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Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot(1959)

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  • What???

    • Linsey Grace
    • 9/22/17

    To the reviewer Katz what is wrong with you?This is one of the most funniest movies ever!And VERY entertaining ..,,

  • The MOST OVERRATED and BORING film every made!

    • KatzEyes
    • 9/21/17

    I have never understood the allure of this film. It's a complete yawn from beginning to end. Every decade, or so, I watch it just to see if I still think that it's just absolute crap, and every time I do so, it still is. I don't understand what anyone sees in it...but what the hey, if it floats yer boat...but it just does nothing for me.

  • Billy Wilder Gem

    • frank r. lopez
    • 7/14/17

    Classic top notch comedy, a must see for all movie fans. Legendary director with a great cast headlined by Marilyn in her goofy blonde comic stereotyped role. (and obviously pregnant). Daphne and Josephine would be spinsters in the sequel. Curtis gives impersonation of Cary Grant (Shell Oil), Brown is the dirty old man, Raft and O'Brien play homage to their 30's films and Lemmon who is always terrific gives his best performance in his long distinguished career. One of the 10 best movies of all time.

  • Some Like It Hot On the Big Screen!

    • Maria Ramos
    • 6/11/17

    OMG, Thank you TCM for showing Some Like it Hot on the BIG screen! Although I have watched this wonderful movie on TCM many times, seeing it on the Big Screen is a whole new experience. You really hear every line, see every nuance, especially Jack Lemmon's moves! He is so great should have won the Oscar! And Marilyn Monroe, she looks even more beautiful on the big screen, and you can see how the camera just loves her, and she knows it. The Orry-Kelly gowns for both Marilyn, Tony and Jack were beautiful! The audience along with me laughed throughout the movie! It was truly a comic relief, a classic film that addresses social issues of today. Thank you TCM for a roller coaster comedy ride! Love this movie. P.S. not happy your magazine Now Playing is stopping publication. I've saved every copy. I keep it on my night stand.

  • Fantastically Fun Foray!

    • Tawny
    • 1/5/17

    Imagine, if you will, a well-scripted smart comedy featuring leading and supporting actors perfectly cast in each role! Some Like it Hot is that film. The premise is great--two struggling musicians (Curtis and Lemmon) witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in a Chicago garage and then go on the lamb to escape the mob. The two create their own Witness Protection Program by dressing up as a women in an all-girl band! Their female personas are deftly drawn and it looks like they'll escape with their lives until band member Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) gives them the distraction of a lifetime. They both go nuts for her unbridled sex appeal, but can't break their disguise. When the band lands a gig at a nice coastal resort, Tony Curtis develops yet ANOTHER fake persona as a millionaire yachtsman to nab Sugar. She falls for him hook, line, and sinker, but naturally, there will be formidable (and funny) detours to their romance. To complicate things further, the Chicago mob boss (George Raft) who gunned it up on St. Valentine's Day shows up at the resort with his gangsters for a convention! Meanwhile a REAL millionaire falls for Jack Lemmon's female character who is absolutely delirious when they become engaged. He's in the money--until Curtis reminds him that he's a man. Enjoy the timing, wit, chemistry, and plain good acting of all the players here, particularly Monroe who displays a range of emotions (love, pain, longing, happiness) as Sugar. And the ending when Lemmon confesses to his millionaire male suitor that he himself is a man is the ultimate punch line. Classic comedy at its best!

  • Some Like It Hot

    • Will
    • 12/31/16

    Reply to Maurice, Mike Mazurka didn't play Mike Fink in the 1950s Davy Crockett series. It was Jeff York. Not a big Monroe fan, but I think this was one of her best. I believe there are two kinds of movie/ film stars. The ones you take seriously as actors, and the Hollywood personalities that cant really act but we love them anyway. Sometimes, rarely a Hollywood personality will cross the line and be cast in a perfect part, they were born for. Same goes for serious actors who we just cant wait to see thinking this is gonna be great, and oops it flops, I watch Some Like It Hot just for the fun of it. Joe E. Brown, Pat O Brian, Jack Lemmon, and so many other familiar faces, sadly we wont see again. But here they are, all together. that's entertainment.

