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June Bride

June Bride(1948)


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  • How did I miss this??

    • cherylb
    • 9/24/16

    This is one of my favorite Bette Davis films, and I'm a huge B. Davis fan! I've never seen her in a comedy roll and this is refreshingly amusing! There are glimpses of the stoic, stern Davis that we are used to seeing, but the candid charm and relaxed humor are like seeing Bette Davis as she might have been in a visit at her home with friends. She seems so accessible, like watching a friend on screen. I loved this glimpse of a seldom-seen side of this iconic star. I wish she had done more comedy. I think she would have been brilliant at it!

  • A not so funny comedy

    • Garcande
    • 7/22/16

    I've tried for years to love June Bride. I've watched it countless times, but it just isn't funny. Davis' performance is brittle and sophisticated with flashes of Margo Channing. The supporting cast is good, and the script is also pretty good. Davis was the first to admit that she didn't do comedy well, but I don't think she's at fault here. I think it's the direction. Comedy should be fast paced, and this one lags. Every scene drags along while we wait for the comic bit. There is a lot to like about this film. Bette looks chic with a new hairdo and flattering costumes. There are lots of clever lines, and even though the city-slickers get to make wise cracks about the country folk, the script never condescends to them. They are presented as sweet, genuine mid-westerners. Betty Lynn, as Boo, steals every scene she's in. Montgomery is OK, but he and Davis have zero chemistry together and in real life despised each other. In an interesting bit of trivia, Barbara Bates, as the older sister Jeanne, would also appear in All About Eve. She's the young hopeful, Phoebe, who sneaks in to Eve's apartment at the end. Apparently the film was a modest success, after two flops, Deception and Winter Meeting. But, her next film would end her eighteen year reign at Warner Bros., the notorious Beyond The Forest. Strangly, all three of the other films are more interesting today, than June Bride, for one reason or another.

  • june bride

    • kevin sellers
    • 6/2/16

    This is the kind of romantic meets screwball comedy that cries out for the zaniness of Loy and Powell or Grant and Dunne, to say nothing of directors like Howard Hawks or Leo McCarey. What we have instead are the distinguished dramatic actors Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery deigning (or slumming) to do a funny film and the undistinguished director Bretaigne Windust. (Most interesting thing about the guy is his name.) Thus, while there is a fair amount of decent verbal comedy, courtesy of screenwriter Ranald McDougall (even though Montgomery ends up with most of the funny lines, so that everyone else in the cast is more or less straight man to him) there aren't many successful physical gags, unless your idea of such humor is Montgomery overdoing the drunken stuff or Fay Bainter sticking a fat Indiana matron in the rump with pins. Also, Davis is touted as this gorgon of a ladies magazine editor, so we're expecting, at the very least, some reverse "His Girl Friday" action, with Davis as a female Walter Burns. How disappointing to find out that Davis' character is rather mild mannered to everyone around her. I mean, there's not even a comic rant to liven things up. In other words, this movie is the second worst adjective you can append to a comedy; pleasant. Give it a C.

  • Not Typically a Bette Davis Fan, but...

    • Ken Ramonet
    • 6/15/15

    ...I am forced to concede that in "June Bride", Ms. Davis turns in perhaps her funniest and best performance. She portrays a character of nuanced urbanity that was perhaps ahead of its time and consequently has stood the test of time. I first saw this movie growing up outside Philadelphia in the 1970's. Back then, Philadelphia was blessed with a great TV station (WPHL Channel 17 "The Great Entertainer") which concentrated on adult-oriented programming, which invariably meant filling out their broadcast schedule with old B/W movies. Viewers could reliably expect "June Bride" to be aired every June. I have always loved the story line, the casual humor and way the story juxtaposed the urbane "New Yorkers" on one side against the salt of the earth mid-westerners on the other with the result being that both were able to teach the other a thing or two about life. For once, Ms. Davis gave up her lines in a manner that I found to be relaxed, proportioned and completely in step with the other characters and the general pace of the film.I love this movie and have always wondered why it isn't more frequently shown on TCM.

  • Watch it for Montgomery and suspend disbelief

    • Dulcy
    • 5/25/15

    I have watched this movie many times, sometimes just to hear the musical score, but mostly because I like Robert Montgomery. BUT...having seen it so many times, I find it hard to like it anymore; there are just too many disconcerting things about it. Not just the changing view through Towne's office window (indicative of scenes reshot with no attention to continuity), but the superior attitude of Gilman and staff towards the "America at its best" Brinker family: [re Mrs. Brinker: "She's going to bake a cake." "Oh, no!"]; keeping the disappearance of the bride-to-be a secret from her mother for two days (???); not to mention the VERY odd scene of Linda and Paula patting and pawing and sticking pins into Mrs. Brinker as she's standing for a dress fitting (and why does poor Mrs. B. have to have weight pummelled off her in the first place??) I could go on about other odd bits of dialogue (probably another continuity casualty) but I won't. And yet, I still watch the movie: I guess I do like it, after all!

