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On the Beach

On the Beach(1959)

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  • As powerful now as then...

    • el debbo
    • 5/8/17

    Our family, and many we knew, went to the local Drive-In to view this when it came out. There was a deep, profound silence in the car on the way home. Before reviewing the film, I want to sing praises for the cinematography by Giuseppe Rotunno, who also worked for Fellini around this time. Great! Sublime! When Peck and Gardner are talking their way down a crowded sidewalk one night, the visuals are so beautiful I could barely listen to what they were saying. This is a fantastic movie in every way, an important movie starring the best of the best. Ava is superb. I give it 5 gleaming stars over an empty world.

  • On the Mind

    • Clichae
    • 12/27/16

    This movie's story makes sense in these Theocidal times- that those made in His image would perish with His enemies world wide! If God had lived in 1959, this story could not even have been imagined let alone the planned misuse of the split atom!

  • Don't miss it . . .

    • Robert Man
    • 12/26/16

    Riveting film, Peck and Eva are marvelous--Fred Astaire is the surprise in this serious drama--masterful performance by him too. Film in underrated and not often shown--lessons still apply to today.

  • Depressing but a must see great movie

    • Grace
    • 1/6/16

    This movie scared the crap out of me. A very realistic and depressing movie about the end of the world. I love the cast for this movie (Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins, and a suprisingly good preformce from Fred Astaire in one of his only all dramatic movies). The last 10 second of the movie where they show a banner in the empty streets of Melbourne (I thinks it Melbourne) is absolutely chilling. Definitely a must see classic. I recommend it!

  • Great movie!

    • Kate
    • 1/6/16

    This movie is definitely in my top 10. I didn't know how good this movie was going to be when I found out about it, but I watched and I'm glad I did. On the Beach is beautifully filmed with an all-star cast (Gregory Peck,Ava Gardner,Anthony Perkins,and a suprisinly good preformence from Fred Astaire in one of his only all drama roles. The last five minutes is very realistic and is depressing. This is a movie that makes you think. Definetly recommend it.

  • This one's in my Top Ten of all time

    • Thomas
    • 11/18/15

    I read the book as a kid and saw the movie shortly afterward. The book is great, but to be honest, the movie made a much more profound emotional impact on me. Hollywood needs to make more "message" movies like this one, and a few less escape-from-reality movies. As a kid, to me this was as potentially real and terrifying as you could get.

  • Totally wrong genre!

    • RedRain
    • 2/8/14

    For this to be listed as a "horror" film is simply unbearable to me! We are all horrified by the threat of nuclear war but the only monsters in this film are the countries who chose to engage in nuclear war and eradicate life on this planet. This film illustrates the aftermath of the radiation fallout and the end of life here. It is a cautionary tale with very deep implications. If you grew up in the '50s, as I did, you well remember the threat of nuclear war that hung over us at the time. As kids in school, we were subject to drills and hid under our desks being told not to look out the windows (as if any of that would have saved us!). Ava Gardner is particularly good in this film and I liked the pairing of Ava and Gregory Peck, both knowing the end was near but choosing to live for the moment. Fred Astaire is superb in his role as the scientist who chooses to end his life in his vintage Ferrari rather than become ill and die painfully. Neville Shute's book and this film are at odds in many of the scenes but the film still shines. While the scenes of two of our deserted and lifeless cities, San Francisco and San Diego, are simply unfathomable, the final scene in this film is the warning. A sign in Melbourne is shown displaying this warning to us all: "There is still time...Brother!" """" out of five!

  • OTB Is On DVD!!!

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/5/13

    "On The Beach", director/producer Stanley Kramer's chilling end-of-the-world thriller is available on DVD. I've had it for the last four years. Please update your database TCM (as of 4/5/13 it shows that OTB not available on DVD, with 54 total votes and a ranking of 656). C'mon everyone, stop voting and buy the DVD (it's available on MGM/UA home video).

  • On the Beach

    • William Thomas
    • 2/17/13

    I first saw this as a 10 year old. I did not think it was entertainment. I thought it was actually going to happen, any day.

  • Ava Gardner

    • Adventure
    • 11/18/12

    Gregory Peck the star of this film is fine in the great film about nuclear war. Filmed in Australia the film really works due to the outstanding work of Ava Gardner who;never considered herself an actress but I disagree, after you see this film the one performance burned into memory is Ava's!

