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We're No Angels

We're No Angels(1955)

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  • great farce with unique tone

    • Bill
    • 5/24/18

    The comic seriousness of the three convicts' conversations, as they analyze situations and plan various schemes, is priceless. My favorite line - the three suddenly remember they're supposed to be tough customers, while they're helping the family - Bogart says "Yes, tonight we'll gouge their eyes out and cut their throats - but first we'll do the dishes."

  • Excellent and Refreshing

    • Nancy McGee
    • 8/26/16

    I teach a film art class where 90 percent of my student's had no clue who Humphrey Bogart was. This film is filled with delightful humor without all the language that is now a days put in almost every movie. Even though a classic, I watched the student's expressions throughout the movie. They were laughing and smiling and thoroughly enjoying the film. I think it's an excellent film for class or family night.

  • Delightful Cast,Wonderful Movie

    • johnsmithslimsherman
    • 7/21/16

    Watch this whenever I know it's on.Absolutely perfect,nothing could approach this timeless classic.Really is about the season/spirit of Christmas.Hardened criminals prove they,too are decent when you get to know them.Kindness repays kindness.Economic ruin and suicide are successfully averted thanks to these three kind men who are shown compassion and,love!Albert and Isabelle work well together,there really seems to be respect between them,his reassuring her she is beautiful,even if Paul the putz never appreciated her.

  • One of My Family's Favorite Christmas Movie

    • muriel schwenck
    • 9/24/15

    The other Favorite being "The Man Who Came To Dinner". We like sardonic humor!This is a great family holiday movie, even with the viper! Basil Rathbone steals the show. Our favorite line is when he objects to selling things on credit: "Sentiment has no cash value!"

  • One Of The All-time Classics!

    • heyursal
    • 3/19/15

    This works so well because of the delightful cast.Gig Young,probably as the shopkeeper would not come close to Leo G. Carroll.Joan Bennett lovely as the wife.Audrey Hepburn,probably would've been the daughter.She would've worked well,too.It's been playing this month on another cable channel,and so the so called remake appears more frequently than this perfect gem.That's unfair,thank Goodness for TCM!

  • Fantastic Christmas or Any Other day Film

    • heymyrtle
    • 3/12/15

    This is a truly heartwarming film,not for the plot,but the jist of 3 convicts who are more like Christmas Angels.The daughter finds true love,the villains get their just desserts,the proprietor gets his business/life straightened out,and three convicts are truly kind and decent.Many comical scenes/lines here.Deserves more frequent airplay!

  • similarity

    • jack
    • 3/7/15

    I saw this movie for the first time in my life and i'm 61 years old.The comedic brilliance and storyline are fascinating to me.I also seemed to notice a lot of three stooges type responses and routines in the course of the movie.No slaps or physical contact but a lot of similar retorts.The ending showing the three convicts in their suits is remarkable.Peter Ustinov nails Curley Howard to a tee.

  • Best Bogey Ever

    • sherry peck
    • 12/22/13

    Absolutely a gem and my favorite Christmas movie ever. The interaction of Bogar, Ray, and Ustinov is priceless and the story line delightful. A must see for every Bogart fan!

  • Love it!

    • James
    • 12/16/13

    A fave of mine. I remember watching it last year when you ran it and was just nosing around to see if you'd have it on again this year. It qualifies as a Christmas movie for me. I could watch it every year.

  • We're No Angels

    • Becky
    • 12/4/13

    Please play "We're No Angels" again! I missed it last Christmas, and it doesn't look like it's on the lineup this Christmas.

  • Enjoyed

    • Sandy
    • 12/26/12

    I loved this light hearted Christmas movie!

  • Always Brings A Smile

    • Faith
    • 12/22/12

    Fun to watch,you really root for the good guys.Read in a book that Bogie was a victim of one of Rathbone's pranks,his daughter helped him get the right positioning for Bogie to get a surprise "dog poo" to step on.Nearly fell on the floor laughing.Heard he did that in Son Of Frankenstein,too.A real run on the joke shops,brings the old cast close together.No wonder Bogie enjoyed making this film!

