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Night Must Fall

Night Must Fall(1937)

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  • Top Notch Suspense

    • thriller
    • 1/6/19

    Monty as "Babyface" Danny is creepy.That he doesn't show how creepy to the end and Roz's character is the only cynic is amazing.Am puzzled as one man is called babyfaced while another with similar facial features is termed "squirrel-faced",amongst other derogatory terms is strange.But Monty is first rate here,as is rest of cast.Mathew Boulton,from CID went on to work in amongst other films,an inspector for Scotland Yard with 1940s Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock Holmes series.

  • 1st Class Thriller, Watch It

    • JimS
    • 1/3/19

    Top drawer movie. Well paced, photographed and presented. My respect for Robert Montgomery's acting jumped very high when I first viewed this. Definitely a movie to watch! Can't help but think what a disaster or second rater this movie would have been with Gable, Brando, Newman, or many more as the male lead.

  • Underrated Thriller

    • Renee
    • 9/4/16

    Based on the successful 1935 play, Night Must Fall is an underrated thriller with a talented cast, among them an exceptional performance by Robert Montgomery. In a small English town, Danny is an affable young man who begins working for the household of difficult and opinionated Mrs. Bramson, charming everyone except for Olivia, the niece. Olivia believes there is something darker underneath Danny's charming exterior and when a wealthy woman goes missing, the cracks in Danny's personality begin to come to the surface in deadly ways. Night Must Fall marked a departure from Robert Montgomery's comedic roles. Despite his flair for comedy, Montgomery pulls off a compelling performance as a charming young man with a sinister agenda. His chemistry with Rosalind Russell is captivating as the two go toe-to-toe in their scenes. Russell herself manages to pull off Olivia's fascination with Danny's psyche while also being frightened by the outcome. In addition, Dame May Whitty and the rest of the cast give good performances in this mystery thriller that stands out as a compelling and frightening drama.

  • Robert Montgomery is Great In This !

    • 6/10/16

    I really liked this movie. Robert Montgomery is boyish, gentle and charming but he plays the role so very well, you actually feel through all that, and know he truly is deceitful, insane and brutal. Wow !......How can you do all that ? It must be talent ! Robert Montgomery is brilliant in this. Totally and completely a five star performance on his part and understated at that. I place Robert Deniro's Rupert Pupkin in a category with this Montgomery creation, they both are so brilliant and atypical for staring roles, many dimensions to their characters, what psychological studies they both are ! I also liked Rosalind Russell. She is actually taken by the killer and becomes vulnerable. That adds a great deal because she always portrays a strong character. If he is capable of taking her in, he has great capabilities. His prediction at the films end also adds to the chilling nature of the script. Loved it !

  • Night Must Fall

    • Ellen
    • 3/6/15

    Very scary bit of a movie. Montgomery very effective in this role. I may say I would not have wanted to stay overnight in that house.


    • 2/8/15

    Very much a filmed play from the stage and well done. A lot of sickos have popped up on the screen since this shocker appeared in 1937-Lang's "M" came before, near the start of the decade was another one that jolted The idea that the monsters are from within...Montgomery and Dame May Whitty are superb-Montgomery deservedly so since he got a chance to play something besides an inebriated playboy The supporting players, sets, cinematography and direction-definitely a high point in Richard Thorpe's long career Lastly Rosalind Russell's performance as the lonely girl looking for something magic and romantic to happen to her is often overlooked Her scenes with Montgomery seem like they are going through their usual romantic comedy paces but there is a darker undercurrent Montgomery has the flashier role but watch Russell as she effectively underplays- going from disdain, to sympathy/attraction and finally to disgust Her scenes with Dame May are good also-we are waiting for her to tell this aunt off...If the stories are true that the powers that be let Montgomery do this to "punish" him (loss of his fan base) The ploy backfired he gave the performance of a lifetime

  • great talents make this a classic

    • bonnie welder
    • 6/18/14

    I've seen this film more than a few times and always enjoy the skills of a great ensemble cast!The mood and atmosphere created here are tense and a little spooky !

  • Danny The Lady Killer

    • Dumbdora
    • 5/21/13

    Love this film.Montgomery at his best

  • How to live with a crazy violent, but cute killer.

    • denscul
    • 5/20/13

    Imagine doing a B and W film, about murder, without any blood or guts. And imagine liking the villain better than the poor old lady, whose on faults are stupidity, ill treatment of servants, and distant relatives. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that you can't hide a severed head in a hat box very long, before, everybody knows where the head is hidden. In this film, the head is only discussed, not shown. Too bad all you kiddies, who prefer gore over good acting, script and direction. This film shows Robert Montgomery's talents as can actor who played serious heroic films, traitors, comedy, wise guy detectives that were as good as Bogart's Marlow. Thanks to Roz Russell the character of Montgomery comes out early in the film. The viewers know he is the killer. although its never stated, but slowly unfolds. Roz even falls in a hate-love relationship. And its not as if she is an unwanted spinster, (unmarried women for you kids). Roz does have an admirer, but he does not have Montgomery's charm.Five stars for a film that is better than anything made today.