  • "Two Guys From Texas"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 9/29/16

    An earlier film that may have been one of the inspirations of SLIH, TGFT has more agreeable leads and is funnier.

  • "train-themed" films? not!

    • Avery
    • 9/19/16

    Shame on you TCM, for showing "Some Like it Hot" as part of an evening of films having to do w/trains as the main theme (Sat. Sept. 17, 2016). The "sleeper-car" train sequence in this film, while very funny, is only incidental to the rest of the film's topics & action, & was really stretching the point, never mind the fact that everyone has already seen this film multiple times...:( There are numerous excellent films w/real train themes that would have been much more suitable. Here are just a few of the more famous ones: "The Train" from 1964, a "classic" WWII film w/Burt Lancaster, & also "La Bete Humaine" ("The Human Beast"), a true early classic French film w/the lead French male actor of the day Jean Gabin, from 1938, which exists in a version w/English subtitles. Even the film you showed after that, titled "20th Century" (1934), also had virtually nothing to do w/trains, but was instead a soap opera about ego-obsessed directors & their dysfunctional actress girlfriends, boring! Only the first silent film you showed that evening w/Buster Keaton, titled "The General", truly fit in w/the theme.Come on, TCM, stay true to your "theme nights" in the future (otherwise, don't bother), please! Whatever happened to Robert Osborne? He has disappeared w/out a trace!...His programming was much more consistent & on the mark! Ben Mankiewicz, take note!Thanks.A.

  • One of the most overrated films of all time.

    • Arch Stanton
    • 6/25/16

    Marginally watchable. The biggest problem with this reputedly great comedy is that it's not funny. At all. Wilder was one of the greatest directors ever, but this is his weakest work by far.

  • That wrestler is....

    • Maurice H
    • 5/9/16

    Mike Mazurki who played Mike Fink in Davey Crockett King of The Wild Frontier in the 50's. He also played many fight scenes with John Wayne. He use to wrestle out of the New York area before becoming a fine actor. One of his last roles was as the guy who socks Rod Stewart in the Infatuation DVD.

  • Actors name

    • j. unrein
    • 5/3/16

    question , what is the name of the wrestler ,who helps geo.raft put on his spats .

  • Some Like It Hot

    • michael whitty
    • 3/10/16

    It's been called the greatest comedy ever made with two musicians having to leave Chicago after they witness the St.Valentine's Day massacre and dressing up as women and joining a women's band bound for Miami. For Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis one main interest is Marilyn Monroe who is part of the women's band. Tony has some good scenes acting like Cary Grant and bringing Marilyn closer then taking her out on a yacht. Directed by comic satirist Billy Wilder, who did a good job with Marilyn in "The Seven Year Itch", this wild and crazy comedy gets more zany as the mob boys discover Jack and Tony at their hotel. A highly entertaining mix of tricks from the master comedy director "Some Like It Hot" still is number 1 on the American Film Institute list of comedies.

  • Some Like It Hot

    • vintage women
    • 11/30/14

    This is one of Marilyn's best performances. She just glows in this film & is just adorable. She brings the role of Sugar to life. Everybody in this film is great, and amazing film locations! Definetly a recommended film!

  • Some Like it Hot

    • John
    • 8/5/13

    Overall-3/5Lead performers-4/5Supporting Cast-3/5Director-5/5Score-4/5Titles-3/5Screenplay-3/5Cinematography-3/5Importance-3/5Recommendation for fans of genre- 3/5

  • Some Like it Hot

    • I_Fortuna
    • 3/2/13

    I love this movie especially the scenes showing the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego. I stayed there many times and it is where I took my first tennis lessons. Many people in the states probably did not know what hotel this is when the movie was made but it was sure to make it popular. The Tony Curtis imitation of Cary Grant was very funny. I'll bet Cary was very amused. How can anyone not love Mailyn, Jack and Tony. And, what about that dress!? @@ What a fun film.

  • Oh, Sugar!