  • we're no angeles

    • john madon
    • 12/18/12

    wonderful light hearted christmas movie. tcm use to have the capability of making an entry and recieving a response with dates & times the movie was on, in addition to obtaining an email msg reminding you that, within a specific time frame, to watch your movie. does this feature still exist? thanks

  • Were no angels (1955)

    • David
    • 12/11/12

    I was in my early teens when I saw this movie in the cinema. It made me a Bogie & Ustinov fan. Truly one of my favourites. When will it be available? (on blue ray?)

  • Great Film - great christmas film!

    • Emma
    • 12/11/12

    Super film with cleaver humor and wonderful actors. The three colorful convicts steal the movie with their knowing glances to one another and gentile ways. The dim but sweet family has a great affect upon them and vice versa. Highly reccommend this movie!

  • Delightful - what a cast!

    • Beth Griffiths
    • 12/10/12

    Amazingly enough, we saw a stage version of this THE NIGHT BEFORE it aired on TCM! What a wonderful holiday story. I agree - please show it again, and make it an annual December event.

  • So Very GLAD to see this movie

    • Mary
    • 12/10/12

    Were No Angels is one of my favorite Christmas movies but haven't seen it in many years Wish I could get it on DVD/who would of thought Bogart could be so great in a comedy> Happy to see the Angels work there good.

  • Charming Christmas movie

    • Gibbs
    • 12/10/12

    Just watched this movie for the first time. The entire movie was charming. I loved the one liners. The actors and characters are just holiday perfect. Even some of the "darker" parts of the movie are funny. Would like to watch again.

  • Discovered Gem

    • David Cantrell
    • 12/10/12

    I agree with all of these great reviews on this very enjoyable film. I had heard of this film, but never had been able to see it. It kept a smile on my face the whole time and I often found myself laughing out loud. Yes, this should have a regular Christmas showing. Thank you, TCM.

  • Great Holiday Movie!

    • John Humphrey
    • 12/10/12

    I had seen this movie before and saw that it was on TCM last night and I stayed up to watch it. I had forgotten some of it and to see it again was very entertaining. The casting was excellent. What is not to like with Joan Bennett, Leo G. Carroll, Humphrey Bogart, Basil Rathbone, Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray? The dialogue was seamless and the story just flowed. This has to be one of the most underrated holiday movies ever made! It should be shown every year at this time. I too would like to own a copy of this when it comes out. TCM, please show this movie every December. Hopefully it will become more of a holiday favorite along with 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

  • We're No Angels - Great Movie!!!

    • Arlene
    • 12/10/12

    I Love This Movie!!! Thank you for showing it. I agree with the other reviews. This movie should be a regular part of the Christmas line up. Please show this again if possible this season.

  • We're No Angels

    • Madden
    • 12/9/12

    Love Love Love this movie. Please play again. This should always be part of the Xmas lineup. Many people are not aware of this movie, I think once they see it, it will become a favorite.

  • Fun discovery!!

    • Carey
    • 12/9/12

    I'm really enjoying this movie. I thought I'd seen every Bogart movie-so pleasantly surprised-Ustinov is really funny in a subtle sort of way. and the three of them are very funny together. Can't wait until we can get this on DVD! I'll look for it from now on for a new Christmas tradition to share with friends.

  • Thank You TMC

    • Deb
    • 12/4/12

    Finally a run of We're No Angels!! Yahoo!! Sunday, Dec. 9,2012 @8:00pm. Thank you, Thank you. Enjoy!

  • must see

    • rebecca khoury
    • 11/18/12

    love this movie, has a lot of heart and humor. i think tmc should rerelease dvd's for sale.

  • Were No Angels

    • Jim B
    • 10/17/12

    This is one of those films that I really enjoy. I recall recording a copy of this on a Beta tape years ago... I have scanned TCM hoping to find it. and now I can enjoy it on Dec 9th. 2012!!. What a terrific early Holiday gift!! For those that haven't seen it, there is enough holiday whimsy and dark humor...As I recall the trio of Devil Island escapees decide to pa a debt to the less fortunate at Christmas... Bogart is captivating and in great form (only two years before his death), and although I never cared much from Ray I concede that this is a great fit for his character... I especially enjoy Ustinov.... watch out for the snake!

