and also why doesn't TCM show it more often?? this film is barely 50 years old, and I can understand an artist preserving his work, but if you put it to VHS, can't you see the point on putting it to DVD? I as well as many other lovers of this film would love to see this come to pass soon. I truly hope so.

  • Back Street

    • Stella
    • 6/28/11

    I loved this movie since I was a very young girl. I would like to buy it. Why is it not available? Will it become available? If so can you tell me when.

  • back street

    • dmfunk
    • 4/27/11

    fanny hurst wrote many love

  • Back Street 1961

    • Paulette Frida
    • 4/22/11

    I thought this movie was the best love story yet, and would like to own the movie in my collections on DVD they say you can buy this movie but never heard of and dont trust the place online. I dont understand why TCM don't have this movie to watch or sell. email me if anyone know who or where I can puchase this movie

  • Back Street

    • Gerri Steger
    • 4/21/11

    Love this movie! Will will TCM get it. Been waiting for years!

  • DVD Needed

    • Gladys
    • 4/18/11

    I saw this movie years ago...I was in my 20's....I'm in my 60's now and have not forgotten the movie. Love it! Been waiting for TCM to show and to put on DVD...Please and DVD

  • The Best movie ever told

    • Caroln Porcher
    • 4/7/11

    My sister Barbara and I saw this movie back in 1961 when it first came out. I was thirteen years old and I never forgot this movie. We cried like babies. Barbara is deceased now and I'm 62. I still remember this movie and can"t get it out of my head. (What an effect it had than and now) I've tried high and low to find Back Street to no avail I would love to purchase a VHS or DVD if possible. Love it and now.

  • back street

    • stella klein
    • 2/15/11

    i thought for sure i coul'd get this movie through tcm. it's a great film hope they come up with it soon.

  • Back Street

    • Sharon
    • 1/8/11

    I would love this movie on DVD. I do have have it on VHS and it took a while for me to find it. It is my absolutely most favorite movie. I always cry and I know what is going to happen. I would love to have this on DVD.

  • Back Street

    • Sherry
    • 1/7/11

    It's 2011 still waiting for this movie to be put on DVDMy mother told me about this movie years ago. And i finally got to see it as an adult. I now understand why she love it so much. I lost my mother in 1997.

  • Back Street

    • Wendy
    • 1/6/11

    I absolutely love this movie, the characters are wonderfully played and it is an all time classic tearjerker movie, I could sit and watch it all day and I would love for it to come out on DVD and for it to be aired om Turner Classic Movies. Hooray for Susan Hayward she did it again when she took this part she is a very gracious and beautiful actress. She is sorely missed. They don't movies like this anymore and it is a shame.

  • Back Street (1961)

    • Celia Trimboli
    • 11/5/10

    Great weeper. The women's outfits are beautiful. The situations are hard-to-take, but that is what's great about any movie. I have a very good copy on VHS, but would love to see a perfect version released to DVD very soon.

  • Back Street

    • AJ Jensen
    • 10/30/10

    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It must be so to make me remember it this long. It was made in 1961 and I saw it in the theatre - the story is haunting and the filmography is wonderful. They made a point of showing not only scenery but beautiful fashions of the day. It would be nice to see this movie on television or available on DVD - especially today since there is such a focus on fashion - it's a classic - hope Universal releases it on DVD soon - if more people even knew about this movie, there would be much demand. TMC should show it - and should rate it higher than 35 on it's request for home video.

  • Back Street

    • Beth Mitchell
    • 10/24/10

    This movie is a treat for the eyes ! Jean Louis and his beautiful fashions are an enjoyment to watch. Wouldn't it be fun to see movies back-to-back with Jean louis as costume director?

  • Back Street

    • Rosie
    • 9/29/10

    I love this movie!!!!!! Susan Hayward and John Gavin were great. The love story of the century. I saw this movie with my mother and we both cried like babies. They do not make movies like this anymore. I wished that it would had ended in a better note. But at least she ended seeing his children. I hope you have it available on DVD soon. As you can see you have a lot of people voting for this movie to be released.

  • Back Street

    • 9/18/10

    This movie is Susan Hayward at her very best. Vera Miles is amazing as well. This movie has surly been missed at TCM

  • Back Street

    • debbieg
    • 9/12/10

    John Gavin and Susan Hayward are absolutely wonderful in this movie. I would rate Back Street just as good as Gone With The Wind. Please, Please, release this on dvd. A must for my movie collection.