  • night must fall and be scarey

    • s.donovan
    • 2/21/11

    i totally loved robert montegomery's insight into the criminal mind, i just watched it again, and not only is it a classic, but every move and nuance made had depth of character, i loved how the old lady gets up and walks around at the end,some very fine touches, not knowing the author, idon't know if it's the writer director or actor, but a very fine production, i loved the lighting, i have to admit i'm a very easy sell having read all of Agatha Christie's works, thanks TCM for holding the candle high

  • Night Must Fall (1937)

    • Hildy Johnson
    • 9/16/10

    Suspenseful, frightening and truly creepy. Marvelous.

  • Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams

    • lee tregellis
    • 7/23/10

    This is a fantastic play, and began the fashion of this type of thriller. Dan was one of the first ,if not the first of a long line of psychopathic killers of the stage and screen. written in 1934 he would take the lead himself. In 1993 I had the great thrill to play Dan at The Old Rep Theatre in Birmingham England, and though I have been in many plays since then, Night Must Fall is still my all time favourite. I would love to see the 1937 film on D.V.D

  • The Classic Suspense Picture on DVD

    • Jeffrey Kenison
    • 5/21/10

    I would enjoy this on DVD too. I like Rosaland Russel.

  • Night Must Fall

    • Wanda
    • 5/21/10

    Please, please, PLEASE put this movie on DVD. It is my all-time favorite movie with Robert MOntgomery, who is highly under-rated today. Plese don't let this classic be lost.

  • Montgomery's Finest

    • D. Bullock
    • 2/22/10

    As a Mongomery fanatic who would watch him read the phone book, I want to say that this has become my favorite film of all time. It has beat out Casablanca for my favorite film ,and that is saying alot. Montgomery's acting is so subtle and his reactions superb. You can read the story in his face. The remainder of the cast is excellent as well ,and the story is fascinating. The play has a better ending, as it brings out the twisted romance more, but regardless, Robert Montgomery's performance is a must see.

  • See This for Robert Montgomery

    • susanna60
    • 1/21/10

    Being familiar with Mr. Montgomery's light comedic roles I was transfixed by his acting in this film. What a revelation! From the moment he steps on screen with his sleepy, dopey eyes and light Irish accent I was taken in. I have seen both versions of this movie and I have to say the 1937 version is better. It's more frightening, not by what you see, but by what you don't see. The look of the film is eerie, the acting wonderful. But it's Montgomery's film and he didn't waste a second of it.

  • This MUST be in DVD format

    • xlophonia
    • 1/20/10

    This film is way too good to be lost in the dust of the new millenium generation.I first saw it in the 1980's. It scared me to death. It's very well written and oddly romantic. Please restore it and preserve it.

  • Night Must Fall (1937)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/12/09

    Fascinating and suspenseful, a classic story beautifully filmed in every way. An acting tour-de-force by Robert Montgomery, certainly one of his finest performances ever. Dame May Whitty is brilliant, Rosalind Russell is great in an early role. Excellent!

  • "Night Must Fall" is a Must See!

    • S.F. Baker
    • 3/1/09

    Night Must Fall is one of the best psychological thrillers ever made! It was originally introduced to audiences way back in 1937. However, it still holds up very well! Robert Montgomery does a splendid job of playing a charming, sociopath. Also, both Rosalind Russell and Dame May Whitty are equally superb. I'm glad TCM is showing this great film twice this month!TCM is the main reason why I still have a TV in my home.

  • Parallels of the Night Must Fall

    • Eddy Forester
    • 7/23/08

    If you watch this movie, or as I have watch it more then once, it sinks in. The opening minute tells it all. But if you actually live the story like I have for over 2 years, then it really hits home. In 1898, a woman from my hometown of Bucksport, Maine was murdered. Not only murdered, but her head was cut off. They did not find her body for 2 weeks. When they did, a media sensation washed over the sleepy little town, and reporters and blood seekers alike converged to see where she was found murdered. There has been a recent book written on the case. It could have been taken right from the script of this movie, or vice versa. The Book is entitled In Search of Sarah Ware by Emeric Spooner. They kept her head in evidence look up for 80 years, in a wooden box. Not unlike the hat box found in this movie. The parallels are truly uncanny!

  • Love Bob Montgomery in this!

    • Juliet V.
    • 2/5/08

    This is a fascinating,wonderful film-the psychology of both Montgomery's and Roz Russell's characters is a treat to watch develop,and, personally speaking,almost anything with beautiful Bob is worth seeing! I dearly wish TCM would show this is a rarely shown treasure!

  • Robert Montgomery excellent

    • Bob B
    • 1/14/08

    What can you say, but what an actor. Kept my wife and I glued to TV. A little slow in spots, but watching Montgomery was worth it.

  • robert

    • rick mcintyre
    • 10/1/06

    what an actor .he made me sit up and take notice. most of other cast are pale .its too bad we dont have actors like him today.

  • Well acted film

    • ERD
    • 3/7/06

    I find the screenplay interesting but at times mediocre. The cast, direction and filming is good, but it is Robert Montgomery who does a superb job and makes NIGHT MUST FALL worth seeing.

  • Thumbs Down...

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/23/06

    I thought that this was a rather unpleasant film. Olivia (Rosalind Russell} is almost as mentally disturbed as Danny (Robert Montgomery). A very predictable ending.

  • This movie deserves to be on Home Video !

    • Adriana
    • 2/11/06

    Outstanding movie and performances by the entire cast. Robert Montgomery is mesmerizing. I hope this movie becomes available on Home Video- a real Classic.

  • Danny

    • thomas
    • 2/4/06

    Robert Montgomery is the best!

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