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Sex and the Single Girl

Sex and the Single Girl(1964)


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  • Good Movie Watch It!

    • Jim Smith
    • 9/10/17

    Strong cast with humorous script and well paced action. Natalie Wood forever surprises me with her talent and attractiveness as I usually associate her with the Xmas classic Miracle on 34th Street. Features Fran Jeffries whom I thought should have had much more movie exposure. Very pretty, very sexy, sassy and delivers a top notch song. More humor in Mel Ferrer than I thought he had. Curtis et al deliver.

  • Where's Marjorie Morningstar?

    • Susan Lloyd
    • 7/9/17

    I love Natalie Wood and wish you'd air "Marjorie Morningstar" with a gorgeous Gene Kelly as her older lover.


    • Jazz Buff
    • 5/14/16

    I am delighted that I happened to see in advance that this movie is being shown again (tomorrow, at this writing)! From the opening notes, it boasts a wonderful music score by Neal Hefti (with the title song actually composed by the director, Richard Quinn and arrangements said to have been by Arthur Morton---some nice dissonant chords occur!!) And the extra added attraction, above the general great quality of the movie, is the appearance of THE Count Basie and his band, playing both onscreen and off-screen. It's a cute movie, quite innocent and definitely a continuation of the "screwball comedies" of the 1930's-1950's. All the actors perform what is required of them in excellent fashion, even beyond that. The costumes by Edith Head are wonderful, as usual. The production values are wonderful. The script is witty and ironic at times. It's unfortunate that some people don't like it, and are so aggressive in expressing their displeasure. They don't have to watch (and believe me, there are some movies on TCM that I don't like for whatever reason, so I just don't watch if I know in advance, or I change the channel, coming back when there is something that I DO like---whether it's an "old favorite" or something "new to discover.") Let everyone have the chance to see what they like, and quite a few people really do like this movie! Congratulations to the powers that be at TCM for showing such a variety of excellent films of all kinds, adding new ones from around the world---this channel usually the best thing on tv, even with all the channels that are available!! When I can't figure out what to watch, I try TCM (or check the schedule) and sooner or later there is something that I feel is great to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing it again, and now that I see that it is available on dvd (especially at a great price), I'm going to order that, too!!

  • sex and the single girl

    • barbara
    • 9/6/14

    Natalie Wood is so beautiful and absolutely love her wardrobe. Tony Curtis,of course is so handsome. I love all the characters. Wish we still dressed today as they did back then. Wished they still made movies as they did then! Thank you for letting me hold on to the innocence,beauty and fun!


    • WJR
    • 11/11/13

    Im amazed that talented people like NATALIE WOOD, LAUREN BACALL TONY CURTIS AND HENRY FONDA could get caught in this one joke, tasteless then, tasteless now, piece of junk. SAUL CHAPLIN and AL JOLSON who composed the ANNIVERSARY WALTZ would no doubt be shocked and disgusted at the so called Jazzed up mess made of this classic piece, thats been played at countless weddings for generations. If they wanted to Jazz? up there own music fine , leave other peoples classics alone.

  • Sex and the Single Girl

    • Goetan
    • 8/18/13

    A free-form adaptation of the shocking novel that uses only the title and author's name for the heroine. Wood is Helen G. Brown, a sex therapist who falls in love with Curtis' tabloid reporter, Bacall and Fonda share better moments and dialogue together. The premise and characters are sleazy and initially unappealing, but some well timed gags, especially during the last twenty, outrageous minutes, will be worth the predictable wait. A good, entertaining comedy. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Memories

    • Charlie
    • 7/8/13

    I like it for the sentimental value it has for me. I was home on leave on New Years eve 1964 and picked up a girl that night. We went to see this movie and I never saw her again. I often wonder why I didn't get her address.