  • Tear-jerker

    • Chris
    • 6/22/10

    My sisters and I use to watch this movie with a box of kleenex! Hayward at her finest and who could resist John Gavin. A must see for Hayward fans - fabulously moving and emotionally charged.

  • Pulls at Heartstrings

    • Harriet Mann
    • 6/14/10

    I first saw this movie as a teenager and couldn't have felt more emotions. I adored S Hayward and J Gavin, especially together. The ideal love story. I told my father and he told me it was based on a true story. Does anyone know if that's true. Please email me at thank you.

  • Back Street

    • diann
    • 5/30/10

    Susan Hayward never looked more beautiful than she does in this film! A true tearjerker of a film about love between Susan and John Gavin. Vera Miles plays his truly mean and bitchy wife who gives the phrase, "a scorned wife", new meaning! The scene where Vera Miles exposes Susan's character as John's mistress, makes you want to throw something at the screen...I'm not kidding! Please bring this film to DVD...they don't make alot of films like this one!

  • Back Street 1961

    • Pat M.
    • 5/18/10

    Please! Please! Please! Release this GREAT tear jerker on DVD. I haven't seen this fabulous Susan Hayward movie in many years. I think it's one of Her BEST EVER! What she does for the love of her life is sooo gripping, you can really relate to her heart breaking pain. The ending is a full box of Kleenex ending!!!!!!!!!I could watch this movie every night.

  • back street 1941

    • sandy waite
    • 5/16/10

    Please... been so anxious to see this movie again... been a long time. My favorite movie of all time..... why not availablefor home video?? thank you. Enjoy all the classics Sandy

  • Back Street

    • Iris
    • 5/15/10

    I very rarely ever comment on anything online, however, I am requesting, nay, begging for the release of this film on dvd. I saw the third version as a young impressional teen and only twice since then and it has haunted me ever since with the what if's. One of my all time favorite tearjerkers ever! Please, Please release it!!!!!!!!

  • Back Street

    • Joyce McDonald
    • 5/10/10

    Susan Hayward is one of my favorite actresses and I love this movie.


    • 4/25/10


  • back street 1961 movie susan hayward

    • sharon poth
    • 4/21/10

    This movie need to be on dvd release it has been to long this one of my all time best movie to sit and look at .I have been waiting for a long time please make this happen would love to by.

  • Back Street

    • Mary Kelley
    • 4/19/10

    This has been my favorite Movie of all times. I do wish it would come out on DVD.

  • Love this movie

    • AB
    • 4/15/10

    I Love this movie! I have been waiting for YEARS for the dvd. I hope that who ever is in charge will release it soon!!I have emailed and I have called trying to find out who is in charge of releasing the movies for distribution but I have gotten nowhere. It only goes to show me that no one is listening and that the movie people don't really care what the PEOPLE want only what brings in the dollar. Prove me wrong and release the MOVIE, Backstreet, staring Susan Hayward and John Gavin. Please don't make the people wait another 7 years, thats how long I have been looking for the movie. Thank you

  • back street/susan hayward

    • pap
    • 4/1/10

    hi, been waiting for year's to see this movie i've requested this movie so many time , still waiting for a day of susan hayward movies with back street include in that day . please listen to our voices on this movie , i know classic' s when i see one and this is one of them. this is one of my all time best movies in the world.... thank you pap

  • This was a great movie!

    • pshadrick
    • 3/15/10

    I haven't seen this movie in 30+ years. It would be great if you would show it on a weekend. I really enjoyed it the first time I saw it. Susan Haywood was great.

  • Back Street

    • Martine
    • 3/6/10

    The 1961 version starring Susan Hayward is my favorite. I would love the see it again, it has been years since seeing it on TV. A fabulous movie that I would want for my collection

  • Back Street (1961)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/3/10

    This is, so far, the third version of this popular melodrama. It is the second best of the three versions, but certainly the glossiest and the best produced version. Good costumes and art direction. The Irene Dunne 1932 version was the best, and the Margaret Sullavan 1941 version my least favorite.

