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The Dalton Girls

The Dalton Girls(1957)

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After the last two Dalton brothers are killed by a posse, an undertaker, Slidell, charges admission to view their bodies. When Holly and Rose Dalton, daughters of one of the brothers, come to claim the bodies for burial, Holly is assaulted by the lecherous Slidell and uses a shovel to kill him in self-defense. Holly and Rose now find themselves on the run from the law and Hiram Parsh, a private detective who has been pursuing the brothers for several years, feels obliged to bring them to justice. Six years later, Holly and Rose are living in Eastern Colorado under assumed names and planning a stagecoach robbery with the assistance of their two younger sisters, Columbine and Marigold, who have returned from school in the East. Columbine and Marigold are unaware that their education has been paid for by the various illegal activities of Holly and Rose. A gambler, W. T. "Illinois" Grey, is on board the stage with Columbine and falls victim to her charms as well as to the holdup at a way station. As the sisters escape with a payroll shipment and Illinois' watch, Rose shoots and kills the station operator. At their hideout, the sisters discover that the payroll box is virtually empty. Later, when Marigold's sweetheart, Joe, discovers their true identities, they are forced to move on. Columbine, who has become romantically interested in Illinois, suggests that they go to Dry Creek, the boomtown where Illinois was headed. Illinois is leaving the Dry Creek bank after reminding bank manager Sewell of a gambling debt he owes him when he runs into Columbine. They have a pleasant reunion during which she returns his watch and he takes her to apply for a job at the bank. Illinois is unaware that he has stumbled into the middle of a bank holdup that the sisters are executing. Rose, posing as a prospective employee, gains access to Sewell's office and after drawing a gun, lets Holly in the back door so that they can rob the safe. When Rose is distracted by Illinois' arrival with Columbine, Sewell takes a gun from his desk drawer, but Rose shoots first, killing him. Rose then shoots Illinois, a witness to the killing, and the sisters escape. Illinois survives because the bullet was deflected by the watch Columbine returned to him. As a result of Illinois' presumed death, Columbine argues with her sisters and accuses Rose of being a crazed killer. Parsh seeks Illinois' help in tracing the sisters, but Illinois declines and heads out alone, determined to find them and recover the banker's debt from the money they stole. Eventually, Illinois finds the sisters in Tombstone and demands that they return his cash. Columbine is astonished to see Illinois alive and although he tells her he loves her, she is reluctant to leave her sisters. Even though the proceeds from the bank robbery were little more than the sum owed Illinois, Holly and the others decide to give him the cash so that he can participate in a private, high-stakes card game that they plan to raid. Parsh, still doggedly pursuing Holly and Rose, arrives in Tombstone as the gambling session begins. After the sisters burst in on the players and hold them at gunpoint, Rose is about to kill Illinois when Columbine stops her. Marigold is waiting with the horses so that the sisters can make their getaway when Parsh spots them and, along with the sheriff and his deputy, shoots at them, killing Marigold and wounding Columbine in the shoulder. As Holly, Rose and Columbine hold off the lawmen in a shootout, Rose knocks Illinois to the ground when he attempts to intervene. After Rose is shot and killed, Holly collapses and Parsh captures her, while Illinois tends to Columbine's wound and carries her off.