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The Miracle

The Miracle(1959)

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  • missed it

    • Bob
    • 8/28/18

    Please show this movie again soon. Somehow I missed it. Thank you.

  • The Miracle

    • Barbara K.
    • 1/10/18

    This was one of Carroll Baker's best movie. It's been a long time since I've seen it and it was excellent. Have been waiting a long time to see it on TCM. Please, please show it soon.

  • The Miracle with Roger Moore & Carroll Baker

    • Laura Abercrumbie
    • 6/4/17

    I Love this movie. I remember seeing it as a little girl ( 62 yrs. old now). Where can I purchase it? It's been a while since it's been on TCM. Please Show the movie. Been waiting so that I can at least record it.

  • requesting

    • pat wolbert
    • 5/23/17

    I want to see the movie The Miracle with Roger Moore and Carroll Baker.

  • My favorite Roger Moore movie!

    • nina
    • 5/23/17

    This movie is memorable.I saw it in 1960 and still remember the story. It is my favorite R Moore movie.If you love romance and the blessings of the Virgin Mother watch this movie. R Moore looks ever so handsome and dreamy!

  • the miracle

    • ursula
    • 5/9/17

    please this movie is wonderfull programation in this channel other time.....

  • the miracle

    • Gina
    • 3/7/17

    I love this movie. Could you please put it on dvd for purchase. Thanks

  • The Miracle

    • Alice
    • 8/15/16

    One of the best movies of all times! I could watch this movie again and again. Would really like to purchase on DVD or Blue Ray.Please play more like this!

  • The Miracle

    • Vee
    • 7/26/16

    Absolutely love this movie it's a favorite of mine. PLEASE schedule it for a showing TCM, would love to see it!. Would love to have it on DVD too!

  • Wonderful Movie

    • Paula Mahinske
    • 3/6/16

    First saw this flick when I was 8 in 1962 on late night TV and absolutely LOVED it!! Have watcher it numerous times on VHS in last 15 years and I still love it! The music is fantastic and why not, it is by Mozart. Thank you Warner Brothers.

  • The Miracle

    • 2/10/16

    Love Love this story. Please play it for us TCM. Also please get the DVD. Thank you

  • the miracle

    • Pat Cormier
    • 2/18/15

    this is a beautiful movie to watch over and over, wish it would be on dvd to buy so I can watch often

  • The Miracle (1959)

    • Gemma Brown
    • 1/19/15

    I saw this movie The Miracle years ago and loved it. I got it from a public library. It was in VHS format. I would love to find it again on DVD. It kept your attention riveted to it. Its an amazing story, very good actors. The plot is unbelievable. Beautifully done. I love it. Wish I can find a copy.

  • A very classic love story!

    • Joyce H
    • 1/30/14

    I was very touched by the sacrifice and decision Teresa made to go back to convent because of her deep love for Michael. She promised to go back to be a nun only to ask for the blessings for Michael's being safe and alive...

  • The Miracle

    • Cat
    • 1/30/14

    Heard many inspired words about this movie from my Mom and other family members. Finally, I saw it. Without a doubt...a beautiful, heart wrenching tale, a Miracle. Watching the Virgin Mary brought tears and chills. She speaks to the world on behalf of her Son; thus she could punish an entire village, and, a single nun, in His name.

  • The Miracle

    • Mo
    • 1/29/14

    I am 65 years old now, I remember watching this movie with my mom, who is no longer with me, however we both sat and watched this beautiful and inspirational movie. For some time now, I have been longing to see this movie. I am most grateful to TCM for giving me a moment in time and fond memory. Thank you TCM.


    • Walt Treziok
    • 1/29/14


  • The Miracle

    • Fred C. Wilson III
    • 1/29/14

    This is a great movie and I watch it every time its' on TCM. However this movie is theologically skewed. No way on earth (I think.) the Blessed Virgin would punish an entire town for the supposed 'sin' of this novice nun.

  • The Miracle, aspect ratio

    • Jerry
    • 1/29/14

    I'm viewing "The Miracle" (1959); it appears that TCM is showing it in a reformatted. cropped format usually identified so as to "fit your TV screen" instead of the original wide screen format of 2.35:1. Is there a technical reason for that or is it only available as it's being shown?