  • Begging for

    • Nikki McCain
    • 2/28/10

    This is a great film! I've had this Susan Hayward movie on my TiVo's Wish List for a very long time in my attempt to catch "Back Street" on television. Please release Back Street on DVD. I'm sure to get above standard quality if purchased through this site. Thanks for considering.

  • Back Street

    • Rosie Alba
    • 2/26/10

    I can see this movie has had a lot of votes, so please release this fabulous movie on DVD. I love Susan Hayward's movies and this one in on the top of my list. I'm sure TCM can find it in their hearts to release this on DVD, you will make a lot of ladies very happy including me.

  • Backstreet

    • Kimley Edwards
    • 2/26/10

    This is a fabulous movie one that I would love to add to my collection of classic dvds..All of the actors are superb.

  • Back Street

    • Teresa Thomas
    • 1/25/10

    My mother brought us up on movies from the 1930's through the 1960's. TCM is my all time favorite channel. I have people asking me for the name of a movie by telling me the plot or some scene and I almost always know the name of the movie! I love TCM and Robert Osborne! If I could get this movie on DVD, I have several people that want to see it and revisit it! My mother loved well directed and acted movies! I have too many favorites to name just 1. All movies from the 1930's through 1950 I know. Anyway, if Back Steet were to be elevised, I would be eternally grateful

  • Fabulous Love Story

    • Rosie Alba
    • 12/23/09

    This movies is both a love story and a tear jerker, Of course it is a chick flick, I would love for you to release this movie "Back Street" with the beautiful Susan Hayward and handsome John Gavin on DVD. There is a lot of votes for this movie to be available on Home Video, Please I would love to add this movie to my collection. Thank you...........rosie

  • Great Movie To See

    • Freda
    • 12/20/09

    This movie gets to your heart, oh yes, it will bring a tear or two. Drama, romance, and emotional, this movie has it all and more. Would love to have a girls night out and show this movie. P.S. Please show

  • Back Street very enjoyable movie

    • Pat
    • 11/30/09

    I would love to have this movie is dvd. I have many friends who loved this movie. I love all Susan Hayward movies. She is a wonderful actress. This movie has a wonderful cast, who played their parts well. I love the story line. Being filmed in Europe, was exciting to see. Loved to see the fashions to. Times are not a glamours as then.


    • Joyce
    • 11/6/09

    One of the best love stories I have ever seen.

  • Still Remember

    • L
    • 9/27/09

    Only once did see this movie. I was 12 years old and never saw it again. It had a memorable impact on me because my parents were going through a divorce. Over the years I had forgotten the name and characters but always remembered the very handsome male character (later to discover his name John Gavin). I am now 55 years old and would love to see it again, on TCM.

  • Great Love Story

    • J Ballard
    • 9/25/09

    I would love to have this movie on dvd for my personal colection.I would also enjoy seeing it on TCM.

  • One of the best!

    • PJ
    • 9/17/09

    I cannot believe Back Street in not in TCM top 100! It is a wonderful lesson in love. It is just as powerful movie as Madam X. It's a mirical when you find your other half, to bad things can't always go right.

  • A great Love Story Back Street

    • Rosie Alba
    • 9/10/09

    I would love to have this movie on DVD for my collection. This is the best love story ever, with Susan Hayward and John Gavin. I have it on VHS, but my tape is waring and I know one day I won't be able to see it or it will snap. Please try to release it on DVD. I see you release older movies than this one. You can see that there other ladies that would like to have this movie. Hear our pleads.Thank you..............Rosie

  • back street

    • jackie king
    • 8/30/09

    i love this movie. it is the all time tearjerker. the ending is a box-of-tissue kind of movie. i would like to see it on tcm but would love to have the dvd.

  • I Love This Movie Back Street

    • Frances Dismore
    • 7/13/09

    I'd like to be able to buy this in the DVD form and have several older movies on DVD and don't understand why this one isn't.Why can't I get this through TCM, I've bought others that were DVD's.I can't believe people have to vote. You'll never get enough votes from the younger generation because they can't see the movie on TV or otherwise.This doesn't make good sense.

  • Back Street

    • Brenda I. Alark
    • 7/4/09

    My mother and I saw this movie Back Street many years ago and we both agree this movie was and still is the most beautiful, touching and passionate love story we ever watched together. We loved this movie and would like to have it put out on home movie DVD for future purchase.

