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The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story(1940)

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  • Philadelphia Story

    • Hannah
    • 1/14/19

    One of my all-time favorite movies! What could be better than Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart in a very well-written, well-directed, fun story? This is a fun, fast-paced movie. It's a shame over-sensitive silly millennials obsessed with juvenile ideas of social justice can't appreciate quality, talent, and a brilliant satire. TCM, please show this movie more often (and not just at 2:00 AM!). Love this movie!!

  • movie action...fantastic.

    • a.morris
    • 4/5/18

    cary grant did a great john Stockton giving a huge assist to the career of ms.hepburn.

  • Gee, golly!

    • Moose
    • 3/18/18

    I love sarcastic, cynical, humor, and this movie is knee-deep in it! We expect fine performances from the 3 lead actors, but I think Virginia Wielder steals the show in every scene she's in. What a talented young lady she was. She also has some of the best lines in the whole film. Some may say that TCM shows this classic comedy too often, but I say that you can never enough of a good thing!

  • outstanding

    • Larry
    • 9/20/17

    This may be the best film Katherine Hepburn ever made. It's sophisticated and very funny. Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and James Stewart are all excellent and their dialogue is like verbal volleyball. Virginia Weidler as the younger sister of Tracy Lord is wonderful and it's sad to note that her life was far too brief. This is a sparkling, joyful film and I look forward to it whenever it is on TCM.

  • Philadelphia Glory Story

    • Nina
    • 8/20/17

    Perfect movie! A thrill to see Hepburn, Grant, and Stewart together in such a delightful movie. Well-written, well-acted. Fast-moving plot, charming characters. Love this movie!BTW, hate the remake HIGH SOCIETY. Grace Kelly just terrible in that film--she can't act and can't hold a candle to Hepburn. The dreadful HIGH SOCIETY is like watching a bad high school play. Shows what a difference great acting makes, since the scripts are so similar. A for PHILADELPHIA STORY; C- for HIGH SOCIETY.

  • The Philadelphia Story

    • Michael Whitty
    • 11/30/16

    One of the best romantic comedies bringing together James Stewart, Cary Grant, and Katherine Hepburn as they go through a high society situation of who might marry Katherine Hepburn. Grant is the ex-husband who still has some eyes for Kate and Stewart is a newspaper writer who seems to have the best chance. George Cukor directed this lighthearted film which turned out to be on the American Film Institute list of great films.

  • Praise the Rich

    • Steve Myers
    • 12/13/15

    This movie, based on a foot-kissing play, asks us to believe a silly rich woman & her yacht-man ex-husband are really not disgusting examples of their class but really great people, just like a fine boat. Hepburn is loud & shrill, Grant irritatingly superior, and Stewart a poor imitation of reporter from the downtrodden. This bouquet for the mainline rich was produced (the play) in the Depression.

  • Dated and Sexist

    • Kubby
    • 2/28/15

    Why does Hepburn have to be such a floozy here? Annoying overall

  • The Philadelphia Story (1940)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 10/23/14

    I don't get the appeal of this film at all. I found every one of the characters (save perhaps Ruth Hussey's) to be irritating, annoying, and fairly unfunny. Hated the "twist" ending. I think Stewart getting the Oscar for this one was just to make up for his not getting it on Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which WAS an excellent film.

  • Superb Film

    • Judy
    • 2/7/14

    What a superb film - Hepburn, Grant, and Stewart - make the original a timeless classic. Ms. Hepburn exemplifies the upper crust society, Mr. Grant a great foil for the spoiled Ms. Tracy Lord, and Mr. Stewart, just wonderful as the wise-cracking reporter. Wonderful writing, great directing - nothing subpar with this classic. The 1956 musical remake doesn't even come close to the original (I actually think the 1956 musical remake is a bomb). I always look forward to watching this film whenever it is shown on TCM.

  • good...but

    • georgie
    • 1/18/14

    There is much to like in this film. I love most of the dialogue and the action between Kate and Jimmy. The drunk scenes were great. And I loved the little girl who played the sister. But what really spoiled it for me was the scene between Tracy and her father. I thought it was horrible. I know these were different times, but his blaming Tracy for his infidelities was stupid and ridiculous. Just awful. His stating that men will sometimes look elsewhere when they don't have a daughter at home to fawn over them bordered in incest! Really creepy.

  • The Philadelphia Story

    • John
    • 8/18/13

    Overall-4/5Lead Performers-5/5Supporting Cast-4/5Director-3 1/2 out of 5Score-3/5Titles-3/5Screenplay-4/5Cinematography-3/5Importance-4/5Recommendation for fans of the genre-4/5

  • Love it!

    • Emma
    • 5/26/13

    Classic movie, must see for any old movie fan.