  • Bette Looks wonderful

    • Girffin
    • 5/25/14

    This a good movie. Bette wears gorgeous outfits. I wish it was in color so we could really see her clothes and her apartment

  • Love this movie!

    • Jen
    • 1/18/13

    I watched this very funny movie on TCM several years ago, and taped it on my VCR. But I can no longer watch it because I cannot find June Bride on DVD (or BlueRay for that matter.)Bette Davis is so good to watch in this comedy, and Robert Montgomery is so funny, especially when he has a nip of the cider.Mary Wicks is great as always. This movie is so good, and I miss it so much. Please...TCM, please make the DVD available soon!

  • Loved this movie - please made dvd available!

    • Susan McDougall
    • 10/5/10

    I loved this movie! For one, I am a Hoosier, so that was the first appeal. Then, Bette Davis was in it. And Robert Montgomery was a great comic relief to her stuffiness. I especially enjoyed the scene with the hard cider. I wish it could have been in color to be able to enjoy all that Victorian decorating. It doesn't seem to be broadcast much on TCM, maybe I keep missing it. I would LOVE for it to be on DVD - I am a buyer waiting to buy this the minute it becomes available. Please TCM!

  • Just as enjoyable as I remember!

    • Abra
    • 6/10/10

    I was beyond excited to finally see June Bride on the TCM schedule! I saw it about ten years ago, but had forgotten all about it until I read 'Edith Head's Hollywood' recently, and in it she briefly mentions working w/Bette Davis in it, and I remembered how funny it was and requested it. Well to be honest, I reserved judgement until seeing it again...but it was just as great as I remember. I was also tickled at how they called the house a "McKinley Stinker" when those old original Victorian style homes are so sought-after these days! It's so well-written and the entire cast is just first rate. Why oh why is this movie not on DVD yet?

  • Loved it

    • diva d
    • 6/9/10

    Not since the Man who came to dinner have i enjoyed laughing at a Bette Davis movie ,she is my favorite,and Robert Montgomery is hillarious. what a fun movie

  • Another Gender Romp with Bette Davis

    • Millford
    • 9/8/09

    Bette Davis started out in 1933 doing great gender bending films (Ex-Lady). 15 years later, this time with the ever so funny, Robert Montgomery, Davis is at it again, giving a guy a run for his money.The image her tiny shadows cast upon a screen and in audiences' minds must not be underestimated. Whether the film was pre-code or this one, Davis was taking onthe apple pie baking images of women stuck inside a home sphere while men roamed the world freely. Sure it is fine for women who want to be homemakers to fulfill their dreams. But too many women's talents, gifts and dreams were not being welcomed into the every day public where they too belonged. Bette Davis helped to change that by projectingimages of this kind of working woman whohad as much, if not more, power than Montgomery's character.

  • Fun with Bette Davis & Robt. Montgomery

    • Sharon.Preeves
    • 7/31/09

    Ranald MacDougall wrote a terrific script takes a bundle of cracks at romance and marriage. Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery are marvelous playing off of each other. For instance, Davis has this line aimed at Montgomery:"You're being charming, reasonable and very boyish. Unless you've changed, that means you're about to drink someone's blood. Probably mine." If you know Bette Davis' style of acting, it's easy to imagine how she delivers this line: almost cynically... but not quite. She's too smooth an actor to let any real cynicism show unless it was supposed to. She's being somewhat flirtatious. Montgomery's trying to ignore Davis' snipes. Later, Montgomery becomes an all out comedian and Davis is all business. Eventually the light-hearted comedy reaches romance. It's a lot of fun to watch.

  • Oh So Full of Farce

    • Wilmma
    • 7/22/09

    If someone dropped the names of Bette Davis & Robert Montgomery the last word that would come to my mind about either of them is farce. So this film took me totally by surprise. Montgomery is a riot. Davis plays off of him, or is it vice versa? They're playing ex's who are thrust together in close quarters working on the same magazine project. It would be a wedding issue. Davis does a gender role reversal as the boss and Montgomery does too as an article writer.They wind up in the home of a younger couple who are about to be married. Then,begin doing a make-over of their home for the photos for the article. All the while that Davis is led to believe that Montgomery's half-baked & not really on the ball, she's the in-charge executive perfectionist of the whole project. He's trying to get under her skin. She's trying to keep a professional distance. The script is priceless with too many pointed hits on romance, marriage & traditional gender roles to list. In the end, the film congeals into a full blown romance, comedy, drama, farce and battle of the sexes. Davis & Montgomery could not be more ideally matched. All did well to prevent the film from becoming slap-stick.