  • Back Street

    • Rosie Alba
    • 6/26/09

    Back Street is one of my favorite movie, beautiful love story with Susan Hayward and John Gavin. I taped it long ago on VHS, but now the tape is waring outm, would love for you to release it on DVD so I can purchase it. I can see that I'm not the only one that has asked for it. Please hear us, we would love to own it on DVD.Thank you.

  • Back Street Comment

    • Pat Smith
    • 6/16/09

    I've never seen a love story that could compare with Back Street. I just love this movie.

  • One of the greastest love stories

    • Alma
    • 6/12/09

    My mom introduced me to this movie. The first time I saw it, I was just a teenager. I was able to find it on VHS, but was hoping to find it on DVD. This would be a great movie for my girls and myself to share. This is a beautiful love story. I cry just thinking about this movie, it is one of the greastest love stories of all time. Susan Hayward was great in this movie. Hope it comes out in DVD real soon.


    • Yolanda
    • 6/1/09

    This is my sisters and my favorite movie of all time. Susan Hayward was a great actress and hopefully this movie will be out on DVD sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.Thanks!

  • One of the Best Tear Jerkers Ever

    • Cecilia Washington
    • 4/29/09

    Back Street is one of the best tear jearkers ever made. The brilliance of Susan Hayward's perfomance in this movie or any movie makes this film one of the ones to watch over and over. Please release on home video!!

  • Back Street

    • Elizabeth
    • 4/21/09

    When will this movie be aired again? Can I purchase it on dvd?

  • Susan Hayward's movies

    • christine Vrooman
    • 3/16/09

    I am dying to see "Backstreet". Although this movie is a tear jerker, it is also a great love story. When do you think this movie will be airing? I don't understand why the TCM is playing so many movies back to back and repeating the same ones, when there are so many such as this one stuck in archive somewhere. Please show this one soon.

  • Back Street

    • Rosie Alba
    • 3/10/09

    I have this movie in VHS. I recorded when it was on TV and ofcourse I paused for all the commercials. Have been waiting for TCM to bring it out in DVD, please it is a wonderful love story with Susan Hayward and John Gavin. I saw it at the theatre when I was 14 years old and loved it. My VHS tape is waring out.

  • Back Street

    • Deborah
    • 3/10/09

    I have been looking for this movie for years. I am a big Susan Hayward fan and this is one of her best. It is such a beautiful and tragic love story. Please TCM, try for all of us Susan Hayward fans!

  • back street

    • christine
    • 3/9/09

    So glad I'm not the only one looking for this movie. I too saw it many years ago (it was on tv as an afternoon movie) and have been looking to see it again. I'm so surprised TCM doesn't play it. It would be a favorite. Hear us, TCM!!! Please :)

  • Loved this movie.

    • Judy
    • 2/1/09

    I saw this movie while in high school years ago and loved it. I have been trying for years to find it, first on VHS and now on DVD. I love Susan Hayward and would really like to see this movie again.

  • This is one of my favorite movies.

    • Lisa
    • 1/31/09

    I am a huge John Gavin fan. This and inmatation of life are my two favorite movies that he was in. The final scene is enough to make any women cry. I wish Tmc would show this remarkable movie. I use to have a vhs copy of it, but the vcr ate my copy.


    • 1/18/09


  • Back Street

    • Jaraldine
    • 10/8/08

    One of the best tearjerkers I've ever seen. An absolutely wonderful, yet tragic love affair. A great movie to watch with all your girlfriends. luv it,luv it,luv it!

  • Dear Mr.Osbourn

    • Patricia
    • 9/29/08

    I have been looking for two movies I can't find one is Backstreet, the other one I can't think of name for the other one but lady had to give up her son to be raise by her friend she never told him that she was not his mother but she had picture from when he was born the end he wanted to get marriage and she want to give him a big wedding he had alway though she was his aunt at the end she ask her friend to arrange for to stay because he was in the military and he ask if she could it because she alway did what he asked of her.

  • Great Love Story

    • A. Fountain
    • 5/6/08

    Susan Hayward at her best. A wonderful movie of the heart.