  • Sex and Single Girl

    • yogiboo
    • 7/20/12

    I like this movie. I was always rather snobbish about it and had never seen it until some time last year. I enjoy the light hearted fun fluff movies of the 60's and gave it a try.Tony Curtis... so handsome. My biggest surprise was Natalie. I'm a fan but sometimes think she is rather stiff in some roles. But in this she seemed so natural and relaxed. I've read that she liked doing comedy and that she was a rather fun person to be around. If that's true, then this was Natalie being Natalie. She looked like she was enjoyig herself. She had a way with comedy. Totally fell for her all over again. She was so beautiful! The chase scenes were priceless.

  • Why oh why always THIS movie?

    • Cecelia
    • 7/18/12

    On a day like 7/20/12, which TCM has set aside to show some of Natalie Wood's movies (to acknowledge her birthday), why oh why do the powers that be always show this silly movie? It's certainly not her best. Why not "Love with the Proper Stranger" (which is NEVER shown for some strange reason) or "Splendor in the Grass" (which is shown so very very rarely or "This Property is Condemed" (also never shown)??? Please, TCM, wake up!

  • Good fun. Frolicking romp.

    • Bill
    • 6/26/12

    This movie is quite enjoyable. It is classic 60s. It was made when movies could be suggestive without being vulgar. It is fun and funny. The chase scene at the end is among the BEST!!!

  • silly, silly, silly and not much fun

    • ted
    • 6/23/12

    This film is proof that the prudish fifties lasted well into the swinging sixties. It is hard to believe that anything this fatuous and coy was ever considered daring. Well, actually it wasn't. By the time the film got made it was considered a rip-off exploitation of Helen Gurley Brown's less-than-daring fluff. Think of Lauren Bacall a few years earlier in the superior Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and you will see just how sadly the fifties had sagged into utter nonsense before the British invasion. Be warned: this film isn't even good kitsch. Did all these talented folks need the cash?

  • Dear dead days

    • Ted
    • 9/16/11

    Topnotch cast absolutely wasted on coy, contrived nonsense that was coy, contrived nonsense the first time around. This film is really 50s sitcom thin in early swinging 60s guise. The mystery is how Lauren Bacall manages to come across -- apparently without effort -- as classy, appealing and utterly attractive while she plays the hysterical, shrewish wife of a stocking salesman in a fatuous era???

  • Sex and the Single Girl

    • debbie
    • 9/12/10

    I am very disappointed that has no caption closed and also other movies I noticed that CC were less not same as before because I always enjoyed classic movies. Please keep to add CC for the Hearing Impairing to read the CC on television. Thank you Debbie

  • sex and the single girl

    • brmt
    • 8/26/10

    i love natalie wood--tony curtis ain't so bad either--especially because he reminds me so much of jack lemmon!!!!!!!!!

  • Sex and the Single Girl (1964)

    • James Higgins
    • 6/15/10

    The great cast is a huge plus for the movie - Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Lauren Bacall and Henry Fonda, they at least make it worth looking into. The movie is badly dated and a bit silly. It is very typical of the sex comedies of the 1960's. It has it's amusing scenes but also wears thin after about 45 minutes. Well produced, good score.


    • Linda
    • 8/7/09

    This movie is CLASSIC 60's FUN STYLE!!! I find it hard to believe in this 21st century, with all of the hard core garbage they call "MOVIES," a person could call this "Trash." Wake up, stop living in a drain...Natalie, was fabulous and looked beautiful. (May she RIP) Tony, couldn't look more handsome, and hello...this movie was based on an actual book (Helen Gurley Brown). I have the DVD, and thank God, that it came out! TCM play it for all to see!

  • Adorable often-missed Comedy!

    • Celeste
    • 9/1/08

    Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda, Lauren Becall in a case of hidden identities and falling for the girl you're supposed to be writing an evil expose' on? It's too funny, too sweet. I loved it. I haven't seen it in many, many years, but would love to see it again. It should definitely be released to DVD.

  • Miss Natalie Wood

    • Paul
    • 5/28/08

    Saw this on TV the first time it aired in the fall of 68'. Great cast with Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis and of course Fonda & Bacall who almost stole the film. The end on the freeway with Larry Storch is hilarious. The film deals with mistaken identities but had nothing to do with the Helen Gurley Brown's book of the same name. Great title tune!

