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Little Big Man

Little Big Man(1970)

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  • Little Big Mouth

    • Clichae,H.A.
    • 7/27/16

    In 1970 it was important to be taken in by an alien mentality as projected through this movie to shake loose the last crumbs of sanity from our heads by presenting the boomer wannabe actor from The Graduate in a repeat role, disguised as himself at age 121 or in cowboy/Indian costumery, switching sides, bedding down women of several kinds, & evoking nervous laughter from viewers not wanting to seem strait-minded in a time when there was only the wide road to travel.

  • Little Big Man: Wonderfully Entertaining

    • Doc Long
    • 6/29/16

    121 year old man relates tales of his role in the old west. Been everywhere, seen everything, met everybody. A complete lark from start to finish. Take it all with a grin. Hoffman has rarely been better and Faye Dunaway makes the case that she can give a bath to a young man in a tub with just as much lustful charm as Angie Dickinson demonstrated in "Pretty Maids All In A Row" made the following year.

  • little big man

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/21/16

    Political correctness run amok. Basically, its message is "The only good white man is a dead white man." I suppose the Caucasians have been cruisin for this bruisin ever since Jamestown but that sure doesn't make this any great shakes of a film.

  • Poky, pretentious western.

    • film lover 293
    • 4/22/15

    Dustin Hoffman is as good as possible as the 121 year old who was a bystander at many important events in Western history. The first hour is set up as a lazy comedy. Faye Dunaway is especially good as a bored preachers wife. If the film stuck to comedy, I'd give it a higher rating. But there are three massacres in the film; they are supposed to tie in with the Vietnam War, but they just ruin the viewers pleasure in the film. There is a bravura turn by Richard Mulligan as a crazed General Custer that is a welcome relief from the killings. Director Arthur Penn tries for the same mix of humor and horror his film Bonnie and Clyde (1967) had and misses by a country mile. Hoffman, Dunaway, and Mulligan redeem the film to an extent, but overall, this isn't an must watch film. Read Thomas Bergers' book.

  • Recommended

    • Kubby
    • 2/28/15

    Worth watching

  • Little Big Man: Top Ten

    • Gordon
    • 2/5/14

    Little Big Man ranks as one of the best movies ever made. I studied this novel in English Lit. class and remain fascinated with this brilliant work of collaborative genius. Calder Willingham, a Georgian, did excellent work adapting Thomas Berger's hilarious book into a screenplay which renders every emotion of humanity in profound, vivid color and builds a pantheon of rich characters too numerous to imagine or remember on a single watching of this great film. (Consider the "Poor pawnee" whom Jack Crabbe kills to earn his Indian name. Only briefly on screen, but forever in memory.)So many great lines:"God bless George Washington!" Jack Crabbe"Your travail is over, enfolded now as you are, in arms of Christian love. Purity is it's own reward." Ms. Pendrake"There is no moral order in the universe, my boy. Those stars twinkle in a void, my boy.... All in vain, all in vain!" Mr. MeriweatherDeception was his life's blood, even though it caused him to get whittled down a bit" Jack Crabbe"I'll never forget the day I set eyes on General George Armstrong Custer" Jack Crabbe"My good woman you have nothing to fear from Indians, I give you my personal guarantee." Gen Custer"It is a good day to die" Old Lodgeskins"Life contains a particle of risk. I'm not licked, I'm tarred and feathered, thats all." Mr. Meriweather"Go snake eyes!" Caroline"That's shootin" Wild Bill HickockJack travels through several stages of life experience, always falling farther from moral purity while gaining in wisdom: Religion period, shopkeeper, gunfighter, hermit, muleskinner. Almost everything said by whites to him are lies, promises unkept, frontier fables and dreams of American expansion. Only the Sioux have noble qualities. Little Big Man is very much a movie of its time--the counterculture era of "new Hollywood"--but prescient in its predictions of political mendacity and mistrust of authority, which have been fulfilled in the forty years since its creation.

  • Great acting all around

    • Rich
    • 2/5/14

    Richard mulligan has my vote for one of the greatest supporting role acting jobs ever. Little Big Man may be Hoffman's star vehicle, but as good as he is, Mulligan steals the film. His portrayal as Custer is absolutely over the top, but nonetheless, riveting and mesmerizing. Add to this the also memorable turn by Martin Balsam as a swindling snake oil salesman. It is interesting how both of these actors in a sprawling western epic were born and raised in the Bronx, NY!

