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Captain Yossarian, stationed on a Mediterranean island during World War II, begs Doc Daneeka to certify him unfit for flying. Daneeka explains, however, that "Catch-22" prevents him from grounding Yossarian for insanity since anyone who voluntarily flies a bombing mission is crazy; therefore, anyone requesting to be grounded must be sane. Meanwhile, the ambitious Colonel Cathcart, who longs to be the subject of a feature article in The Saturday Evening Post , forces more missions on the men, and the inevitable strain results in bizarre behavior on the part of all. Milo Minderbinder sells parachutes and morphine from the flyers' first aid kits as part of his black market operation; Major Major agrees to admit visitors to his office only when he is away from the premises; the idealistic Captain Nately decides to marry an Italian whore, but he is killed in a bombardment of the airbase arranged by Milo in another of his financial schemes; General Dreedle awards medals to the participants of a mission who dropped their bombs in the sea; Yossarian arrives naked at the ceremony because Gunner Sergeant Snowden died in his arms and drenched his uniform with blood; Yossarian's attempt to make love with Nurse Duckett on the beach fails, and she kicks him in the groin; and Captain McWatt, flying over the ocean, slices fellow airman Hungry Joe in half with his propeller. Yossarian goes AWOL to inform Nately's whore in Rome of her lover's death and discovers that all the prostitutes now work for Milo's corporation. Later, Colonel Cathcart offers to send Yossarian back to the United States if he promises to go on a public relations tour for their unit. On the way back from the colonel's office, however, Yossarian is stabbed by Nately's whore who is disguised as a soldier. While recuperating in the hospital, he learns from Chaplain Tappman that Orr, who has crashed many planes, is now in Sweden after paddling across the sea for 16 weeks. Inspired by Orr's success, Yossarian jumps out of the hospital window, races to a rubber raft, and begins paddling across the Mediterranean.