  • Who could ask for anything more??

    • Stephanie
    • 2/29/08

    With Natalie Wood, Lauren Bacall, Tony Curtis, and Henry Fonda you cannot possibly go wrong. This movie is definately an underrated comedy of the 60s. 16 years old and I love this movie. It's clean, fun, and flat out hilarious. This needs to be released!


    • Gail
    • 1/27/08

    Let's see, Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall...need I say more? Actually, it's a fun film which boasts the presence of four of the biggest and brightest of the silver screen. Where is the DVD?...

  • Harmless Fun!

    • Craig
    • 1/23/08

    I saw this movie when I was 15 and was hooked on Natalie Wood from that moment on!Three of us cut school and saw the flick and I've always remembered it!Just watching the preview was fun. I can't wait to see the whole thing.It's just good clean fun and very risqueat the time.

  • Did not care for this.

    • Wendy
    • 10/23/07

    I did not like this movie.

  • Not Trash, Just Fun!

    • Lesley
    • 9/24/07

    I found this movie engaging and fun. It has adult humor in a tasteful way. The car chase at the end was very funny.


    • Kingshorthead
    • 8/14/07

    Yes, Pippie Longstocking likes this movie but she is only one voice. This movie is the worst of the worst. 60's style.


    • princesslongtail
    • 8/11/07

    This is just another example of the bedroom comedies of the 60s. They were well done and in good taste, no nudity, no sex or violence, no swearing. Just good clean fun. A very good cast in this one and they all did an excellent job. There are much worse movies out there today than the ones of this time period. I have always liked this movie and im sure there are many other out there who like it as well. Other comedies of this same time period you probably also consider trash. Fortunately you are only one voice just as I am only one voice.

  • Shameful!

    • Jackie Gale
    • 8/9/07

    This film is terrible. TCM don't play this trash anymore!

  • I was wrong.

    • Amy
    • 8/5/07

    I actually watched this movie for real. It is as bad as the others say. Very immoral and full of junk. I am embarrassed that I even pretended to like it. THUMBS DOWN!!!

  • I did not care for this movie.

    • Rebecca
    • 7/14/07

    Films like this glorify the immoral state our society is in. The reel should be thrown in the trash and all you like it should have their brains washed out with soap.

  • Dear Diane Adams:

    • Amy
    • 6/26/07

    Obviously no one can get on this site and vote for a film more than 1700 times--there ARE people out there who genuinely like this film, with good reason. It's a shame that you have tried to 'trash' the film just because YOU (one person) didn't like it. I feel sorry for you, and wish you hadn't wasted time getting onto the site to display your questionable taste.

  • NOT garbage!

    • Amy
    • 6/26/07

    This is a very cute, fun film, with fabulous people: Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall, and a solid 'supporting' cast, including Stubby Kaye (I don't have the list in front of me). And the music is fabulous: written by Neil Hefti, with an on-screen appearance by the classic Count Basie band doing a sentimental then swinging arrangement of "The Anniversary Waltz" featuring Fran Jeffries on vocals. The storyline pokes gentle fun at the real-life struggles of many people to pursue (or not pursue) relationships with the opposite sex and the 'swinging' (or not-so-swinging) Sixties, among other things. Looking forward to seeing it on DVD! and on TCM!

  • A very funny Movie!

    • Susan
    • 6/12/07

    I grew up with these type of movies and I long to see them on video/DVD. It was fun and mostly innocent. Not some of the movies out there today. Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood gave performances that personified that era in the 60's. Especially the games that men and women used to play. Plus, at that time, women were just beginning to understand the sexual revolution. It's a fun movie and the book it was based on, was indeed an eye opener for that time. I for one will definitely buy it. Bring it out on DVD soon!

  • Horrible! Pure trash. How did it get here?

    • Dianne Adams
    • 4/21/07

    This waste of film is pure garbage. Somebody must keep voting for it by their self as I don't think there are over 1500 people with this bad of taste. YUCK! It should be burned in the trash not burned onto a DVD.

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