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Ever Since Eve

Ever Since Eve(1937)

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Marge Winton, an attractive San Francisco secretary, has trouble keeping a job because her bosses keep making passes at her. While waiting at an employment agency, she is told that she is too good looking for an available job at a publishing company and decides to make herself unattractive. After donning a wig, glasses and baggy clothes, she tries out her disguise on her roommate, Sadie Day, Sadie's boyfriend, Jake Edgall, and his boss, Al McCoy. Jake has brought Al along as a date for Marge, touting her good looks, but after one glance at the transformed Marge, Al leaves hastily. The next day, Marge interviews at the Belldon Publishing Company, where she is immediately hired to assist author Freddy Matthews. Freddy is behind on his novel, which Abby Belldon, the owner of the company, has already sold to the movies. Marge's job is to keep him working until the book is finished. Therefore, when Camille Lansing, Freddy's latest girl friend, telephones, Marge does not relay her calls. Camille is not easily dissuaded, however, and shows up at Freddy's apartment. In the ensuing argument, Marge quits, asking Freddy to wire her if he should change his mind and decide that he needs her after all. After Marge leaves, Freddy realizes that he cannot read her notes and, rather than wait for a telegram, calls at her apartment, where he discovers Marge without her disguise. She pretends to be Sadie, telling him that Marge is out and will return later. She invites him in to wait, and he ends up asking her out to dinner. Because Freddy has said how much he hates deceitful women, Marge decides to wait until the book is finished to reveal to him her impersonation and, in the meantime, she tells him that "Sadie" has left town. Even though he only has two days to finish his book, Freddy leaves immediately in pursuit of "Sadie," and is followed by Camille and Marge. After much confusion and mistaken identities, Marge helps Freddy finish his book. Freddy figures out that Marge and "Sadie" are the same person and they agree to marry.