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Kisses for Breakfast

Kisses for Breakfast(1941)

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Fickle Juliet Marsden breaks off her engagement to long-suffering Lucius Lorimer for the third time and marries handsome singer Rodney Trask. After the wedding, Juliet's cousin, Laura Anders, calls to apologize for not attending, pleading illness. Juliet promises to visit on her honeymoon and instructs Rodney to write down Laura's address. Before the newlyweds can leave, Rodney is visited by a woman named Clara Raymond, who threatens to tell Juliet about their past relationship if Rodney does not listen to her. Juliet's friend, Betty Trent, sees them drive away. In the car, Clara demands money for her silence, and when Rodney refuses, he is knocked unconscious by Clara's confederate, Chet Oakley, who was hiding in the back seat. Clara and Chet then drive Rodney's car over a cliff, and it bursts into flames. Even though no body is found, Rodney is thought to be dead. Juliet's sorrow is tempered by the knowledge that Rodney did not leave her for another woman. In the meantime, Rodney, who is suffering from amnesia, adopts the name Happy Homes, which he sees on a billboard, and finding Laura's address in his pocket, heads for South Carolina, hoping she will be able to identify him. When Laura makes it clear that she has no idea who he is, Rodney charms her into hiring him to run her impoverished cotton plantation. A year later, Rodney has turned a profit at the plantation and fallen in love with Laura. After Juliet and Lucius, who are planning to marry, invite Laura to the wedding, Rodney proposes and suggests that they attend together. Although Rodney still remembers nothing of his previous life, Juliet faints from shock when she sees him. To prove that "Happy," Laura's new husband, is really Rodney, Betty asks him to sing, but he only manages a croak. Ellie, the maid, prepares Rodney's favorite dish of ham and cabbage, but in his amnesiac state, he turns away in disgust. Juliet's uncle, George Burroughs, a psychiatrist, suggests they attempt to get his fingerprints for comparison, but the prints are inconclusive. By this time, Rodney and Laura are convinced that the whole household is crazy and decide to leave immediately. Juliet and Betty trick them into staying, however, and the next morning, George hypnotizes Rodney. Under hypnosis, he forgets his life as Happy, and when he wakes up, he is once again Rodney. Lucius, furious over being jilted for a fourth time, tells Laura the whole story, and she rushes off to find Rodney kissing Juliet. Laura manages to talk to Rodney alone, but he genuinely does not remember her, although he finds her charming. After Juliet and Laura fight over Rodney, he tricks Laura into hitting him on the head and pretends to be transformed again into Happy.