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Inside Daisy Clover

Inside Daisy Clover(1965)


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  • The Special Appeal of Natalie Wood

    • Ray
    • 1/5/17

    I have to agree that this movie is an "interesting mess", but as I watched it, the whole time I kept thinking: What a Beautiful Woman was Natalie Wood! Ruth Gordon is good, but her part is too small, and Christopher Plummer plays his part as if he were Captain Von Trapp having a bad day; but Robert Redford really surprised me. His scenes with Natalie have magic; too bad they didn't work together more often. Bottom line: just forget that Natalie is supposed to be playing a 15-year-old, and enjoy!

  • Not too Good !

    • 11/26/16

    Natalie Wood was a brilliant child. Personally I don't believe children are "actors". That's my opinion. This is just not great acting on Natalie's part, its Ok, but this is not great acting in this film. The musical numbers are something from the "Brady Bunch". But I will say this she is a beautiful persona and truly a "star" and the film on the whole, in its entirety is worthy of a "Cult Classic". I'm not a real fan of Robert Redford (from what I've seen).........I'm not a fan. So, on the whole the acting in this film overall really doesn't do anything for me personally. I thought the film was worth watching, I don't believe it was a waste of time and I'd actually like to watch it again to prove myself wrong.

  • Inside Daisy Clover on Criterion Collection DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 7/9/16

    I would strongly recommend this classic movie on Criterion Collection DVD. I like Natalie Wood, Robert Redford, Christopher Plummer, Roddy McDowall, and Ruth Gordon.

  • An Interesting Mess

    • Gregg
    • 1/15/15

    Let's cut right to the chase; Natalie Wood was too old for the part of a 15 year-old girl, and in the early scenes she looks even older than her actual age of 27. But there is something fascinating about this film and the sordid lives of many of the characters. You have to love Katharine Bard as Melora Swan chewing up the scenery in her drunken scenes. Yes, Daisy is a "tomboy", but perhaps she is as bisexual/gay as Wade Lewis, played by Robert Redford. She certainly does not seem particularly interested in the amorous advances of the admirer whom she kicks out of the photo gallery on the boardwalk early in the film. I think the best scene in the film comes near the end when Daisy is overdubbing her terrible song from the circus musical, and she has the breakdown that sends her to bed in the beach house where her mother died. Ruth Gordon repeats her character just a few years later in "Rosemary's Baby" and receives an Academy Award for essentially the same type of role. Every interior scene of the film looks so fake and over lit; the waterfall and awful Greek statuary just off the bedroom in the Swan mansion is completely over the top. You've got to love it.

  • Daisy in its historical context

    • Film Falcon
    • 8/21/13

    Natalie was the sparkler she always was in movies. This story brought to film the horrific attitudes against young women our society in the 60's rarely talked about. I watched with fascination a story told about the 30's set in the 60's complete with the innocence lost theme as a young teen is preyed upon. A mention of "cutting" by an adult, along with pills and alcohol from the one "together" mentoring female, and her admission of being in an affair with Robert Redford's character (Daisy's bisexual ? husband for a day ) and the questionable permission to have an affair with her husband. No mention of protection of Daisy from these supposed mentors or the assistant or nurse or anyone. What was going on in the 60's or 30's for that matter that this didn't seem to be an issue? I realize this wasn't meant to be a treatise on poverty or protection of our young, but it certainly was about a young woman who came to grips with the notion that no one could care for her like herself and she had that personal strength inside Daisy to do it. It was an ambivalent film but one that struck home in a world where feminism was burgeoning. This was an era of Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies and its downer mood of ambivalence was refreshing for its time. Blowing up her temporary (sell out) digs at the end was way before What is Eating Gilbert Grape or Thelma and Louise and seemed fitting for its time. I get the reason why some people see it as awful fluff...I prefer to see it as important film history.

    • 7/20/13

  • Natalie at her best

    • Bear1
    • 7/20/13

    Bad editing, corny musical numbers and anachronisms aside, the film is entertaining and one of Natalie Wood's best performances. You can not take your eyes off Natalie - she's hardly acting and obviously lived something like Daisy's life as a child herself. At 27 she's pushing it being 16 but one forgets about that. I wish she were still with us.The other marvel is the overlooked Christopher Plummer who is the anti-Irving Thalberg and wonderfully cast as Raymond Swan - or as Daisy writes "Raymond Swine - Mother Killer".

  • Cut Myself

    • oogie
    • 5/26/13

    Weak re-hashing of A Star is Born. I recommend the 1937 movie with Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Much is made about how ahead of its time this movie was with regards to Robert Redford's character being bi-sexual or even a pedophile; however, Melora Swan, played by Katherine Bard, makes a reference to a form of self-harm called "Cutting". Non-suicidal self-harm is a genuine infliction that, even today, is seldom discussed openly. Cutters are not attention seekers, but quite the opposite. They go to great lengths to hide their scars, or to explain them away as results of accidents. This is the earliest mentioning of cutting that I have ever seen in a Hollywood movie.

