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The Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven(1960)

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  • remake and breakup.

    • a.morris
    • 4/17/18

    only fair that a clone of yul brynner should star in a remake of training day and for a clone of steve McQueen to star in a remake of...if chris pratt makes a movie really worth the ass of a rat..the clone should star in it.

  • The Magnificent Seven on Criterion Collection DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 12/9/17

    I'm thinking to see this one on Criterion Collection DVD. I like Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Eli Wallach, Robert Vaughn, and Charles Bronson.

  • Elmer Bernstein's score

    • Kirsten I.
    • 9/22/16

    The best arrangement I've ever heard of this score is not the popular rendition of the main theme, but an arrangement of the score as heard in the movie. The arrangement is credited to Christopher Palmer, and it's performed in a 5:29-minute rendition by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra on ROUND-UP, Telarc CD-80141, an anthology of Western movie music. I hope this CD is still available to Western movie music lovers. (Highlights include Frankie Laine singing along with HIGH NOON and GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL--again, as heard in the movies.) If you listen to THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN on this CD right after watching the movie, you'll think you're still watching the movie!

  • Soundtrack

    • 5/23/16

    I heard so much about this soundtrack I thought I give my take. I don't believe a recording of this soundtrack was ever released on vinyl in that era. I've never seen it. So, that was probably because there was not enough material to do so. The title track or theme is nothing more than a musical exercise. It in itself is redundant and simplistic. Basically a several notes repeated "an exercise". The score itself in my opinion is not much compared to some of the work of Stiner, Mancini, Jarre or Barry. There are no songs in this soundtrack, none, there are no melodies that could be set to lyric. Yet, if you hear it in the context of a western and how Elmer Bernstein a Julliard graduate sets it down, it works completely. It is a wonderful score for a film western, with images of Charlies Ives and Americana. So, undoubtedly it is a perfect score for this film. But, in itself, musically it actually is open for criticism. This is only my opinion and I'm not claiming to be totally correct, my opinion only. The "theme" which has become immensely well know can be played by any first year guitar student "its simple". But, Bernstein saturates us with that theme early on and then moves away from it totally only to return to it. This creates the same type of idea Ravel uses in Bolero,,,,,,,and the score is the perfect example of how simple in many cases turns out to be better.

  • Marvelous Western

    • Merrilee
    • 2/13/16

    Enjoyed this immensely when it first came out, still find it moving all these years later.

  • Oh, that theme song!

    • RedRain
    • 2/13/16

    I tuned to TCM this morning about five minutes into this film and, without knowing the title, I knew immediately which film it was because of the score. Elmer Bernstein wrote a score for the ages with this one. The music is instantly recognizable. The word "iconic" is used loosely these days but it applies in spades to this score. We all know this is the American remake of the great Kurosawa's Japanese film "The Seven Samurai" but Sturges' adaptation is excellent. He assembled a cast of the best actors of the day and they more than brought "The Seven Samurai" to life again here. I've always loved this film. Good overcomes evil is always a good theme! What really makes this film worth viewing are the outstanding actors' performances. They are all memorable! Sad to say, Hollywood has made this film once again and it is due to be released this year. What a shame! Certain films should never be remade and this is one of them!

  • mag 7

    • kevin sellers
    • 1/2/16

    There are many westerns that are darker, more epic, and more psychologically probing, but none that are more entertaining, or with better music. Give it a B. P.S. The only one of the seven still riding, as of this writing, is Robert Vaughan.

  • Play it Again

    • Maria
    • 1/6/15

    Love this western. And what beautiful gorgeous sexy men. Steve McQueen in his jeans accented by a gun holster, wow. Oh yes the acting is superb by all. Please show it again.

  • The Magnificent Seven ( 1960 )

    • Carmine Finamore
    • 7/1/13

    I was pushing 9 years old in 1960 when i begged my dad to take me to see this great film! Forever happy he did!

  • The Magnificent Seven

    • Dashiell B.
    • 12/12/12

    A "Magnificent" western adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai." Brynner & McQueen are part of a group called upon to defend a boarder town against Wallach's vicious bandito. Oscar-nominated score & great action scenes that highlight this film, which, like Howard Hawks' "Rio Bravo," explores the relationship between numerous men. Classic & entertaining. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Great performances

    • John Jackman
    • 11/16/12

    I have watched the Seven Samurai many times and it is blueprint with some changes that make The Magnificent Seven Americanized.I enjoy both movies in a slightly different way. All the supporting characters in both movies contribute in a very significant way that is sublte but very effective. They allow the stars to grasp bigger lines and make them believable within the context of this kind of story.These movies show the good guys to be a little less than 100% good and the bad guys to be men who are as Calvera says in the same line of work. I like watching this movie and also watching the Good, the Bad and the Ugly triology movies and their couter parts Samurai movies. They all have unique pieces that make them great by themselves and when all put together they form a whole set of outstanding visions in a code/style of living that probably did not actually exist but is still neat to watch anytime.

