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Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory(1958)

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  • Perfect Anti-War Film

    • almostfamous
    • 7/29/18

    Glad it's getting more airings on TCM.This was Oscar deserving moviemaking.Only a few deserving portrayals mentioned by Ben M last nite.Hated Menjou,loved Macready as the man who deserved to be hated.

  • "Anti-War Movie ? Not So Fast

    • Sterling Alexander
    • 7/28/18

    Love it when Conservatives get labeled war mongers. I love this movie and I am a conservative. This movie came out just a few years after the greatest generation won WWII..and began the greatest...wealthiest country on earth. Winning is popular....especially in 1957.In my view, Kubrick is showing the insanity of war...not the need for war.

  • The politics of anti-war movies...

    • Robert Johnson
    • 7/28/18

    Once again we see that the right-wing conservatives do NOT like this movie because they consider it a "leftist propaganda" vehicle. And, to be fair, there may be some truth in that. But, even with that in mind, this is still a great movie and Kirk Douglas is brilliant, as usual.WWI was a war that was a slaughterhouse beyond belief, and the real tragedy is that fewer and fewer people have living memories of this endless massacre of human life, and a war that "set up" WWII with the outrageous demands put on Germany at the Treaty of Versailles in June of 1919. So, I recommend that you watch this movie and appreciate it for what it is...a haunting and disturbing exposition of The Great War that pulls no punches and paints a picture of a horrible reality.

  • The Generals Show Their Stuff

    • pitchblend
    • 7/24/18

    Powerful drama,the corrupting of a solid military man,Gen Mireau,by his sleazy overling,and the men who have to bear the devastation that command has ordered them to carry out.That two of the three sentenced to Court Martial and execution are heroes,one of whom is near death and warrants no pardon shows the length one will go to to CYA.Mireau ordered a fateful charge for a promotion he never receives,having to face Court Martial himself for ordering artillery to fight his own troops,mired in mud and impossible odds.Glad this is repeating 7/29/18.Deserves frequent showings because of outstanding,under appreciated acting,Douglas,Macready esp,Meeker,Freed,Anderson,to name a few.

  • Greatest Anti-War Films

    • arroganceofpower
    • 2/10/17

    Have new respect for Kubrick after viewing this gem a few times.Hope it plays again soon on TCM!THE BEST FILM CHANNEL AVAILABLE!Kirk/Macready/Meeker/Freed are the standouts with the other performances,including creepy Tim Carey adding something.Menjou's character ok,inciting Gen Mireau to stupidity to advance in rank,but don't think Menjou approaches Macready's performance here.Apparently Menjou had his little snit fits during filming and George was kept around to calm him down,per Kirk Douglas.Carey went AWOL and sounds like he had a major meltdown so they had to scramble to cover his part.Wayne Morris adequate as another sleazy character who doesn't pay for his actions as he should,bu at least Dax makes him pay during the firing squad scene,how soldiers were made to endure this punishment after facing the brutality of war,something Macready would've had to endure had the war gone on a few more years (apparently when draft age was lowered to include 18-20 year olds his number came up,and he would've had to serve if he hadn't been in college-he had to register for Selective Service Sept 12,1918).WWI was def ill handled,so many young men were too idealistic to realize they wouldn't be alive on Nov 11,1918.This is a testament to the true futility of war and greed of the few who profit off unrequited bloodletting.

  • Anti-war Excellence

    • davecling
    • 10/8/16

    Kirk really assembled a top notched film-can't believe it wasn't a success on release.Some very powerful actors and acting.Kirk and George Macready most memorable,IMHO.You just want to shoot Mireau,he's so arrogant!

  • Why No Acting Oscars?

    • dbentley
    • 10/7/16

    Avoided seeing this movie for years,but now I rank it with 1938s The Dawn Patrol.Macready/Douglas brilliant when they act together (on screen),when Douglas isn't knocking George around,they have incredible dialog exchanges,working well together.Hope they were friends in real life.Good solid film work!

  • Can't Believe No Acting Trophies,WTH?

