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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1932)

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In the late eighteenth century, London physician Dr. Henry Jekyll addresses a group of scientists on the duality of the human psyche, convinced that man lives with an eternal struggle between his noble and impulsive sides. In his laboratory, Jekyll develops a potion meant to separate the two selves, so that the evil persona can be brought forth and annihilated. Meanwhile, Jekyll asks Brigadier-General Carew for permission to marry his daughter Muriel earlier than they originally had planned, but Carew refuses. Later, Jekyll returns to his laboratory and takes the potion, and his now-freed evil persona turns him into a beast. Jekyll then visits Ivy Pierson, a music hall singer from Soho whom he had rescued earlier from the advances of a brutish man. As the evil and ugly "Mr. Hyde," Jekyll now tries to seduce Ivy. She is repulsed by Hyde, but when he promises her wealth, she gives herself to him. Jealous of the affection Ivy has for the kind Dr. Jekyll, Hyde beats and rapes her until she believes that he is the Devil. Later, when a composed Jekyll realizes he has terrorized Ivy, he anonymously sends her £50. When she visits her benefactor to thank him, she realizes he is Jekyll, and begs him to save her from Hyde, and he gives his word that she will never see him again. Later, however, on his way to the Carews', Jekyll turns into Hyde again without the impetus of the potion and goes to Soho and strangles Ivy. Jekyll, trying desperately to emerge from inside Hyde, sends word to his colleague, Dr. Lanyon, ordering him to rush more of the needed drugs to him. At midnight, Lanyon watches Hyde turn back into Jekyll, who swears him to secrecy. Jekyll then promises never to mix the potion again. Believing that giving up Muriel is his penance, Jekyll goes to the Carews' to break his engagement. As he arrives, however, he again turns into Hyde and attacks Muriel, who is saved by Carew. The police arrive and chase Hyde back to Jekyll's lab. There Lanyon accuses his friend of murder, and when Jekyll again becomes Hyde, he is shot. The dead beast then reverts back to the kindly Jekyll.