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Calm Yourself

Calm Yourself(1935)

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When Preston "Pat" Patton is fired from his advertising agency job for flirting with Mary Elizabeth Allenby, the boss' daughter, he gets an idea to start his own business based on the slogan "calm yourself," his favorite piece of advice. Pat calls his company Confidential Services, Inc., and avails himself to anyone with money to spend on having an unpleasant task performed for them. One of his first cases is that of delivering a drunken husband to his wife late at night, which he bungles when he delivers the wrong man to the poor woman. Mary's father, the unpleasant Colonel Allenby, has arranged his daughter's marriage to young Bobby Kent, the son of a prominent advertising executive. Mary, however, is still in love with Pat and realizes that her father has only financial motives in mind for the marriage, so she refuses to allow Bobby the opportunity to propose to her. Pat's next assignment is commissioned by wealthy bank president Kenneth S. Rockwell, who wants the enterprising Pat to keep Rosalind, his visiting daughter by a previous marriage, away from Ruth, his present wife, until he finds a way to tell Ruth that he has a grown-up daughter. Pat goes to the train station to meet the arriving Rosalind, and when he espies the young woman, he quickly escorts her into a taxi and concocts a lie about having overheard her vile father talk about shipping her back to California with two private detectives. Rosalind angrily insists on seeing her father, and Pat improvises by taking her to the advertising agency building and pointing out Colonel Allenby as her father. Pat prevents her from approaching the colonel, however, but shows her how disagreeable the man is by starting an argument with him. Later, at a party, Mary spurns Bobby and sneaks off with Pat, who is disguised as a sheik. Bobby leaves the party and meets Joan Vincent in a park, where they find themselves unwilling caretakers of an infant left in their charge by its nurse. Believing that the baby has been abandoned, Bobby and Joan panic and call Confidential Services, Inc. for help. Meanwhile, the baby's nurse returns, finds the child missing and reports the apparent kidnapping to the Lansells, the child's parents. Back at Confidential Services, Inc., Rockwell calls for Pat, but instead talks to Rosalind, who, unknown to him, has been working as Pat's secretary. Rockwell inadvertently reveals himself and his scheme to his daughter, prompting her to leave Pat. Chaos ensues when the missing Lansell baby, which has been kept at Pat's, disappears and is believed to be kidnapped by thugs Knuckles Benedict and Dutch. Further complicating matters is an oversized and mischievous Great Dane, which has been placed in Pat's care by another client. After many bungled attempts to find and catch the kidnappers, all is resolved when the baby is found at Pat's, Rosalind is introduced to her stepmother, and Pat announces his plans to marry Rosalind.