  • The Miracle

    • 5/27/13

    Love this movie,would really like to know if and when it will be shown on TCM

  • It's available

    • Bernadette
    • 1/25/13

    The Miracle, new on DVD is available on ebay starting at $9.95WONDERFUL MOVIE ! ! !

  • the miracle

    • joanne
    • 1/12/13

    I loved this movie ever since I was a young girl in Catholic School. Everytime it came on the TV, I couldn't wait to see it again. Fell in love with Roger Moore also. I've tried to find it on DVD to share with my grandkids, but to no avail. I'll keep looking for it to hold a permanent place in my library.

  • Such a sacrifice

    • Charann
    • 12/14/12

    Teresa loved Our Lady but yet torn to another life of physical love. Many payed the price in her decision to leave the convent. Our Lady asked a great deal from Teresa. Wonder what would have happened if she never returned to the convent. Would this curse be never ending.

  • Love this movie

    • Gloria
    • 12/14/12

    This is one of the best love stories. Watched when I was growing up so happy to see once more on Tcm keep playing the movie the miracle so my children can enjoy. Yes there are people who still enjoy old movies. Have not been to a movie theater in years because of the violence and langue.

  • No Letterbox?

    • David
    • 12/12/12

    This movie was in Technirama 70, yet no print seems to exist that isn't panned and scanned. Why no letterbox release - does it no longer exist? It's awful when the wide-image letterboxed titles switch to the first scene and it's suddenly reduced to 4:3, with the sides of the screen cut off (note the burning cross that falls next to Baker, barely in view). C'mon, this is the era of wide flat screens! What's with the video people at Warner's (or Turner's)? We need a widescreen 2:55 release of this.Someone below asks if this is a "true" story. It was based on an ancient German legend (which was staged as a pantomime play in the 1920s), but several countries, including Spain, and countless villages have similar myths about images of the virgin taking the place of a novice or villager who wanders off for worldly experience.Some trivia for the fans of this film - Carroll's a friend and she told me how she learned to flamenco in a cave in Spain. Much more of her dancing was filmed than wound up in the final cut. The film was shot at Warner Bros in Burbank Cal, and the exteriors on the Warner Ranch not too far west of the studios.


    • Lisa J
    • 12/9/12

    I remember this movie from when I was around 8 yrs old (I'm 50 now). It's been on my mind, off and on, all this time. This is an excellent movie and I can't wait to see it on TCM next week.

  • The Miracle

    • Arios
    • 9/22/12

    Love this movie. Wish they would show more often!

  • Inspiring

    • Colette
    • 9/1/12

    Love this movie. It shows how God works through us for our good, if we truly seek His help. He uses His Mother, a most powerful instrument, to aid us with our needs. Please show it again soon. A sharp contrast to the movies of today, it should be seen by everyone.

  • Excellent Epic

    • Joseph Debono
    • 7/25/12

    This is one of the most films I endorse. Well portrayed with excellent cast and a story to remember for a lifetime. God is really great and works n miraculous ways to show the world, whatever his/her religion is.There is only one true God, all others are fake or parts of Him.Well done Carol Baker and Roger Moore

  • The Miracle...a Beautiful Love Story..

    • Belynda
    • 6/4/12

    When I tumbled upon this playing in October..I was so disappointed I didn't catch it from the very beginning and I taped what was left....I remember seeing this when I was very young..and it was one of my very favorite movies, I have always wondered why I hadn't seen it on TCM..It would be great if it could be released on Video..and played more often on TCM.... a Beautiful Love Story....

  • "THE MIRACLE" 1959

    • Sylvia
    • 5/15/12

    Can the show-host of TCM make a comment as to the legend being true!. The Archdiocese in Madrid has make a comment about this taking place around the 12th century.

  • the miracle

    • Estelle Cunningham
    • 4/3/12

    please put the miracle on this Easter. I have not seen this movie since I was 11years old, and I would love to see it again. it is truly a beautiful story.

  • The Miracle

    • Velda
    • 4/3/12

    Great film, hoping you will play it again this Easter season.

  • Please !!!!

    • caki
    • 12/14/11

    This is such a great movie and i missed it PLEASE show it again i have been waiting a very long time to see it again. please let me know when it will be shown again.

  • Fantastic classic

    • SUE
    • 12/2/11

    Spiritualistically Magical !!!! I have seen many times, when will it be released on DVD??


