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Little Women

Little Women(1949)

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  • Little Women 1949

    • Ginger
    • 2/10/18

    Great performers, & story theme, surrounded by family love. Excellent selection of actresses & actors who truly knew how to make a wonderful movie. Never grow tired of watching this heart warming, all time Classic hit.

  • perhaps it is time for some real march madness.

    • a.morris
    • 12/23/17

    almost any version could be better than seeing she who could still scare caca out of me saying...Christopher Columbus..while sticking their finger in a wall socket just after sucking on a crate of rancid lemons. the 49 version is nice.. it has some tender moments in may not be a great story.. but it is good. I will not lie..i probably never read the book.. if I am not sure.. that means I am not an expert. now.. let me give you my opinion.. it might be time for a remake. only do what the british have been date good looking americans. scifi /fantasy spin. have a guy quantum leap into the body of jo. a little voyager technology..keep it simple. of course have your go to need be. that is right..non white people in the story. irony..they could be a bit british. for the women..archie Panjabi and ruth negga.for the men only the guy who played mr.bean any other guy who plays a character who is british gets ragged on..big time. little women with noises off with scifi stuff. still better tan Jupiter ascending and pluto nash. back to reality..june Allyson was the Michael Jordan of crying. when she did that one eye tear drop on Margaret Obrien..that was like Kenny smith shouting it is over after vince carter performed in a slam dunk contest. she probably taught the guy who played the native American in that anti pollution commercial of the 70s how to do that trick. in short..long a bit..good acting..nice looking sets.

  • 33 vs 49?

    • Wendy from Canada
    • 2/15/17

    I found when I watched the 1949 version of this movie I felt almost how I felt when I read the book as a girl. The performances of everyone involved rang more true and honest to the personalities of the characters I loved in the book. I am a big fan of Katharine Hepburn but I don't think she had the depth at this time in her career, I think it was her third film, to play all the colours of Jo. June Allyson had the perfect balance in her characterization of Jo, and the love she felt for her family was so clearly felt through her performance. I think that Elizabeth Taylor totally nailed the character of Amy and Margaret O' Brien was just perfection, even though Hollywood definitely manipulated the impact by making her younger and yet still speaking those words! Margaret O' Brien was brilliant in pretty much everything she did.C. Aubrey Smith is the ultimate for me, and Peter Lawford had all the youthful freshness of Laurie.If I was able to create the movie of my imagination, I would have kept this entire cast except for two. I thought Edna May Oliver as Aunt March was formidable but tender underneath, no offense to Lucille Watson, whom I love, but Edna May is my favorite, and I would have kept Paul Lukas instead of Rosanno Brazzi who just didn't have the fullness of the character for me.

  • Louisa May Alcott 's classic novel

    • Eliza
    • 8/29/16

    This movie was based on Louisa May Alcott 's classic novel 'Little Women'. Louisa May Alcott was born on November 29, 1832, in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson were family friends. Alcott wrote under various pseudonyms and only started using her own name when she was ready to commit to writing. Her novel 'Little Women' gave Louisa May Alcott financial independence and a lifetime writing career.I think that's good story.

  • The Sisters March!

    • Raymond Banacki
    • 7/21/16

    Absolute perfection on every level, the type of film that made MGM famous.

  • little women 1949

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/14/15

    I've always hated this movie (especially this version, with a too old June Allyson) It's kinda like "Sound Of Music" without the music. Real sentimental bilge. Give it a C minus. (Peter Lawford and Mary Astor save it from a D.)

  • Little Women

    • Goetan
    • 10/3/14

    A colourful, lush adaptation of the famous story. Allyson, Leigh, O' Brien and Taylor are the four March sisters who find love and happiness during the Civil War. The film won a Oscar for it's production design; some scenes are unnecessary, drag too long or are boring. A good adaptation with room for improvement. I give it a 3/5.

  • A solid 2nd time around

    • David H.
    • 5/14/14

    Generally, remakes always invite comparisons to earlier versions and the 1949 film of "Little Women" is no exception. June Allyson is no Katharine Hepburn, but she is more than capable as the film's main protagonist. It was nice to see child actresses portraying the two youngest March sisters. A teen-aged Elizabeth Taylor is much more believable as a schoolgirl than 23-year-old Joan Bennett was in the 1933 version and Margaret O'Brien is fine as Beth, even though her character is older in the book and earlier film. The casting of Peter Lawford as Laurie and Mary Astor as the mother brings more depth to those characters. For me, this version's main determent is that most of the outdoor scenes look cheesy as they were obviously filmed on sound stages. Even when compared to the 1933 film, which was almost perfect, this version does stand on its own as a solid film that does justice to an American classic.

  • just can't help it !

    • Alice
    • 12/24/13

    I discovered the jewel of a movie, "Little Women", quite late in life; in my sixties. I watch both the 1933 and 1949 versions every time they air. I dearly love both films; the one with Kate Hepburn and the one with June Allyson. However, I just cannot help getting a greater kick out of the 1949 film The performances by June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Lawford, as well as the rest of the cast is flawless. My vote is cast ! 1949 is it for me.