  • Farce on Romance Turns Comical

    • GeorgiaR
    • 7/11/09

    Bette Davis plays a major magazine editorwho's ex, Robert Montgomery, has returned just in time to write the article for the June marriage issue. With his ex as his boss and surrounded by a host of sharp-witted women like Mary Wickes, he's in for a gender roller coaster ride. The farce is on romance, both Davis and Montgomery's and the young couple who are supposed to be the focus of the June wedding issue. It's a brilliantly layered film with couple after couple doing different plays on romance and gender. Montgomery becomes a true comedian with Davis playing the thorn in his side who's really in love with him and doesn't know it because she's so task oriented. Even the couple to be married's parents are in on the farce on romance. This film took me by surprise because I didn't know that Montgomery and Davis could make such a terrific comedy team. What stylish fun.

  • Fun Film: Robt. Montgomery & Bette Davia

    • Amy_Gay
    • 6/26/09

    This film is very enjoyable. There's no cursing in it or loud explosions. It's a dramatic comedy of the old fashioned kind. That's the kind I like. Robert Montgomery is so funny. Bette Davis has to hold it together while he's acting the cut up. I hope TCM shows it.

  • High Class Acting in a Dramedy

    • Goldie28
    • 5/29/09

    Robert Montgomery and Bette Davis make a delightful pair of actors who play off of each other. Davis is a magazine executive when Montgomery becomes a writer. Their June project is traveling as a group to Chicago for a typical wedding for the wedding issue. Davis is in charge of arranging the home of the bride for the photos. Montgomery is doing the background research on the family for the magazine article. One problem's that Davis & Monty are exs who aren't over each other. The next problem's the wedding. As all of the preparations are ongoing, Davis and Monty are having hilarious bouts with Monty on a Davis yoo yoo. He doesn't know whether she's doing to "kiss or kick" him from one moment to the next. I love Davis' performance in dramatic comedy: dramedy. Monty is at his most hilarious best.

  • Some Career Slump

    • MaryMaxey
    • 5/15/09

    It's so odd that reviewers consider the late 1940's to be some sort of career slump for Bette Davis, simply because she was done with Warner Brothers during "Beyond the Forest." One year before that film, this one, "June Bride" was a sensation. Robert Montgomery is a hoot. Bette Davis is absolutely on fire as an actor. The film's about Davis' character preparing to do a feature on a June wedding for a major magazine. Her ex shows up to work on the project she's in charge of. All havoc breaks loose once they're in the home of the bride to be. It's fast moving, great entertainment.

  • Davis & Montgomery are a Riot

    • GeorgiaR
    • 4/26/09

    When this movie was in theaters, I was a teenager. My friends and I were fond of Bette Davis' performances and characters. But, this time, we were charmed by the wit of Robert Montgomery as much as how well Davis played off of him. It tickles me still whenever he calls her "sir," and she hits him with a small roll of paper when he lays his head on her shoulder. I've no idea if younger people today get the point that the kinds of women Davis was portraying were 40 years + ahead of 1948! Doubtless Bette Davis knew exactly what she was conveying to us.

  • Hilarious Gender Jabs

    • Cal
    • 4/25/09

    I've been buying up Bette Davis VHS' before media's turned into DVD. When "June Bride" (1948) arrived I had no idea what it was about. This time, I didn't want to. This film's funnier than "The Man Who Came to Dinner," since Davis plays more than a part on the side lines. It's script is loaded to the brim with fast and funny gender slaps, which are exchanged between Davis & Montgomery. Montgomery has the most comical role; Davis has the come-back quips & jabs to match his. Their delivery of fabulous lines is tops.

  • One of My Favorites

    • Susan
    • 12/15/07

    This movie is truly fun. The battle of the sexes was never more witty. The city folks vs country bumpkins fued never more hilarious. The supporting cast is stellar. Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery have perfect chemistry delivering their lines at their ascerbic best. One of the better romantic comedies.

  • Amazing

    • Brittney
    • 6/20/07

    Just A Wonderful movie. Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery shine brightly in this hilarious romantic comedy.

  • Bette and Bob ignite sparks!

    • Ann Brown
    • 7/31/06

    Witty dialogue, a fantastic supporting cast, and Bette Davis and Robert Montgomery spitting fire at each other, make "June Bride" a hilarious spoof of women's magazines. The art direction creates a great "McKinley Stinker" and wonderful midwest winter setting. Mary Wickes is terrific as a rum-guzzling food editor whose comments send Tom Tully looking for his wife's "bust." A great light comedy, well worth watching.

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