    • joann fontana
    • 10/30/11

    OMG,,,,,I have not seen this movie in 25 yrs. It is one of my all time favorites. Needless to say I phoned all of my family and friends to watch this movie. Unfortunately I dvred this movie and not knowing my husband switched to a diffrent cable company. I can not tell you how sad I am over this, and guess what no family member or friends recorded this movie. Please email me as soon as this movie is released on DVD. I don't think I can wait another 25 years.ThanksJoann F. ONE UNHAPPY PERSON IN PHILA

  • The Miracle DVD Release

    • Julian
    • 10/24/11

    My wife and I have seen this movie several times over the years and today on TCM. We love this movie.WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RELEASE THIS MOVIE ON DVD? LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DVD RELEASE SOON.

  • It's "claptrap" alright!

    • RedRain
    • 10/24/11

    What an awful film! With the exception of the great Walter Slezak, the actors are awful, the story is awful and filled with unrealistic plots and it's a waste of time! I realize so many reviewers think this film is wonderful but I simply cannot recommend it. It is simply not believable in any way, shape or form!

  • When will the DVD be released

    • Mike
    • 10/18/11

    Good film--when will it become a vault offering????TCM thanks for showing it. I agree howabout a Carroll Baker box set.

  • The Miracle

    • Henrietta Netta
    • 9/24/11

    i was a young girl at the age of 8 years old watching this wonderful classic movie. It touches the heart of many and it will live on its legend of love. I would like to see this movie on DVD and I have read the previous readers that would like to this to happend, so we can enjoy it for years to come and pass it onto our children. I believe that this classic movie is in demand, and should be added to your selling list and made on DVD. I have 2 copies of the miracle on VHS. But we don't use VHS no more....and it will be wonderful to see it on DVD. Recently saw the Miracle on TCM. I was so happy when I had the chance to watch it again on TV. Its memory is till in my heart. So please TCM, make it on DVD so all of us can obtain copies of it. I brought my VHS back in 1998 in VHS, at Wegmans Super market. They had to order it. I only pad $19.99 for it. I am sure the DVD should be priced the same.Block buster I t hink can order this movie for all who would want to have it. Check there...or even FYE store.Good luck and may you be blessed watching it again.

  • The Miracle (1959)

    • Barbara P
    • 9/21/11

    I had never seen "The Miracle" when it first came out in 1959; I was 21 years old at the time and had just gotten married. However, sometime in the 1990's, I saw it on TV for the first time, and found that I enjoyed it very much; but I always remembered the name of the picture. I never saw it again until last week on TCM, and at that time I recognized the name as that being the same movie that I saw in the 1990's. I am now 72. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing it again, because since I am Catholic, I was aware of what consequences would and/or could happen, and they did. I would like to purchase this on DVD for my own pleasure, but understand after reading other comments here, that it is not available in that format. Fortunately, I recorded it on my TV and can watch it anytime, as long as it doesn't get erased. Please, please, TCM, make it available on DVD, so that I and others can purchase this movie. I love watching the old classics, and to me, this is a classic, especially with Roger Moore just beginning his career!

  • The Miracle

    • MJ
    • 9/10/11

    When can I buy this film? I saw it as a young girl and just missed it on TCM last week. When will it air again?

  • Miracle (1959)

    • Theresa Wiggins
    • 9/5/11

    It was a great movie. I would like TCM can play it over again and I would like very much to purchase it (DVD). When will it be on the market? Please let us know. Thanks.It is a very clean movie. Theresa

  • Great movie!

    • Lissette
    • 9/4/11

    It was a great movie, had drama, and it was clean!

  • The Miracle (1959)

    • Nicole
    • 9/4/11

    I never miss a film with Roger Moore, therefore, I enjoyed viewing "The Miracle" (1959). But I was disappointed that the "Letter Box Format" was not kept. It is so unusual for your station not to keep the format. Why no kept this time???? Thanks.

  • the miracle

    • catherine capizzi
    • 9/4/11

    This is my favorite movie of all time. I am a true old movie buff and watch tcm all the time. I know the Miracle is not rated the best, but to me it was. Roger Moore was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Carroll Baker was sweet and demure as a nun, but very sexy as a dancer. I hope to see it again sometime. I had taped it years ago when we only had vcr's to watch.

  • So Romantic!

