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My Favorite Wife

My Favorite Wife(1940)

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  • This Original Is Excellent

    • Trylon
    • 2/17/18

    This is a most entertaining comedy. Cary Grant, Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott are perfectly cast and the film never skips a beat. Cary Grant's abilities at physical comedy are almost as good here as in His Girl Friday or Arsenic and Old Lace. Irene Dunne is understated, charming and just perfect as the long lost first wife. Perhaps the best tribute to this film is the fact that the Doris Day and James Garner remake. "Move Over, Darling," is almost word-for-word the same. Furthermore, it is one of the few movie remakes that may just be a good as the original. This is fun to watch.

  • My Favorite Wife, a costumers dream

    • Pat
    • 2/16/18

    As a professional costumer this is one of my favorite films, the running visual jokes keep me laughing from beginning to end. Even the credits, a series of hand embroidered handkerchiefs; are those the symbol of all the tears shed for the seven years that Ellen Wagstaff Arden( Irene Dunne) was lost at sea? Bianca's (Gail Patrick) predatory nature is expressed in everything she possesses, from the large fur muff in her lap in her opening scene to the wonderfully tacky and ill fitting leopard robe she has made for Nicky( Cary Grant). Ellen can stake out her claim too, her fur duo for picking up an Adam replacement surely shows that. And speaking of Adam ( Randolph Scott), nude colored swim trunks had to make Nicky as jealous as can be. My favorite moment though is that dress Ellen wears to the hotel. It is woefully out of date 1933 at its extreme, to long, has too big a polka dot bow and way to form fitting for 1940. It had to have been a scream for an audience who had lived through that shift in fashion; thankfully Ellen does a bit of "costume magic" to update it. With clothes like that in her closet is there any wonder Nicky has a hard time choosing a good outfit when she is soaked? Add to that the sly and subtle relationship of Grant and Dunne, working together for their second time. Each line holds the promise of a tongue in cheek double-entendre. Finally, has there ever been a more rakish Santa? It is a true treat!

  • my favorite wife

    • kevin sellers
    • 11/26/17

    Probably would have been better if producer Leo McCarey had directed and director Garson Kanin had written the screenplay. It certainly would have had more and better physical humor than just a predictable fall into a pool by her and some rather tame cross dressing schtick from him. And the writing would have been sharper and wittier, as well, particularly in the scenes between the two leads. Also, you could bet your Equal Rights Amendment that the co writer of "Adams Rib" and "Pat And Mike" would have explored the feminist implications inherent in Irene Dunne's wife leaving her family for an extended period of time to do her job. Still, there are some good bits with Granville Bates' irascible judge, in my opinion the funniest character in the film, and Irene Dunne's Southern accent tickles the funny bone, as does Donald MacBride's prim hotel clerk. So for being amusing and likable, if not hilarious, let's give this one a B minus. P.S. The resort hotel scenes sure looked like they were filmed on location at the Ahwahnee in Yosemite. Either that or art director Van Nest Polglase and set director Darrell Silvera are two seriously talented dudes.

  • My Favorite Wife- Remake

    • Susan
    • 12/23/14

    "My Favorite Wife" was remade as "Move Over Darling" in 1963 with Doris Day, James Garner and Polly Bergen in the 3 lead roles. it was a pretty well done production and quite well cast for a remake.Interestingly enough it did not waver much at all from the 'Favorite Wife' storyline like so many current remakes do, or oftentimes if they do stick to their predecessor's storyline, they are poorly done. additionally, the scripts were virtually identical and well delivered with much of that due to wise choices in actors and actresses. (yes, I still refer to women in the acting profession as actresses...well so does the Academy, otherwise there would be rather a lot of confusion, wouldn't there?)In it's almost identical storyline, script and good casting choices to "My Favorite Wife", it reminds us of the high degree of similarities between "The Philadelphis Story" and its' sucessor, "High Society," albeit the musical portion that was the latter.

  • This one better!

    • Alice
    • 4/28/14

    After comparing both films (Too Many Husbands), with this film, I love this film much more. Jean Arthur and Fred MacMurray are both great in the other film. It's the story I most object to. The story in "My Favorite Wife is great. I love it so much more. Add to it, Irene Dunne (at her romantic best), Carey Grant and Randolph Scott, you have a winner. This film is indeed a winner. Love it each time I watch it. Love that Santa!!

