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You'll Find Out

You'll Find Out(1940)

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Kay and his band are hired by heiress Janis Bellacrest to entertain at her twenty-first birthday party. They arrive at Bellacrest Manor, the gloomy country estate owned by Janis' late father, where they meet Aunt Margo, Janis' eccentric guardian. As a storm brews, Margo confides to Kay that she communes with the dead and introduces him to the sinister Judge Mainwaring. Becoming disconcerted after the ominous Prince Saliano warns him that the house is haunted, Kay insists upon leaving, but their departure is barred when a bolt of lightning destroys the bridge that leads from the mainland to the house. The marooned band is joined by Professor Carl Fenniger, who Janis has summoned to debunk Soliano as she is certain he is fleecing her aunt Margo. In reality, Fenniger, Soliano and the judge are in league to murder Janis and thus retain their control over Margo and the Bellacrest fortune. To accomplish their goal, they decide to hold a seance during which Janis will meet her death. Just as the spiked chandelier that hangs over Janis' chair crashes down, Janis falls in a faint to the floor, leading Kay to believe that Saliano is behind the dastardly deed. After Kay and the band's manager, Chuck Deems, discover a secret passage leading to Saliano's workshop, Kay finds Bellacrest's will and realizes that Janis' life is in danger. Believing Fenniger to be trustworthy, Kay proposes another seance to unmask Janis' assailants. Under the cover of darkness, Kay sneaks back to the workroom, where he finds Saliano using a sonic device to impersonate Janis' late father's voice. Thus exposed, the judge pulls a gun on the group, but Kay wrestles him to the ground. Fenniger then reveals his involvement in the plot as he frees his comrades and locks Kay and the gang in a room into which he tosses some lighted dynamite. Luckily for the band, one of the musicians' dog returns the dynamite, thus obliterating the would-be murderers.