  • a gathering of old friends

    • renee
    • 4/10/08

    this movie is a classic of all times that you can watch over and over untill you just have to buy two for yourself. it is a exceptionable good stocking stuffer for the xmas holiday for the old school people who love black and whites and who love old movies like immiation of life, those were the good movies that you watched with family and on the weekend with plenty on zoo zoo and wamwams(GOODIES-JUNK-FOOD)TCMis a very special channel i watch more than a regular channel. i so glad it exit.


    • Ferguson
    • 4/6/08


  • Best Movie EVER

    • Willa
    • 4/6/08

    Best tear jerker movie - Loved this movie would love to see again

  • Bring this movie to DVD, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • PUG
    • 4/2/08

    This is one of my all time favorite fims. I love Susan Hayward and paired with John Gavin,WOW. I would really love to own this on DVD and would love to see it every 6 months, at least.


    • ellyn
    • 3/17/08

    I am recommending BACK STREET with Susan Hayward and John Gavin, because they just don't make movies like this anymore!! The actors and movies from the 60's are in a class of their own. This is a love story of poigant love, passion, secrets, and loss. Though it is a remake, Susan Hayward plays Rae, the other woman, with a tenderness and gentility that you no longer see in movies today. There is only one Susan Hayward, and she acts in this movie with everything she has!!! This is a classic love story you could see again and again! I want other movie watchers to see and appreciate this terrific tearjerker that is in a class by itself!!! This is one of the best movies of that genre that needs to be seen over and over again!!!!!!!!

  • Love it!

    • Jean Ahlrich
    • 3/11/08

    I love Susan Hayward and think this is a great romantic tear jerker.

  • greatest movie ever

    • rose mary
    • 1/19/08

    i hope they put this movie on dvd. the acting and performace is great. this as good as gone with the wind please let me know so i can purchase it

  • Back Street - Susan Hayward

    • Barb
    • 1/17/08

    This is one of the BEST movies I have ever seen. It is a MUST for every Susan Hayward fan.

  • BackStreet

    • Cathy5150
    • 12/30/07

    I love this movie and would like to own it. Does anyone know of a way to purchase a DVD or VHS version of this film? It is one of my all time favs.

  • Back Street

    • Catherine Starkes
    • 12/25/07

    Susan Hayward is one of my favorite actress. I saw this move about 30 years ago and I loved it. Please let me know when it is coming out on DVD.

  • Versions of the films, "Back Street"

    • Robin Adelman
    • 12/16/07

    I am listing this under the 1961 version of Back Street, but the 1932 and 1941 versions are both good in the years they were made, and we hope that TCM will air eventually all of these, since these are currently not available on VHS or DVD. We know that if we're going to see these classic films anywhere, it will be on TCM, hosted by the wonderful Robert Osborne.Thank you

  • Back Street

    • CeeW
    • 12/15/07

    I currently have a Video tape purchased some years ago, Kind of crusty. would like to see it enhanced for dvd. Really a great movie, to me (smile)CeeW

  • a tearjerker of all times!

    • ellyn
    • 12/12/07


  • Susan Hayward/John Gavin - electrifying chemistry

    • Pat C
    • 12/10/07

    I first saw this movie over 30 years ago and could easily watch it several times a year. Vera Miles is sensational as the wife of Saxon. Back Street brings out all the emotions, and in the end, leaves you hopeful of what might be in the future.

  • Back Street

    • cynthia
    • 10/24/07

    Would you please, please put this movie on dvd. Me and my cousins watched it onetime when I was fourteen years old, and I don't think its fair for you not to show Susan Hayward movies, she was a great actress.

  • Susan Hayward: A classic beauty and classic talent

    • Quintin Pelayo, Jr.
    • 9/30/07

    Susan Hayward is one of the greatest actresses I know. She portrays characters that are both smart and beautiful, with a touch of class. I hope to see her movie Back Street on the air soon...that was one of my favorite Susan Hayward movies.

  • Susan Hayward was a favorite of mine growing up.

    • Pamela Griffin
    • 9/19/07

    This is a wonderful love story. I know some young adult women, friends of my daughter who would like to see this movie. My daughter saw it with me years ago when she was a teenager and we want to see it again. It is no longer available at the video stores.

  • SUSAN HAYWARD at her BEST...

