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PT 109

PT 109(1963)


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  • what I think about this movie

    • Hank McCoy
    • 1/10/18

    my first time seeing this movie was in 1963 at the old Paramount Movie House Theater on Ryan Street in Lake Charles, was a great film!

  • Great!!

    • Alice
    • 11/2/16

    What a great film about a great man. I am old enough to remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This film was so wonderfully made. Great history about the man and the PT boat. Ahh, what a pleasure this whole night was. Thank you, TCM. This night of this film and the rest of them, that were included, was a lesson in what classic films are all about. The frosting on the cake, is the wonderful, much-needed history lesson we get as a gift. Thank you.

  • PT 109

    • Michael Whitty
    • 9/5/16

    JFK's World War II story on a PT boat in the Solomon Islands fighting the Japanese. His boat gets hit and his men have to make it to an island. This movie came out in 1963 when JFK was still in the White House and under the supervision of Jack Warner who stressed the facts of the storyline. Cliff Robertson is okay as JFK in a heroic situation. The movie was a little long but the photography was good in showing the details of this interesting story.

  • PT 109

    • malcolm alford
    • 5/29/16


  • What is the truth?

    • Elise Lang
    • 5/28/16

    It is often hard to get the truth out of most situations.What The Voice of Truth wrote here is consistent with what I read at the time.Thank you, Voice of Truth!

  • PT109 - A movie based on facts.

    • George
    • 2/26/15

    This is a great movie. It is on DVD and I've watched it at least 15 times already. The acting was very good with all the major actors. There are a few discrepancies in the film, but for the most part it is pretty accurate. You can see an interview with Cliff Robertson on You Tube where he mentions meeting Kennedy two times, once before shooting the movie and once after the release of the movie. Warner Brothers approached Kennedy about making the movie. Kennedy told them they could on three conditions. First, the movie had to be factual and historical with no Hollywood hoopla involved. Second, a portion of the profits were to go to the crew of the 109 and their families. And third, He was to select which actor would play him in the movie. So Kennedy himself chose Cliff Robertson to play the lead. Also on You Tube is a documentary about the recovery of the PT109. Since there were two human losses, the shipwreck is considered a tomb and will not be disturbed. In the film's credits, in order to comply with Kennedy's conditions, it specifically states that the filming of the movie was under the personal supervision of Jack Warner, head of Warner Brothers. Other than a couple of places where the editing could have been a little better, this is a great movie.

  • JFK Gave His Life - I love TCM!

    • Steve Crowley
    • 11/24/13

    My father and uncle both served in the Solomon Islands duringWWII and both were well-decorated heroes 1942-1944. Bothenlisted the day after Pearl Harbor--Army Air Corps and Marines.We must not besmerch the war record of JFK. He was IN HARMSWAY. PT boats were fragile and many died on patrols. It was easyTo get lost on night patrols with poor maps, many islands lookingalike and of course NO GPS to keep you on course. The boat accident was not his fault, and he sure helped savethe lives of those he rescued. Many Ivy-leaguers died in WW2.When one died, it didn't matter what school they attended norOfficer or Enlisted status. They were still just as dead.lIt makes me sick to read of people who live under the freedomand protection of those who were really THERE during the Big One.Ultimately JFK died for his country. He elected to be driven throughDallas with the Bubble Top off! He knew that some NUT or NUTScould kill him--and did. He was at the top of the military asCommander and Chief. He was brave. Jean Dixon had predicted thathe would be killed on that Dallas trip. He still went; he needed Texasto win Term 2.My great-grandmother was Mary Kennedy. Perhaps my love forJFK is partly familial love. If I ever could be a Democrat, which I amnot, I would be a Kennedy Democrat! He understood the working classTaxes, business and the economy--and how they must mesh wellfor us all to succeed.God Bless you all!

  • White Wash of the Century

    • The Voice of Truth
    • 11/20/13

    During WWII, JFK was in the navy and stationed in Washington. He married a young woman who turned out to be a Nazi spy. His daddy had the marriage annulled and kept the story out of the press. Joe had him sent to the south Pacific to keep him out of trouble. While he and his crew were goldbricking, with one of the two engines idling, their tiny PT boat was cut in half by an enormous Japanese destroyer. Seamen Andrew Jackson Kirksey and Harold W. Marney were killed as a direct result of JFK's incompetence. Kennedy should have been court-marshalled; however, daddy white-washed the tragedy, bribed and/or threatened the surviving crew members and turned him into a faux hero. Let's see if TCM chooses to post this review. I doubt it. The truth hurts.

