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It's a Wonderful World

It's a Wonderful World(1939)

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  • A consideration

    • dale snoddy
    • 2/7/18

    Maybe you have to be a fan of Colbert, Stewart, screwball comedy, great screenwriting (Hecht/Mankiewicz), great direction Van Dyke, or all aforementioned. I am, & was delighted with the product. I was not familiar with it when I saw it, wondering how it was received in it's day. 1939 has been posited as the best movie production year in sound history. I cannot disagree. Is it perfect? No. I would encourage anyone who sees it, to try & appreciate how times have changed our outlook on some behaviours (e.g. the verbally abusive/condescending language/tones of Stewart as relates to Colbert, etc). It was a different time. The film was made in the context of that time, & I don't believe should be faulted for NOT having the sensitivity/awareness 0f the new millennium. Is Huckleberry Finn not a great book because it reflects the vernacular of the period. Is Ol' Man River not a great show tune? To me, this film is FUNNY, extremely well acted, (Steward was not playing an English man. He was an apple pie American, who affected a poor British accent (as written), as a comic device), to elude capture. Police were not depicted as bumbling, inept or stupid, just the 2 in the film, again as a comic device, rather than a generalization. I loved this film, lighten up folks, & enjoy within context.......

  • A Jimmy Stewart Surprise!

    • Robin H
    • 2/2/18

    Kathy B's review (see below) is pretty much how I feel & what I'd like to say but then I temper that ~~reminding myself that this was produced, written & directed by men in 1938/39, a time where women portrayed on film (& in life) were nearly always treated abusively (see my review of CC's "Skylark" 1941), sometimes adored & nearly 100% presented as dim-wits as JS dispairiges CC throughout this tale. Sorta reminded me too of the 1984 "Romancing the Stone" relationship between Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner. Annoying for me in this film is the degree of ignorance of the bumbling cops & courts (as in MOST of these comedic films of past). This movie is over the top with crazy antics, a bit loud at times, but all-in-all I did really like it; I couldn't not finish it! I thought I'd seen ALL of JS's films, so I enjoyed this surprise! Stewart is criticized here at TCM Reviews by another for being an awful actor because of his accents "playing" as an Englishman & then a Southerner.. A reminder to the reviewer, those two parts within this story demonstrates that he, in his primary character as a private dick, thus his amateurish attempts at "acting" for a non-actor character, is all the more proof of his brilliance as an actor. He had some hilarious scenes in this film; demonstrated some comedic skills I never knew he had! (note his expressions while wearing the bottle-thick eyeglasses! Boy-Scouts as menaces? LOL. What a HOOT!) This film really surprised me. Funny & had a great twist of a murder mystery. If you can get past the Tooooo stupid policing, then you'll really like this one. Also see Sidney Blackmer as a thug-murderer, later to play a devil's disciple (Roman Casavet) in "Rosemary's Baby" (1968) & in 1951, an adoring role as Jeanne Crain's father in "People Will Talk" (w/Cary Grant). p.s. Another gem from Hollywood's Golden year too!

  • Well, let's see...

    • Kathy B.
    • 2/1/18

    Jimmy Stewart's character kidnaps Claudette Colbert's character while he's on the run from the cops after being arrested for being an accomplice to murder (his arrest was caused by his own greed). Then, throughout the rest of the movie he proceeds to terrorize Colbert's character, verbally abuse her, physically abuse her, and overall behave like a complete sociopath with absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever. Is it her fault he's on the run from the police? No, it's entirely his own fault. But he treats her as if it's her fault, with the utmost callousness and contempt, as loudly and often as possible. As an old movie fan, I've watched a lot of movies where the "hero's" abusive treatment of the heroine's wouldn't fly in this day and age, and I put this movie right up there with the worst of them. Jimmy Stewart never tempers his character's foul behavior toward Colbert's with the slightest bit of regret or apology; I consider this one of his all-time worst performances. And what is just as bad if not worse - after putting up some resistance initially, Colbert's character then keeps coming back for more!I hated this movie, if you couldn't tell!

  • Soooo Sweet and Nice...

    • Reporting1
    • 1/30/18

    ...definitely.on a par with "It Happened One Night". I'm not that big on comedies anymore but this is an exception -- if you're a Stewart fan you'll love this and although I sometimes find Ms C a bit much -- in this -- she's perfect!!Watch and enjoy!! XOXO

  • claudette

    • Charles Del genovese
    • 5/26/14

    If claudette colbert is in the movie thats all I need to know

  • Stewart & Colbert at their finest

    • Pat
    • 9/13/12

    Just watched this movie ... again. And I'll watch it every time it's on. A must see, laugh out loud gem of a movie showing off the multi talents of both Jimmy Stewart and Claudette Colbert. Funny, eccentric, well written, cleverly directed and acted make "It's a Wonderful World" - you guessed it - WONDERFUL.

