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Band of Angels

Band of Angels(1957)

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  • You Cant't Get Sexier than Clark Gable

    • Carmen
    • 8/18/18

    Watching this movie I know all the ladies were swooning over Clark Gable. He is so sexy that I couldn't catch my breath through the whole movie!! I don't know how realistically the characters were portrayed but I do know a lot of people who have " pass blanc" from New Orleans. Yvonne de Carlo certainly looks like one.

  • I love war movies

    • Diane
    • 8/18/18

    This is a fantastic war movie containing all the elements: politics; ethics; social commentary; military corruption; and romance. Great actors. Great acting. Great costumes. Wonderful story line.

  • Barn of Angels

    • Nina
    • 8/18/18

    Just awful! Such a ripoff of GONE WITH THE WIND that it not only includes Clark Gable but even has a character named Butler. Filmed 18 years after GWTW, Gable looks terrible, as well as uncomfortable with the lousy script and role. Alas, Rhett Butler didn't age well. And Yvonne DeCarlo is no Vivien Leigh. This is a really bad movie. As long as TCM was honoring Clark Gable today, why not show his best movies instead of his worst???

  • the only thing i think. break out the time tunnel.

    • a.morris
    • 7/22/18

    would have liked to have seen a healthy poitier of the here and now talk to a healthy gable circa 1961.

  • band of angels

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/2/17

    Having seen virtually all of the great director Raoul Walsh's fifty some odd films I can say with confidence that this is the worst of them; just a woefully misguided attempt to rip off GWTW even to the extent of exhuming its male lead in a tired, flaccid performance for which Walsh must share some of the blame along with Gable. Other culprits include a cliche ridden, stilted screenplay full of story holes (i.e. What happened to Andrea King's wonderful villain-ness Miss Ida, the only interesting character in the film?) by John don't call me Oliver Twist ("Please sir can we have no more!") and the usually good team of Goff and Roberts and a young Yvonne DeCarlo who is to Vivien Leigh as Cold Duck is to Piper Heidsieck. Hell, even Sidney Poitier sucks in this one. Give it a C minus.

  • Must read

    • Maria
    • 9/29/14

    It's the article written by Jay Carr on this movie that I liked the most! This movie is hard to take after "12 Years A Slave".

  • Of Its Era

    • Carolyn Perry
    • 9/17/14

    I think it is important to remember that this movie was made in 1957 when movies containing racial issues were not often seen. As one from that era I recall clearly that race and religion were very controversial topics in those days, and certainly not likely to warrant big stars or large budgets on the part of the studios. True, the romance was more fairy tale than realistic, but that probably helped to justify to production to the money men.

  • Shallow and Superficial(1957)

    • nshepard
    • 6/18/14

    What could have been a great film is cast with stereotypes and soap opera quality scenes. Raoul Walsh directs this zany attempt to explain history of American slavery and correct for its shortcomings. Using Amantha"Manty" Starr(Yvonne De Carlo) as a metaphor for the conflict between the races she is a "mulatto" , a creation of a bi-racial relationship or is she a connection for a New World , you be the judge. Anyway Hamish Bond(Clark Gable) a former slave trader and now plantation owner is forced to resolve his past during the end days of the Civil War. Rau-Ru(Syndney Poitier) is the adopted son of Gable and has conflicited feelings with his hatred for "whitey" and the people who helped him. What should have been an elevated film about racial inclusion and a remedy for inequality is turned into tripe screen talk and triviality. The scenes don't mesh or add up to jack squat, as a matter of fact, actually hinder race relations. There is one excellent scene near the end of the film between Poitier and Gable that is "Classic", but other than that this film has to be viewed to be believed or understood. All star cast Gable, DeCarlo, Poitier, Raymond Bailey, Rex Reason , Efrom Zimbalist,jr.,Patric Knowles, Torin Thatcher, Ray Teal. This film is notable for one thing , it is a crossover between acting generations from old school to new school. 3 stars at best. Technicolor and an ending that is totally unbelievable and incredulous, could have been from the "Wizard of Oz" or "Good Ship Lollipop."

  • Great film

    • CmRetrospective
    • 4/8/13

    I think this film was a great film ummm if you are big classic movie fan you may be familiar with the acting term, "swing" in the film that Clark Gable and Sidney Potier used in this movie and thats one of the factors that make this film a great movie. I strongly recomend this movie and I hope many people will watch it.

  • Excellant

    • Sarah
    • 11/4/12

    I saw Band of Angels today for the first time I thought it was a truthful depiction of the way slaves were treated which was so horrible!! I think Clark Gable, Yvonne DeCarlo, Sidney Pointer depicted their character superbly. I hate the way I was taught to believe the south was right in enslaving people it was sooooooo wrong.

  • Band of Angels

    • Roland A Hall
    • 8/16/12

    This is one of the greatest movies i've ever seen, it really highlights history and the relationships between slave owners and their slaves. Anyone lacking understanding of why Americans come in all shades of colors should see this.

  • Exceptional Drama

    • Mary
    • 6/12/12

    I continue to review and enjoy this TCM best of the best. Not being born before the make of this movie makes it even that much more wonderful. The story line, romance, true life drama between lightness of skin and standard of living makes this a movie continue to be high on the viewing list. Fantastic actors bring forth a story of life struggles.Highly recommend if you like civil war dramas.

