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No Time for Sergeants

No Time for Sergeants(1958)

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  • A "Knee Slapper" all the way through!

    • Wayne
    • 9/19/15

    GOLLLLY!! Even Sgt. King's radio request song of "AWAY IN A MANGER" was a hoot! The film is a gem in the rough!

  • Tune requested by Sgt. King

    • Erika
    • 9/23/14

    Does anyone know what the tune was that sgt. King requested at the beginning of the movie as he sat on his bunk with a cup of coffee. It was beautiful and I can't remember what it was.

  • Favorite Comedy

    • Dayton
    • 5/25/14

    This is my favorite comedy. My sister and I often quote lines and now have my kids hooked on it too.

  • Andy's sidekick reminds me of Rick Moranis

    • Jeff Boston
    • 9/18/12

    Keen and clean dean of military comedies, scene after scene (not just the ones involving the latrine) of 1958's "No Time for Sergeants" would make even today's teen a virtual laughing machine. I especially enjoyed the middle third of this memory-making movie.

  • Andy Griffith Tribute

    • lcs
    • 7/18/12

    The Andy Griffith Show was a success because Andy Taylor was NOT Will Stockdale. In the initial season both Griffith and Knotts played their characters as hayseeds, and it didn't work. The Mayberry show instead became a quite often poignant and razor sharp character study of human foibles. "The Beverly Hillbillies" owes more to "No Time for Sergeants" and both were masterpieces of their genre, largely because of the casting. However only Griffith could portray the guileless Stockdale with such sincere believability, not to mention the completely authentic North Carolina accent, while also able to pull off the all-knowing, wise and compassionate Andy Taylor. Was the real Andy Griffith these characters, or the manipulative, scheming wretch in "A Face in the Crowd"? Watch tonight and decide for yourself.

  • Make Time For No Time For Sergeants.

    • Chris B.
    • 6/3/11

    If ever there was an hysterical military movie this is surely it. Andy Griffith, as Will Stockdale, turns basic training into a 21 gun salute to rural progress in this 1958 film. Griffith is completely believable as the backwoods edition of G.I. Joe. His Sergeant (Sgt. Orville C. King), as played by the always funny Myron McCormick, is forced to get Stockdale through basic training in record time since he encouraged Will to be absent when he was initially supposed to be tested. Sgt. King had hoped to allow Will Stockdale to remain his P.L.O., Permanent Latrine Orderly, since he saw the handwriting on the wall as far as Will's intelligence was concerned. Stockdale's should have stayed in the Air Force as just that while he made all latrine seats to "salute" the officers and polished the "H" and "C" right off the handles on the sinks. It was when Sgt. King realized he'd never get away with this plan that the hysteria began. With Don Knotts playing a psychiatric assistant who tests Stockdale, you can see that they would one day be great together as a famously popular comedic TV duo. See this film twice because you'll be laughing so hard you'll miss something the first time around.

  • A lot like Forrest Gump

    • Bruce S
    • 9/14/10

    I agree after watching this for the first time that it does have a Forrest Gump feel. In one scene during a narration Andy Griffith is even talking directly to the camera. Glad it is back on the TMC line-up.

  • No Time for Sargeants comparison

    • a
    • 6/23/10

    I think Tom Hanks kinda stole his material for Forrest Gump from No Time for Sargeants ... whadda ya think?

  • No Time for Sergeants

    • Ron Cooney
    • 6/22/10

    I've loved this movie since I first saw it as a kid.Terrific cast, lead by Andy Griffith as the rube WillStockdale. Script is funny and often very witty, too.Watching Griffith in this role, you're reminded thathe is a fine actor (as he proved again in "A Face InThe Crowd") and a great comic talent. Andy is ablysupported by Myron McCormick, Nick Adams, andMurray Hamilton as Blanchard, Irvin S., the would-becool guy to Will's Lil Abner. One scene alone makesthis a comedy classic, in which the commodes inthe barracks "salute" a visiting officer. If you don'tfind this film funny, you're dead.

  • Wonderful, warm and funny

    • Patti
    • 3/12/10

    This is comical entertainment at it's best. Andy Griffith did a great job with this movie and I only wish TCM would air this wonderful film. It is never shown on TV although it was on the schedule but pulled not long ago.

  • A little=known classic

    • David E. Place
    • 12/24/09

    Ben: "My granddaddy fought with Stonewall Jackson!" Will: Whupped him good too, I'll bet!" This charming and utterly hilarious film predates Forrest Gump by 40 years in presenting the simple everyman as an anchor of goodness and honesty in a tossing sea of guile and calculated deceit that all too often we accept as just the "way of the world". Andy Griffith,as Will Stockdale, here paves the way for his beloved role as the sheriff of Mayberry, playing a reluctant but forthright Air Force draftee alongside an equally dynamic Nick Adams, who saw enough in this script to put aside his quest to become the next Steve Mcqueen to play Ben, Wills high-strung pal who wants only to be transferred to the infantry, the legacy of his martial ancestors. The interplay between these two is worthy of comparison with Hope and Crosby, yet they are often and, to the benefit of the fortunate viewer, upstaged by a brilliant performance by Myron McCormick as Sgt. King, a lover of soft music and pliable recruits who's only desire is to shepherd these troublesome rubes through basic training and get on with his well-ordered life. This is a timeless and sadly underexposed film, and would only add depth and true richness to the film library of a younger generation. Let us hope it is released on video in the near future.