    • pitchperfect
    • 9/28/16

    With the caliber of actors in this film,can't believe the Academy ignored these terrific actors,most especially Macready & Douglas.Each time the two worked together,they were terrific.Detective Story,Paths,Seven Days In May,Two Weeks In Another Town 9George only had a few scenes,but-wow!).

  • Amazed At The Quality Acting

    • nooscars?
    • 8/26/16

    Strong performances all-around.My personal favorite scenes are ones between Gen Mireau and Col Dax!

  • Great Movie,Academy Award Caliber Acting

    • pcoffey
    • 8/17/16

    Can't believe some of these perfect actors weren't rewarded at Oscar time!What an outrage!


    • Doc Long
    • 7/4/16

    What an impression Paths of Glory made upon release in 1958. A little too strong for some- and much too reminiscent of another more recently ended World War- resulted in this great film not becoming the box office behemoth that it deserved. Adult story, intelligent dialogue, coupled with the performance of a great action star in Kirk Douglas provides for bona- fide contemplation of the unspoken real question: What price are our trusted leaders willing to extract from the ordinary person in order to achieve glory? The answer to that is explored here but a definitive answer is no more apparent now than it was when Paths Of Glory hit the cinemas nearly 60 years ago. The mature subject matter and the reasonable approach of presenting an earthy tone to the viewer without knocking the audience over the head with unfounded biased conclusions adds to appreciation of this "Grown-Ups" classic masterpiece.

  • Apathy Story

    • Hauntess A. Clichae
    • 7/3/16

    The insanity of 'peace' is when there is the absence of resistance to the liars in power no matter what means is used for pacification. Even more insane is when any apparent resistance could be an invention of 'Big Liar'. This movie ,grim as it is, serves to confuse then paralyze its watchers.

  • Weaken One's Resolve

    • Arty
    • 7/3/16

    These anti-war flicks are intended to weaken one's resolve against fighting an enemy. It's clear who the enemy is, and it's not the enemy. I just don't like the "lefts message films", there is no voice in defense. They always have the last word. Imagine if this were true in a court room where by only the prosecution was allowed to speak.

  • Not Kubrick's best film

    • Bill Harrison
    • 9/16/14

    Ostensibly an anti-war film, this early effort from Kubrick gains more traction as an anti-French vehicle. Kirk Douglas turns in an excellent performance as the beleaguered Colonel Dax, while George Macready and Adolphe Menjou are solid in less attractive roles. The real surprise in this movie is Ralph Meeker as Corporal Paris. I had previously only seen Meeker as Mike Hammer in Kiss Me Deadly and in a relatively small role in The Dirty Dozen. But Meeker gives possibly his best performance in this film.

  • Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

    • Minky
    • 7/11/14

    Kirk Douglas is a far, far left in thought. His films, Spartacus, Seven Days In May and of course Paths Of Glory. causes me to avoid watching anything to do with him. This film will keep your interest but it's the motivation behind this film that keeps me from liking it. The line "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" sums up the political message of this film.

  • Tough, powerful, all hands on deck!

    • Graham Thomas
    • 7/4/14

    Brilliant in every way. One of the best films you'll ever see.

  • Must See Film

    • filmfan
    • 5/18/14

    Best. War. Movie. Ever. The girl singing at the end married the director (Kubrick).

  • Powerful and timeless!

    • Dan Grissom
    • 8/31/13

    I just caught the ending of this movie again yesterday...I'd seen a couple of times before...and I watched the reaction of someone who had never seen it before. I had forgotten just how powerful of an impact this great film has on a first viewing. The person watching it with me was in shock at the images and story. This film is a five star film if there ever was one. It still packs a wallop today and that's after everyone probably saw 'Saving Private Ryan' which is very similar to me in its message. The question is 'what is the message?' Some say 'anti-war movie', some say that's not the message. I think we can all agree whatever the message this is a great movie and is timeless. It requires at least one viewing from any student of the cinema.

