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So Big

So Big(1953)

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  • So Big

    • Ralf Meinzer
    • 10/21/18

    I really think it was ignorant and selfish that Dirk's mother, Jayne Wyman to want to keep her so "down in the dirt", instead of becoming as successful as he can be! She should of been proud of the sacrifices she made and be proud of Dirk's successfulness!

  • a film for todays children

    • John Bickerstaff II
    • 10/21/18

    as a teacher I think these are the morals that students today lack. Self responsibility , morality, is lost today,and this film speaks to what is missing today. Being "Big" doesn't mean you should leave behind what is truly important, self sustaining reliability.

  • Sterling & Steve,Father & Son

    • sowhatbig
    • 7/11/18

    Can believe the poor farmer & Selina producing a big strapping boy like Dirk.Sterling & Steve great choices,even if someone called him wooden.So Big done respectably in all outings.Maybe anyone finding fault should actually read the book,"Cabbages ARE beautiful",maybe objectors are in same vein as Selina's critics!

  • response to previous review

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/14/17

    The previous reviewer, J. Phillips, calls this film's main theme, that there are more important things in life than material gain, "screwy." All I can say to that is that there's a hedge fund out there somewhere that's looking to employ him or her.

  • "Are you kidding me!?"

    • J. Phillips
    • 5/14/17

    "Are you kidding me!?" is what I yelled at the screen. And for good reason. Let's recap: His mom Selina constantly disparages Dirk for not using his artistic side, his girlfriend Dallas loves for Dirk to show her a night on the town, but chastises him for not getting his hands dirty and his childhood friend Roelf leaves with Dallas without so much as a see-you-later to Dirk. Dirk is charming, well groomed, energetic, thoughtful and well respected by everyone except Selina, Dallas and Roelf. He doesn't need to change careers, he needs a therapist to deal with the time he has spent hanging around these three. Verdict: Dirk is a good catch for the right gal and this movie has a screwy message.

  • SO BIG

    • Anne
    • 1/26/17

    I love this movie, and I think it is so much better than the one earlier one that starred Barbara Stanwyck and I love Stanwyck but I think Wyman did a better job, the other stars were wonderful, but I especially like Richard Beymer as young Roelf. You seldom show this movie and when you do it is always early in the am (2-5) which makes it hard for viewers to catch and I have never seen it as one of the movies that you offer ON DEMAND. It's on tonight ($4:30AM) and I'm planning an all night marathon so I can catch it and Lucy Gallant. Why hasn't WB released it on DVD? This is one movie that I would love to own and I would buy it. It's not in public domain, I've searched. I don't buy movies from Korea and I have never bought a bootleg movie but if I could find someone who had a good VHS copy I would consider it for this movie. I've been asking for over 10 years for this movie to be put out; many of the others that I really wanted have been released and I own them, I am still waiting on this one.I waited for many years to see if Paramount would put Lucy Gallant on DVD and I finally gave up and bought a DVD from someone who copies them after they are put in Public Domain. It's another movie that I think is under appreciated and also another that I have only seen once on TCM and that includes it being on tonight. This is another movie that is being shown at 1AM and I doubt it will be offered ON DEMAND. If my husband had not hurt his back I'd go out and buy a DVDR so I could record both these movies tonight. If they're on the ON DEMAND schedule, I will buy A DVDR and if I can't hook it up I'll pay someone from the neighborhood to do it for me.