    • Christine
    • 9/4/11

    Like many other reviewers here, I too remember seeing this movie as a child. I loved it so much at the time, but watching it again today, so many years later, it was a whole new movie watching experience. I had forgotten so much. Growing up Catholic and having Notre Dame nuns in Catholic School, I'm sure watching this when I was a kid was a big no no. But my mom must have let us watch it, because it was on my TV. I'm so happy TCM has shown this film, which is not a repeat for me. Thank you TCM. Many great actors in this film, Carroll Baker so young and pretty, and a very fine actress. Roger Moore so handsome and all the supporting cast accomplished actors in their own right. Romance, forbidden love, Gypsy's, beautiful scenery. Whats not to like.

  • "THE MIRACLE" with Carroll Baker

    • rayban
    • 9/4/11

    When I was a young college student, I saw this film at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and I am so thankful for this opportunity to finally see it a second time.It's a magnificent drama of faith and redemption with a really surprising twist - the intervention of the Virgin Mary in a young wayward postulant's life.The production is both loving and spectacular and might be Irving Rapper's "finest hour".The cast - both stars and supporting players - is unforgettable.I love Carroll Baker - I have never gotten over her in "Baby Doll" - and I liked her very much in this film.Isn't it time for a Carroll Baker Series of boxed sets?This beautiful and talented actress also had a very substantial Italian film career.But the only Italian film of hers that I know is "A Quiet Place To Die" with La Baker and Jean Sorel.


    • 9/4/11

    .....first seeing this movie in Italy as a 10 -year -old boy, I have been impressed by it my entire life. I am a movie lover and have been searching for a copy of this one for a long time. This movie is wonderful and has a beautiful cast and music. It touches me deeply to see it once more at age 62 now. It is indeed a MIRACLE.

  • The Miracle

    • Jamie Johnson
    • 9/4/11

    I saw this movie when I was in junior high or high school and never forgot it. I have been looking for this movie for years, but to no avail. The movie left an indelible image and message on me I will never forget. I could not remember the name of the movie, but remembered the events of the movie. You know the movie is good when it leaves a long lasting message and you can remember events of the movie after 30 to 40 years. I put this movie up there with my other "nun" movies I favor. I would love for TCM to offer this movie in a "nuns" package to include: The Miracle, Nuns Story, Song of Bernadette, and Our Lady of Fatima. I would love to own this movie with the other nun movies. I would rate this movie five stars.

  • The miracle (1959)

    • Anna
    • 9/4/11

    I love this movie and wish it was available on DVD. I consistently look for it. I wish they would show it on TMC more often.

  • The Miracle 1959

    • naomi
    • 9/2/11

    Just saw this film for the first time and all I can say IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great acting by Mr. Moore and Ms. Baker

  • the miracle 1959

    • june b
    • 6/7/11

    I saw this movie as a young girl & have never forgotten it, but did not know the name, when we finally got a computer I googled it, and to my pleasant surprize, I found the name " the miracle"when will TCM being showing this movie? I am now 66, and have never forgotton the wonderful message this movie had on me as a lil girlPlease show it again

  • The Miracle 1959

    • Linda H.
    • 5/26/11

    Made with Carroll Baker

  • The Miracle 1959

    • sharon
    • 5/14/11

    I also saw this movie when I was 14 yrs. old. TCM had it on the schedule and then replaced it with something else. Every month I check their schedule in the hopes it will be on it. Loved the movie and never forgot about it.

  • The Miracle

    • Pat
    • 5/12/11

    Saw this movie when I was a young girl and have never forgot it. Would love to see it again on TCM also would love to own it.

  • Well remembered

    • s. thomas
    • 5/12/11

    Oh yes, how well I remember this movie, and have thought of it through the years. I am presently interested in adding it to my DVD library, have searched here on TCM to no avail.I have to say that right when I read the first comment I thought it was something I could have written, I kept reading more comments and have been in agreement with what others have said.Perhaps if we can all somehow let the powers that be know what an interest there is in this movie becoming a DVD that can be purchased, they might consider releasing it.P.S. Movies Unlimited I believe is the affiliate for purchases from TCM. Let's go to it and see what can be done. Just maybe, we can all be surprised and happy that we can own this movie to see as much as we want again.

  • review of Mircles

    • Sunny Sea
    • 5/12/11

    I saw this moviie when I was in the high school. Now I am in the late 60. Suddenly one day I remembered this moview again. I remembered Roger was so handsome and attractive in the military red uniform, and became my dream boy-man.