  • Paths of Glory

    • John
    • 8/4/13

    Overall-4 1/2 out of 5Lead performers-4/5Supporting Cast-4/5Director-5/5Screenplay-4/5Cinematography-5/5Importance-4/5Recommendation for fans of genre- 4 1/2 out of 5

  • great film paths of Glory

    • art kissel
    • 7/27/13

    Well done movie about the hypocrisy of leaders. They execute three soldiers for cowardice, but insist they die like brave men.

  • Brutal!

    • RedRain
    • 7/27/13

    I have only been able to sit through this film once. I have tried many times since but the film is much too graphic and realistic for me. That being said, it is NOT a "war film" in the usual since of that genre. It is perhaps the greatest anti-war film ever made and the author of the book upon which the film is based considered it his "sacred obligation" to show the horrors of war. Kubrick fulfilled that obligation and in spades! Kirk Douglas, as the jaded Colonel Dax who must lead his men on a suicide mission, is terrific in this film and I believe it is one of his very, very best performances.

  • One of the best Anti War Movies ever

    • Movie Guy
    • 7/22/13

    The First World War was one of incredible carnage and waste of human life. Men were killed by the millions based on orders from disconnected politicos and Sr. officers who were convinced that 19th century tactics would still work with 20th century weapons. This film exhibits the futility and waste of this war probably as well as or better than "All Quiet on the Western Front". The characeters played by Kirk Dougleas, Adolph Menjou aand George McCready were fascinating to watch and captured the attitude and spirit of the time. No punches are pulled and fine performances were also given by Ralph Meeker and Ben Fried. Nobody can watch this and not understand the hopelessness of being a soldier in the French army during this time. Riveting stuff!


    • 3/21/13


  • Excellent, excellent film

    • ggtx785
    • 2/18/13

    Another excellent Kirk Douglas performance, arguably among his finest. I think Douglas is best at playing these nuanced underdogs and reluctant heroes/anti-heroes. In response to a previous reviewer, as a veteran myself, it's important to depict wars for what they are--complex, brutal, inspiring, unglamorous--and what they mean to different peoples, places, and times, whether we agree with these perspectives or not. This is an important film precisely because it tells a compelling story about the immorality and ambiguity that is often present in the conflict between the value of the mission vs. its men. By the time Susanne Christian leads the men in the pub while she's singing her song, you'll be in tears, because you do realize that a dear price has been paid for the opportunity to live just one more day (to sing that song).

  • Paths of Glory

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 9/22/12

    It's a shame that this powerful anti-war film didn't win any major awards. Based on actual events, the film tells the story of three men who are to be shot by a firing squad for cowardice, ironic since in a way they become the bravest men on screen. Douglas gives an Oscar-worthy performance, excellent work from Menjou & Macready as two ruthless general's & Meeker as one of the doomed men. Director & screenwriter Kubrick captures the horrors of WWI with it's tracking shots through the trenches & well-written story. A moving, melancholic film. I give it a 5/5.

  • Stark and brutal

    • Steve
    • 9/21/12

    This movies is very stark...vivid...punctual. Terse and brisk. I think it's a must see for both war movie fans and movie fans alike. However...I do not get the anti-war comments. These people are talking about WWI and II, and our civil war...and ALL war? This complete anti-war sentiment is insane. As...where would we be without a our American Civil War? The bloodshed was immense...the pain unendurable. But it HAD to be done. For whatever ended slavery and kept a great nation united. WWII? You know it was horrendous and bloody. But we (USA) had to do it. We not only kept so many Peoples and nations free...but kept our own nation free to pursue it's own course. And you have the NERVE to denigrate it? To discount it? To say it's was unnecessary? So you live in a fantasy world...the rest of this Earth does not. I, for one, will defend myself, my family and my way of life by whatever means necessary. You can be cowardly enslaved cattle if you so does make you a better person...sorry. It does not.