  • so big

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/11/16

    A thoughtful, if too somber, film that tackles the themes of art/beauty vs material success and the need to engage passionately with life. (Both of which themes were handled better in Jane Wyman's later partnering with Douglas Sirk, "All That Heaven Allows.") I like the fact that the two female leads were strong, self reliant women, successfully competing in a man's world. I also liked Jane Wyman's performance. She captures her character's combination of intelligence, goodness, and wonder at the vagaries of life. I also like what she is not; a whiner, a prude, or a controlling mom. Sterling Hayden is also good in an all too brief role, as her stolid yet sympathetic farm husband. Perhaps the biggest of the many faults of John Twist's adaptation of Edna Ferber's novel is his decision to kill Hayden's character 40% of the way through the film, thus cutting off interesting potential conflicts between a traditional husband and a most non traditional wife. I also fault Twist for some fairly pretentious dialogue, especially when Wyman is imparting Important Life Lessons (something she has an annoying penchant for doing) to her son (a wooden Steve Forrest) and offers us homilies like "Beauty is inside you. It's everywhere." Guy should write for Hallmark. Also, Robert Wise's direction is too quiet. There is no scene that has the passionate intensity with which Wyman advises her son to live. Thus the look and feel of the film pull against one of its central themes and kind of subverts it, in my opinion. However, for trying to be more than just another Hollywood "family values" pic let's give this film a B. P.S. That this merely decent film has garnered more reviews than any other on this site speaks more to the demographic of the typical TCM viewer (basically, a geezer in suburbia) than to the excellence of "So Big." P.S.S. Martha Hyer should have played Nancy Olsen's role. She's a much better actress. Sexier too.

  • the MOST REVIEWS of any TCM movie!

    • el debbo
    • 3/5/16

    Gotta be. All these positive 5-star reviews and I'm adding mine. TCM it's time to WAKE UP and sell a 'SO BIG' DVD!!!From a Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel, this slice of wonderful Americana should be seen by more people. I love this story! I'm giving it 5 glittering, windswept stars.

  • so big 1956

    • darla
    • 5/20/15

    I love that movie , I can't wait for it to be released.

  • One of my Favorites!!

    • paula
    • 5/14/13

    One of my Favorites!! So glad TCM has e-mail alert!

  • One of Robert Wise's BEST pictures.

    • Joe Burkholder
    • 3/23/13

    Great acting, great story, and a great director make this a film I would love to have on DVD. Come on, Warner Archives, make it happen!

  • So Big 1953

    • Joyce W
    • 5/14/12

    Excellent , heartwarming movie. It is one of my all time favorites!!!!1

  • So Big (1953 Jane Wyman)

    • Joyce
    • 5/14/12

    One of my favorite movies. I can watch it over and over! The lessons in this movie are numerous and valuable in daily life. They include patience, kindness, love, hard work and appreciation for beauty in all situations. Please provide it on DVD. I would love to purchase it.!!!!!!

  • A Movie Gem

    • Judy
    • 5/13/12

    What a true gem of a movie. I had never heard of this film until today and thought it was very heartwarming and endearing. Jane Wyman gives a wonderful performance of a very strong, smart, independent woman who in difficult times held firmly to her beliefs and dreams. In addition to Ms. Wyman's performance the supporting cast gave truly wonderful performances as well. Well depicted - I hope TCM plans to air this film again in the not too distant future.

  • So Big

    • Diane Gautheir
    • 3/26/12

    Was lucky enough to see this movie when I was 7 years old and it has been one of my favorites every since. I am now 60 and still love to watch it when ever I can . Got my two kids to enyjoy the old movies just as much as the new ones. In this fast paced world we live in with high tech and computer genrated movies. Its relaxing to just watch amovie thatt entertains you . One that puts a smile on your face when it's over. One that a has a lesson about hard work and the reward that can come from it. Has no killing, no vampires, no swearing. It's a shame to keep it locked away forever. I have been building a video library for my kids and hopefully for theirs of all the old great movies. I think this one cerainly deserves to be in it.

  • Those Andrews Boys!

    • Dirk Fan
    • 3/24/12

    Love every opportunity to see Steve Forrest or Dana Andrews,and today,get to see them both.Great Day!Love you both

  • So Big and Blue Veil

    • Bob Hislop
    • 11/9/11

    So Big staring Jane Wyman and also her movie, Blue Veil are no where to be found and are her most memorial performances.......along with Johnny Belinda. When will they be shown again? Bob

  • So Big-1953 film with Jane Wyman

    • Esther George
    • 11/8/11

    This is my favorite and it was a real treat to see it on TV this spring. It is a great story well-told and a movie classic in the truest sense. Please consider making this available for purchase.