  • One of Carroll Baker's Best

    • Theresa
    • 5/12/11

    Went to a theater in Ft. Smith Arkansas to see this when I was a pre-teen, and stayed to see it so many times, my Mother had to come into the theater to get me. I've looked for it on DVD for years, but to no avail. I really wish someone could convence TCM to either play it or put it on disc. This movie shows Carroll Baker at her best, along with a very handsome and young Roger Moore as her love interest. I would gladly spend the money to buy this movie.

  • the Miracle

    • Gloria Mireles
    • 4/26/11

    Thank you TCM I have been looking for years for this movie,watch it as a little girl and I never forgot the story,could never find it,it wasn't list with Roger M movies and no one seem to know what movie I was talking about and it is know were to be found I would love to have it on DVD but i guess you don't have it,to bad.I could still remember the story like if it was yesterday.

  • "The Miracle" 1959 with Caroll Baker

    • Sylvia
    • 4/7/11

    The writer of this story Karl VonMueller got this from a christian legend. I wrote to spain archodioecse. The catholic church claims such a legend to have taken place during the 12th century. Too bad nothing is mentioned as a True Event!!!!

  • The Miracle

    • Joene Fair
    • 1/13/11


  • The Miracle (1959)

    • Patty Romero
    • 12/15/10

    When I mention this movie to friends and family they will sit and remember who they watched the movie with and how much they enjoyed the story line. I also chime in with a plea to put this on DVD for others to view.

  • THe Miracle (1959)

    • LeeH
    • 11/28/10

    This is a haunting film that I only saw once when I was young. Wonderful performances by Carroll Baker and Roger Moore early in their careers helped make this powerful and unforgettable. I could not remember the name and only found it with Google's list of postings. This really should be made available to the public on TV or released as a DVD. Inspirational on every level.

  • The Miracle

    • marie
    • 10/15/10

    I seen this movie as a young child. It is a movie that you never forget. I would like to share this movie with my children.Please release this movie on dvd.

  • The Miracle

    • Cecelia
    • 10/14/10

    Saw this movie once as a child with my mother and I have been talking about this movie my whole life. Whenever someone asks me what is my favorite movie - this is it! A beautiful young soon-to-be nun, runs away from the convent to be with Michael whom she passionately loves - but he goes off to war. Alone, she soon has a series of men who fall madly in love with her and one by one they tragically die with their blood on her white dress. She realizes that any man who loves her dies unexpectantly. At the moment she decides to return to the convent, Michael, while in battle survives a direct hit and the commanding officers on the hill claim it could only be a miracle. Meanwhile the beautiful nun returns to her convent which she learns has been in a drought since she left and somebody stole the statue of Mary. She is so sorry for what she has done she lays face down prostrate in front of the "missing" statue and from the shadows the statue walks back to her place and the rain begins to fall. The statue had stepped down to take her place. What a classic movie!! Intrigue, love, and the two gypsy brothers who love her Carroll Baker is wonderful!

  • the Miracle (1959)

    • kathy w
    • 8/29/10

    Please release this movie. It has been haunting me my whole life. I am now 61 years old. I never forgot thestory. I would love to see it again. I just know thatit was true in some way. Do we take on a different identity in this world. We all know that we reside inan other place at the same time. I was just a childbut I knew the truth. kathy


    • Rita
    • 7/27/10

    Saw this movie when it first came out. The acting by Roger Moore and Carroll Baker was excellent. The story line is a beautiful one which can be enjoyed by all. Hopefully, it will be available on DVD or on TV sometime in the future.

  • The Miracle

    • susan
    • 7/24/10

    Viewed this for the first time as a teen. A good "lesson" movie. Talk about this movie with friends. They are eagerly waiting for its release.

  • o milagre

    • Yana
    • 7/16/10

    coloquem esse filme na programao, por favor!!!

  • The Miracle

    • Patricia P.
    • 7/9/10

    TCM, why aren't you playing this movie. It's a oldie but a goodie. Roger Moore and Carol Baker are at their "young best".It's a movie that haunts ones soul with it's music and touching story. Get this out on DVD for all of us requesting.

  • The Miracle

    • Pat Peters
    • 7/9/10

    I've always enjoyed this movie and haven't seen it for years on TCM. I was able to obtain a VHS copy of the movie, which I can no long view. Wishing for release in DVD. Hurry so I can enjoy this movie once again. Very inspiring story.