  • we no angels -

    • Betty P.
    • 10/8/12

    This is one of my all time favorites I looked for this DVD on TMC but by reading some reviews I found out it is not available I have an old VCR copy of this (homemade) . Its funny, everyone is great ,I love their house and the time period is perfect. It should be on TMC more. I have a reminder for December. I am still on the hunt to by the DVD.

  • We're No Angels

    • Melanie Nieberding
    • 7/28/12

    Love this movie. Wish TMC would play it again.

  • We re no angels

    • Filler1
    • 5/2/12

    Come on Tcm this is one of Bogeys best films that rank in his older years around the time of Treasure of the Sierra Madres. Why hasn't it come into play on Bogeys night?

  • Great Flick

    • Cheryl
    • 4/13/12

    The Cast is great, the Dialog/Humor are very clever and it's Bogart in a very unusual role for him. It's a delight to watch any time of year. I recommend it highly. Please show this movie soon! I tried to order it, but it's not available. :(

  • Really good holiday film

    • Hannah
    • 1/5/12

    One of my favorite holiday films because I remember it from my childhood. I just looked for it to buy at but unfortunately it is not available. I found a DVD on amazon for $46 used!! I hope it gets reissued sometime for a cheaper price!The story is contrived and light hearted, even with the 'tough talk' of the convicts and the death of the cousin. It's just a little walk in the park for the three actors who seem to be having a good time together. Their timing with one another is just flawless. The song, 'Sentimental Moments', is very beautiful and haunting as sung. All in all it's enjoyable, and one of the classic movies that can be watched over and over again at this time of year.

  • We"re no Angles

    • Rebecca
    • 12/20/11

    I have this on my must see list for the Christmas holidays. Please put it back on the TCM schedule, it is not Christmas without it. Sentimental and funny in all the right places.

  • we're no angels

    • barbara hamilton
    • 12/16/11

    please put this movie back into your xmas lineup. what a delightful movie.

  • PLEASE show this movie!

    • Nancy
    • 12/16/11

    I look for this movie every year. It is my absolute favorite Christmas movie! PLEASE add it back to your holiday lineup!!!

  • delightful movie

    • Deb
    • 12/9/11

    Loved this movie. I keep looking for it to come on TCM. Please show the film soon.

  • dark tongue in cheek humor

    • ribboy
    • 12/6/11

    This was always one of my mothers favorite.I'm always disappointed that it is not considered by 'the powers that be' to be one of the many movies shown at Christmas.Don't get me wrong,I like most of the traditional movies shown during this wonderful season.Please show this great movie with a great cast this season.I have it on vcr but it doesn't have that good a quality and haven't got around to purchasing dvd version for myself yet.

  • Why aren't you showing this "Christmas" movie?

    • Mary
    • 12/3/11

    I love this movie. I loved all the actors in it, especially Aldo Ray. I don't understand why you don't show it. It has not been aired in a long, long time. It's a great comedy, not THAT dark. I disagree with Mr. Maltin on this one; I would give it at least 3.5 stars.

  • Superb dark comedy

    • Dean
    • 8/12/11

    This is one of the best dark comedies ever made. Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray shine in their best performances on screen (with the exception of Ustinov as Poirot in later films). Bogie shines as the tough convict whose heart grows as he helps an unlucky family survive Christmas. This is a fun, witty and twisted film. Sadly they never show it when Bogie is featured.

  • We are no angels

    • Kevin R.
    • 6/5/11

    Very witty and funny, it has become a family favorite. I wish TCM would show it again, It has been a long time since it has been on the air.

  • We're No Angels (1955)

    • Narda
    • 12/23/10

    PLEASE consider showing this movie very soon. It is Humphrey Bogart at his best. I have been watching for it since Thanksgiving.

  • We're No Angels

    • Ed
    • 12/22/10

    TCM must agree with Cousin Andre. "Sentiment has no cash value."