  • So Big ( 1953)

    • grace Marquardt
    • 9/8/11

    This is such a good movie .Ican NOT find a copy of it to buy. Hope you play it again soon. I love the really old movies (where they went into the bedroom and closed the door) I am smart enought to know what goes on in there I also remember an old movie that stared (I think) Paullett Goddard .was set in England, 1800's . She was a mistress to Ray Melland and there was a blou blonic pleg and she lived thru it. Wish I could remember the name of the movie and see it again

  • so big starring jane wyman

    • frank
    • 6/14/11

    think this movie is great, should be played more often.

  • so big

    • edith
    • 5/11/11

    a great movie should be on dvd

  • "So Big"

    • reb3
    • 5/8/11

    Just finished watching this truly classic movie and never tire of it!! Total quality and content, depth; meaning of life as it should be lived. Thank you for continuing to air it, TCM, since it is not available on video or DVD, even tho it is #1 on the list to be made into a DVD! Not quite sure why.... it seems that there are many other viewers who have similar sentiments. Please keep showing it; you definitely have the audience!

  • So Big is All That and More.

    • Christiane Bagnato
    • 5/7/11

    I first saw this film many years ago and fell in love with it. It was the second film in which Jane Wyman's performance in a drama won the hearts of many. This truly versatile actress covered musicals and more but when it came to a solid dramatic part she was superb. I am so happy that TCM has decided to air this wonderful Jane Wyman performance. I truly wish TCM would try to get it into their DVD/VHS library.

  • So Big

    • lois
    • 1/5/11

    When I was in my teens, my father ran the movie projector in our little home town theater. I had many chances to see those movies over & over. I came to know the difference between a truly well made movie and the mediocre ones. It's been a real pleasure for me to build a collection of the best ones. I have searched years for this Jane Wyman version of SO BIG. It amazes me that it still hasn't been made into a video or DVD. Please don't let it be long before it is for sale to the general public. We need more movies like this one. Watching it was a life changing experience for me. I never tire of watching it, and appreciating it for uplifting lessons it teaches, and for the deeply moving performances. Thanks you so much for showing it! Lois

  • So Big

    • Louisa
    • 12/20/10

    I saw this movie many, many years ago and have been looking for it to return and never could find it. Throughly enjoy it and glad to see that it will be on in January. Surprised to see that it has been on many times this year alone. Thanks TCM.

  • So Big

    • Judy Fiedor
    • 12/11/10

    Saw this film on Chanel 9's Family Classics, I feel it helps teaches values. Part of the story takes part where I live & It makes you think!

  • SO BIG

    • 11/22/10


  • so big

    • pauline kuhn
    • 11/5/10

    I am glad to see this movie shown more on TCM. I want o say this is forever loved and inspiring to me. Thank you .

  • SO BIG

    • wilma meacham
    • 10/29/10

    GLAD to see this movie shown more. Love it ,such and good loving story ,we need more like it ,THANKS SO MUCH.

  • inspiring

    • 10/28/10

    one of the many movies that are inspiring & should be seen

  • so big

    • mendy
    • 10/19/10

    I hope they make this a dvd soon. I really love this movie and watch it a lot - don't let it be forgotten.

  • " So Big"

    • ericka storms
    • 9/20/10

    I would love to see this put on a dvd, so I could buy it .It has the greatest cast and story to match .Love the olden days.

  • SO BIG

    • sharron
    • 9/14/10

    Please make this movie on a dvd soon so I can own it and put it with my collection,Such a well made movie to watch and own.

  • "SO BIG"

    • Harrison Starr
    • 9/5/10

    My wife and I saw this movie and it was the best black and white movie we have saw in a long time ,I hope you play it more, and please if you will put this movie of the greatest stars on a dvd, so we can purchase it soon

  • So Big

    • KathyAdkins
    • 9/4/10

    I would love to purchase this movie on DVD,by chance I saw it and loved this movie so much.Please release it on a dvd soon.

  • so big

    • Ester
    • 9/3/10

    I would love to see this movie on DVD so I could purchase it .When you played it yesterday, I did not want it to end, It was such a great movie to see and would love to have it in my collection with my other Jane Wyman movies.

  • So Big

    • Nancy
    • 9/3/10

    I only got to see just a part of the movie, but ever since then I can't get it out of my head it was such a movie that I can only wander how great it would be to watch all the way through. I love the black and white movies especially those with such intense acting. I wish it were on DVD or even VHS, ever since I seen that small part I have been searching for it in libraries, only to find out that it isn't yet on any kind of video please hurry and make it so that I may be able to purchase.