  • One of the best of all time

    • GtnSteve
    • 5/10/13

    This is the quintessential Hepburn performance (you know she went to Bryn Mawr College, right?), just as the remake was perfect for Grace Kelly. Jimmy Stewart surprises here by not being the usual Jimmy Stewart. Cary Grant is perfect, as is Ruth Hussey. The librarian uses (misuses) the second-person pronouns, which BTW are still being used (more correctly) by some Quakers in the 21st century. Virginia Weidler is never better than in this role. One of our very favorite pictures. But then we like Hot Millions, Blazing Saddles and The Producers.

  • Good, but

    • robb
    • 5/10/13

    Good movie, but I prefer the remake as High Society. They used nearly all the original dialogue, but the addition of some great music picked up the tempo which was needed, as Philadelphia tended to drag on and on.

  • Hepburn Shines

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 4/17/13

    Hepburn is obviously just perfect for this film. She looks beautiful and classy. Her wardrobe is impeccable. Cary Grant is a favorite of mine, but not so much in this film. His humor seems to be lacking. Stewart is so much into his role that I had to keep reminding myself it actually was Stewart and not some punk kid reporter trying to make a name for himself. Overall, this film is a bit too overworked for my taste to find much humor in it. But, it is fun to just sit back and watch the stars shine!

  • Hard to mess up

    • Adam
    • 8/25/12

    When you combine three all-times great actors it's pretty hard to mess it up. All three a just fantastic in this movie.

  • The Philadelphia Story

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 8/17/12

    The original, terrific romantic-comedy that revived Hepburn's career. Hepburn earned a nomination for her comeback performance, Stewart won the Best Actor Oscar, Grant deserved a nomination & Hussey was nominated for her supporting performance. Cukor magnificently handle's the adaptation of the stage play, an adaptation which won an Academy Award. The film is witty, romantic & intimate. An instant masterpiece. I give it a 5/5.

  • one of my favourites!

    • Madison
    • 2/20/12

    love love love this movie! it's too funny! i'll pretty much watch anything with Cary Grant in it, but this took me by surprise when i first saw it. i was enchanted! my favourite line would probably be "oh we're going to talk about me, are we? goodie." you'll never get tired of this movie, no matter how many times you watch it!

  • Loaded with stars

    • eddie
    • 8/21/11

    I'll watch anything with Cary Grant in it.

  • WOW I saw Phil. for the firt time today

    • babs
    • 12/13/09

    I love Hepburn, buy I never saw this movie. Now I admire her even more. Her range of emotion was so wonderful. The story is somewhat complicated at first, but I did get it after a while. For the most part I watched the wonderful cast. The costumes were great! And of course, Hepburn looked great in them.

  • My favorite movie.

    • veronica todd
    • 5/30/09

    The Philadelphia Story is my favorite classic movie ever. All the actors are tremendous from leading to supporting. The dialogue is quick and witty - the story is great. One of the best movies of that time and any time. Hilarious.

  • couple of historical notes

    • lil chuckie
    • 4/21/09

    Tracy's intended husband is a man of importance because he rose up from being a coal miner to managing director (?) of the Quaker State Coal Co. (?!?). He has 'national importance' now because the US Govt. had just nationalized the coal industry on the eve of WWII. Also, London native Cary Grant donated his salary to the British War Relief effort, both of these signs of the times as the world was literally on the edge of WWII when the film was made and released. And the librarian speaking 'Quaker' is a little funny, that's about 200 years out of date...Does anyone know what was Dexter's actual 'job' when he married 'Red' the first time?? playboy?, pro golfer?, I didn't read the book...

  • Excellent hilarious comedy

    • Brando4Ever
    • 11/19/07

    This has to be one of the all time greatest comedies ever. Sparkling, superb performances from Cary Grant, James Stewart and Katherine Hepburn. Great perfect dialogue. Great lighting. Great direction. James Stewart truly deserved his Best Actor Oscar.

  • One of the greatest

    • Jerry Lewis
    • 7/3/07

    The Philadelphia Story is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Everything about it is great. The casting is wonderful, and not often do you see a cast such as this. (In fact, maybe no other movie has had a cast like this. Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant are considered three of the greatest actors of all time.) It's funny, the screenplay is brilliant, I know know how they did it. Jimmy Stewart is just adorable in his film role. The supporting cast is also great, including Ruth Hussey and Virginia Weilder. A must-see.

  • Perfection

    • Sherry
    • 6/13/06

    Perfect film rendition of the play. Everything about this film is superb -- cast, music, sets, wardrobe, photography, screenplay and direction. Truly a classic film. Katharine Hepburn embodies Tracy Lord, Cary Grant is elegantly understated, Jimmy Stewart is the perfect not so cynical cynic and Ruth Hussey is beautiful and cooly elegant as his ever faithful girlfriend.Virginia Weidler plays the part of the younger sister to perfection.Great film.

  • My All-Time Favorite Movie!

    • Mary
    • 3/21/06

    I love The Philadelphia Story! It's smart, thought-provoking, funny, daring, and beautifully acted. I'm not sure movies can get any better than this. See it!! And if you like it as much as I do, read Barry's play--it's great too.

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