  • Damaged but worth it

    • MCC
    • 5/26/13

    Watching this movie is like riding in a damaged car with a drunken driver swerving all over the road. And the ending is simply dreadful. This is the same capable fellow who directed To Kill a Mockingbird? But - and this is big - but Natalie Wood is so breathtakingly good she's scary. And the scene when sad Christopher Plummer explains the facts of the situation to her, and we don't know if she's even awake to hear them - is it a recitation, a monologue or a seduction? - is worth the price of everything else. Fascinating and weird and wonderful.

  • not that bad

    • jenny
    • 5/25/13

    With all the negative reviews, I have to say I really enjoyed taking in this period piece. Watching a movie for what it has to offer is like a meditation on acceptance. There is a ton of good scenes in this film worth watching more than once in my opinion. The acting was all believable and the ending a triumph!! Hurray!

  • Mostly Unwatchable

    • Alekksey
    • 5/24/13

    Stagey, overproduced and stiff movie. It does not feel like a period movie at all. Very 1960's instead, not very naturalistic, with sentimental music and a clunky performance by Natalie Wood, who seems lost and monotone.I wish TCM would show really great films on Friday nights.

  • Good bad movie

    • Movie Lady
    • 9/23/12

    This is an example of terrible miscasting. Natalie Wood, one of my favorites, was so wrong for this part. I understand that she identified with Daisy Clover as a former child star. But she grossly over acts. The story is quite disjointed. I've read that more than 20 minutes was cut and it shows. Christopher Plummer and Robert Redford are excellent. Unfortunately, the wonderful Roddy McDowell's part was so so slashed he needn't bother to have shown up. All that being said, when the movie sticks to satire of the 1930s studio system it is wicked good. It just never decided what it wanted to be when it grew up.

  • Nothing positive to say about this film

    • Elsa
    • 7/12/12

    Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful - so sad that such a talented cast had to muddle through this! What a wretched attempt at a screenplay about the golden age of Hollywood! The actors are poorly used, and the periodization is absolutely dreadful. Natalie Woods' character evokes zero sympathy. Miss this tranwreck with a clear conscience,

  • Wacky World

    • alison poultry
    • 5/6/12

    I saw this as a teenager, and it was the first time I ever felt stirrings for a woman.Natalie Wood was so goddam sexy in it as a "tomboy." I've been looking for my own Daisy ever since.(She was a wonderful actress too. Such a shame she never got an Oscar)

  • My all time favorite Natalie Wood movie

    • Simone
    • 11/27/11

    This is my all time favorite Natalie Wood movie. I first saw it at 5 years old at my great grandmothers home. It made me become an instant star of the lovely Ms. Wood. The movie was clever and the legendary Ruth Gordon was perfect and amazing in her role. Watching it today, was a pleasure. It also reminded me how much a young handsome Robert Redford and Brad Pitt looked so much alike. I enjoyed it. The beach scenes and Natalie's acting was amazing. She's so beautiful and will always be remembered and this movie started my love for Ms. Wood. I cried like a baby learning of her untimely death at 10 years old.

  • Just Fantastic

    • Marissa Dawn
    • 7/19/10

    I saw this film for the second time the other night and have come to the realization that it is now one of my favorite Natalie Wood movies. Others are saying she wasn't good in it, I think it is absolutely one of her bests. And the fact that she wasn't even nominated for an Academy Award blows my mind. I think she could have won for this one. Christopher Plummer also does an outstanding job. And Robert Redford plays a non-caring lover/jerk very well. Also, I know that Natalie's voice is dubbed, but I think it is the best voice match out of all of her movies, such as The Great Race where it is very obvious it isn't her. I also believe that she is good in this film because she really wanted to do it. She really went for it. I love her and her talent. I hate that she isn't recognized as much as every one else. But, on an end note, a good movie all-in-all.

  • Dark Showbiz Story

    • Bruce Reber
    • 7/19/10

    "Inside Daisy Clover" is a dark story of a 15 year old tomboyish girl from a small California town who shoots to instant stardom, and the effect it has on her life. Natalie Wood is very good as the title character who is discovered by studio head Raymond Swan (well played by Christopher Plummer), and he dubs her "America's Little Valentine", Hollywood's brightest new musical star. She then meets young actor Wade Lewis (Robert Redford in an early role), and soon falls in love with him and marries him. But it doesn't take long before Daisy is undone by her newfound fame and its unpleasant aspects. First, she learns that her sister has committed their mother (Ruth Gordon in an Oscar-nominated performance) to a santarium. Swan then tells Daisy that she must lie about her previous life, including saying her mother is dead. She then learns that Wade is homosexual, she is seduced by Swan, and she brings her mother home from the Sanitarium. But after her mother dies she suffers a total mental collapse when she has to re-record a song and must do take after take. Finally after a botched suicide attempt, she leaves the gas stove on and walks down the beach as her house blows up. When someone asks what happened she says "Somebody declared war!" (I think that means her against Hollywood and its star-making machinery). Daisy says that she's the same girl she was before stardom, although she's now a has-been at 17.