  • so big

    • Susan Quilalang
    • 6/20/10

    Please again. First seen as a preteen and have been waiting to see it since. DVD release soon <sigh>

  • So Big

    • J Logan
    • 6/9/10

    I am an Edna Ferber fan and consider So Big one of her finest works. I saw this movie years ago and it easily became one of my all time favorites. I have waited for years to see it again only to miss the recent presentation. I have difficulty describing my disappointment. I join many others in requesting an encore showing soon on TCM and hopefully a release on DVD in the very near future. Thank you for your anticipated and much appreciated cooperation.

  • "SO BIG"

    • rose guidero
    • 6/7/10

    "So Big", written by EDNA FERBER and published in 1924, is one of her best writings, in my estimation. She wrote about ordinary people who lived their lives simply, going to their jobs, raising their children, and learning to cope with hard times, and to care and love one another thru those times. As someone once said about this book/movie; these men and women "form the permanent solid stratum on which our society is built."The movie and cast were excellent! Well worth seeing; especially the character development.

  • so big

    • susan grant
    • 6/2/10

    I love this movie. Jane Wyman is great in this story, she made it great.

  • SO BIG

    • lucinda king
    • 5/31/10

    Please play this movie on again soon. I am waiting for you to put this on DVD ,too. My friends and I love this little movie alot and want to see it .

  • So Big !!!!

    • ruie post
    • 5/26/10

    It is such a lovely story to watch. I have not seen it play for a while. Is there any way you could play it soon. Jane Wyman made this movie what it is - So Real!

  • So BIG

    • ruth hull
    • 5/25/10

    I would love to see this movie put on DVD or VHS.I loved this movie and would watch it all the time. It is the best all time movie I have seen in a long time, such good actors and story .We need more movies made like that now .

  • SO BIG

    • linda amadi
    • 5/24/10


  • SO BIG

    • Felica Wade
    • 5/20/10

    I really loved this move, even in black and white ,Jane Wyman is a great actress of her time and she made this movie what it is .I hope it won't take to long for you play it again.I would purchase it if it were put on a DVD. It is a beautiful story of the old days. Such a great cast .

  • So Big

    • Jaylee Pappas
    • 5/19/10

    I really love this Jane Wyman movie .Please put it on a DVD so I can purchase it.I have not seen a good movie for along time like this one .Great cast!, great actors! and directing. !! Want to see it alot.

  • So Big

    • Carla W
    • 5/19/10

    So Big is a beautiful movie (Jane Wyman) from the era when movies were really good..watched this several times growing up.

  • So Big

    • Dolly
    • 5/19/10

    I read the book and saw the movie in the theater and I loved them both. Movies are not made like this anymore with great acting and a great story that you can watch again and again.

  • SoBig!!! A Classic Treasure!

    • 5/18/10

    This movie is one of a kind ,I saw this movie last weekend and never knew how good a movie could be .They sure don't make them like they used to .Please release it out on DVD or VHS soon, I can buy one and keep it so I can watch it when ever.

  • so big

    • lynn jeffreys
    • 5/18/10

    When is this priceless movie going to come out so any one that wants to purchase it ,can. Please let me know I would love to have a copy on DVD . What a great and wonderful story.We need more movies like this one made now .

  • SO BIG

    • hattie trace
    • 5/17/10

    I hope you put this great movie with Jane Wyman on DVD soon .I saw this last week I thought it was lost forever.She was such a fine actress and made this movie over the top .GREAT ACTORS and STORY .PLEASE show again and bring it out so all of us can buy it and keep it to treasure.