    • steven
    • 9/2/07

    This was the film that introduced me to Susan Hayward as young man and consequently started my love affair with her...It has always ranked as one of my all time favorite films. If you are lucky enough to get a copy of it on VHS, It will make you sure to have a box of kleenex near by. THIS FILM NEEDS TO BE RELEASED ON DVD!


    • KIM
    • 8/25/07

    My mother introduced me to this movie some time ago. I saw myself on the screen.


    • cheryl
    • 8/16/07

    This is one of the truly great love stories....EVER. when will you be showing this movie?

  • I First Saw Back Street in 1965

    • Dianne
    • 6/29/07

    Back Street is on of those movies that you would not forget. I first saw in my freshman year in college. It was so touching the big football players come out crying. I didn't know that there are three different films. I would like to see them all ,just to compare. Please send me an email when you will be showing it on t.v again. I would love to get a DVD of it. Dianne

  • Release on DVD

    • sarah
    • 6/19/07

    This is one of the greatest movies of all time. A real love story from the heart start to finish. John Gavin and Susan Hayward performance were compelling. A tear jerker classic for sure. Please....release on DVDThank you

  • Classic Tear Jerker

    • Regena Towles
    • 6/5/07

    Excellent movie of love,infidelity, and revenge. Susand Hayward's performance is so compelling. A real tear-jerker classic.

  • Back Street (1961)

    • Lesley Smith
    • 4/6/07

    This is one of the best movies of all time. A total tear jerker with a fabulos musical score. Please show it again.


    • albritton
    • 3/7/07


  • One Good Tear Jerker

    • DRC
    • 12/27/06

    Susan Hayward one our best along with John Gavin bring tears to the eye. This is old Hollywood at its best

  • Back Street

    • Movie Fan
    • 10/12/06

    This is a beautiful romantic film. I saw this years ago and would like to see it again. Both Susan Hayward and John Gavin give wonderful performances. The support cast is just as good. Beautiful scenery and clothes. Would like to see it on DVD!!!

  • All Time Favorite Movie!

    • B Marks
    • 10/4/06

    I am 62 years old. I've seen a lot of movies. I've seen Back Street 11 times over the years and I've cried every time.Same goes for I'LL Cry Tomorrow. There's just something about Susan Hayward. She wrings the heart out.


    • bracks-stenhouse
    • 9/28/06

    I saw this around the age of 8 on the late late show. Oh how I cried! But, it made clear the disadvantages of getting involved with a married man. The pain was palpable. Bravo to Susan & John for conveying with accuracy the torture of LOVE forbidden!!!!! Unforgettable...

  • GREAT!!!!!!

    • Yvette Hayes
    • 9/13/06

    I saw this for the first time last year on a bus trip with a women group. We ALL were in tears. I'M A BIG FAN of classic movies. It's amazing that I was born in the same year as this movie came out.

  • Fantastic and overwhelming

    • Toya R. Reece
    • 7/13/06

    i remember seeing this movie around 1968 i was only 14 years old.It was the most interesting ROMANTIC movie i have ever seen,even to this date. There isn't any movie that can add up to this one. I felt Susan Hayward love and pain and Rock Hudson powerlessness. I was raised with old movie and i call myself an expert ROMANTIC movies. I will be very glad when this movie is released.

  • I've remembered this movie for over 45 years

    • Kay Patterson
    • 6/10/06

    I saw this movie in Austin, Texas, at the Paramount Theatre. Women and men were openly sobbing at the end of the movie. I have remembered not only most of the movie but also the character's names (which is not usual for me) for over 45 years.Oh I wish someone would release it again on either VHS or DVD. Susan Hayward and John Gavin were wonderful and beautiful. To a young girl like me right out of school and in love herself, the movie made an impression on me like none other that I have seen before or sense.

  • This Movie Made A difference in My Life

    • Victoria Conley
    • 2/12/06

    I saw this movie when I was a child. Susan Hayward's character impressed me because she was a fashion desighner. After seeing this film I wanted to be one too. She signed her work in small letters: "rae" very sophisticated.As an artist I have always signed my work Victoria.Is this film ever shown on TCM? I am an avid viewer and watch for it all the time.

  • Good Drama

    • Yvette Hayes
    • 1/23/06

    I viewed this film & enjoyed it. I was not aware that John Gavin had done this also. I can't seem to find this to purchase. Please help. Thank You.

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