    • RedRain
    • 3/2/13

    Make no mistake about it. This is Marilyn Monroe's film and her greatest role. She is absolutely brilliant and comedic here. Her sexuality just jumps from the screen and she isn't even trying to be sexy! Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are hilarious but it was Lemmon who justifiably received the Academy Award. The scenes between Lemmon as Daphne and Joe E. Brown are side-splittingly funny and Lemmon beginning to believe he is actually Daphne will have you laughing aloud. Ditto the seduction scenes between Curtis and Monroe. Curtis wrote he had a brief affair with Marilyn and it is obvious in the film that he adored her; however, bedding Marilyn seemed to be a preoccupation back then. I don't know how this film passed the censors in 1959 because there is so much innuendo and men in drag weren't even thought of in those days, much less spoken about! I never miss the opportunity to view this film. It is a real "essential" and will lighten your mood and lift your spirits. Marilyn won a Golden Globe for her performance but she should have, at the very least, been nominated for an Academy Award for this role. I love this film and I love Marilyn in it!

  • Best movie ever made

    • T.lL. Klein
    • 3/29/12

    I was a bit hesitant when this movie came on TCM. My mother told me it was a comedy, so I watched it. This is by far the best movie ever made. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis made good looking women. This movie cannot be topped by the acting of Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. Tony Curtis and jack Lemmon set the standard for other male actors to dress up as women.

  • "Some STILL like it Hot"

    • Dean
    • 3/12/12

    I agree with Shelly about Rob, but that's neither here nor there, except that while he mentions newer movies, this movie is as old as I am, 53 years old. Raised in the Midwest, I can't help but think that this movie had to be so provocative in the day. Remember, if you went and saw it when it was new, you were at least my parent's age. That puts you in your 70's!Before I start on the movie, a few words about Norma Jean. I never saw Marilyn as sexy on a flat piece of paper, but when I saw her in film... she oozed it like non other. While I've seen and read bio's on her and heard about the difficulty in working with her in later years, she still was and always will be a sex symbol. Oh, to have been Tony in the day. I agree with others here, in that she gave one of her best performances ever. As to the movie itself...The work of Billy Wilder is extraordinary, not just from a comedic standpoint, but also from other types of film makers. His work in direction, controlling cinematography, editing and all the other facets are exceptional. The recurring references to the Hupmobile, one legged jockey and other bits are hilarious.As risque as this film might be or have been, it will always be a classic and worthy of play as many times as deemed necessary by the TCM staff. One thing that I wondered about. Why did our heroes wait so long to get out of the building when "Spats" gang arrived. I would have been ducking and running as soon as the first 'Tommy' gun appeared!

  • Some Like it Hot

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 3/4/12

    Monroe gives her most best- remembered performance in this comedy milestone. Lemmon is absolutely hysterical & Curtis is funny, the latter as both a female saxist & faux millionaire. The story is nicely paced & brilliantly written from Wilder & Diamond. A near- perfect comedy. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Some Like It Hot

    • Shelley
    • 3/3/12

    Rob must be 12 years old !!! Might I remindyou that this movie cameout in 1959!! One of the very best ever made !!These actors set the bar for comics evennow..... They were ground breakers that will and should always be reveredI suppose you don't think Glenn Miller's band was any good either !!!!

  • Some Like It Hot (1959)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 12/3/11

    This movie is okay, but highly overrated and overplayed on TCM.

  • Are you kidding?

    • bob sal
    • 11/27/11

    How can anyone not like this film?All the performances were terrific !If you don't like this picture, you have no sense of humor.I watch it just about every time it is on.

  • Waste of blank film

    • rob
    • 11/26/11

    Not funny at all, a real waste of time to watch it. In my opinion of course. Only funny line was the last one of the movie. Men in drag has been done to death in the movies, Charlie's Aunt, Mrs. Doubtfire, Tootsie, none of them great, but all better than this one.