  • SO BIG

    • claire ross
    • 5/16/10

    What a great story [the greatest] and Jane Wyman was at her best ,Why is this not put on DVD or VHS and it is not showed often,I watched it the other day and was so happy to see a movie made so well and the decication and morals and hardship of people back then. Jane Wyman made this movie and Sterling Hayden and Steve Forrest,please dont let this fall threw the cracks and not be recognized and put out where we all can purchase it .I love the part where the son dances with his mother at the end.How many times do YOU see that ? We have lost alot and this movie showed this and much more .So much we could learn from this movie.Thank you claire

  • A forgotten treasure of a film

    • Linda Yaw
    • 5/15/10

    Just by chance I watched the 1953 film "So Big" the other night. I actually saw it in the movies when it was released but I was only ten years old. Viewing it now, of course, I could appreciate everything about it, including the moral of the story.I cannot believe this film has never made it to VHS or DVD. We think we are struggling in 2010? What a tribute to the real American spirit.

  • SO BIG

    • Tracey Nethers
    • 5/13/10

    What a classic!The way Jane Wyman played this role. So dedicated to her hushand and son and learning how to be a farmers wife and raising her son afer her husband is gone.So true to her self to make away in life and so strong.Love it ,want to see it all the time and OWN IT ON DVD.PLEASE put a video out soon.

  • SO BIG

    • vivian ward
    • 5/13/10

    I want to know if this movie will be put on a DVD. I would love to purchase it. I saw this with my mother and aunts and want to tell you, that it is a good little movie ,It's an old movie but it has heart and wisdom to learn from, [THE GOOD OLE DAYS]

  • SO BIG

    • angela
    • 5/13/10


  • SO BIG

    • grace phillips
    • 5/12/10

    I remember this movie and am so glad and hope you play it often.The story is so well portrayed by Jane Wyman and Sterling Hayden. I could watch it all the time .She is the greatest actor much emotion and love for her hushand and son .A dream she stood behind and won, with strength,we could learn from.

  • SO BIG

    • vickie jorden
    • 5/11/10

    I remember this movie when I was young ,my sister and I watched it together and we would love to see it put on a DVD. The story is one of Jane Wyman's best .Please don't wait to long to play it again.

  • so big /1953

    • Danielle
    • 5/10/10

    I saw this movie when I was younger and am so glad you played it again. Please try to put this on DVD .So many votes and it is not out on a video.

  • "So Big"

    • Barbara
    • 5/10/10

    I remember this movie when I was about 25 years old. I am now 60. It was so moving and true. Life was getting so complicated and success was so meaningless -- the money, status and keeping up appearances. The value of beauty, honesty and staying true to oneself, loving for love's sake and truly caring -- I would love to have this movie at home -- a reminder and a beautiful story for all ages. Barbara Los Angeles

  • Note Worthy Appearance

    • Bill Thomas
    • 5/9/10

    Ken Osmond of Leave It To Beaver/Eddie Haskell fame has an uncredited bit part as Eugene, Age 9.

  • Long time ago

    • John Snyder
    • 4/6/10

    I am a 63 year old male and saw this movie (did not pay complete attention to it) in 1967 at the outdoor theater on base at the US Naval Radio Station in Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico. I remember getting teary eyed at the end and have searched many times for it over the years. I was happily surprised to see that it will be shown on May 9, and look forward to watching it.

  • so big

    • debbie vihl
    • 4/6/10

    The story is the best I have seen in years and I like the older movies. I saw this years ago and happy to see you play it again. This story is sad but a learning experiece of how life can be and you have to cope with it. Jane Wyman is a beauty as well as Sterling Hayden and Steve Forester.

  • so big

    • karen knowles
    • 4/4/10

    I would love to see this movie put on a DVD,so I could watch it when I wanted .It has a great cast and Jane Wyman was truly a great actress of her time She sure played her heart in this one .Thanks for playing it again .

  • so big

    • jolene harrison
    • 3/20/10

    I would love to purchase this movie on DVD.It has a great cast and Jane Wyman made this story so real and am glad to see it shown on TCM again. along with Sterling Hayden.

  • so big

    • marsha mulvaney
    • 3/19/10

    I am so so so happy to see you show this movie of Jane Wyman in it .I saw it a long time ago as a little girl with my aunts and we thought it was lost forever ,How do we get a copy of it on DVD.It is such a good story with Jane Wyman being a strong women and showing how it was done in the older days .GREAT Story as well as CAST and the DIRECTING.Thanks again

  • so big

    • patty copas
    • 3/16/10

    I love this movie and am so glad to see you put it on TCM to watch. Jane Wyman is truly a great actor and had the ability to make this movie the best ever. Please also see about putting it on a DVD soon.

