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Dear Heart

Dear Heart(1964)

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  • Post Cards

    • Robin Halsey
    • 5/8/17

    Took me a while but figured out who the "June" of the post-card desk was. Barbara Nichols, she died at 48 of liver disease; was an actress, singer, and stripper. She played the antagonist/stripper in "Where The Boys Are" in 1960 and this film just four years later. I agree, this should have been filmed in color. Hotel rooms in NYC for $12 and get the size of the apartment he was able to secure in only one afternoon! Who doesn't just love Glenn Ford? His "nervous" films though sometimes get on my nerves (Fastest Gun Alive; Young Man With Ideas, to name a few). I could just watch this and Courtship over and over again; and most all his other movies! This story is heartwarming and hopeful for those who give more than they receive; sometimes the reward does follow.

  • seeing double

    • cook
    • 5/1/17

    I was very drawn in by this film. There was so much housework and errands to do today, that I did not need to get sucked into the tv. But it happened again, of course!! I just had to see what would happen to dear, sweet, giving, Evie. I'm so glad to see the good guy (gal) got the prize. And it was hilarious to see the two Mrs. Kravitz (Bewitched) in the same scene. At least I think it was them!!!Thanks again, TCM

  • love finds bimbo jones

    • don
    • 4/22/17

    This could have been a lot worse than it is. A good cast and director make what could have been a cloyingly self conscious romp, a warm and somewhat charming film. My takes: color would have helped, Patricia Barry needed more screen time... the best segment! And my personal favorite... hotel rooms in NYC going for $12.50.

  • Love Arrives Late But Arrives At Last

    • Gary
    • 3/16/17

    Although this film was released in 1964, I would guess that it was made in 1963 and depicted New York City with the Old Penn Station with its massive stone work before it was demolished. The film was wonderful and although I saw it as a child and again as a grown man, it always struck me that this film has stayed so powerful, whereby no matter how old someone is, there is always a possibility of finding someone who just clicks with someone else despite the age of the participants and the passing of time. This film should be shown more often as it is measured in pace and comedy. A great film to see with friends on a Saturday night at home.

  • One of My All-Time Favorites

    • Peri
    • 6/25/16

    I watch this wonderful film every time it is on. The warm-hearted and giving Evie is a character from whom we can all learn a lesson in kindness. A feel good romantic story topped with generous sprinkles of comedy with a great soundtrack to match. I always water up at the tender ending. Great viewing!

  • Quirky, endearing

    • Erika
    • 6/17/15

    I absolutely love this film. Geraldine Page as Evie Jackson, is such a warm, caring and generous person. I call her character quirky, but she is perceptive and genuine. She marches to her own drum. This film ought to be played more often.

  • Dear heart on DVD!

    • Yuka
    • 2/6/14

    Thanks to Warner Archive Collection, Dear Heart DVD is now available!

  • Corn Souffl´┐Ż Kabuki

    • Johann Cat
    • 1/28/14

    I was compelled to watch this by our man Robert Osborne,whom I admire and often agree with, but not here. I am immune to this strange movie's charms,though it is a fascinating historical document.I found both actors, though in some profound sense very effective,creative not of amusing or fun people but expert in making weird, repressed figures,both barely human, suggestive more of early Mad Men era print advertising come to life.Paige's chronic ditzyness, a sort of Ohio Kabuki, is a kind of sad abstraction based on whatTV advertising and Family Circle-type magazines told middle class women to be(she's waiting in stilted passivity for Ford or his equivalent to hit her like a truck,somehow); Ford plays (I couldn't tell if he was acting or dying piecemeal to finish this movie)an inexplicably glum, vacant, sexless manwho is nonetheless magnetically attracted the Paige character(for he "moves" toward her at a glacial pace--that is the whole movie).Why? What excites these people? They both seem designed by General Foodsand could be made of fake cheese. This movie is the absolute,late-baroque height of 50s uptight sexless-nessin the service of some large, industrial mandate for conformity.The bizarre thing is that it is from 1964. This movie explains the appeal of the Beatles.

  • Dear heart

    • Jmyers
    • 1/5/14

    Loved this movie .....would love to have a DVD of it

  • Dear Heart

    • Roxane
    • 12/12/13

    Please put Dear Heart on DVD. It is a great movie!

