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Girl Crazy

Girl Crazy(1943)


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After New York playboy Danny Churchill, Jr.'s latest Broadway escapade makes scandalous headlines, his publisher father, Danny, Sr., announces that he is sending Danny to Cody, a small mining college out West. Upon disembarking in Cody village, Danny discovers he must walk eight miles through the desert to get to the college's campus. Although his father had assured him that there would be no women in Cody, Danny soon meets young, attractive Ginger Gray, whose car has broken down. Ginger, the local postmistress, is aware of Danny's reputation and laughingly rejects his advances, driving off without him after he gets her car running. Danny finally reaches campus and meets his roommate, Bud Livermore, who fills him in on the school's rigorous schedule. The following dawn, Bud and his fellow students cajole the sleepy-eyed Danny into participating in a day-long horse ride to a wilderness camp. To prove his mettle, Danny insists on riding Whitey, the school's wildest horse, but soon regrets his bravado when the animal takes off at full speed. After Whitey throws Danny, Rags, an ex-New York taxicab driver who now works for the college, gives him a ride in his buckboard. By the time Rags delivers Danny to the camp, Ginger has arrived with dinner, and once again snubs the tenderfoot. The next day, convinced that he will never fit in at Cody, Danny goes to see Dean Phineas Armour, Ginger's grandfather, and announces that he is returning East. Ginger drives Danny to the village, and along the way, Danny resumes his flirtation, sneaking in a kiss before parting. That night, the students of Cody throw an elaborate birthday party for the popular Ginger. Unaware that Danny has returned to campus and is eavesdropping on him, the manly if unromantic Henry Lathrop then proposes to Ginger, but she gently turns him down. After Henry leaves, Danny reveals himself to Ginger and confesses that he has decided to stay at Cody in order to be near her. As proof of his commitment, Danny offers Ginger his grandmother's locket, but she urges him to hold on to it for luck. Later, Danny gives Rags a message to wire to his father, which Rags then hands to a clerk, who reads it aloud in front of Henry and other Cody students. Although in the wire, Danny informs his father that he is staying, his derogatory comments about Cody infuriate the students. After Henry brings the matter up to the Cody student council, Dean Armour calls both young men into his office and orders them to declare a truce. Soon after, Ginger hears a radio report that, because of low enrollment at Cody, Governor Tait will be signing legislation closing the school. Anxious to help the despondent Ginger, Danny comes up with an idea for Cody to sponsor an annual rodeo and beauty contest as a way of attracting new students. Danny and Ginger then present the governor with the plan, and he agrees to delay signing the legislation for thirty days. To assure the plan's success, Danny attends the coming-out party of the governor's daughter Marjorie and flatters attractive debutantes into agreeing to enter the beauty contest. During the evening, Marjorie flirts openly with Danny and, to his chagrin, snatches his locket from him. Later, at the beauty contest, Danny swears his love to Ginger, but proclaims Marjorie the contest's winner. When Ginger then sees Danny's locket around Marjorie's neck, she assumes the worst and starts packing to go East. Danny is determined not to her lose her, however, and presents her with the locket, which he had retrieved from Marjorie, and swears his fidelity. Danny and Ginger then rush together to show Dean Armour the two hundred enrollment applications that have been sent by girls who want to enter Cody, and convince him to make the school co-educational. Their problems solved, Danny and Ginger sing and dance together in the rodeo show.