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  • Deserved more respect from Spotlight hosts

    • Rebecca M.
    • 6/4/16

    I tuned in to watch one of my favorite old movies and I was disappointed to hear a half-hearted introduction from Annette OToole & Michael McKean. This movie is odd? Strange? Not at all, in my opinion! I think it's charming and it is my favorite of all the McDonald and Eddy movies. I didn't let the "sour" intro and exit by the hosts spoil my viewing of this wonderful movie.

  • Unbelievable Musical(1936) Spoiler Alert

    • shepardn
    • 10/6/15

    If you love opera music with a strange sub-plot, then you will enjoy "Rose-Marie." Spoiler alert. Starring Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy as the star crossed lovers whom are torn apart by McDonalds' brother Jimmy(James) Stewart who is a fugitive from justice in Canada, and has killed a Mountie. "Indian Love Call'" is a featured song and is a major plot device. Can Eddy bring Stewart to justice and risk the pure love of McDonald, tune into this slick soap.Also in the film Alan Mowbray, David Niven (cameo), Una O'Connor, Reginald Owen. B & W .Run times vary 103,110,113. W.S. Van Dye directs. Due to the nature of the film it is severely dated.


    • W.J.R.
    • 6/3/15


  • Beautiful Movie - Beautiful Music

    • Melissa Likes
    • 7/9/14

    TCM showed this film a few nights ago. I had never seen it before, nor heard of it. The film begins with an opera, the star, Jeanette MacDonald is the soprano. As another reviewer mentions, to discover movie stars with voices like this was surprising (to say the least). The story is old fashioned, romantic and utterly charming. The hero is played by Nelson Eddy, who had an unbelievably beautiful voice. It almost seems unfair that two such attractive people were simultaneously gifted with such splendid voices.The film is pure escapism and a delightful way to spend a few hours. The scenery was beautiful. The names of these stars are mostly unknown to those of us who were born long after they had passed away. But now that I have discovered them, I look very forward to seeing their other movies. Thank you TCM for showcasing these amazingly talented stars.

  • Amazingly Good Movie

    • EmChamberlain
    • 7/8/14

    I saw this movie last night on TCM. The opera scenes were wonderful. That an actress could sing that well (French, Italian) I found remarkable. Ms. MacDonald was not Rene Fleming, but Ms. MacDonald did a more than credible job with Gounod and Puccini. Then we come to Mr. Eddy. I was so impressed with his singing that I did some research. He had an opera background, and was the highest paid singer in the world for 14 consecutive years. He was a light baritone, and believe me, he had an amazing voice. The story is very romantic, portraying an innocence that I found very refreshing and of course, completely different from what we see on the screen today. Although the two stars were movie star good looking, it was hard to see past the dated makeup. (The makeup reminded me of that which you see from the 1920's.) Allan Jones also appeared in the opera segments, he had a delightful tenor voice. One thought I had throughout the movie, was how sad that it was not shot in color. The beautiful mountain scenes were filmed at Lake Tahoe, which even in black and white, were breathtaking. The movie is a delightful (albeit sentimental) love story. The chemistry between the two stars was astonishing. It is hard to believe that there was a time when Americans would flock to see a movie in which classical music was such an integral part. I thought the non-classical songs were lovely, romantic, uncomplicated. Just a unique and wonderful experience. I look forward to seeing other movies that starred Ms. MacDonald and Mr. Eddy.

  • Rose Marie

    • will
    • 3/11/14

    Well I didn't think you could come up with a more insulting movie than Stay Away Joe, But here it is. After the big Native Indian Dance, Is I think the most bizzare musical number Ive ever seen. Just what nation of people was this supposed to represent. The capper (crapper) was when they rolled that big drum down the hill, knocked it over sideways, right on top of a blazing camp fire with fire irons and a scalding pot, then proceeded to jump up on top of the drum and screaming and yelling some Hollywood jibberish. I waited to see the drum burst Into flames. The mooning looks, Jeannette and Nelson Eddy threw each other were hysterical. you could get better acting from Ken and Barbie.

  • One of my all time favorites!

    • Ginnie
    • 7/13/13

    I love, love, love this movie! The singing is superb. Jeanette and Nelson are so good together. My mother always had the movie on VHS but I need it on DVD so I can watch whenever I want. I'm really not that much into romance movies but I've always loved this one.

  • Yikes!

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 4/17/13

    I really just found this movie horrible. It was extremely creepy. It wasn't cute or romantic. Granted, it was musical. But, the music seemed so out of place, awkward even. The actors' faces seemed so fake. Maybe they could sing, but they couldn't sing and act. I feel bad for giving it such a terrible review after I read through all the glowing ones it's received previously. But, yikes! And then I read in the trivia section that Eddy was so jealous of Jones' talent that he had Jones' one solo act cut. LOL! Yes, Eddy you had every reason to be jealous of others' talent because certainly nobody should have been jealous of you! (And yes I know what an acclaimed singer/talent he was, so that just annoys me even more that he wanted to cut other people.)