  • Dear heart on DVD?

    • Elaine Carson
    • 12/2/13

    Please put this film on DVD have an audience for it.

  • Dear heart dvd?

    • Elaine Carson
    • 12/2/13

    Please put this film on DVD have an audience for it.

  • Put dear heart ON DVD

    • Beth casale
    • 12/2/13

    This is a great movie, please put it on DVD . No one has VHS anymore and there's an audience for this great film,But no one can see it until you put it on DVD !

  • dear heart on DVD

    • AB
    • 11/10/13

    Please for the fans still waiting for the chance to see this film who don't own a vhs recorder. Please make this classic DVD.

  • Dear Heart DVD Availability

    • B Wilson
    • 11/2/13

    Please make Dear Heart with Glenn Ford available for purchase. I saw it once on TCM; it needs to be made available! It is a treasure!

  • Dear Heart 1964 with Glenn Ford, Geraldine Page

    • Ted Strickland
    • 10/2/13

    Why hasn't this movie been made available...It is probably Glenn Ford's best work... The great Geraldine Page,has never been more appealing as the lonely post office employee at a convention for postal employees. I noticed it's for sale on Amazon for some ridiculous price of like 200.00 They've got to be nuts

  • Dear Heart , a hidden gem of a movie!

    • Jean
    • 9/10/13

    I remembered this movie from my childhood days at the Saturday afternoon matinee. This story is poignant and it reminds me of days past where two people could actually meet innocently and love develop over time. No nudity, no vulgarity, no profanity and it was still entertaining. Imagine that in today's world!!!!I would like to purchase this movie, but I cannot find it anywhere?

  • Dear Hear Needs to be on DVD to purchase!

    • Diane
    • 5/3/13

    This movie is one of the most sweet and romantic movies I have ever seen. I only got to see it once and cannot find it on the TCM schedule or on the On-Demand movies available. I want to be able to watch this movie whenever I can. It is the type of movie that will lift you out of a bad mood or just make your good mood better. It shows that good people do succeed sometimes......

  • You can find this movie here

    • Lisa Chandler
    • 4/24/13

  • Dear Heart

    • Gilda Randal
    • 4/20/13

    I am very frustrated that this wonderful movie with Glenn Ford, Geraldine Page and a wonderful supporting cast is not available for DVD purchase. I happened to have caught the movie playing and could tell after a few minutes that I really liked the story. However when I tuned in the movie was about a half hour into the story. Regretfully I didn't check soon enough to see when it would play again or would have recorded even a partial portion. That's how much I enjoyed this movie. I had never seen it before and I watch the TCM channel quite often. I've been checking for a couple of months--so far no luck being shown on TV. I have called various places trying to purchase this movie as well as checking online. I love this movie. Please make Dear Heart available for purchase.

  • Dear Heart

    • Evelyn George
    • 4/7/13

    This is a real feel good movie ! How do I buy it ?

  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

    • Linda Nitzschke
    • 3/27/13

    Mooserider, don't let the government's obvious, horrible failings (esp. the current administration's) take away every good thing in life, such as the enjoyment of watching the two kind, lonely people in this film finding each other. This administration is trying to take everything from us....don't let them take your enjoyment of watching a simple movie yet, too, just because part of the movie may contain a reminder of all government's shortcomings...not to mention everyone in Hollywood buying into what is currently being spewed over and over again by the one sitting (and doing little more than sitting) in this nation's highest office. When our next generation can no longer even afford to go to the movies, maybe things will change in Hollywood, at least. Me...I will always prefer these old movies to the current ones. Thank You, TCM.

  • Doesn't Anyone else find this film a bit annoying?

    • Mooserider
    • 3/26/13

    This film is, in part, about a rather irritating, meddlesome post mistress who is in New York for a Post Master's Convention. Imagine that?When I first saw this film, I thought the Postal Convention premise to be absurd. Unfortunately, Postal Conventions have recently been in the news as the Post Office has been losing $billions and wasting $millions on their useless conventions. Maybe I find this film and characters to even be more annoying, since it may reflect a current sad reality.

  • Dear Heart

    • jerry b.
    • 3/26/13

    The stars of this movie are well matched; the musical theme is great; it is not a well-known movie andshould be. Let's keep it simple: it makes me feel good to watch this film from time to time; it is just a nice, nice movie.