  • So Big (1953)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/15/10

    75/100. Very sentimental tale with a simple story and a very likable plot. Excellent score and a well written screenplay. Jane Wyman's sincere performance adds a great deal to the film. Well made, but sometimes it gets a little too melodramatic, but it's is well handled before it gets too maudlin. The market scene is particularly memorable. A stronger supporting cast would have helped.

  • so big

    • angie sheilds
    • 3/15/10

    Love to see this put on DVD soon...and thanks for posting it to play in May.I will be sure to watch.It has the greatest cast

  • so big/jane wyman

    • molly sassers
    • 3/15/10

    I would love this movie be put on dvd soon,It has a great cast and story and I would love to own it cause I have other movies she has made .Thank You..Molly

  • so big

    • christy horsley
    • 3/14/10

    I would love this great movie with Jane Wyman in it ,be made on a DVD so my family and I could purchase it, I am so glad you are finally going to show it on TCM soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH It is truly a masterpiece...and long over due .. christy

  • SO BIG

    • carrie diggs
    • 2/19/10

    This Jane Wyman movie is one of the greatest movies,I would love to watch it again I saw this when I was a little girl and my mother loved Jane Wyman as I do,Pleas put I want .GREAT CAST<GREAT STORY EVER...

  • SO BIG

    • macie martin
    • 1/8/10

    I saw this movie when I was a little girl and I never see it displayed on TCM. I would love to purchase it on DVD.This JANE WYMAN movie is one of her best movies and please put it out soon on DVD ,so I can purchase it for my friends and me. Thank you Macie

  • So Big

    • nancy gettlles
    • 1/6/10

    This Jane Wyman movie is one of the best movies and she made it wonderful. Please put it out on DVD so I can purchase it . thank you

  • So BIG 1953

    • june nelson
    • 1/6/10

    This is one of the greatest movies that Jane Wyman made as an actress. Please put this on wonderful movie on DVD soon. I could watch her in this all the time, and other people would love to see it, I know.

  • SO BIG

    • darlene
    • 1/3/10

    a wonderful movie that i have watched over and over on tv but would love to have it on a dvd. i was 3 yeras old when this movie was released and have loved it all my life

  • Classic Film

    • Deborah Ward
    • 1/3/10

    This is a great family movie that displays Jane Wyman in one of her best roles. I have watched this movie in the past everytime it was on T.V. I would love to own it on DVD. We need more movies where women play such great pioneer roles. Back to the basics way of living and surviving. The movie shows a dedication to family, morals and surviving the tough times with the skills you have at hand. In this case a farm with skills she learned after becoming a farmer's wife. How she was able to raise her son and provide for the two of them even teaching him piano. I see the movie lending it self in ways to aid in today's complex way of surviving a recession. I can identify with the character of Jane Wyman in this movie. Please, send me a copy of VHS or DVD as soon as possible. What a classic! Put it on DVD for all to take a piece and keep close to home with them. Thank you.

  • so big

    • kellie willliamson
    • 1/2/10

    I would like this movie to be put on DVD, it is a great movie to be left behind and forgotten.. please put in on a dvd soon...

  • so big

    • william baxter
    • 10/9/09

    I am a big Jane Wyman fan and would love to see this classic on dvd soon.Love the actors and story.Great Story.

  • so big

    • penelope livingston
    • 10/6/09

    I saw this when I was a little girl and and loved it .You don't play it that much so please can you put it on dvd so I can purchase it , Jane Wyman was the best and the story is one of a kind.

  • so big

    • bethany swan
    • 10/5/09

    The cast is great and so is the story, they don't make movies like that any more.

  • so big

    • regina keller
    • 10/5/09

    It is a really good old time classic and needs not to be forgotten.

  • so big

    • cherokee summer
    • 10/3/09

    Jane Wyman was great in this

  • so big 1953

    • chris evans
    • 10/2/09

    In my 57 years I have seen only 2 other movies that are close to this one.

  • so big

    • oakley collins
    • 9/30/09

    This truly is a great all time movie.