  • Awesome movie!!!!

    • Kim
    • 4/27/14

    A great movie still to this day..... I LOVE Cary Grant and just Love Irene's laughter.

  • Funny, if

    • denscul
    • 4/10/14

    If you leave your logic at home, do not do the arithmetic, DO remember when this film was made, it really has some extremely funny scenes. The Civil Court Judge perhaps has the funniest lines, when he states "And my wife thinks all my cases are dull." Then the poor shoe salesman. The current generation has never had a shoe salesman try shoes on the customers feet, unless you can afford real leather. The attempt to pass the mousy man as Dunn's companion of 7 years on a deserted island becomes a comedic scene when Grant, learns Randolph Scott was the companion. It also helped the happy ending having the almost second wife lacking the charm of Scott. One has to wonder what Grant saw in her to offer marriage. How many people get married without affection and whoa, some intimacy. All that is almost ignored, and makes the logical aspects of the film dated. But as I said, forget being logical, and enjoy it for what it is. A movie.

  • Terrific!

    • RedRain
    • 6/23/13

    This is one of the best screwball comedies ever made and Cary Grant, always at his best in comedic roles, just excels. It also leads to some interesting conversations with others in real life. What would you do? The fact that Grant and Dunne have two children together in the film lends itself to able reasoning as to why they belong together at the end. I've always liked this film. It's old-fashioned, funny and just darned good!

  • Funny and Romantic

    • meechie67
    • 6/23/13

    Grant and Dunne are one of my favorite silver screen couples making this one of my very favorite romantic comedies.

  • My Favorite Wife

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 8/15/11

    For a similar movie, with the sexes reversed, watch "Too Many Husbands" starring Jean Arthur, Fred MacMurray, and Melvyn Douglas. It is a funnier, far wittier film.

  • Brilhante

    • Sonia
    • 11/20/10

    Um grande filme. Uma comdia hilariante, divertida que faz vc ficar sentado no sof assistindo Cary Grant e Irene juntos. Eles tinhas uma qumica perfeita. E o filme muito bom. Perfeito para quem gosta de comdias e um dos meus filmes favoritos.

  • My Favorite Wife (1940)

    • James Higgins
    • 3/15/10

    100/100. The is one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time, everything comes together perfectly - direction, screenplay, score, cinematography and the cast, and what a terrific cast. Irene Dunne and Cary grant are excellent, the supporting cast is outstanding, especially Gail Patrick, Granville Bates and Donald MacBride. Randolph Scott is well cast. Nominated for three Oscars, original screenplay, original music score and for art direction. There are so many memorable scenes and it is often laugh out loud funny. A great and unforgettable classic.

  • Delightful!

    • Marita
    • 2/10/10

    This has been one of my favorite movies since I was a child - I'll never forget the scene where Nicky (Grant) spots Ellen (Dunne) in the lobby of the lodge as the door to the elevator closes on him -remember, he thinks she's been dead for seven years. It's a classic moment! The story is hilarious and just incredulous enough to be almost believable. The supporting cast is awesome, especially Randolph Scott as the handsome and virile Stephen - and the scene where the judge is trying to sort out the facts of the story is indescribably funny. Anyone who enjoys the classic romantic comedies of the golden age of cinema will love this movie!

  • Incredible

    • Allison
    • 12/11/07

    This movie opened the doors to my TCM experience. i could watch the movie so many times that It would ware out before im done with it. Love it. Want it!

  • Quintessential romantic comedy

    • Pat huyett
    • 5/19/06

    One of the best sophisticated/screwball comedies ever made, this is Cary Grant at his suave best. Dunne is hilarious, gorgeous and at the heighth of her career. The repartee between the two crackles and and is fun to watch. Get a load of Dunne's exquisite sunburst applique dress--they don't make costumes like that anymore. The attempted remake in 1962 would have been Marilyn Monroe's last movie, but the project was never finished, the film shelved.

  • Hilarious and Endearing

    • neal
    • 3/12/06

    Grant and Dunne are incredible. This is a comedy I think anyone could relate to.

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