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  • supurb acting performances...

    • Colin Bratkovich
    • 7/24/16

    At first,this stuffy soap-opera & (opera) story line is a turn off,or a sleep inducer.It is also a later (post-pre code production),which usually set limits.It was also based upon a european model of a fairly recent Pola Nergi release some two years earlier.It can also be discovered that cast members hated director Joe May's stop watch approach to filming?What is found on the screen however,is not just a very good film,but a great one.The mid-1930s Warner Brothers cast of Kay Francis,Basil Rathbone,Ian Hunter,Jane Bryan,Donald Crisp,Mary Maguire,(& others),put proffessionalism first & delivered some excellent acting,despite May & a tedious script.Looking back,this film desperved more attention in 1937,noting that people at that time were alreadyfamilure with these fine actors.Later generations,including this writer,only wish that contemporary later century actors could be as consistantly good as these were?This film more so exploited the likes of Kay Francis,giving her a chance to show how well she could carry a film,especially as being challanged by the script & great screen stealers like Rathbone.Does this film find Kay competing well with the (then) contemporary likes of Stanwyck,Shearer,Crawford,Hepburn,L.Young,other? Yes!

  • Atmospheric with touching ending

    • Claire
    • 1/15/16

    I loved this gem! Great atmosphere, sets and story. The twist at the end was touching and poignant. If you like foreign films or crime dramas set in the thirties this might appeal.

  • Confession

    • 1/14/16

    Loved this movie...excellent story and great acting!!

  • Much Better Kay/Baz Film

    • loveit!
    • 1/13/16

    These two should've worked together more frequently.Jane Bryan excellent,too.Think the husband too autocratic-no facts,just drew his own conclusion.Think Michael got what he deserved for forcing his intensions on the daughter.Think this could be successful even today as a film.

  • Scandal

    • couldnthavebettercast
    • 1/10/16

    Kay Francis stars as the wronged wife and mother,appearing in court to answer for her killing the scoundrel who's set to ruin her daughter like he ruined her reputation and life.LOVE THIS FILM!

  • Confession. An excellent movie!

    • silvia
    • 6/13/13

    All I can say is I really liked this movie a lot. Mom and I LOVE the TCM channel. It's our favorite channel. Unfortunately, she missed this excellent movie today and will have to wait til it comes around again. Please please put it on dvd--you have my vote for this.


    • 6/13/13


  • Love You,Basil

    • Bazil
    • 6/12/13

    So fine to be looking forward to one of his best early films,while still handsome,and before typecasting as Sherlock,which I enjoy him as THE BEST HOLMES,imho.

  • One of the best movies ever made.

    • Katoodle
    • 9/22/12

    Basil Rathbone, Kay Francis, Jane Bryan, and Ian hunter are extremely good in this movie, but especially Basil and Kay. Good story good script, good cinematography, great directing, good and powerful music, and great acting, make this an essential. Thanks for reading.

  • Basil the Handsome Seducer

    • Barry
    • 8/21/12

    He was a convincing cad here.He and Kay Francis reunited years after A Notorious Affair with her seducing him and coming between he and his wife.This a much better picture,but he's very attractive here.

  • Oh,Yes,He's The Great Seducer

    • Basil Francis
    • 8/17/12

    Mother plied with booze and seduced and when same cad does same to try to bed daughter,she gets him in the back.Gossip'll do it to you every time.Gives one ideas if a sleaze tries it on any innocent today.Loved Baz here,more so than any character,save Jane Bryan's.Love her,too.She should have a day,too.

  • Superior Film of Mother's Sacrifice

    • Ian Degree
    • 6/25/12

    A true gem.Don't know about original,but cast is wonderful.Didn't realize Rathbone was seen as attractive,but he sure is here as a real cad.Gets what his character deserves,and what the father of his prey should have administered.Kay lovely,Jane a real sweetheart.Please play again.

  • Confession

    • MarIanne caruso
    • 11/3/11

    This was one of the best plots I've seen in many a year, it's a true classic. Please rerun it on T CM. I long to see it again. And I ask that the film studio release it on DVD! It was a Basil Rathbone Must See. But the story, oh the story is marvelous.We get so many reruns onTCM. Yet you only ran this once on New Years eve. It would be well worth running it again. What a great movie...and it really is a true A CLASSIC and worthy to be shown again and again and again!