  • Real men, but not one of them a real man

    • Jeff Boston
    • 7/21/12

    "The Magificent Seven" (magnificent music!) is like Sturges' later film "The Great Escape" - a little too neat and tidy; but entertaining, with some depth and meaning. Neither touch his earlier "Bad Day at Black Rock." I agree with Michelle's 9/30/08 post, especially her love of Bronson's scene with the three boys when he chastises one of them for calling their fathers cowards. Bronson's Bernardo O'Reilly reacts by severely spanking the child, then exclaiming "Your fathers are not cowards! Your fathers are much braver cuz they carry responsibility ... I have never had this kind of courage." One of the greatest scenes in the history of cinema.

  • The Magnificent Seven

    • Charlotte
    • 4/28/12

    MAGNIFICENT music!!!

  • Loved It!

    • Paloma
    • 4/27/12

    Great movie! I don't usualy watch Westerns but this one got my attention from the beginning and I could't stop watching until the end!

  • The Mediocre Seven

    • Paul Salapatas
    • 4/26/12

    I think that Yul Brynner's acting is somewhat 'Chuck Norrisish' at best,while Steve McQueen just tries to steal scenes, and a few other stars act a little cheesy in this remake of a Japanese film.I think it could have been better with somewhat different casting. Knowing that some will disagree,I will stick to my guns and say this film does not live up to the starpower potential that this story deserves. It gets an ok from me.

  • magnificent seven

    • jerry day
    • 11/17/11

    best western ever

  • Magnificent Movie (correction)

    • Vinny Castellano
    • 7/11/11

    I need to make an important correction. Robert Vaughn, one of the Seven, is still alive (age 78). He went on to star in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., a secret agent/spy thriller in the mid 60s. Occasionally, he can be seen in some TV dramas (Law & Order - some time in the 90s). At 95, Eli Wallach is still going strong. He received a lifetime award at this year's Academy Awards. ... great stars (both living and deceased) in a terrific movie !

  • Magnificent Western

    • Vinny Castellano
    • 7/8/11

    The Magnificent Seven contains all the essential ingredients for a great western. Aging gunfighters with a checkered past go on a mercy mission to liberate a Mexican village from vicious outlaws. They are joined by a young rookie who idolizes them. From the opening scene with Elmer Bernstein's stirring theme song, the movie is filled with great action, classic standoffs, poignant scenes, and philosophical lines. Yul Brynner leads the group which includes some of the best character actors of their time. Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, and James Coburn launched their great careers with this movie. Eli Wallach, the lone living star, is at his best as the vicious, yet colorful villain, Calvera. Each gunfighter joins the cause for a different reason, and each finds his own personal redemption. Brad Dexter is the mercenary who appears to be in it just for the money, albeit he's told it's only $20. However, in his last act, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his cornered comrades.The Magnificent Seven is my all-time favorite western. It's a great action western with flawed, yet sympathetic characters and a timeless message about redemption that raises it to the level of a classic.


    • Steve S.
    • 9/3/09

    Elmer Bernstein score vice L.

  • Magnificent - perhaps!

    • Steve S.
    • 9/3/09

    A good adaptation of it's Japanesee counter-part but "Horst Bucholtz & Brad Dexter" - c'mon - you could have done better?And why doesn't Yul take a shot at Eli w/ a shotgun, upon their first confrontation - I know why - end of movie!Good western nevertheless w/ a brillinat score by L. Bernstein.!

  • Manly men!

    • Michelle
    • 9/30/08

    Does anyone else strut like Yul Brynner?! I usually don't enjoy westerns but this is definitely an exception. My favorite scene when O'Reilly tells the children that real courage is their fathers willingness to shoulder the responsibility of a family. Great film.

  • Fabulous, fun movie!

    • Laura
    • 7/9/08

    One of the greatest westerns of all time. The cast contains some of the best actors ever at their prime of life and the start of their careers. The story line is of the greatness, courage, and decency that each man, from poor rural farmers to jaded gunslingers, can have inside him. The script takes time to flesh out each character so that you end up caring about each one, even the farmers. While Chris is the only one that volunteers out of compassion (all the others are broke or on the run since at this time, the West is becoming "civilized"), each of the seven ends up truly caring about the villagers, and thus their giving of their lives to protect the villagers underscores the eternal dichotomy of the Old West Gunslingers. Take time to watch this movie.

  • Best movie of all time

    • Graham
    • 9/28/07

    This is my favorite movie ,I love everthing about this movie ,the cast,the music,the director,EVERTHING!! It has some of the BEST lines in movie history,like when Brit is aiming at the escaping bandit and shoots him off his horse then Chico says "That was the greatest shot I have ever seen!" then Brit Turns and looks at him and says "I was aiming at the horse." Lines like this are what make this so enjoyible.

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