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Come on Danger

Come on Danger(1941)

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When Texas Rangers Whopper and Smokey spark a bar brawl, Captain Blake suspends them from duty for a week and sends their ranger pal Jack to the town of Manzanita to arrest Ann Jordan for the murder of rancher Jim Ellsworth. On the road to town, Jack witnesses a gang of rustlers attack a woman rancher and her cowhands, and rides to their rescue. After chasing off the outlaws, Jack asks the woman for a job, unaware that she is his prey, Ann Jordan. Russ, one of Ann's cowpunchers, suggests that Jack go to work for Art Ramsey, the town's crooked tax collector. Before Jack can question Russ, the rustlers, led by Ramsey's man Sloan, return, and during the subsequent mêlée, Jack is injured. Ann takes the unconscious Jack to the shack belonging to her friends, Jed and Maggie, and once he has recovered, he rides to town and finds Whopper and Smokey singing in the saloon. The three watch as Sloan guns down an innocent young man who accuses Ramsey of stealing the ranchers' land. After the sheriff, who is Ramsey's tool, rules the death justifiable homicide, Smokey, Jack and Whopper visit Ramsey in his office to ask for a job. Sloan recognizes Jack just as Ann and her men burst into the office to demand the money for her stolen cattle. Escaping in a blaze of gunfire, Ann accepts Jack and his friends into her gang as "marked men" and takes them to her hideout. There Ann's friendship with Jack incurs Russ's jealousy and leads Whopper and Smokey to conclude that he is putting his heart before duty. Back in town, Ramsey offers to save Saunders' son, who he has framed for murder, from hanging if the old man will lead him to Ann. On the day that Ann is planning a barbeque, Russ finds a Texas Ranger's badge in Jack's boot and is about to shoot him when Ramsey and the sheriff, who have learned about the party from Saunders, arrive to arrest Ann for Ellsworth's murder. Faced with Ann's danger, Russ and Jack join forces to bring Ramsey to justice. Flashing his badge, Jack takes custody of Ann, and after locking her in a cell, informs the sheriff that Ann will be tried by a state, not local, court. After swearing Whopper and Smokey in as his deputies, Jack sneaks into Ramsey's office with Russ, and they listen as Ramsey and Sloan scheme to kidnap Ann and take her to Ramsey's ranch. Jack then visits Ann in her cell and tells her that he plans to release her from jail before Ramsey can act. Overhearing their converstation, Whopper concludes that Jack is planning to elope with Ann and decides to escort her to trial in Texas. Aided by Smokey, Whopper breaks Ann out of jail, but the three walk directly into Ramsey's hired guns, who kidnap Ann and lock Smokey and Whopper in her cell. When Russ and Jack arrive at the jail, they free Smokey and Whopper, and the three rangers ride to Ramsey's ranch to rescue Ann while Russ rides for reinforcements. At the ranch, Jack, Whopper and Smokey listen as Ramsey and Sloan discuss their murder of Ellsworth. Jack steps in to arrest the murderers just as Ramsey's men break into the house, driving the rangers upstairs, where they barricade themselves in a room. As Ramsey's men try to batter down the door, Russ and his reinforcements ride to the rescue, and Jack arrests Ramsey and Sloan for murder. Ann and Russ bid the rangers farewell and thank them for bringing Ramsey and Sloan to justice.