  • Earl Felton Screenplay?

    • Linda Wensel
    • 7/21/11

    Am I totally mistaken in saying that Earl Felton has been left out of any review of this production. I thought he wrote the screenplay. Could someone please set me straight as to his involvement. I know he was involved and not in a small way. Was he left out of this review because of the reputation he gained in the '60's?

  • Terrific for an old SciFi movie

    • PeteH
    • 4/28/11

    Great classic actors, actresses, old cars and a cute horse trick all in one movie - tear-jerker at times for us sentimental guys, but I love it - watched it for the third time today !!

  • Outstanding

    • Robert
    • 4/28/11

    This is an outstanding movie, although some people and some (reveiwers) might not understand it.

  • On the Beach

    • Rudy G.
    • 12/1/10

    I had read the book in the late '60s, and knew there had been a movie, but it was only last week that I saw On the Beach on television.It was heartbreaking. The large differences between the novel and film were mostly because it was American made but the clean morality tale was intact.Hard to believe this was made before the Cuban missile crisis, and maybe one has to be a certain age to understand . . .Let go of any preconceptions and bathe in the gorgeous b&w filming, then consider what in the world you value.Great (big) performances, real reason to care . . . watch this.

  • on the beac h

    • Sharon
    • 11/21/10

    I read the book years ago and found it a very interesting book, scared the you know what out of me, too think the world as we know coming to an end. I have also seen the movie and had the same thoughts, the only part I found disappointing is the fact that the main characters end up being involved, whereas in the book they don't

  • dreadful....

    • Ron Oliver
    • 11/18/10

    a hamfisted potboiler, loaded with ghastly dialog and overacting by all of the principals...certainly there is talent here, in front of and behind the camera, but as usual in "message" movies, the message overtakes the medium....painfully dull to watch and completely absurd from start to finish....if this is the way the world is going to end, I suspect we'll all die of boredom before the radiation gets us....

  • Haunting Poetry

    • Jerry Bob
    • 11/18/10

    In a sense, a haunting love story between two people who can never be together, intertwined with the doomed lives of everyone. A very different kind of "end times" movie. Deeply saddening and hopeful at times. The score uses variations of "Waltzing Matilda" that have stayed with me ever since first seeing the movie years ago.

  • Forever Powerful

    • Bruce Reber
    • 2/24/10

    "On The Beach", probably the best film ever made about nuclear war and the end of the world, is still powerful today over 50 years after it was made, and will continue to be so as long as the human race has the potential to blow itself off the face of the earth. The question is will we actually be insane enough to do it!Four Stars!

  • On the Beach distinguishes extinction

    • Sue McDonald
    • 5/7/09

    "On the Beach" was the most effective apocalyptic movie in cold war times. The characters were so brilliantly created that I could believe the scenario was real. I cried through the whole last half of the movie. I was in love with Greg Peck, and I WAS Ava Gardner (though I was 14 and had no life experiences to parallel hers). I believe this movie had a lasting impact on my life.

  • Worth the Wait!!

    • Cheryl Harrington
    • 2/27/08

    Wow. I am so excited! I have been waiting for TCM to show this movie. It is a great movie with an excellent cast.Very much worth the wait.

  • on the beach: a profound cold war film

    • john zito
    • 1/30/08

    in addition to the other elements of this film that make it outstanding is the cinematography of guiseppe rotunno who was able to achieve great atmospheric effects with the camera,particularly the sense of atomic radiation in the air.enjoy

  • There's still time Brother.

    • Clint
    • 1/16/08

    After requesting this movie again and again I am heartened to see that it is finally being shown on TCM.For me, On the Beach represents the first installment in cold war presentations along with Dr. Strangelove and Failsafe (Both of which have aired repeatedly by TCM).What makes this film intriguing as opposed to the other two is knowing that death is not readily imminent but yet inevitable.

  • On the Beach-1959

    • Julie Polderdyke
    • 11/28/07

    I would like to see this played on TCM. I have watched for it, and some movies seem to play over and over, but this one, I have never seen on TCM. Please have it on soon!!Julie

  • When will you play On the Beach 1959

    • Dotti
    • 2/26/07

    This was such a great movie, I have requested it several times and this is the first time I have seen it reviewed I would really like to see it againThanksDotti

  • Great Drama

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/15/06

    What a fine cast, led by Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner! This is a haunting film, with a message...

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