  • Dear Heart Movie

    • Michelle
    • 11/8/12

    Shameful that this has not yet been released on DVD!!!! Along with "Love With the Proper Stranger", Love Among the Ruins", and the original "The Secret Garden", it is a screen gem. It rings with simple truth and no over acting which sometimes happens with these two stars. It is still where it should be still and loud where it should be loud!!!

  • Quirky Romance

    • Terry
    • 10/21/12

    Geraldine Page and Glenn Ford are terrific as an 'older' couple who unexpectedly find love at a Postmasters convention in New York City. Lots of great supporting actors too!

  • The Song is Over, but the Melody Lingers On.

    • Jill Drapcho
    • 10/20/12

    Saw a sneak preview of this movie when I was 19 & it has stayed with me all this time. Still seems to be refreshingly honest in its portrayal of middle age and loneliness. Wish it were on DVD so I could share it on a movie night in Florida!

  • dear heart

    • hans franz
    • 10/8/12

    this is a great old fashion love story its basic and simple but its the kind of movie it doesnt not give you a bad taste in your mouth no killing no swearing the kind of love affair some people have in there life i just cant understand why it isnt available in stores or on tcm

  • Deqr Heart Geraldine Page and Glen Ford

    • Margaret McLaughlin
    • 7/18/12

    Wonderful movie. Loved Geraldine Page and Glen Ford together. I hope it comes out in DVD. It is nice to see a movie and not be offended by overt sex and foul language.

  • Enduring love story

    • Susan Fong
    • 7/14/12

    I am 54 years old, happily married, and love classic movies (especially the romantic ones). My mother introduced me to old movies when I was in high school. And now with each passing year, I am so grateful that she did. I appreciate the artistry and emotional power of the classic movies, and "Dear Heart" is no exception.I had the privilege of seeing this movie for the first time last year thanks to TCM showing it. And I just watched it again on TCM. This is a mature love story about two middle-aged strangers who cross paths while staying at a New York hotel. The character played by Glenn Ford is engaged when he happens to meet a single lady postmaster attending a convention. Circumstances keep throwing them together and ever so tentatively a romance buds. I will not divulge the ending. You'll have to watch for yourself.Geraldine Page is outstanding in the role of Evie, the warm, quirky, and wonderfully decent single working gal who has been unlucky in love. While Glenn Ford is her perfect match as Harry the perennial bachelor who is trying to settle down. All the elements including the direction by Delbert Mann, screenplay, supporting cast, sets, costumes, and photography are all first rate. And the beautiful and poignant score by Henry Mancini is unforgettable. (Mancini should be considered as one of the great American composers of the 20th century).For the most part, current movies do not stir your heart or stay with you the way that a sincere and deceptively simple love story such as "Dear Heart" can. Thank goodness that movies like that were made, and that we can still enjoy them thanks to TCM and DVD's. And by the way, please make this enduring love story available on DVD.

  • charming love story

    • barbara
    • 7/13/12

    Delightful surprise. It is a real and sophisticated take on adult love.

  • Love it!

    • Santia
    • 7/13/12

    I saw this movie today for the first time. What a wonderful history. I know that this will be one movie that I will watch over and over again.I love TMC!!

  • Simply beautiful film!

    • RedRain
    • 7/13/12

    Outstanding film and a cautionary tale for married men and women. I love this film and have seen it countless times. It restores your faith in people who are kind and gentle and it makes you want to be a better person - just like Evie. Too many people take a marriage of long-standing for granted. Children leave and the wife has nothing better to do than find fault with not only her husband but everything else. The husband becomes completely disenchanted and then meets someone who is willing to live a simple life and the husband realizes he no longer has to put up with a carping wife. This is the essential plot of this film and Geraldine Page and Glenn Ford are just terrific here. An outstanding supporting cast amply fleshes the film out and makes it what it is. Spend an hour and a half watching this film. You will be glad you did!

  • Dear Heart

    • Shelia
    • 5/1/12

    My review on the movie, Dear Heart, which it a wonderful movie. I have seen this movie many times and I enjoy very much. I would like tp purchase this movie on DVD and have it in my personal collection. Glenn Ford and Geraldine Paige played excellent roles in this movie and tried to find love. I recommend this movie to everyone.