  • Marilyn Monroe Should Have Won The Oscar

    • Adventure
    • 10/4/11

    There is a brilliant book called Alternative Oscar which lists the Winners of the Oscar every year and the author notes His selections. In most cases they concur with the Winner however the Author picks Marilyn Monroe the winner in 1959, and I agree. Marilyn Monroe is brilliant in this film taking a role originally slated for the lovely star Mitzi Gaynor and made a supporting role the lead role as Sugar Kane. Billy Wilder directs Monroe, and her cast mates Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in a fun filled romp. Joe E Brown is priceless and has one of the cinema's greatest fade outs but it is Marilyn Monroe who dominated the film. As Wilder who fought with Monroe noted that it was impossible not to watch Monroe when MM was on the screen. Kudos to Wilder, Lemmon, Brown but most of all to the Golden Girl of The Movies Marilyn Monroe for a great Oscar worthy performance. For the record I also feel Some Like It Hot, Wilder, Lemmon, Monroe and Brown ( as Best Supporting Actor) should have won Oscars.

  • All-Time Best Comedy

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/19/10

    I understand that "Some Like It Hot" (1959) starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe was named the best film comedy of all time by the National Film Registry, and deservedly so. It certainly pushed the envelope for its time, considering that its two main characters are male musicians dressing in drag and joining an all-girl band to escape from gangsters looking to kill them. It also features the band's super sexy singer/ukelele player, and numerous jokes and lines full of sexual inuendo. Although it seems quite tame by today's standards, "Some Like It Hot" must have been a shock for both audiences and censors in 1959. I have seen it many times, and it never fails to make me laugh. Frank Sinatra was director Billy Wilder's first choice for the role of Jerry/Daphne, but he turned it down (a good move for Sinatra - I just can't picture him in make-up and drag!), and that Mitzi Gaynor was considered for the role of Sugar. Sinatra and Gaynor co-starred in the 1957 biopic about singer/comedian Joe E. Lewis "The Joker Is Wild" (a film I wish was on DVD - I have a VHS recording of mediocre quality), and one wonders how much different "Some Like It Hot" would have been with them. Wilder directed Monroe in the 1955 comedy "The Seven Year Itch", and I wonder if he had as much trouble with her (blowing lines, needing many takes and showing up late or not at all) in that film as he had in "Some Like It Hot". By this time booze and drugs were beginning to take their toll on Monroe, and it was showing in her perfromances. It also features three actors with gangster film connections - Pat O'Brien ("Angels With Dirty Faces" with James Cagney), George Raft ("Johnny Angel", with him doing his famous quarter-flipping bit) and Edward G. Robinson Jr., son of one of the most famous gangster film stars ever, Edward G. Robinson ("Little Caesar","The Last Gangster", "Key Largo", etc.).

  • Some like it Hot

    • Grandma
    • 4/17/10

    Absolutely by far the coolest movie ever.Its everything a wonderful movie should have. LOved it then and have ever since....

  • Some Like It Hot

    • cheryl
    • 3/27/10

    This was so funny! The movie has so many jokes, both subtly and more out in the open. The laughs never stop and go on to the end. TonyCurtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe were so good-I mean over the top and so into their characters. Oh they were so good that I would say this film is a definite must see. And the writer/ director Billy Wilder was way before his time-so talented.

  • The Most Overplayed film on TCM

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2/16/10

    This film is on every month. There are other movies we would like to get to, please. :)

  • The Most Outrageous Comedy Ever Made.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 11/27/09

    Billy Wilder went over the top with this comical masterpiece, when he paired Marilyn Monroe with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as a pair of musicians masquerading as members of an all-girl band travelling to Florida after witnessing a gangland shooting in Chicago. The picture's funniest scenes are when Lemmon and Joe E. Brown perform a La Cage aux Folles number by doing the tango, and when Lemmon reveals himself as a man, the oblivious Brown replies, "Well, nobody's perfect." The movie won Orry-Kelly an Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Also starring George Raft, Pat O'Brien, Joan Shawlee, Nehemiah Persoff & Mike Mazurki. Lemmon should have gone in for psychotherapy after performing in drag.

  • This movie is close to my heart

    • dottaye
    • 8/5/09

    This movie reminds me of my childhood. i remember one night when i was a little girl, i could not go to sleep. so i went downstairs in the den and turned on the TV and there was "Some Like it Hot" i loved that movie from the first time i watched it. every time it comes on i have to watch it. when i went to college, i brought a movie poster. the first poster i ever brought was "Some Like it Hot" that poster is in my home today. now i got to have the DVD. wonderful movie.