    • 5/12/10


  • the miracle

    • oflores
    • 4/11/10


  • the miracle

    • anne aloisi
    • 2/10/10

    FINALLY !! After 30+ years this brilliant movie has come to life again, I used to watch this with my mother but havent seen it since i was approx 14. would love to see this movie again in the next month or two. I have been trying to find this movie for purchase for years now, thanks

  • Thank You TCM

    • Lynne
    • 1/13/10

    thanks TCM for finally playing "the Miracle" have been wishing to see this again for 30yrs & finally my wish has come true. I even rang TCM last year & was told it would not be available due to a licence restriction.I am so glad the situation has been changed & Such a shame that no-one has bothered to put out on DVD.

  • One of the BEST!

    • Debbie D.
    • 9/24/09

    I remember watching "The Miracle" with my mom and grandma. It aired on television in the sixties. Many an Easter, Family Classics would run it. I just loved watching it. I was very, very fortunate to purchase a VHS video from a SunCoast Video Store some years ago. I couldn't believe it! When I spotted it on the shelf for sale. I dare not loan it out, as I'm afraid, it won't come back to me. Come on, somebody please bring it out on DVD. Perhaps, Warner Bros. Home Video would, as they initially brought it out on VHS.Baker and Moore are terrific.

  • My search is over

    • PATTY
    • 9/4/09

    I have searched for this movie for over 30 years. I saw it as a little girl back in grade school. Not only has my search ended but now my wish is to see it and possibly own it on DVD.

  • An Incredible Movie

    • Maureen D.
    • 7/21/09

    I would give anything to see this classic film once again. The last time I saw the film, it was shown on Family Classics over 40 years ago. Even though I was just a little girl, I've never forgotten it. It was an excellent film. I know that classic religious films like Our Lady of Fatima and Song of Bernadette are still popular and selling well. I think this one would also do well if given the chance.

  • Fantasic Movie Again!

    • Mary A. King
    • 6/19/09

    I only have two movies that I request to be brought to DVD. This is my second one. What a good good movie! My comment is alway the same. I can't believe such a fantastic movie is not available on DVD and not shown on TCM. Shame on you TCM this movie should be brought back to the small screen. How many votes does it take to get the movie in production again? Please bring The Miracle back

  • Fantastic Movie

    • M.A.
    • 5/29/09

    Love this movie! Saw it as a child in the movie theater with my Mom. It used to be shown on TV. Then that stopped. I can't believe that TCM doesn't have the power to have this wonderful movie released again on DVD. Carroll Baker and Roger Moore, beautiful and handsome! A story that has it all, faith, love, tragedy, comedy, flamenco dancing, bullfighting and of course "The Miracle" which is the ending to this fantastic movie. Please TCM bring this movie back.

  • Best Movie Ever

    • F. Major
    • 5/3/09

    I had seen The Miracle as a child and still remember the profound impact it had on me. Please would somebody get this movie on DVD. I would buy it.

  • A Great Love Story

    • George Julian Pilcher
    • 7/26/08

    I was in the U.S.A.F. stationed in Nouasseur AFB Morocco 1959-1961.In 1959 we viewed this movie, since then Ive tried to obtain a copy, but to no avail. Carol Baker, gives one of best acting performaces. Would love to see it again.

  • A Great Love Story

    • George Julian Pilcher
    • 7/26/08

    I was in the U.S.A.F. stationed in Nouasseur AFB Morocco 1959-1961.In 1959 we viewed this movie, since then Ive tried to obtain a copy, but to no avail. Carol Baker, gives one of best acting performaces. Woul love to see it again.

  • the most wonderful movie ever

    • rosalie
    • 4/22/08

    I have been looking for this movie for years, does any one know where I can get a copy of it. It was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen.

  • Fond childhood memories watching this

    • Karen Clark
    • 3/31/08

    I had wonderful memories watching this film on TV during my childhood in the 60's. For some reason, the scene where Ms. Baker's character calls out "Michael! Michael!" so passionately to him while he was marching pass the crowd really stands out in my mind. I LOVED THIS MOVIE at the time. Years and years later I did rent it on VHS but it seemed very dated. However, I would still love to see it again since it is a movie dear to my heart.