  • We're no Angels

    • Sheri
    • 12/21/10

    I would love to see this movie again! It has been a long time since it's been on TCM. Great classic movie - please show!!

  • We're No Angels

    • Chris M.
    • 11/29/10

    This movie is a classic as it shows Bogart's wonderful gift for comedy. The cast is superb and the film is just great fun.

  • We're No Angels

    • Lucy
    • 11/27/10

    This is a GREAT movie and I haven't caught it on TCM for quite some time I would love to see it this Christmas season. A great movie to share with our grandchildren. They too can learn to appreciate the classics. Love TCM

  • We're No Angels

    • Tanya
    • 11/26/10

    This is a wonderful movie. During the Christmas season it should be played on TCM.

  • We're No Angels

    • Renee
    • 11/24/10

    I love this movie! My Father showed me the greatness of classis movies! - I'am 57 and my daughter is 33 - our spouses can't believe how we can watch Black & White movies. We tell them that "Now that was movie making" - not all this TECH that's at there.Would love to see "We're No Angels" on TCM this holiday season.

  • TCM Blew A Sentimental Moment

    • ward
    • 12/23/09

    1. We depend on TCM to show movies like this. It is mind boggling that Bogart would be the star in December and that TCM would fail to show this great Christmas movie starring him? What are they thinking?2. Why hasn't anyone ever recorded Sentimental Moments? Catchy and romantic

  • Were No Angels

    • balaobill
    • 12/6/09

    were no angles. Yes it is a shame that TCM did not include Were No Angles on there bogey fest wensday's in Dec.. This is one of my favorite movies I remember watching. and have not seen it in years. I saw on an AOL pole, that it came in the top ten christmas movies along with Miracle on 34th Street with Natalie Wood, another movie i haven't seen on TV for a couple of years. I am sadden

  • Bogart Month With No Angels??

    • terry
    • 12/5/09

    I love "We're No Angels" with Bogart, Aldo Rey, and Peter Ustinov. It is one of my favorite holiday movies. After last year's holiday season I wrote TCM to ask if it could be shown during the 2009 holiday season figuring TCM would have a whole year to confirm their schedule. I was glad to see Humphrey Bogart as December Star of the Month but was extremely disappointed to see that this movie was again not included in the schedule, especially since other Bogart movies have been repeated. I own this movie and can see it whenever I like but I know others have never seen it and would enjoy it just as much. TCM is one of my favorite channels. Hopefully we'll see it on the holiday schedule in 2010. thanks, t


    • LOIS
    • 12/2/09


  • So disappointed

    • Jackie
    • 11/5/09

    Had hoped that this movie was going to play in December. I've been telling my husband about it and he's wanting to see as well. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! But then again anything with Bogart is my favorite!

  • One of Bogie's best

    • Susan
    • 12/31/08

    Easily some of the wittiest dialogue ever captured on screen. This movie should be played every Christmas, but its charm will warm you the year round.

  • really under rated

    • sarah garnett
    • 8/7/08

    I think they should at least play this movie at around thanksgiving ,it,s been quite some time since I saw it ...looking forward to seeing it again ..I will go out & buy it to keep with my other collection.....sarah garnett

  • Classic lines

    • Bob D
    • 6/30/08

    Filled with sardonic lines worth repeating, which makes it one of my family's favorite Christmas movies. Bogart, Rathbone and Ustinov are outstanding.


    • Dawnmarie
    • 5/10/08

    I can't believe this movie doesn't get more play. I had to go out and buy it. It is very underrated and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a holiday movie to watch, besides the usual ones.

  • My favorite X-Mas time classic!!

    • Henock Gugsa
    • 3/13/08

    A much better movie than the sappy and over-wrought "A Wonderful Life" with James Stewart, although he is always great. Story wise, "We're No Angels" has a more interesting and realistic premise. Also, there is a bit of sardonic humor which is exquisitely delivered by the three leading protagonists...Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, and Aldo Ray. I recommend this movie very highly!!!

  • A Delight!

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 3/23/06

    What a delightful comedy! The entire cast is excellent. Clever story. Well worth watching.

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