  • Simply charming

    • Jamie
    • 12/15/13

    I came upon this movie one Friday evening on TCM about six or seven years ago during the CHRISTmas season. I immediately fell in love. The cast is perfect and so charming. I love that it is so close to the book. I can't imagine anyone not loving this movie, especially if you're a fan of the book. This movie is a treasure and should not be missed!

  • I like it

    • Shayna
    • 12/2/12

    I really like this movie, my first time knowing and watching it

  • 1933 little women

    • kim
    • 12/3/11

    absolutely the best version of this film! i have been watching this movie over and over since about 1965 (was 6yrs old). every actor and actress portrayed their parts perfectly! great casting! even named by daughter Meg after the charactor meg! FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!

  • Janet Leigh

    • Larry Bradford
    • 12/18/10

    She was the most convincing actress in this film. Elizabeth Taylor was far too shalow and Jo wasn't quite equipped for her role. The professor was perfect and the wealthy aunt soured this film. I still dont know why I liked this film, June just didn't convince me as a writer.

  • Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt...

    • hermann
    • 12/16/10

    Despite a few sprinkles of saccharine, (for ex., why would Peter Lawford call Mary Astor "Marmie"?) this is a very good film, and -- I agree with many others -- much better than the 1933 version. The cast is stellar, June Allyson especially. Don't fail to miss the scene later on when Rosanno Brazzi is playing the piano and singing and June Allyson comes to listen. It's pure movie magic, one of my favorite movie moments.

  • Little Women

    • Tom
    • 2/14/10

    The 1949 version of Little Women in my opinion, is far better than the 1933 version. I have no problem with any of the casting, particularly June Allyson's version of Jo. I think she nails it. The sets and the wardrobes in this picture were outstanding!I too love the ending shot of the rainbow in this picture.Truly a classic!

  • June Allyson

    • bob
    • 2/11/10

    It seems that Jay has a dislike for June. I have seen his reviews on almost every Allyson movie and he knocks every performance.I personally thjink this is a much better version of Little Women than the one with Kate Hepburn. It is not nearly as stiffly performed.

  • Little Women (1949)

    • Jay
    • 7/2/09

    Certainly the worst rendition of the three major versions of the classic story, but still not too bad, June Allyson is badly miscast, she does not have the acting ability for a role of such depth. Good costumes, great art direction.

  • 1949 version of Little Women

    • Elise
    • 4/4/09

    I have seen this movie countless times and enjoy it just as much each time I watch it. Most of the actors in this are my favorite. This was the first book I read as a child and have always loved the story. Maybe because it takes place in MA plus the actors in this version.

  • Comparison to 1933 version

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 12/13/08

    Last night TCM showed the '33 and the '49 versions. I have to say I enjoy both versions immensely. But I'm leaning toward this one a bit more. I want to sort of discuss its so-called shortcomings. First, I don't think making the story in Technicolor worsens it. I didn't exactly buy them being so poor and downtrodden in the Hepburn version. They still lived in a great neighborhood and with the help of their begrudging aunt, they didn't seem even remotely middle class. So if the Allyson version seems a bit more opulent because it is in color, I can live with it...because I see them as industrious and prosperous regardless of their circumstances. Next, I think the casting is actually better in this version. Margaret O'Brien is very good, very fragile, vulnerable and believeable as the sick sister. She should seem youngest and most helpless, even if that's not how Alcott wrote it. So I would not say she is miscast at all. I found the Beth in the '33 version to be too mature and matronly, actually. Her death was still sad but not as heartbreaking as watching little Margaret O'Brien die. Also, I think the professor is better in this version and Ellen Corby as Sophie (renamed from Mamie in the other version) makes the New York sequence that much more solid. The end of this version doesn't drag as much as the Hepburn version. And I really like the ending with its note of hope and rainbow-infused color after the rain. It seemed like Judy Garland should've played Jo! Finally, I think June Allyson is excellent in this version. She is photographed better here than Cukor photographed Hepburn (the soft-focus closeups in the '33 version made Kate's face difficult to see during key dramatic moments). And what I really like about Allyson is the way she could come in from the opera with the professor and do a finer turn at singing than Hepburn could. Then there's the way that post-war Allyson said 'blessed boy' that just seemed so perfect and so right.


    • Carolyn
    • 8/14/07

    This version of "Little Women" is my all-time favorite movie. I've probably watched it at least 30 times, and seldom ever watch any movie more than once. I love everything about the movie - the cast, the music, the setting, the costumes - - everything. I will continue to watch the movie at every opportunity.

  • Little Women

    • Polly
    • 8/13/07

    This movie is the first time I ever saw Little Women June Allyson is great! All of them were. Such a wonderful film!

  • little women

    • victoria delorenzo
    • 7/8/07

    i love this movie.

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