  • 1st time I watched it...

    • Kathy
    • 5/1/12

    Fell in love with this movie!

  • A simple and wonderful love story

    • Bryan
    • 5/1/12

    I had not planned to watch Dear Heart but turned it on on the spur of the moment. What a wonderful and touching love story. I hope that it comes out on dvd. I would love for my wife to see it.

  • Love the movie "Dear Heart:"

    • Roxanne Taylor
    • 5/1/12

    Haven't seen movie for years. Love seeing it again. I use to have a crush on Glenn Ford!

  • Dear Heart

    • Nancy
    • 5/1/12

    A classic that really needs to be on dvd for home viewing..............Glenn Ford and Geralding Page are teriffic. I could watch it over and over.

  • The movie Dear Heart

    • Debbie
    • 12/21/11

    Love that movie...Will it ever come out on DVD?it seems to be a forgotten classic..Geraldine Page,Glenn Ford,..Awesome!

  • Dear Heart -- Great Movie!

    • Linda
    • 12/19/11

    I loved this movie when I first saw it as a teen-ager. I love it still more than 40 years later. A great performance by Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page -- beautiful music by Henry Mancini. This one is a real winner!

  • Great Movie

    • JAT
    • 12/4/11

    I really enjoyed this movie. Too bad it's unavailable on DVD/ Blu-Ray. I hope TCM shows it again soon.

  • A lovely film

    • jay nixon
    • 12/1/11

    Sweet, gentle comedy drama with a beautiful performance from Geraldine Page. Her Evie is a tender creature interested in life and people who is so open that you're sure she will be crushed but somehow manages to be rewarded with love at long last. Glenn Ford who sometimes came across as a brash jerk is also very good here as a vunerable man at a crossroads who happens to meet his soulmate at just the right time. Great supporting cast with some of the best character actresses in the business in small parts.

  • What an endearing movie

    • S. Thomas
    • 10/16/11

    What a sweet pair those two, Page and Ford, were in this movie. Talk about When Harry Met Sally, I like to think that this is when Evie met Harry. It is certainly a movie I like to see from time to time.

  • Touching and Wonderful Movie

    • Anne
    • 8/12/11

    I hope that TCM will have this movie again on soon.

  • Wonderful Movie!

    • Pat
    • 6/14/11

    Wish it were on dvd!! Geraldine Page was such a great actress!! Another of hers I loved was "Trip to Bountiful!" Glen Ford...the best! Also a most perfect song!

  • Dear Heart Where Are You?

    • Terriers2
    • 6/11/11

    I have watched the movie "Dear Heart" with Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page at least 20 times (well, maybe a slight exaggeration!) since it was played on TCM a few months ago. I fall in love all over again every time I see the innocent Evie discovering the one true love of her (sheltered) world, Harry. The character of Evie is just so sweet. She sees the world through rose colored glasses to coin an overused but very appropriate phrase. Evie bonds with all those around her with true care and concern. Everyone that meets her cannot help but to love her for her goodness. Harry is a bit more worldly, and yet, he really is not much different than Evie in his quest for love. He has just looked for love in all the wrong places, that is, until he met "her". Harry is enthralled and somewhat irritated with the independent, outspoken "postmistress" (that sounds a bit racy!). He doesn't know whether to admonish her for barging through a door before he had the chance to open it, or to grab her and kiss her with all the desire she stirs up in him. For the both of them, it is a very complicated, yet simplistic relationship. Geraldine Page brings a sense of realism and beauty to Evie as she captures the loneliness of someone with much to give. Glenn Ford, always elegant, is made to look somewhat of a shmuck in the way he treats ladies, but redeems himself when he figures out what love is all about, and that love is named Evie. I am so hoping that this lost treasure will soon be released on DVD. Too many are missing out on a truly splendid love story. Any help on getting it circulating TCM? If you have not taken the time to watch "Dear Heart", do it. You, too, will want to watch it 20, or even 21 times!

  • Dear Heart

    • Diane Hollinger Kulp
    • 4/29/11

    Thank you, it was so good to see this movie again.