  • Top Shelf

    • Jackey
    • 6/13/09

    This movie is just always enjoyable to watch. This dvd is always near the top of my dvd stacks. I can't get enough of Ms. Monroe. You just can't hate this movie.

  • Wilder, Lemmon, Curtis & Monroe

    • soulforcee
    • 4/25/09

    What's amazing is that the 4 were in the same great comedy. I still recall the 1st time I saw it: Monroe floored me because I had no idea she was so cute & I mean cute, not sexy. She'd already been over-sexualized by the US public. She sure could put on a musical number & act. Poor Wilder had to drag it out of her though. Curtis looked great in drag. Lemmon hilarious. I think Lemmon & Joe E. Brown had the most fun acting their parts. It bears the stamp of a Wilder comedy. But, the combo of Lemmon, Curtis & Monroe's what made it HOT!

  • MM Should Have Been Nominated!

    • David Atkins
    • 7/30/08

    Marilyn Monroe had been off the screen for a year or two. While a 20th Century Fox star, she was able to make outside movies and after WB's "Prince And The Showgirl" which she produced, she waited for the right film to return to Hollywood. Billy Wilder who directed MM so well in "Seven Year Itch" encourage MM to take the role of Sugar Kane which by any other actress would have been a supporting role. With MM it became a star role and a classic performance.No praise is high enough for the great involving performance of Marilyn Monroe. That year Audrey Hepburn, Kate Hepburn, Simone Signoret, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doris Day were nominated and Signoret the winner. Looking back at the great field of nominees I am not sure who would have been dropped to include MM but surely Marilyn was robbed.This is a great movie, so brilliantly directed by Billy Wilder at his greatest and with perfect pefformances by Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Joe E Brown and Jack Lemmon...oh that fadeout...


    • ALAN
    • 7/6/08



    • 2/28/08


  • In my top 5

    • Starlynn
    • 12/16/07

    I saw this movie on a college station in my hometown and fell in love with it. I told a few of my friends and one of them found it and bought for me I almost cried tears of joy and trust me I was hopping around. This movie is one of those movies that once you watch it you know that it's going to stick with you. The way the camera angles are the music at the right time and the dialouge all make for a enchanting movie!

  • A perfect film in all ways

    • Bob Stutsman
    • 11/30/07

    This is my personal favorite film, a film I never tire of watching. Why? The Wilder co-scripted screenplay and direction are perfect. There are so many priceless moments of brilliant and hilarious dialogue in this movie. Two of my favorites are in the early scene when the boys (Tony and Jack) are trying to get a car. Tony says to the lady he has obviously stood up some time earlier; "Baby, I'll make it up to you" and she snaps back (about his convoluted excuse), "You're makin' it up pretty good, so far." Near the end, when the George Raft character Spats is being interrogated by Pat O'Brien's cop about his whereabouts during the St. Valentine's massacre (the pre-text to the whole farce), one of his prompted hencemen blurts out, "We was (sic) with you at Rigoletto's."Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, and Marilyn Monroe are all magical. The scenes of the girl band's party in the train with Jack as Josephine are priceless. This movie reminds us what a truly brilliant and witty man Billy Wilder was. In this case, there are no equals and they don't make them (with no profanity, but lost of suggestive dialogue, nonetheless) like they used to back in Hollywood's last golden age.

  • My favorite comedy of all time!

    • Ty
    • 4/26/06

    Thie movie blew me away the first time I saw it. It was my introduction to Billy Wilder, now one of my favorite directors.The humor still holds up today, almost 50 years later. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are perfect together. Marilyn is well... Marilyn! One of her last great films ("The Misfits" was pretty good too). I love everything about this movie. This will be the next soundtrack I get. I don't think any other movie has impacted me as much as "Some Like It Hot" has. This is the absolute best of Billly Wilder. A definition of a must-see.

  • this movie r0cks!!!

    • Alba
    • 2/23/06

    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen!!! I never get tired of seeing it!

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