  • PT-109

    • Gerry
    • 3/27/13

    My wife and I visited several of the WWII South Pacific Solomon Islands including Rendova, Upi, Gizo, and Kennedy Is., which prior to WWII was named Plum Pudding Is..We walked around Kennedy Is. and the others that he and his crew "visited".In the movie Cliff Robertson fires a rifle (a signal shot) from a canoe.When Kennedy fired the shot, he fell out of the canoe....And, persisted in getting lost during operations....I don't think any of the PT-109's crew are still with us.

  • pt109

    • victore
    • 10/16/11

    Except for the sinking scene and its immediate aftermath just an ok war movie. Great performance by Cliff Robertson with only onereference to the Kennedy Massachusetts accent when pronouncing Harvard Hahvad! Still a stream of actors seem to come through without really building into.a supporty cast.

  • Good War Movie !!

    • Jim Burns
    • 9/30/11

    Although I was not an admirer of John F. Kennedy while he was president, I always admired his war record. This movie is great. I not only enjoyed Cliff Robertson's portrayal of JFK but I also enjoyed James Gregory as the commanding officer and how Gregory lectured this one sailor about wars and where they were fought. Robert Culp and Ty Hardin were fantastic as well..I would recommend this movie to anyone.

  • the solomons

    • annette stampone
    • 6/5/11

    the movie was accurate about characterizations of the people portrayed in the movie. when i first heard about it in 1963 i was 7. the adults had seen it with my moms cousin frank ruzza who was in the islands and was taught pt boat proceedure by jfk . we all figured he would know. he said the president was first spotted wearing his harvard sweater playing touch football with other naval personel. and he wondered if that skinny kid knew anything about boats. well he did! i laughed so hard. the movie has become a family favorite as the y all supported the president. now we watch it to remember and make sure no one forgets. by the way my cousin frankie was a "famah".as a vet my dad had a different appreciation of it than i did.i think it got cleaned up in the detail part so nothing gorey or upsetting to children could be saw a story of ww 2 and could watch it and not get scared by it.and it explained what we were there for and why.a great rah-rah movie all around. i love those old movies!

  • Ty Hardin Very Fine in PT 109

    • David Atkins
    • 2/19/11

    Jack Warner toyed with Warren Beatty and WB contract star Edd Byrnes for the casting of JFK in this movie version of President Kennedy's heroic's in the Pacific in WW2 but cast Cliff Robertsonwho is fine but does not convey the brashness in JFK. I would have preferred Edd Byrnes. A suprise here is the dashing performance of Ty Hardin a WB contract star of Bronco TV fame who would also star at WB in George Cukor's Chapman Report and Troy Donahue's Palm Springs Weekend with Connie Stevens and Bob Conrad and two other WB films the War film Merrill's Marauders with another WB star Peter Brown and a neat race track drama Wall of Noise with yet another WB Star Dorothy Provine.I wonder if WB regretted not casting Ty Hardin as JFK??PT 109 is a fine film, could have been better. Great WB production values.

  • PT-109: What a Great Movie

    • Tammie J. Chandler
    • 5/28/10

    I first watched this movie when I was maybe six or seven. I have watched it innumerable times since. Through the last several years, it has been shown less and less on television. I have wanted my children to see it for a long time. I really wish it were digitally remastered, and played more often. I would really love to buy a copy for myself, also. I have always loved this movie.

  • PT-109: Outstanding

    • Kenny
    • 4/29/10

    This is one of my top five movies ever made. I first saw it around the age of six and now I can't turn it off if I see it's on. Cliff Robertson, Robert Culp, Ty Hardin, Robert Blake, etal give excellent performances.I too would like to see it on DVD with interviews and special features while the actors and some of the actual men who served on the ship are still alive.