  • Marvelous Geraldine Page

    • David Atkins
    • 3/2/11

    Warner Bros filmed this lovely movie starring one of the greatest actresses of recent times, the late great Geraldine Page. Ms. Page while never a big movie star was an accomplished actress with Summer and Smoke, Sweet Bird of Youth and Dear Heart as a trilogy of talent. This Delbert Mann movie sticks with you long after it is over and is cast with wonderful actors such as Barbara Nichols. Glenn Ford who was a busy star in the 60's and the reliable Angela Lansbury also star. Kudos to all, but mostly to Miss Geraldine Page who makes Dear Heart a memorable film.

  • Dear heart

    • Lynn
    • 2/2/11

    Have missed seeing this movie for years! It is nowhere to be found! So charming and funny, and Angela Lansbury in a small, but notable role. Thank you, TCM! Have been wishing you would run this, and now you are!

  • Dear Heart

    • Lora
    • 1/13/11

    Love this movie! Have been requesting TCM for years to show Dear Heart, and now you are. Thank you!!Beautiful love story and wonderful acting. Wish they could still make movies like this.

  • Dear Heart

    • Virginia
    • 1/2/11

    I had taped this movie years ago and had deleted it, never dreaming that it would become obsolete and unavailable! I cannot imagine why there has been no distribution - nothing offensive; just a sweet and memorable look at just one more of the fabulous Geraldine Page's characters. Such a loss....

  • Dear Heart

    • Kay
    • 11/30/10

    My husband loves this movie and our VHS version is wearing out. We keep hoping for it to be released on DVD. It's a great old movie.

  • Dear Heart Review

    • dixie reneault
    • 11/14/10

    A very exceptional and heart warming movie. I feel both Geraldine Page and Glenn Ford gave outstanding performances in this movie, and feel it was very under rated. It was truly and unforgetable movie. I count it to be my most favorite movie of all time. Number one for me. I will watch it over and over as it gives me such pleasure.

  • Dear Heart---a Beautiful Movie

    • Cheryl
    • 9/23/10

    This is a very heartwarming and touching movie that shows the tenderness and often overlooked qualities of people who are 'different'. Geraldine Page honestly displays the eternal hope of lonliness that is looking for love. The perpetual belief that life is to be grasped at the moment, to be nurtured and breathed in deeply. A habitual dreamer, the somewhat eccentric Evie captures the heart of Glenn Ford in small jerks. It is a delight to watch his love for her evolve as he helplessly is reeled into her loving and constant world. TMC, PLEASE share this wonderful movie with all your loyal viewers!

  • Dear Heart (1964)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/18/10

    88/100. An exceptional, and I feel a very underrated film with Geraldine Page giving an outstanding and unforgettable performance. She gives the character of Evie so many personal nuances and touches. She really is amazing. Angela Lansbury is also incredible in a supporting role, and nails the character with confidence and style. A lot of the smaller characters are television staples, Richard Deacon, Hal Smith, Ruth McDevitt and Alice Pearce. Barbara Nichols gives a very memorable and funny performance as the woman at the concessions counter.It is a wonderfully simple and uncomplicated story. Delbert Mann does a superb job with his subtle direction. Very well written with deeply developed characters you care about. Glenn Ford is quite good in a warm and subtle performance. A very special gem of a film.

  • A Love Story For Boomers

    • Kay Trent
    • 1/22/10

    I have not seen this wonderful love story in many years. It is a beautiful tale for the older crowd. (Glenn Ford is so handsome!) When will we get to see it on TCM and on DVD?

  • Bring "Dear Heart" to the TCM channel

    • Diane Jones
    • 1/17/10

    One of my favorite romantic movies from the 60's when I was a teenager. I would buy the movie if it becomes available. I love seeing Glenn Ford in a romantic drama instead of his usual westerns. Also, the song is a favorite from the 60's. Please release it on DVD!

  • I must have Dear Heart on DVD!!!

    • Sonya Walker
    • 11/24/09

    I was born in the early 60's. I saw this film as a child, as a teen and as a young adult. It wasn't until later in life that I truly began to understand the depths of loving and longing. As an adult woman, I can now identify with the characters and their need to give and receive. I no longer have this film and would greatly appreciate owning it once again. Thank you. PS. If possible could you air it sometime soon. I haven't seen it in years.

  • An overlooked classic

    • Jeri
    • 9/6/09

    This movie is by far one of the best love stories yet. Its one you can see again and again. I have been waiting for it to come out on DVD for years.

