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Rio Rita

Rio Rita(1942)

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Rio Rita A pair of nitwits try to stop... MORE > $16.95
Regularly $19.99
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Stranded New Yorkers "Wishy" Dunn and "Doc," who have been fired from their pet store jobs in Texas, hide in the trunk of a car with a New York license plate, hoping to get back home. Unfortunately, the car belongs to radio singing star Ricardo Montera, who is on his way home to Vista Del Rio for the first time in ten years. Rita Winslow, the young owner of the town's resort hotel, is Ricardo's childhood sweetheart, and hopes that stardom has not changed him. Unknown to Rita, the hotel's manager, Maurice Craindall, is a Nazi agent who is going to use Ricardo's planned national radio broadcast to send a coded sabotage message. At the hotel, while Doc and Wishy find their way out of the trunk, Ricardo rides out into the desert and hears one of his recordings being accompanied by Rita. She pretends that she is not impressed by him, but when they return to the hotel, she becomes jealous of Lucette Brunswick, one of Craindall's cohorts, who has been told to make a play for Ricardo. A few minutes later, two of Craindall's men, who also work for the hotel, find the starving Doc and Wishy stealing food. When the kind-hearted Rita realizes what is happening, she says that she gave them the food, then gives them jobs as house detectives. In return for her kindness, Doc and Wishy decide to help her and Ricardo get together. That night, Ricardo sings to Rita at the hotel's nightclub, but she refuses to listen because she thinks he has turned into a playboy. Later, Doc and Wishy find Lucette in Craindall's office, and, with money they have found, try to bribe her to stay away from Ricardo. After she leaves, they find some flammable liquid and a code book, which they decide to keep. Harry Gantley, who is also working at the hotel, sneaks in through a window a moment later and tells Doc and Wishy that he is a member of the Secret Service. He starts to tell them what to do if he is killed, but is shot dead before he can finish. Just after the frightened Doc and Wishy flee the office, Craindall and his cohorts enter, along with Ricardo and some other guests. Trask, Craindall's right-hand man, feigns surprise at finding the body and says that there must have been a robbery. Later Lucette confronts Ricardo in the garden and lies that she is Gantley's partner and is trying to capture some Nazi spies. When Rita, who has decided to give Ricardo another chance, happens by, Lucette pretends to make love to him. Ricardo then goes to Wishy and Doc and they tell him about the code book. Later, Ricardo tells Rita that he has always loved her and tries to tell her about Craindall, but she will not listen. That same night, Lucette goes to Wishy's room to find the book, but is unsuccessful. Later, Ricardo tells Wishy that he hid the book and will try to get it to Washington. Doc and Wishy then go through a series of escapes and captures by Craindall's men, while at the same time, Ricardo is prevented from leaving and he and Rita are forced at gunpoint to proceed with the broadcast. Just as Craindall's code is about to be broadcast, he hears animal hooves and men singing "The Ranger's Song" and thinks that the Texas Rangers have arrived to arrest them. This is all thanks to Wishy's use of some donkeys and his request that the local radio station play "The Ranger's Song." After the spies escape in waiting taxicabs, a huge explosion is heard, and Wishy says "Goodnight, folks."