  • PT 109

    • Skip
    • 3/14/10

    Yes I agee with james, but thats the way they wrote the screenplay. It combines bothboats Kennedy Skippered, the 109 and PT-59,there was anotherscreenplay that was wrote at the same time, more of a serious type. It was decided betwween all that they would settlefor the more lite hearted version that was shot. I still love this movie and as everyone else wrote its long overdue to DVD! If you wacth close you will notice these are not 80' ft ElcoPT's. Their wasnt any left in 60. If you look they did a great job of useing other boats modifyed enough to pull it off! In the headon shot look over Cliff Robertson's shoulders and see theres notmuch boat behind him. I saw John Kennedy when I was a Kid and my Mom's hair dresser's hushand servered on the PT boat two boats over. Herd noting but praise about him.Best President I can remember! plus !st rate acting! Get on with it! put it on DVD with interveiws and production notes please while these actor'sare still living!

  • PT 109 (1963)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/23/10

    Not very accurate and quite overlong, but it is a good story and very entertaining. If you can over look it's inaccuracies on John F. Kennedy's service in World War II, it's more enjoyable. Cliff Robertson is well cast. Good as a war film.

  • Digital remasterd on DVD

    • John
    • 9/27/09

    My dad spent time with John Kennedy on the PT boat during the war. Dad was in the navy special forces, that later became known as the Navy Seals in the 60's. John Kennedy would drop dad off & pick him up doing recon missions on the pacific ilands prior to an invasion. Dad & Mr. Kennedy became good friends & this is the only WWII movie that dad really liked & truly charatizes what the war was really like.I really wish that PT109 would digitaly redone on DVD.Thank you

  • pt 109-great movie

    • bearbear
    • 9/2/09

    I've watched this movie several times and never seem to tier. I hope tcm puts it on dvd as I can't find it for rental

  • PT 109

    • Eddie
    • 8/23/09

    This is a Outstanding Movie.

  • PT 109

    • Kirk
    • 7/30/09

    I cannot understand why this movie is not yet on DVD. Must be some sort of rights fight.

  • Movie is a part of History!

    • Jim McNamara
    • 3/17/09

    I am surprised this movie is not available. I bet if you guys put it on TCM and had it available on DVD you would do well selling it. The movie is a part of our History! This movie also would have helped Kennedy in 1964.

  • Now is the Time!!

    • Gus
    • 2/22/09

    We need heros in our culture. What better way than to share the experiences of a former President of the United States. This is a great story and Cliff Robertson does a marvelous acting job. Now is the time to re-release this wonderful movie.

  • What will it take to get this movie on DVD?

    • Kirk
    • 1/2/09

    Will it take blood to get this movie on DVD or even to at least broadcast it?

  • Pt 109

    • Robert Palumbo
    • 11/29/08

    John F. Kennedy, that speaks for itself. A true real-life patriot who became a great president. This has been a great movie for how many years now? This movie should of been on DVD 10 years ago. What are you waiting for?, unless you're not true blooded americans.

  • Want To Buy!!!!

    • John
    • 8/3/08

    President John F Kennedy was the first president, that I voted for. In my opinion he was the greatest president!! Please release this movie PT 109 in wide screen, I want to purchase a copy for my collection.

  • Honor JFK on November 22, 2008

    • Michael Eggleston
    • 7/26/08

    A great movie about a real life hero, later President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. This year, 2008 will be the 35th anniversary of JFK's death on November 22, 2008. It would be a fitting tribute to honor his memory by showing this film on that date.

  • Great Movie

    • Steve
    • 2/21/08

    Super movie with fine performances from the actors. Really need this on Widescreen DVD!!!

  • JFK Is A Hero Of Mine

    • gabe
    • 11/21/07

    I enjoy seeing this movie(shown very rarely anywhere)whenever I can catch it. JFK was a hero of mine when I was a kid, and he is still a hero of mine now. I think it takes great courage to keep his crew alive, and risk his life in their rescue. I also always enjoyed seeing Cliff Robertson in films. Plus there is a bonus of my brother in-law's uncle being Grant Williams, which makes this movie more special to me. I hope TCM can find time to show this movie (maybe on JFK's birthday or any of the actors birthdays). I also hope that Warner Bros will release the DVD of this movie soon. Thank you.

  • great movie

    • toby mastriani
    • 8/29/06

    wood like to see the movie or buy it

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