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My Life with Caroline

My Life with Caroline(1941)

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At a charity ball in Alpine Lodge, Idaho, Argentine millionarie Paco Del Valle asks Mr. Bliss for permission to marry his daughter Caroline. Bliss replies that Paco should seek permission from Caroline's husband, New York publisher Anthony Mason. Heeding her father's advice, Caroline cables Anthony that she is coming to New York on "urgent business." While waiting at the airport for her east-bound plane, Caroline remarks to Paco that she feels as if she'd "lived all this before." Caroline's sense of deja vu is commented on by Anthony, who has landed at the Idaho airport minutes before and now is observing his wife and her new beau. Anthony, who deplaned carrying a bust of Caroline, recalls receiving another urgent wire two years earlier, when his wife was enamored of dilettante sculptor Paul Martindale in Palm Beach, Florida: Rushing in from New York in response to the cable, Anthony finds Caroline at the Palm Beach airport bidding farewell to Bliss and Paul as she prepares to fly to New York to ask her husband for a divorce. Caroline, surprised to see her husband, introduces him to Paul and they return to their Palm Beach mansion, where Anthony observes his wife's new interest in sculpture and surmises the relationship between her and Paul. When Caroline attempts to ask Anthony for a divorce, he slips out of the room and invites Reverend Dr. Curtis, the family minister, to visit. Ashamed to ask for a divorce in front of Dr. Curtis, Paul and Caroline decide to sneak away later that night on a train bound for Santa Barbara. Finding their travel arrangements written on a discarded cocktail napkin, Anthony schemes to derail their plans. Caroline instructs Helen, her divorced friend, to drive her to the station at seven o'clock that night, but when Helen arrives at the appointed hour, she finds Caroline sobbing with second thoughts, having spent a romantic afternoon with Anthony. Ten minutes before Paul is to depart for the station, he is visited by Anthony, who insists on driving him to the depot. Realizing that the only way to avoid a scene between Anthony and Caroline is to miss the train, a tremulous Paul makes small talk with Anthony. When enough time has elapsed to ensure that Paul will miss his rendezvous, Anthony instructs his chauffeur to drive him to the station. Meanwhile, Caroline boards the train to keep her appointment with Paul and realizes that she has been stood up. Outside of Paul's house, Anthony anxiously awaits the final outcome. Soon after, an angry Caroline appears at Paul's door and demands an explanation. As Anthony watches them argue, he asks Bliss if he should grant Caroline a divorce, and Bliss reassures him that Caroline needs him. Bolstered by his father-in- law's encouragement, Anthony knocks on Paul's door and Caroline ducks behind the bar. When Anthony asks Paul if his wife has been seeing another man, Caroline pops up from behind the bar and accuses Anthony of manipulation. Anthony apologizes and when Caroline accepts his apology, he asks Paul for a bust that he has scuplted of Caroline. Returning to the present in Idaho, Caroline sees Anthony's pilot carrying her bust and, realizing that her husband must be near, follows him to Anthony, who embraces her. Paul, a chance spectator of the reunion, proceeds into the airport terminal, where he joins Bliss and Paco.