    • Andy Alburger
    • 1/8/12

    Paths of Glory truly is one of the greatest anti-war movies ever made. I was enthralled with the brilliant story, carried out by a great script. I was engaged with Kirk Douglas' excellent performance. And ultimately, I was strongly captivated by Stanley Kubrick's incredible directing. Shooting a war film is extremely hard, but with the amazing sets and terrific shots, cinematography and performances from the cast, Kubrick made it look so real and easy to make. With great movement and excellent setups, Kubrick shot this powerful anti-war film to the best of his ability, while getting a superb performance from the leader Kirk Douglas. Where the film has cons, a realistic performance or a great camera moment will save it. Not to mention the brilliant script, which is true to its unbelievably touching and sad story, and daring indeed. The films sound-effects, chizzled cinematography and lighting, and realistic performances make you believe you're watching a real World War 1 documentary. All in all, Paths of Glory is another one of Kubrick's many masterpieces (other include the underrated The Killing, The Shining , Dr.Strangelove and 2001: A Space Odyssey) and the film is perhaps the greatest anti-war movies ever made!

  • Depicts the Insanity Of War...(1958)

    • nshepard
    • 9/21/11

    For anyone who thinks WAR is glorious needs this primer also (Full Metal Jacket) as a ground and grim reminder of the insane thinking associated with it. Kirk Douglas is brilliant as of the voice of reason, the lawyer who represents the 3 soldiers falsely accused of abadonment. Kubrick is at the top of his game with his directorial style. Humphrey Cobb's novel comes alive in this stark realization, of war, there are no winners...just survivors...5 stars out of 5 ,could be the greatest film of all time. Subject matter is a downer, only if the reader doesn't learn the ultimate lesson...


    • ROGER DOTY 9/20/2011
    • 9/20/11


  • Maybe too realistic...

    • Dan Grissom
    • 12/13/10

    Every time I try to tell someone about this great film they just stare at me and say 'I never saw that one but it sounds pretty good'; pretty good is a massive understatement! This film is so riveting it's hard to describe the way Kubrick draws you into the story. The enemy is never shown, which I think is a master stroke of genius because beginning with the First World War that was often the case in war. The damaging of the souls of the men who fought in the war is portrayed with eerie realism; sometimes those that survive the horrors of war are worse off than those who are killed. A must-see film and maybe the best anti-war film ever made...five stars!

  • Anti-War Masterpiece

    • Bob Hendrick
    • 12/11/08

    The only "glory" in this movies is enjoyed by the Generals. The foot soldiers are treated (literaly) like cannon fodder. This is one of Director Kubrick's triumverate of great films ("Dr. Strangelove" and "Lolita" being the other two). The rest of his work (though all valiant attempts) do not compare to these three. Paths of Glory has to rank as one of the greatest ant-war films of all time; possibly films of all time. As an aside: Wayne Morris as a cowardly, drunken officer gives a standout performance in a minor role. This is a true masterpiece.

  • Question

    • Pete Shearer
    • 5/27/08

    An excellent movie. Very deep. I had heard stories from an Uncle who served in France during that war. Acting was very good. Menjou, Macready and Douglas were all super. However, at the very end, Susanne Christian stole the show when she sang " Soldier Boy ". The German language was never better spoken, or sung, that it was then. I would like to have a recording of her singing that , if such is available. If anyone knows of such, please let me know. It really brings a tear to the eye.Regards,Pete

  • Fantastic

    • Josh Oakley
    • 5/24/08

    I am young and have much to see as far as "great films". This is a great way for me to start my journey as it is brilliant. This is my first Kubrick film, but it won't be my last. The direction is incredible; the shots are tense and angry. Douglas is my new favorite actor as he shines in this film. The writing and acting are magnificent, and it is truely a classic.

  • Excellent-Powerful Film

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/28/08

    To me this THE best anti-war film ever. It is even better than "All Quiet On The Western Front". It doesn't hold back in it's depiction of the horrors of warfare and the dehumanizing effect on the soldiers who are fighting it. It also shows the futility and insanity of ordering men into a impossible situation that can only result in death, and also shows the Generals who receive all of the glory while the soldiers are the ones whose only reward is injury and death. Although "Paths Of Glory" is set during WWI, it is just as relevant today.

  • A Great Film

    • jerry
    • 1/6/08

    Actually it is probably one of the best ANTI-war films ever made!

  • One of the top 100 best

    • Zach
    • 3/6/06

    One of the best war movies I have ever seen.

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