  • Seeing Dear Heart again would warm my heart!

    • Mary A. King
    • 6/19/09

    I have made the same comments over and over! Does anyone read these comments? This is such a terrific movie. I can't believe it has not been released on DVD. It would be so refreshing to see a movie that have been missing from the small screen for so many years! It looks like a small number of people are interested in seeing this movie again. It would be such a treat to hear the beautiful Henry Mancini title song, to see Geraldine Page and Glenn Ford fall in love. Please bring it back!

  • a MUST see.

    • david galchutt
    • 6/10/09

    a very sweet (but never sugary), tender story, expertly acted by two of my personal favorites, geraldine page and glenn ford. they are both at the top of their game and they have a marvelous chemistry. this movie is a (mostly undiscovered) gem. the supporting cast sparkles as well.....angela lansbury (as the wonderfully disengaged fiance), barbara nichols, alice pearce, mary wickes, and richard deacon each add just the right touch. they truly don't make this kind of movie anymore. so sad.

  • Dear Heart

    • Beth
    • 4/7/09

    This is one of my favorites and is NEVER on TV or available as a DVD. Please hurry and release it so it can be enjoyed by millions who have never seen this completely endearing love story.


    • Lark Nagle
    • 3/28/09

    Make this adorable movie available on DVD. I used to watch it as a teenager and now I want my daughter to see it. I cried every time at the end when they played the theme song. So lets do it!

  • Dear Heart- Outstanding Love Story

    • Ms. J
    • 10/6/08

    Ms. Paige is wonderful in this movie and so is Angela Lansbury who plays the snobbish fiance to Glen Ford's character. I also love the musical score "Dear Heart". I haven't seen this movie in years and wish that you would show it on TCM. Also would like to see it on DVD.

  • Dear Heart, love story with an edge

    • jen
    • 5/17/08

    I have this movie on VHS tape and it is wearing out. Wonderful performance by Geraldine Page as she tries to find love and fit in. The way Glenn Ford falls in love with her is so interesting to watch. Great appearance by Angela Lansbury also. This movie has a lot more depth to it then one might realize at first. Beautiful title song. Great way to spend an afternoon. Come on TCM hook us up PLEASE!

  • Dear Heart-

    • Becky
    • 3/26/08

    I love this movie. Geraldine Page and Glen Ford. A touching love story with a wonderful musical score. "Dear Heart", "Love With the Proper Stranger", "This Property Is Condemned", etc. I love these old time love stories where people fumble their way into love...they share their insecurities and vulnerabilities. They share their needs before they share fluids. I think that might be why we love these stories...We know and love these people.

  • Dear Heart is a Sentimental Favorite

    • Michelle
    • 3/7/08

    I love Geraldine Page and sadly she is being forgotten. This is not one of the well known roles she played,but by far one of the most endearing and sweet. The story is dated, but it is so worth seeing,if just to glimpse the understated and remarkable performance of Ms. Page. She plays Evie as wide-eyed, sweet, adventurous and optimistic. She is busy loving life and people while being worried about her own circumstance. You can't help but love her. This is a quiet little film that is often overlooked, but for a nice respite I fully recommend it and wish it were broadcast a little more often

  • movie-DEAR HEART

    • lynda barclay
    • 1/27/08


  • Seeing Dear Heart Again Would Warm My Heart

    • Mary A. King
    • 1/14/08

    This is one of my alltime favorite movies. The title song, the actors, the story. Please bring it to DVD and please play it on TCM. I would love to see it over and over again. It has been a really long time since I have seen it on TV.

  • Dear Hear is All Heart

    • GregRabb
    • 12/19/07

    Dear Heart is an underappreciated movie despite its endearing performance by Geraldine Page. TCM needs to show it more often and it needs to be releaded on home video. This movie has a subtle charm missing in today's movies. Once you start watching it you hope it never ends.

  • Teriffic Movie

    • Susie Reid
    • 8/22/07

    Glen Ford and Geraldine Page arewonderful in this wonderful romanticstory...great setting alsoI hope it is released on DVD soon

  • Great movie.

    • Trisha
    • 6/17/07

    This is a wonderful romantic comedy for adults. It has alot of heart and soul. Glen Ford is fabulous, as is Geraldine Page. One of my favorite movies.

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