  • A Little Known Treasure

    • peter
    • 8/13/11

    I saw the film on Turner Classic Movies last night and was really surprised to find that such a fine film with two great actors had largely disappeared into the woodwork. TCM paired the film with 'It Happened One Night' which features Clark Gable and Colbert in a somewhat parallel plotline: a dynamic young working man (if jounalists and private detectives are working men) and a high born or at least highly cultured young woman are thrown together by fate in an adventure; though at first skeptical of each other they end up as lovers. I thought the dialogue in 'Wonderful World' was excellent and the film as a whole holds its own against the more famous sibling. Since another reviewer takes Stewart to task for infelicity with accents, I will note that while watching the film I was struck by how the great leading men and women have distinctive voices to complement their distinctive looks: Stewart, Gable, Grant, Fonda, Bogart, Wayne are examples on the male side; Colbert, Hepburn, Bacall, and Taylor on the female. Anyway, this is a great little film and made a terrific combo with IHON. Many thanks to Turner Classics and Ben Mankiewicz (who hosted and perhaps had a soft spot for the film, whose snappy dialogue was co-authored by his grandpa Herman.)

  • It's a wonderful movie!

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 8/12/11

    Saw it for the first time tonight and it was as good as I'd hoped it'd be. Great chemistry between Colbert and Stewart, with some truly hilarious scenes, such as when they are in the apple orchard ("You won't need the gun -- they're tame apples"). Claudette is at her funny fiesty best, dodging bullets, tackling nosy boy scouts, and slugging the bad guys. And when Stewart isn't being scary and serious as the desperate, hunted fugitive, he's a comic delight ... especially wearing those glasses! A highly enjoyable mystery-comedy-romance that I can't wait to watch again.

  • I swear by my eyes - a hysterically funny movie

    • Judy
    • 8/12/11

    What a wonderful world to have this film in the archives!! Stewart & Colbert are simply a joy to watch and James Stewart is at his best in this roller coaster ride of a comedy. The chemistry between the two leads really makes this film non-stop fun from start to finish. This has become one of my favorite comedies of all time --- I swear by my eyes!!!

  • It's a Wonderful World

    • Moviegal23
    • 1/18/11

    This movie had me in stitches. Growing up I was introduced to the great Grant/Hepburn & Tracy/Hepburn comedy teams, but I think Stewart/Colbert were the true rare pairing. Screwball-comedy at its finest with amazing one-liners that would catch you off guard. I would go so far as to say this film is better than "It Happened One Night." A much watch for everyone.

  • Um filme √≥timo

    • Sonia
    • 12/4/10

    Este filme excelente. Eu adoro It's a Wonderful World. Uma comdia maravilhosa e o James Stevart e Claudette tem uma qumica maravilhosa no filme.

  • Can Jimmy Stewart Act?

    • Rachel
    • 10/7/10

    It's a Wonderful World was a cute comedy adventure but Jimmy Stewart's attempts at southern and English accents reminded me that he can't break away from that distinct voice of his. Think he's a great actor, prove me wrong:

  • One of the funniest James Stewart movies

    • Lorrie Mercer
    • 5/1/10

    this movie is of the funniest movies from James Stewart and Claudette Colbert. They are perfect together. Well worth converting to DVD.

  • Great actor James Stewart

    • Chris
    • 5/7/08

    I think this is about the only JS movie I haven't seen, I have tried to get a copy for several years without success. As far as I am aware this has never even been shown in the UK.If it was possible to beg to see this before I die I would do you - I regret though this is so unlikely as my doctors say the cancer will soon take me.God bless you James for all the pleasure you have given me

  • Colbert and Stewart are histerical.

    • Sharon B
    • 2/25/07

    My favorite image of this film is James Stewart wearing thick glasses and a boy scout uniform to escape the law. Both he and Claudete Colbert are so delightfully funny in this film. It may not be a "great" film, but it is such a lot of fun to watch

  • Delightful, see it if you can.

    • Jason Harris
    • 10/20/06

    Saw "It's a Wonderful World" on TCM early2006. Stewart as "Guy Johnson" playing rough / tough Priv Inv w/no redeeming values. Claudette as a starry eyed poetess "Edwina Corday" bumps into him during his escape and is basically kidnapped. 2nd half everything goes upside down. Edwina gets the upper hand and Guy relies on her good graces to solve the mystery. Delightfull film, see it if you can.PS Always get title confused with "It's AWonderful Life" (1946) - another great Stewart film.

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