  • The Miracle

    • Betty
    • 3/16/08

    I saw this movie when I was in grade school and I am now 60 years old. I have never had another movie leave such an impression on me as did the Miracle. After 50 years, I still remembers parts of the movie as if I had just seen it yesterday. This was a spectacular movie that should be shared with today's generation, since the theme remains true even today!

  • Love this movie!

    • lindawcc
    • 3/14/08

    The is probably my all-time favorite movie. Hard to beat Carroll Baker, Roger Moore and God. My father found the movie on VHS in Portland, Oregon in the mid-1990's I think at the Huge bookstore there. Releasing The Miracle on DVD would be fantastic! I had no idea there were so many fans of Theresa and the fat gypsy!

  • Wish this was on DVD

    • samuel Simmons
    • 2/14/08

    I wish this movie were on DVD so people who have seen it years ago could have the opportunity of seeing it again and sharing it with younger people.

  • Loved this Movie!

    • Carolyn
    • 2/2/08

    I remember watching this movie when I was a young girl. I thought it was one of the most beautiful religious movies I have ever seen. Please get this movie released on DVD because I would love to add it to my collection of movie greats.thank you

  • Carroll Baker at her best

    • Theresa
    • 12/27/07

    In 1959,I went in the movie theater at 11:00 am, when I was 11 yrs old, and watched this movie until past dinner time. I couldn't get enough of Miss Baker or Mr. Moore either. There's just something about a nun and a good looking army officer that's hard to pass up.Please release this on DVD or just play it on TCM.

  • Roger Moore at his young Best

    • Susan
    • 11/14/07

    Please get this released on DVD. My mother and I would stay up late when this came on TV. She is now gone and I would love to see this and remember what a great love story looks like again.

  • Wonderful

    • nancy
    • 11/6/07

    The Miracle (1959) is a wonderful movie. It should be on DVD - a movie of substance, unlike much of what is out there today.

  • Unbelievable

    • Richard Cabral
    • 10/30/07

    I can't believe that a film this great has never made it to the home video stage. I know it would sell if only it could be shown on TCM so people could see what they have been missing. It is a beautiful story and great music too. Please try to acquire it for TCM.

  • The Miracle is Outstanding

    • Jenny
    • 8/28/07

    I watched this movie many times when I was in highschool It is one of the best movies I have EVER seen and I'm sorry that I cannot find it anywhere to purchase. It's a movie that everyone should see and I'm sure they will feel the same way that I do also.

  • I love this movie

    • Ann Russell
    • 7/11/07

    As a child, I saw this movie while on Christmas vacation. I would love to see it again but have been unable to find it on vhs. Please show it again, as I know lots of people would love seeing it.

  • Trying to find "the Miracle"

    • valerie
    • 2/2/07

    this is a fabulous movie and I can not believe I have never heard of it again if anyone has it or wants it also please let me know.

  • I have been waiting years...

    • R. Kroeger
    • 12/31/06

    I have been waiting years to see if this movie existed. A friend of mine in NYC asked me to watch this, I did and I fell in love with the story. I would like to know where I can purchase this movie for my collection?

  • A great film

    • AnitaUys
    • 11/29/06

    This is truly a great film.Sadly it is relatively unknown as it was confused with the Miracle worker. An entirely different thing.This film is adventurous,romantic,sad. A bit of everything to make one enjoy a film. I would love to see this film shown on TCM as i believe it would not only bring fresh material to the screen but would also leave an everlasting imprint on those who watched it. I and im sure millions of people will enjoy this movie. Do us all a favour TCM and try to get the studio to put it on DVD. Thank you.

  • Out standing film

    • Christel
    • 8/20/06

    My husband And I have enjoyed watching this movie many,many times. I would purchase The Miricale in a heart beat if it were released on DVD. I have tried to find a vhs copies but none have ever been made. Carol Baker and Rodger Moore were well cast in the film. The drama and music keeps ones interest.

  • It is an essential

    • Neal
    • 3/12/06

    As a child my mom woke me up to watch this movie.I still love watching it with her.

  • Must See

    • William
    • 3/7/06

    I was raised catholic and saw this movie as a teen and was very moved by its story, music and artistry when the Blessed Virgin came off the alter. I was touched that a miracle is possible to happen.

  • I would like to have this movie

    • David Mendoza Arcos
    • 1/23/06

    I Would like to have this movie available because my mother wants to see it and actualy I have search for it a lot of time without success.thanksIs it possible for you to get it and send it to me?

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