  • civil war melodrama

    • george snedker
    • 5/16/12

    unfairly compared to gwtw when first released it got scathing reviews,this is a real lush civil war melodrama with a great max steiner score. the great raoul walsh directs.


    • DOT
    • 7/17/11

    just needed to say that this is in my top 5 best movies of all time!! Not quite sure why others deem it disappointing, but the dialogue was prolific & the story line was extremely poignant! Thanx TCM for airing this! & thanx Clark, Yvonne, Sidney, Michelle, Dolly & rest of cast for telling an amazing story!

  • A Band of Angels

    • Albert
    • 4/8/11

    This movie had not been shown for some time and I was hoping When TCM was showing it, the movie would be shown in the original wide-screen format. I hope TCM can get the theatrical wide-screen format print and show it again.

  • Sad, terrible, disappointing!

    • Carol
    • 4/8/11

    I always check to see what on TCM before I drift off to sleep, so didn't see the entire film the other nite, but I was curious about what I was watching. I came here to look it up and read about it. I have to agree with the reviews about how bad it was. Clark Gable, is my all-time favorite actor and it was embarrassing to watch him as he seemed so uneasy and his performance seemed forced...maybe he didn't want to do it but the money was to good to pass up. It's interesting that just a few days before the classic, GONE WITH THE WIND, was on. I thought what a pale comparison. I fell asleep, so will have to catch the ending another time...will try, for Mr. Gable.

  • Band of Angels should have disbanded

    • Cynthia
    • 4/7/11

    This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Much as it pains me to say this about a movie starring Clark Gable and featuring Sidney Poitier it was poorly acted, poorly edited and ridiculous in its intent. Historically inaccurate and embarrassingly clunky with dialogue it was unwatchable. I would have liked to have heard Robert Osborne's comments on the film but was unable to watch it through to the end. Three hours of my life I will never get back. If there was a negative rating I would use it-No stars.

  • What was his name?

    • Catherine
    • 4/7/11

    Did anyone catch Hamish Bond's real name in the scene when his old sailing mates were coming to rescue him, near the end of the movie? It been driving me crazy to have missed that bit of dialog!Movie had good premise regarding miscegenation, but many of the actors, especially Yevonne DeCarlo, were not very effective. Even Clark Gable seemed to be "walking" through in a very de-entergized manner. No matter, there will always be the Gable of San Franciso! The Costumes for male slave characters were too modern for period.The young Sidney Poitier was mavelous! In many ways he carried the true force and passion of the film.

  • How sad

    • Kay
    • 4/7/11

    Gable and could you go wrong? Sadly, plenty! I thought the story was incredibly weak and historically inaccurate, but even as a piece of fiction it was not believable. Gable's performance was "phoned in", and at times almost looked like he was reading cue cards. And, I can only assume that Poitier's performance was weak because the character development made it impossible for him. Oh, and the supporting cast...terrible.

  • It's a Movie

    • Renee
    • 4/7/11

    I so enjoyed watching these three actors and the big screen effect of the drama. To those who are studing the historical errors in this film. If you want History watch the History chanel This is a movie for entertainment and in my book it delivered on that.

  • Band of Angels

    • Rhonda
    • 4/7/11

    I happen to be well read on this era. I've read much on this period of history and the Reconstruction Period. This movie is full of false info. The Union Army NEVER hanged plantation owners, even if they burned their fields. The Carpet Baggers came to the South AFTER the war was over so, for Amish to know in advance that the Carpet Baggers would come to put the former slaves to work for "no wages" was suspicious writing. I don't trust the writer nor the director. It portrays the Union as evil. The Carpet Baggers were despised because they DID pay the former slaves, some of them helped them become tradesmen. This is the most slimy portrayal of the proudest period of our history. The slave holding states were required to abolish slavery twenty years after ratification of the Constitution, according to the provision written at that time. The slave holding states gained power and control of the House and Senate; continued to pass laws which prevented the provision from passing into law. The South was repeatedly dishonorable and it's sickening to see them portrayed as victims. No doubt the writer was a sympathizer. It isn't as bad as the KKK produced "Birth of a Nation". Southerners believed their happiness was dependent on the "right to own slaves". They were ALL Democrats. The Republican Party was established specifically to abolish slavery, Lincoln was their first president. Our country saw 16 black Congressmen elected to represent their states, all of the Republicans and brilliant eloquent men. If Hollywood would just do some research before producing any more films we might have a country united in ideology. Unfortunately, people n the "arts" don't do research, don't care about historical facts. They only care about how something makes them "feel".

  • Disappointing print on TCM

    • Scooter
    • 4/6/11

    I was really looking forward to watching this film tonight on TCM, but my hopes were quickly dashed as soon as the opening credits rolled. Why is TCM airing this film in the "pan and scan" format? It's easily evident from the way that the titles are cut off on both sides of the screen that it was filmed and originally presented in wide-screen. What gives, TCM?


    • 8/30/06


  • Story of the Old South

    • J. Anderson
    • 8/20/06

    This is a wonderful love story of the old south, explaining some of the issues of that era and problems that some of the people faced. The actors, Clark Gable and Yvonne DeCarlo are excellent along with the supporting cast. Just a very good movie that should be released on DVD for this generation.

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