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Honeymoon for Three

Honeymoon for Three(1941)

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In Cleveland, Ohio, on a book tour with his efficient secretary, Anne Rogers, with whom he is in love, author Kenneth Bixby is surprised by the delivery of a bouquet. The card enclosed with the flowers is signed "Miriam" which is also the title of Bixby's latest book. Later he receives a telegram, also signed "Miriam." The mystery is deciphered when a young woman named Julie Wilson sneaks into Bixby's hotel room and passionately throws her arms around him. Although Bixby does not remember her, Julie reminds him that they were college sweethearts. Despite her marriage to Harvey Wilson, she has treasured the memory of their relationship and, assuming that Bixby has done the same, is convinced that she was the model for the character of Miriam. Charmed by her evident ardor, Bixby agrees to have breakfast with her. Their presence together is noted by Elizabeth Clochessy, Julie's cousin, who has followed her to Bixby's hotel. Elizabeth is engaged to aspiring lawyer Arthur Westlake and is concerned that Julie's infatuation might cause a damaging scandal. Determined to prevent this, Elizabeth and Arthur try to enlist Anne in their plan to exhaust Bixby so thoroughly that he will not have time for Julie's romantic schemes. Bixby has other plans, though, and dictates a letter to Anne canceling all his appointments and explaining that he intends to talk Julie out of her fantasy. Soon after Bixby departs to meet Julie, her husband Harvey knocks on the door of Bixby's room. He insists on waiting until Bixby returns, wanting only, as he says, to get a look at Bixby after years of hearing about his virtues from his wife. Anne and Harvey eventually tire of waiting and go dancing. They are joined by Elizabeth and Arthur who report that Julie and Bixby have disappeared. Although Harvey is completely unconcerned, the other three convince him to drive to the Wilson farm, where they believe the missing pair have gone. Bixby and Julie are not at the farm, however, having lost their way. After one of their tires has a flat, the pair walk to the nearest inn for dinner. By coincidence, Harvey and the others stop at the same inn. On the way inside, they encounter Bixby, who tries unsuccessfully to convince them to return to town with him. Anne refuses, and Bixby shuttles back and forth between the larger group and Julie until he slips on a rug, thus revealing his ruse. Back at the hotel, Anne and Bixby quarrel, and matters become worse when Bixby learns he has been named corespondent in the Wilson divorce. Disgusted, Anne quits her job and breaks their engagement. The next morning, Harvey, who is glad to get rid of his wife, agrees to dismiss his request for damages if Bixby will marry Julie. It appears that Bixby will be forced to accept the arrangement until Anne, spotting a woman who named her baby after Bixby, pretends that he is actually the father of the baby. Bixby goes along with the ploy, adding that "Miriam" was modeled on the baby's mother. This false confession finally ends Julie's infatuation. After Bixby pretends to jump in despair from the building, Anne admits that she loves him and they are reconciled.