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Goodbye Again

Goodbye Again(1961)

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  • Goodbye Again

    • J
    • 7/5/13

    For people who are interested in buying this movie might be lucky to find it on ebay. However, please make sure that you don't buy the European DVD Version.

  • One of the best movies

    • Isa Kessel
    • 7/4/13

    I would like to bye this movie if available in DVD. I already check the internet and TCM and is not available. If somebody knows where to get it please let me know. Thanks

  • What a gem

    • J
    • 6/20/13

    This is my favorite Anthony Perkins movie. He gives a wonderful performance as the young, strikingly handsome, vulnerable Philip Van der Besh. I am glad that I have the movie as well as the soundtrack, which were not easy to find. Definitely a must see.

  • Something's not right with Philip

    • Brian Sniatkowski
    • 3/10/12

    A good movie that could have been great. Bergman was ideal for the role of Tessa, as a still beautiful forty something. Montad as the wayward boyfriend was also excellent. Perkins on the other hand made it hard to feel any sympathy for his character other than pity. His Philip came off more as an obsessed stalker, than a man deeply in love. His constantly following of Tessa to convince her to date him would have made a great intro for a reverse "Fatal Attraction" type of movie and Perkins would have been perfect for that part.Instead, his stalking and and obsession with Tessa doesn't paint him as a suitable alternative to Roger. She obviously enjoys the attention, but I think most women in real life would be slightly creeped out but a guy who constantly appears out of nowhere and stops going to work, and eventually quits his job to be closer to her.In the end I thought that her choice between the philandering sophisticate, Roger and the weak and somewhat weird Phillip wasn't much of a choice at all. I found myself rooting for her to get away from the both of them. Maybe she does, but we'll never know.Perkins is obviously a good actor. You do feel his enthusiasm for Tessa and his pain as he walks away crying in the end. Maybe the way he played the part was the director's fault and not his, but I think a different choice for Philip could have pushed this movie from the good category into the great.

  • you fool

    • nan
    • 3/10/12

    i had never seen this movie and was excited to watchwatching from my perspective now it was same old same oldin the fact the women ends up alone with the cad - who treats her badwhy not choose happiness and funi loved the actors especially anthony perkinsi also enjoyed her house maid she was so freshshe marries the cad to live a life waiting for himhe is such a creep, he wants her and doesn't want anyone else to have herhe doesn't care for her, just himselfwhy are women such fools

  • She chose the wrong man...

    • paul
    • 10/19/11

    The movie certainly posits the question as to who Paula does she love more. I've watched this movie a few times over the years and I'm convinced that she loved Philip more. On the surface, it seems that she really pines for Roger and Paula believes this to be true, too, but the evidence suggests otherwise. First, the film's very structure suggests this. It actually spends more time focused on Paula's complicated relationship to Philip than it does on her relationship with Roger. In many ways, Roger's character spends much of the time in response to Philip and Philip's attention to Paula whereas the same cannot be said of Philip. Second, you see in small ways that Paula has more concern for Philip than Roger. After Roger confronts Philip at the dinner party, Paula asks Roger what he said to Philip. She does not ask Roger what Philip said to him. This may be a minor moment, but this makes the subtle suggestion that her real concern is Philip's feelings in response to what Roger said not the other way around. Third, she actually has more in common with Philip than Roger. Paula and Philip are both desperate for love and they hold similar fantasies about love. Each is distraught when their relationship ends. Roger, while mourning Paula, is never lonely or desperate. He's never distraught over losing Paula. And Paula's most desperate emotional reaction in the film is not about Roger, but about Philip when he leaves. She doesn't shout that she loves Roger, she shouts that she's too old, revealing that she's ending the relationship because of issues in their relationship, but not because of Roger, even if she, herself, does not see this. Philip is a far better match and the film suggests this by its ending. Her relationship with Philip would be quite challenging, but she would not be lonely. In the end, even the best relationships are quite challenging.

  • Amour!

    • RedRain
    • 10/13/11

    I've always loved this film. The juxtaposition of the affair between the older woman/younger man alongside that of the older man/younger woman is a tale as old as the world. The older woman's affair is filled with passion and is very heady. The older man's affair is meaningless but hurtful to the woman he swears he loves. You want to slap Montand and hug Bergman throughout the film The mooning Perkins is simply annoying. You know from the outset that the Bergman/Perkins affair will not end well but you don't care. Bergman is glorious and quite beautiful in this film. Montand is equally gorgeous. It's a feast for the eyes! The acting is so well done and nuanced that you will want to see this film again and again.

  • I Love Anthony Perkins!