  • Please put this film out on DVD

    • Gwendolyn Foster
    • 7/29/11


  • Confession

    • Thom Moore
    • 8/10/10

    Yet again another reason TCM remains my favorite channel. Confession (1937) was ahead of its time. Being shot frame by frame as an homage to the German original gave a "Hollywood" film a unique and post-modern flavor. The acing was superb throughout the cast including minor roles. Kay Francis was never better and Basil Rathbone delivered a wonderful , totally believable performance. Anyone who thinks "old black and white" movies are dated should watch this movie. The device of showing one half of the scene early in the film with the mother and the daughter when there is a "woman" outside in the hall and then showing the other half of the scene to reveal the "woman" near the film's end is brilliant. I wish I could own this film ! Kudos to the jilted husband as well especially the way he handles the discovery of his wife's rendezvous. TCM is the classiest, most audience-minded channel on television. Thank you to Robert Osborne for being so consistently professional in his heartfelt introductions to these films.

  • A Basil RaAthbone Must See

    • muriel
    • 6/20/10

    Rathbone is fascinating, and compelling in this film. Jane Bryan is her usual lovely spontaneous and natural self. Kay Francis is long suffering and lovely as always. Good ensemble, great direction and cinematography. Don't miss it on Aug 1, 2010.

  • More Kay Please

    • Julie
    • 8/2/06

    Bravo, T>C>M> for showing another great film (in prime time yet) that most of us would never have gotten to see. Please show more Kay Francis, Nancy Carroll, and those other forgotten 30's leading ladies.

  • Ahead of its time

    • Rosemarie Buxton
    • 8/1/06

    As I watched the very creepy, yet seductive Basil Rathbone pursue Jane Bryan, as well as the camera work during her near-seduction, and Kay Francis' seduction (which was probably a rape), I felt as if I were watching a European film. Also, BR's behavior was definitely that of a stalker, predator ... a very early and frank portrayal of this type of behavior. The women were portrayed very sympathetically -- this could be a feminist story, except that it wasn't directed by a woman!

  • Confession...Wonderful!

    • ARTHUR
    • 8/1/06

    What a wonderful story! Outstanding performances by both Francis and Rathbone, as well as others. One of the few that get my 5-star rating. Obviously, a must-see!

  • A Pip for Kay Francis & Basil Rathbone fans

    • songbird2
    • 8/1/06

    Confession(1937) with the one and only Kay Francis, Basil Rathbone in a showy role as a seducer and the generally stolid but likable Ian Hunter was directed by Joe May, who seems to be one of those myriad talented folks who hightailed it out of Europe in the nick of time. As Robert Osborne explained when he bookended this lost little gem, Confession is shot-for-shot a copy of a German made film starring Pola Negri that Warners purchased and squirreled away in their vaults. It seems that they knew a good story when they saw it. Francis doesn't appear until well into this film, when Rathbone, as an oily but intriguing despoiler of young girls, pressures his latest target, a sweet, though terminally naive Jane Bryan, into accompanying him to a very dodgy cabaret. I don't want to give away too much of the plot since this is a new discovery for me and perhaps for others. I hope that TCM shows it again--Soon! Suffice it to say, that you have to see Francis' bangs during a flashback of this movie to believe it and Basil is thoroughly bad & he was never more alluring on film than here. Donald Crisp has some truly lovely moments, especially at the end of this film.There are, as well, some very beautiful, non-glitzy close-ups of Kay Francis in some courtroom scenes here and cinematographer Sidney Hickox & editor James Gibbon deserves special mention here. Their photography and interesting scene transitions were delightful.

  • A "Buff-Must"

    • Barry Phillips
    • 3/7/06

    I adore this VERY 30's "wavishing Kay Fwancis" star vehicle. The ultimate "woman's picture" from the studio that knew that genre better than anyone - Warner Brothers. It's over-plotted, over-acted, over-gowned, over-dramatic, over-underscored and compelling. Full of passion and heartache; a film to lose oneself in and laugh at yourself for doing so. I insist you see it.

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