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Bonnie Scotland

Bonnie Scotland(1935)

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In a Scottish village, a small group of people have gathered for the reading of wealthy Angus Ian McLaurel's will. While Angus' lawyer, Mr. Miggs, is reading the will, on the other side of town, Angus' American grandson, Stanley McLaurel, arrives with his friend Oliver Hardy. McLaurel's granddaughter Lorna is designated the main heir, with the stipulation that she go to India to stay with Colonel Gregor McGregor, a soldier who is to be the estate trustee and her guardian until she turns twenty-one. Lorna is distraught at having to leave her sweetheart, Alan Douglas, who is Miggs's assistant, but she is comforted by Lady Violet Ormsby, McGregor's sister. When Stan and Ollie arrive at the house, they discover that they broke out of jail and traveled to Scotland only to receive a snuffbox and bagpipes. The penniless pair leave, and after Ollie falls into a stream while trying to show Stan how to use snuff, they return to their inn. Later that night, Stan burns Ollie's pants as he is drying them, while Lady Ormsby and Lorna set off for India. Stan and Ollie are thrown out of the inn after three weeks of not paying the bill, and in their search for clothes, they inadvertantly join the army. Three months later, Alan, upon hearing that the boys will be transferred to India, joins the army and goes with them so that he can find Lorna.

In India, Lorna has been misled by the fortune-hunting Lady Ormsby into thinking Alan no longer cares for her, and so she is being courted by McGregor. After their arrival, Stan and Ollie have a trick played upon them by the veteran soldiers, while Alan overhears the announcement of Lorna's engagement to McGregor. After discovering that Alan is at the fort, Lorna meets him that night and is heartbroken when he castigates her for never writing to him. The next day, Millie, Lady Ormsby's dismissed maid, gives Lorna Alan's letters, which Lady Ormsby had intercepted. Lorna rushes off to find Alan, but he is on a dangerous mission to impersonate McGregor and his officers at a meeting with Khan Mir Jutra, a native rebel who intends to ambush the fort while the officers are absent. Stan and Ollie have also gone along under the impression that they are attending a luncheon. While Jutra entertains the impersonators, he learns that his rebels are attacking the fort, and, assuming victory, he attempts to make his captives commit suicide. He finds out, however, that the real McGregor was prepared for the attack and captured all the rebels. Stan and Ollie accidentally engineer their escape and run into bee hives in the courtyard. They throw the hives at the natives, who run away at the approach of McGregor's troops, who are in turn covered in bees themselves as Stan and Ollie run toward them.