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Kiss Me, Stupid

Kiss Me, Stupid(1964)

Remind Me

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Dino, a pop vocalist who is notorious for his heavy drinking and lecherous behavior, concludes a Las Vegas nightclub engagement and heads for Hollywood in his Italian sportscar. A detour on the highway forces him to drive through Climax, Nevada, home of amateur songwriters Barney Millsap, a gas station attendant, and music teacher Orville J. Spooner, whose wife, Zelda, is the most beautiful woman in town. Barney recognizes Dino as the famous singer, and the two composers, in hopes of interesting Dino in their songs, sabotage his car and tell him they may have to send to Milan for parts. Orville invites Dino to stay at his home, but he becomes worried about Zelda's fidelity when he hears the singer's complaint that any night without sex leaves him with a pounding headache the next morning. To satisfy Dino's libido without ruining his own marriage, Orville provokes an argument with Zelda, causing her to leave the house in tears. Orville then arranges for Polly the Pistol, a waitress and prostitute from a nearby roadhouse, to pose as his wife. The scheme works well until the insanely jealous Orville forgets the arrangement and throws Dino out for molesting his wife. Dino seeks solace at the roadhouse while Orville and Polly spend the night together. Meanwhile, Zelda, in an attempt to forget her marital problems, has gotten drunk at the same bar; and the manager, to quell the woman's raucous behavior, puts her in Polly's trailer out back. Dino finds Zelda there, mistakes her for the waitress, and easily seduces her since she has always been a fan of his. Days later, Orville and Barney hear Dino singing one of their songs on national television. As a perplexed Orville tries to determine the source of his good fortune, Zelda caresses him.