  • terrible movie

    • anne
    • 7/18/10

    natalie wood was so wrong in this and what is up with her hair I realize it is a wig but the colour looks greybut like a train wreck I cannot look awaylike someone else said her voice is dubbed but not by a great singer and those songs are so corny

  • Biting the Hand that feeds you

    • Henry Hooffman
    • 6/29/10

    I know that Robert Osborne kept extolling Natalie Wood as "missing out" on an Oscar nomination (she was a lovely talent) for this film, but w/ all due respect to his wisdom, INSIDE DAISY CLOVER was not a good film (it has no brass ring, i.e., why was this film made?) & Natalie's work in it is a rare misfire for her, because the material is half-baked & she (unfortunately) is trying ever so hard (efforting) at attempting to rise above it. Because he is a great actor, Christopher Plummer does give us a scary glimpse of what Zanuck, Mayer, Cohn et al were consumed by & their strict devotion to product & therefore having the talent function as faceless drones inside the star-making machine. Ruth Gordon is doggedly unpredictable. Redford demonstrates early promise in attempting to wink at us through Wade's unflinching narcissism. Still, for God's sake, what was poor Daisy really rebelling at? Who cares? The film ought to have had the brilliant trenchant suffusion of wit that powered Billy Wilder's elegiac SUNSET BLVD. or Joseph Mankiewicz's dazzling (but entirely mournful) ALL ABOUT EVE or Bob Fosse's out-of-the box roar at the b.s. generated by folks wired-up differently from the rest of us or (less so) Cukor's A STAR IS BORN, which got sidetracked as overkill on Judy Garland (great as she was), instead of subscribing to less is more (James Mason gives an exacting uncompromised portrait of an addict, who is flushed w/ watchability, but eaten up by self-loathing). DAISY is none of these things; it never really takes hold in its antecedent themes & winds up as a cumbersome play of surfaces. The actors are sacrificed in the kill.

  • Miss Wood's Miss-take

    • Peter Flynn
    • 6/29/10

    Watched this film for about 30 minutes and just got very bored by it. It's kind of a drag. Natalie gives a good performance, no doubt about that. The film is supposed to be about 1930's Hollywood, but some scenes, especially the musical numbers, have a distinctly '60's look to them. Roddy McDowall is thoroughly wasted in the film. What's he given to do in this film, nothing. Christopher Plummer is so stiff, he comes across as looking like something out of a Charles Addams cartoon. If you're a big fan of Natalie Wood (and I am one) you should like the film. But, I would think at this point in her career she would have grown terribly tired of having her voiced dubbed in a musical. And, it's not even a really great singing voice. I mean, she looked so much better with Marnie Nixon's voice. At best, it classifies as that bad word of all bad words for a film, uneven. It just doesn't come across as really interesting entertainment.

  • Inside Daisy Clover (1965)

    • James Higgins
    • 11/23/09

    One of Natalie Woods better performances, but she still isn't great. Robert Redford is very stiff and unpolished in an early role. It's a good story with numerous interesting moments. I couldn't help but think how a different cast could have made such a difference. Well produced.

  • Inside Daisy Clover- Another Classic Movie

    • 6/6/08

    Once again another Classic and Legendary movie with a Legendary All Star Cast, Natalie Wood and Robert Redford, Christopher Plummer, Roddney McDowell are all Legendary once in a life time classic actors and actress. Including the the supporting cast. I cannot say how much this movie needs to be on DVD, I myself would like to own a copy of this movie, I would watch this over and over again. Please put this out to be able to purchase. This is a classic and the Director is a genis for making this film in my opinnon.

  • Another DVD I want

    • theresa
    • 1/21/08

    I wish they would just release all Natalie Wood films on DVD since I would like to own all of them. This is a great one with Robert Redford.

  • A must to own

    • sharon larrabee
    • 1/8/08

    please release this movie. It is awesome Would love to own a copy

  • release please

    • shelley
    • 11/12/07

    would like to see this flim agian and also own it.

  • Natalie Wood's Best

    • JM
    • 6/27/07

    This movie was one of my favorites during the sixties. It is one that I have played over and over in my mind, and I believe I read many years ago that it was Natalie Wood's favorite movie as well. It showed her versatility and her warmth and charm. I gave up trying to purchase it years ago, then while watching TCM, I realized that perhaps it might be a movie that I could at least be able to enjoy again via your fine programing. Having it on DVD would be the cherry on top. I would buy it in a second.

  • An oldie but goodie!

    • JC
    • 2/1/07

    I remember this from high school. It made a huge impact on me. I would recommend this movie to everyone. I'm amazed that it hasn't been on TV that I know of. I keep looking for it on TCM, but to no avail. I hope it does come out on DVD. I'll be one of the first to purchase it! Natalie Wood is amazing in this movie!

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