  • Ultra Reality Musical Vehicle(1936)

    • nshepard
    • 4/17/13

    All Star cast delivers an uber reality check as Sargeant Bruce(Nelson Eddy) and Marie de Flor/Rose-Marie(Jeanette McDonald) traipse across Canada in search of Love and brother John Flower(James Stewart) who is wanted for robbery. Eddys' assignment is to bring Flower to justice, but along the way, a few musical numbers including the classic "Indian Love Call" which has to be seen and heard to be believed or understood. For the purists this is the epitome of musicals, for the common folk, something out of ultra reality. Deftly directed by W. S Van Dyke this film will keep your interest with a superb cast :Alan Mowbrey, Una O'Connor, Reginald Owen and many others.4.5 stars out of 5. has to be seen. there is nothing quite like it.

  • Show this again, please!

    • Dereuff
    • 4/9/12

    A recent storm knocked out my DVR and I lost all my MacDonald-Eddy movies (among many others), recorded over the years from TCM, and this is one I haven't been able to replace! Air it again, soon, PLEASE! As other reviewers have noted, the music is lovely (though MacDonald's articulation leaves something to be desired) and the photography terrific. Highlights for me include the drum falling into the campfire during the Corn Dance sequence and Gilda Gray, the original shimmy "artiste", doing it on film for posterity. Watch it when next it airs, which I hope will be soon!

  • All Nelson Eddy

    • Donna
    • 5/6/11

    When is the studio gonna release a set?!?New Moon, Rose Marie, Naughty Marietta

  • Rose-Marie (1936) Indian Love Call

    • Rose-Marie
    • 8/16/10

    I address to TCM. I was born in Spain in 1944. My mother was expecting me when she saw the movie. She liked it so much that I was named after that movie, but I have never been able to view it. I am now trying to buy it thru TCM, but you dont have it in DVD. Would you please issued it as soon as possible, as you have over 736 requests already. Would I be able to see it before I die...... Anyone can help me to get it. I have never even been able to hear the sons.... my mother used to sing it to me..... whatever she remembered..... Thank you. Please e-mail me with any news. Rose-Marie

  • Rose Marie-1936

    • patrick mccallum
    • 6/20/10

    Fun old film!Original Totem Poles from the movie set at Emerald Bay can be seen here (link) in front of the old Tahoe Inn. They remained there for years. Later they found refuge at the front yard of my brother in law south of Tahoe City, and I believe a lone totem pole still remains at the Lighthouse Shopping Center in Tahoe City today. Check out the following:Link: view old pictures of the Inn and easily recognized totem poles.

  • Original canoe Nelson & Jeanette were in

    • Scott
    • 12/19/09

    I noticed the posting about the original Totem Poles and thought I might add a note about the canoe from the movie. I visited Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada about 20 years ago and the original canoe from the movie was on display at a gift shop/trading post in the park. Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald filmed the great musical scene on the lake while rowing in that canoe. I would assume it is still on display.

  • Great scenery and great stars

    • lem
    • 7/25/09

    It is great fun to watch this movie. Nelson and Jeannette have great chemistry.

  • Totem Poles saved from oblivion

    • BCer
    • 5/12/09

    Just an anecdote about the "totem poles" used in this film:The Bayview Resort in Emerald Bay which was used in some of the filming, was owned by my aunt and uncle, Hap and Estella Jones. My dad was employed by them in the restaurant as a waiter. My mother was spending the summer there minding the Jones' young son. That was where my mom and dad met, actually. When the filming ended, the totem poles were going to be disposed of by dumping them in the lake. My father and uncle rushed down to the lake's edge and rescued them from oblivion. I think my uncle, a consumate capitalist, was loathe to lose such an obvious tourist attraction. My dad was trying to impress my mother, I believe. He was 19 and she was 13 at the time. Of course, the depression was in full swing, and WWII was on the horizon, but after all that ended, they married and had four children. Of course, Rose Marie was an important part of our family culture.

  • A Great Early Musical Classic

    • Neal E. Smith
    • 3/13/07

    This musical is a joy to view, its music is wonderful, it makes you smile. The photography for a movie in this era, of the Canadian Rockies, is fantastic! Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy made a great team. Most significantly, the brief performance of Jimmy Stewart, (Rose Marie's brother) is fantastic! In a few short moments he makes you believe his character and you feel that you know who John Flowers really is. It shows you early in Stewart's career why Jimmy Stewart achieved the greatness he did.

  • The Artistry of two very gifted performers.

    • Barbara M Irwin
    • 10/6/06

    Their beautiful music should not be lost.Nelson Eddy was the most polished Baritone of the 20th Century.And Jeanette MacDonalds lyric soprano should still be heard by lovers of their kind of music. Both professionals,it showed in their many concerts, Operas,Recordings as well as their Movies. Nelson was still preforming on Night Club Tours up to the day he left us.The both died too soon.

  • Wonderful Movie

    • Theresa in Ithaca
    • 5/17/06

    I first saw this movie several months ago on TCM. Absolutely lovely movie. Nothing that you have to learn to like. Just beautiful people, wonderful music, unforgetable stars. How sad that these movies are not shown more frequently.

  • Beautiful Movie

    • Ken Walsh
    • 5/5/06

    The star of this movie, Jeanette Macdonald, was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. This movie is very old fashioned and absolutely sensational. Total escapism. Incredible music. I especially liked the Indian scene (the Indians are in the background singing and dancing) just excellent music.

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