    • Louise
    • 4/4/11

    I've always adored Anthony Perkins. He's perfect in this film. When he is walking down the street crying after being dumped by Paula (Ingrid), I cry with him. He's was a wonderful actor, and a stunning-looking young man.

  • Goodbye Again (1961)

    • Sid Harth
    • 9/21/10

    I saw this movie in Bombay, India. I believe in Eros Theatre, at Churchgate.I must be little younger than Anthony Perkins' movie age,25. I loved Anthony Perkins and hated Ingrid Bergman. Actually I loved Ingrid Bergman, a person, as an accomplished actress not in her role, oops, cruel role as a Paula Tessier.What I liked about this movie, the movie genre is the idea of young person falling in love with a woman much older than him. The way movie runs the obstacle race is a typical Hollywood style.Several times in the movie, I really thought that Paula is going to ditch Roger Demarest and have a permanent and happy relations with Philp. Perhaps getting married to him. Philip asked her to marry him. His rich American mother would not have anything against such june December wedding.I was ready. Not Hollywood, I guess. Ah well. "Qu'est sera sera."Those were the days. When movies used to have stroy. They had major stars. Lovely location for outdoor scenes. Excellent direction and last but not the least musical scores. I am Sid Harth

  • Volia...

    • BellaRose
    • 9/30/09

    Ahh..Montand,French Lover is typical??Loves manybut, truly loves one. Anthony Perkins is childish,starry eyed young "lover" he wants to be "just loved" and Ingrid is caught between fresh love and aging unstable love... what shall we all DO?For Amore....

  • 5 STARS for GOODBYE AGAIN !!!!!

    • Mark P.
    • 9/30/09

    PERFECT ACTING, CAST AND STORY! INGRID is sweet, sensitive and HOLDS some PASSION just under the SKIN.... In 40 years of movie viewing, I've never seen her look BETTER (in BLACK and WHITE).

  • Jet'aime

    • Val
    • 7/14/09

    I loved this movie when I was a little girl. Now, I love it more. How nice it would be to feel that kind of wild passionate love like Anthony Perkins felt combined with Yves Montand's maturity and sophistication. (In a perfect world!)

  • tragic love

    • dan m
    • 12/18/08

    The movie tries to match the tragic weight of the Brahms 3rd symphony (the score), and nearly does. Ingrid Bergman is perfectly cast. Although 17 yrs older than Perkins she is easily attractive enough to justify his infatuation. And Anthony Perkins gives an amazing performance as the immature American young man seeking a mother-lover. Montagne effortlessly plays the French cad adored by Bergman, incapable of returning the same level of devotion.A product of 1950's American inferiority complex with Paris and French mores, it stirs nostalgia for a bygone era, yet is timeless in its portrayal of the complexities of human love, and leaves a dense after taste.

  • Wonderful movie... Please vote to put on DVD!

    • George H.
    • 4/8/07

    This is a truly wonderful movie as the other reviews have said. Ingrid Bergman is amazing as always, and Anthony Perkins gives an excellent performance that one would not expect from him. I love this movie and it is always showing on TCM but is yet to be put on DVD. Other fans of this movie: Please vote for 'Goodbye Again' so we can see it on DVD soon!

  • True to Life

    • Dan
    • 4/7/07

    A fascinating study of the old saying "Love is Blind". In Ingrid Bergman's case, this is true. Her subject is Yves Montand, a heartless man who takes advantage with Ingrid's heart. The story moves on as Anthony Perkins enters her life and is infatuated with Ingrid which is much older and developes a fling with her. Meanwhile, Yves has his flings with younger women. This film gives a powerful lesson that one should wake up and smell the coffee and think with their head and not with their heart in situations like this. It's a good film with good performances by Ingrid and Anthony. "Goodbye Again" holds so true with it's timeless message of today.

  • A timeless life lesson!

    • Tina
    • 3/9/07

    All women should watch this, some things never change!

  • What a surprising gem of a move!

    • ktwahine
    • 3/9/07

    This movie was such a surprise...who would imagine "Norman Bates" as a romantic lead and paired with Ingrid Bergman? When the opening credits were rolling, I thought, here is the supreme example of miscasting. Ingrid is luminous and Yves plays the cad with such assurance and charm, but Tony Perkins as the young lover was an eye opener. I so associate him with neurotic twitches and to see that intensity employed in wooing--he's quirky but somehow convincing as a guy in love. You can't stop watching him which is tough to do standing next to Ingrid.Also, I have to wonder if this movie was a reference for the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie where she is also an interior designer who is pursued by the scion of a wealthy client that drives a low slung sports car that they have to somehow climb in and out of gracefully.It's a great movie for a rainy day when you want some romance and a dose of Paris. The ending is a wry commentary on the eternal question, "What is love?"

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