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Carnival Boat

Carnival Boat(1932)

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When lumber company executive Charlie Lane comes to inspect a logging camp that is headed by his old friend, Jim Gannon, he is dismayed by the camp's poor productivity. While Jim claims that old machinery is the source of the problem, Charlie maintains that Jim's son Buck, who is the head lumberjack, is an ineffective leader. Consequently, when Charlie tells Jim, a thirty-year lumber veteran, that he is through as boss, he recommends that Hack Logan, Buck's logging rival, be groomed to take over the camp. Determined that Buck inherit his job, Jim forbids his son from spending a rowdy evening on the "carnival" boat, which has just docked on the river that borders the camp. Buck ignores his father's wishes, however, and rushes to meet Honey, a singer on the floating cabaret with whom he has fallen in love. During the evening, Buck proposes to Honey and, acting on Hack's conniving advice, promises to quit his job and leave the camp with her. As soon as she accepts Buck's proposal, however, Jim boards the boat and denounces Honey as a riverboat "floosy." The next day, Jim demands that a double load of timber to be shipped on the camp train, unaware that the train's air brakes are badly worn. When Hack and other lumberjacks refuse to carry the load, Jim takes over the chore himself. As the overloaded train hurtles down the mountainside, its brakes gone, Buck rides alongside on a cableway and eventually hops on top of one of the cars. After he uncouples several of the cars, Buck reconnects the brakes and prevents the train from crashing at full speed. Jim is hurt in the accident, however, and a sobered Buck vows to recoup the camp's losses and prove himself to his father. While Buck then drives himself and the other lumberjacks to fill the river with logs, Hack incites Honey by telling her that Buck is being "buffaloed" by his domineering father. Just before her boat is to sail, a discouraged Honey visits Jim and tells him that, while she is quitting the boat, she still expects Buck to move with her. After Jim insists that logging is in Buck's blood, Honey witnesses the new warmth and trust between Buck and his father and decides to sacrifice her love. As she is leaving, however, a log jam at the river dam threatens to destroy the camp. Buck volunteers to set the dynamite necessary to break up the jam and challenges Hack to join him. Although he succeeds in disrupting the jam, Buck becomes trapped in a crevice of the dam and asks Hack, who is on top of the dam, to save him. After Hack throws Buck a limp rope, he is tossed into the raging river by a log. In spite of Hack's betrayal, Buck saves him from drowning, but later beats him in a revenge brawl at the camp. The camp saved, Honey embraces Buck and tells him and his father that she is there to stay.