  • No Time for Sergeants

    • Thelma
    • 11/15/09

    "Helloooo anybody there?"If I remember, this is the famous line that Andy Griffith kept saying while in the plane.Funny movie and a very memorable role for Andy Griffith. Love that "hay seed" character he plays.It's also the first time I've seen Don Knotts with Andy Griffith.It's a "must-see" movie.

  • No Time for Sergeants

    • Christine
    • 10/16/09

    I love this movie and I'm sure the younger folks would enjoy it as well. Truly a classic film of timeless charm and humor.

  • TIME for "no time for sergeants"

    • Roger
    • 10/5/09

    This classic Andy Griffith film needs airing, not for just one reason but, for several. The Griffith comedy was inspired and developed through the character Will Stockdale. Many of the antics exsposed in this film were used throughout Griffiths' television shows and movies. Since this movie does not seem to be available in the average movie outlet arena, this film could be a rare treat for many if it were aired repeatily in a short period of time. Other than that, a film release on DVD would add a great deal of class to my video collection. So, I say lets see this great classic, and lets allow the younger generation in on the fun, I know that my son would benefit, he's been enjoying other classics such as the comedy of Red Skelton, Drama/Comedy of Gene Kelly, and many of the other greats. Thank you for allowing me to submit this Comment.

  • Andy Griffith's Best

    • Margery McCurdy
    • 9/21/09

    No Time For Sergeants is THE definitive Andy Griffith movie. I know plenty of people seem to love Face in the Crowd and truly, he is wonderful in that film BUT No Time for Sergeants is even better. It shows us a sweet but ignorant boy from the backwoods who makes his sergeant suffer and the whole U.S. Air Force bending a little to his will (no pun intended as Griffith's name is "Will" in the movie!). Love the scene where Will Stockdale is being tested by military experts. Also a favorite is a scene where Will Stockdale's "friends" attempt to get him drunk! (It can't be done to a boy who grew up drinking moonshine!) The list of "favorite scenes" goes on and on. I hope TCM won't wait until Mr. Griffith passes on to show this wonderful movie! -Margery


    • Craig Jacobson
    • 7/2/09

    With all the military movies out there, Our younger Generation deserves to be exposed to this classic movie. Though we do not have a current draft, There was a time when you were told to answer the call of freedom. This is a exellant,fun and up lifting movie for all to enjoy.

  • Funniest thing I ever saw

    • mike
    • 5/18/09

    Before Andy Griffith left Hollywood for Mayberry, He starred in this wild farce about a hillbilly who turns the US Air Force upside down. Georgia farmboy Will Stockdale (Griffith) has been drafted but his Pa, who doesn't trust "city slickers" withholds his draft notices. Stockdale befreinds town geek Ben Whitledge (Nick Adams)who is obsessed with upholding a family tradition of serving in an infantry unit.One misadventure leads to another especially with thier stressed-out drill sergeant as well as pompous officers and unit troublemaker Irvin Blanchard. Don't miss the scene with the saluting toilet seats.

  • Funniest Movie I have ever seen

    • Ken MacLeod
    • 12/15/08

    Andy Griffiths first movie was the funniest movie I have ever seen. I'm still laughing at Griffiths as a hillbilly drafted into the US Army. This movie really kick-started Andy's career and it should be on DVD.

  • Hilarious

    • Jim
    • 12/3/08

    This movie is a hoot. I find it hard to believe that it is not available on DVD. I find it harder to believe that I have never seen the movie on TCM. I haven't seen this movie in years and I still get a good laugh thinking of some of the scenes. This is a must see for any Andy Griffith fan. Good old fashioned clean humor for the whole family.

  • a great movie

    • jd
    • 5/18/08

    one of movie history's greatest. laughs from begaining to end. it should be a tcm staple on its movie line-ups. andy griffith & don knotts a classic comedy skit between the two of them can't be done any better. this is a must release on dvd. my vhs is worn out.

  • Andy Griffith at his comedic best!

    • Jill
    • 4/29/08

    This is a great family movie, full of laughs for everyone no matter the age! "Stockdale" was "Gomer Pyle" before "Gomer" was created for TV. Why not get this movie out where all families can enjoy the movie anytime they choose?

  • Excellent family humor!

    • John
    • 9/3/07

    One of our all-time family favorites. Years ago we recorded on vhs and watched it over & over until my children had all the lines memorized. We still quote from it all the time. A TRUE CLASSIC that is rarely shown... but should be.

  • Brilliant!

    • Richard
    • 4/14/07

    One of the funniest comedies of all time.

  • movie requst

    • darlene
    • 6/18/06

    the movie "no time for sargents is a very funny comedy that the entire family could enjoy. I would highly reccommend this movie and hope that turner movie classic channel will show this movie.on a scale of 1-10 i would rate this movie a 10

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