  • Love This Movie

    • E. Smith
    • 4/13/13

    This make my second time watching this movie, The first time was awesome so I had to catch it again today though it was about half way through when I notice it was on. Love that voice that is narrated into this movie. There's nothing quite like a good Western Movie and this is one that always get a thumbs up here.

  • Little Big Man

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 4/13/13

    This was my first time watching this movie. At first I had trouble with Hoffman among the Native Americans. It just seemed silly. But, once the story went to the saloon with Wild Bill, then I finally got it. It was funny. And I really enjoyed General Custer. I had no idea he was Dr. Henry Weston later in life.

  • Little Big Man

    • Dashiell B.
    • 3/17/13

    The funniest and most original made Western film yet. A white man raised by a Cheyenne tribe meets famous "heroes" and learns of the racist views of his natural born race. Hoffman is convincing as the title character, George should have won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar (No offence to Sir John Mills) and there's solid work from Balsam, Dunaway and Mulligan. Director Penn revisions the west by making us sympathize with the plight of the Native Americans, while referencing the Vietnam war that was happening at the time. Hilarious while also socially serious. I give it a 5/5.

  • Little Big Man

    • I_Fortuna
    • 3/17/13

    This film opened the eyes of many regarding Native Americans. I love this film and regardless of how historically accurate, it is still valuable as a mirror. I am not a die hard Hoffman fan but he has done a lot of movies I enjoy and he is really a good actor who puts his mind, body, heart and soul into a performance. For this film, I laughed, I cried, I reflected. I think it is a perfect film.

  • little truth about little big man

    • will
    • 3/4/13

    little big man, was native( cheyenne) he held crazy horse by the arms, while a soldier at fort robinson stabbed him (crazy horse) in the back . wild bill hit the floor dead ! no goodbye conversation. at the( battle) (massacre) of the washita, white prisoners , captives, were murdered by cheyenne warriors. even captain benteen, who hated custer as a person, reluctently acknowledged the mans courage, as a soldier. none of custers officers, benteen ,reno, weir calhoun or anyone else, sitting bull, crazy horse, gall are ever mentioned in this film. this is the most one sided, blatenly whitewashed film ive ever seen. at least,the film, they died with there boots on, though full of historical inacurasies tryed to tell , some truths. like political corruption in washington , brand new winchchester rifles and whiskey sold to them, to get the cheyenne warriors worked up.according to crazy horse,gall and sitting bull, custers men died bravely fighting to the last and - that-jack crabb - is a true historical fact .

  • little big man

    • Brad
    • 6/1/11

    it's as funny as it is good. I feel it was well written and acted. Before, growing up, I didn't see how important editing can be. In a good movie, the right editing makes a difference.

  • Little Big Mand

    • Robert
    • 4/3/10

    Hoffman is just a damn good actor, the whole cast is wonderful in this movie. It's one of my favorites, I could watch it over and over.

  • Revolutionary American Cinema

    • Kevin Brown
    • 3/1/10

    This is a movie I watch a couple of times a year, one of my first DVDs I ever bought. The story, characters, direction & everchanging moods of "Little Big Man" are brilliant. Everyone involved deserves accolades for their contributions, & this movie is a bit of an island of it's own in the history of movie making! As the 60's gave way to the 70's, there had not been many movies that ran such a wide gambit of genres in one package. This is a Western to be sure, one minute you may be laughing out loud & quickly saddened after sharing some moments of harmony & happiness. "Little Big Man", a timeless & unique story that's universally touching--"My heart soars like a hawk!"

  • Awesome!

    • Lisa
    • 5/28/08

    I've never seen this movie before. My best friend recommended I watch, and I'm not disappointed. Granted, it's not over, yet, but it just about is. Love the fact you show movies in widescreen. It allows the director's vision to come through.

  • great storytelling

    • mook
    • 2/15/08

    but as i watched this movie it occured to me-Forest Gump wasn't as an orignal piece of cinema as i previously thought.

  • Sqeezed Screen

    • Cliff Reed
    • 2/15/08

    It Ruins a Movie! Why do you do SUCH STUPID Things!

  • BIG Little Man

    • Lynette
    • 5/3/07

    What a GREAT movie! I was in the 6th grade when I read an old copy of the book - a year later, there was a re-release of the film, and I just about died from laughter (and cried, too). So many fabulous costars - absolutely in the top ten I'd take to a deserted island - a rare gem.

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