  • So Big/Jane Wyman

    • mary beth Depue
    • 9/25/09

    I would love to see this movie with Jane Wyman in it ,I saw it when I was a child and it is never played ,Please put it on a DVD for all of the fans that will enjoy it .Thank You ,Mary Beth Depue

  • so big

    • Hannah Souders
    • 9/23/09

    Love to seee this movie on Dvd .It is a great movie make it so we can watch it all the time.

  • So Big/1953

    • Jeff souders
    • 9/22/09

    My mom has been wanting this movie for years, Please put in on advd so I can get it for her,She has said for years it is the best Jane Wyman movie ever made.

  • so big

    • ann souders
    • 9/22/09

    Love to see this movie be put on dvd.Please dont let this movie be forgotten, Jane Wyman is her best in this great written movie .

  • so big is truly a special movie.

    • judy santora
    • 9/22/09

    This movie is full of love, devotion and emotion. "so big" is full of lessons to be learned. I saw this movie on tv in the 50's and never forgot it. I believe if this was reproduced on dvd the word would get out and you would sell abundance of copies. still waiting and remebering. judy santora

  • So Big 1953

    • ann souders
    • 9/20/09

    I would so much like to see this Jane Wyman movie on Dvd,it is a story of love,triumph and survival and has such a great cast. and needs to be seen more often on TCM.

  • so big/1953

    • ann souders
    • 9/17/09

    I would so much like to see this movie put on dvd.It is a great story and two of the greatest actors.

  • so big/1953

    • 9/14/09

    Love to see Jane Wyman and Sterling Hayden.It is such a great written story that should be put on DVD,Thank you,ann

  • so big

    • ann souders
    • 9/12/09

    I would so much love to see this movie ,I saw it played along time ago.T he actors are great as well as the story,Please put this on DVD soon.

  • so big/1953 Jane Wyman

    • ann souders
    • 9/10/09

    I would love to see this movie on dvd .it is a tearjerker ,but it is a great movie ,with great actors... Thank you ,ann souders

  • feel good movie

    • laura
    • 6/17/09

    Among the top 5 movies I've ever seen in my 50 plus years. Great acting, awesome story. Tear jerker!

  • Great movie!

    • kathy bukoskey
    • 6/27/08

    This 1953 movie is one of my favorite movies. Wish it was on dvd. Jane Wymanis wonderful. Need for young people to see some of the all time greats!

  • Great sob your heart out movie.

    • Sue McDonald
    • 2/2/08

    I watched this Movie at least 20 years ago. Whenever a "Jane Wyman" movie is on I always hope that TCM will show this wonderful heart movie. Please try to put this in your line-up.

  • A post-war take on Ferber's magnificent story!

    • Kenneth
    • 2/26/07

    A post-war take on Ferber's magnificent story; much "softer" and less cynical than the earlier versions. A superb cast with great human warmth and terrific art direction. Great visuals representing early Chicago, both prairie and city.Great refernces to Chicago's Drake Hotel and Prairie Avenue as well as the South Water Street market.Bravo! Should be on DVD now!!!

  • Great human story.

    • Sylvia Higgins
    • 2/23/07

    This another Jane Wyman blockbuster in my opinion. It's a story of love, struggle and triumph. Something that people need to see more of these days.

  • The Great Jane Wyman...

    • Mike
    • 9/15/06

    ...was never better than in her version of "So Big." Edna Ferber's Pulitzer prize winning novel had been filmed before (with Barbara Stanwyck), but the earlier version was no match in any way to this brilliant 1953 movie. Ironically, Wyman was not even nominated for the Oscar in '53 for "So Big"...but neither was Stanwyck that year for her OWN greatest performance, in "Titanic."

  • No headline

    • Ann Marie Newbauer
    • 7/30/06

    No comments

  • So Big with Jane Wyman

    • Don Parden
    • 7/18/06

    Please tell me where I can purchase this movie. My sister is crazy about this movie, but I have not been able to find it anywhere. Her birthday is soon and I would live to give it to her as a present.

  • "So Big!" with Barbara Stanwyck

    • Marilyn
    • 5/11/06

    Great movie, please show again (05/10/2006).

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